Donald Trump Already Touched China's Most Sensitive Spot

  • Published on Dec 6, 2016
  • Though the Chinese government shrugged it off as a shenanigan, the President-Elect made waves after his phone call with the prime minster of Taiwan.
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Comments • 5 292

  • Alyssa Grace
    Alyssa Grace 3 days ago

    That Mad Dog quote is also a quote from TF2's Sniper.

  • Richard Willford
    Richard Willford 4 days ago +1

    Funny that "Mad Dog" was actually the only sane appointment he made.

  • Eugene Wong
    Eugene Wong 8 days ago

    Stephen, 1972 Shanghai Communique, America accepted it is only 1 china

  • Maria Fadli
    Maria Fadli 4 months ago

    Yeah, yeah, right, right, uuuyyy, uuuyyy, ohhh, ohhh, hahaha, hahaha, what a mess, repeating the last sentences Stephen said, talking over Stephen, uncoordinated, irrelevant comments, please Jon, stick to the music and keep quiet because as a sidekick you are the worst, annoying, off, clueless, childless, exaggerated, don't know when to shut up and funk up the jokes.

  • eClass eTutor
    eClass eTutor 5 months ago +1

    Tsai paid 140K USD to make this phone call.

  • Navajo in the DNA
    Navajo in the DNA 6 months ago

    This show needs a new band terribly. This guy doesn't hit ANY marks!

  • J L
    J L 6 months ago

    So 2 years later.... hashahahaha! Turns out trump is a buffoon and despised all over the world.

  • SuperJV4x
    SuperJV4x 6 months ago

    Late Show has turned into a political propaganda wing of the dem party - not comedy at all any more.

  • Senketsu
    Senketsu 7 months ago

    i grew up on The Daily Show/Colbert Report, and i still adore colbert comedy style. i can't get mad about the Taiwan situation.

  • Sheorajek
    Sheorajek 7 months ago

    Ahhh... TF2 is great.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith 9 months ago

    this imbecile Colbert thinks he has the mental capacity to judge Trump's actions...running around, jumping up and down, shaking his hands with the peace sign...America is really in trouble if so.

  • Bas Buitenhuispop
    Bas Buitenhuispop 9 months ago

    John Paul An Ringo
    Who was the other again
    We know Stephen is the fifth

  • ClareBearPhD
    ClareBearPhD 11 months ago

    My mom's nickname in college was Mad Dog. Can she be secretary of defense?

  • mou tsee
    mou tsee Year ago

    he's just great

  • 7- Eleven
    7- Eleven Year ago

    Conan is 1000Xs better!

  • Michael Bender
    Michael Bender Year ago

    petza donald trump dominos delivery

  • Shivam Maharshi
    Shivam Maharshi Year ago

    Fuck the annoying crowd! He says "Shit", the crowd yells. Urgh.

  • Chang Stephen
    Chang Stephen Year ago

    I don't think it's funny to joke about another country's sovereinty.

  • Dragnon HD
    Dragnon HD Year ago

    Colbert has no principles. On one hand he criticizes the communist China regime, then on the other he compares Taiwan to a “rogue nation” in the league of Robert Mugabe and Vandersloot....Colbert is just a tool

  • Ethan
    Ethan Year ago

    The guy who shot harambe did the right thing.

  • Ka Hong
    Ka Hong Year ago

    Isn't Maddog's quote from TF2's Sniper? lol

  • Gloomy Blackfur
    Gloomy Blackfur Year ago

    It's adorable hearing Colbert talk about meeting Ringo. Sometimes it's easy to forget that stars can get star-struck too.

  • Poetic Pariah
    Poetic Pariah Year ago

    "Secretary of Defense is a Good Job, Mate. Challenging Work. Indoors. I guarantee you'll not go hungry because at the end of the day, long as there's two countries left on the planet, someone is gonna want someone dead."

  • O.H.M. Aethera ab Regnum.

    Colbert for president! I wish he was my father. Our American hearts are with you Colbert. Keep on keepin on, sir.

  • josephsiar
    josephsiar Year ago

    Yeah, the Fifth Beatle right there!!

  • xanderman1201
    xanderman1201 Year ago

    Did...did they just quote Team Fortress 2 at the end there?

  • Riley McLellan
    Riley McLellan Year ago +1

    Turn that band members mic down. It makes me wanna give the video a dislike. It’s super distracting.

  • Senior Classy
    Senior Classy Year ago

    I agree only Americans can make fun of this disaster!

  • richard wilmot Ph.D


  • the ape
    the ape Year ago

    10:01 Snoipins a good job mate.

  • Daniel Vargason
    Daniel Vargason Year ago

    trump is racist and is going to destroy the usa with a war we wont win

  • Markus Saulle
    Markus Saulle Year ago

    What guitar will trump teach anyway? His hands r too tiny to play guitar!

  • Jackie Roberts
    Jackie Roberts Year ago

    Carson , I think is an oxy-moron .

  • Bill Abbott
    Bill Abbott Year ago

    I feel sorry for the people that voted for him thinking that he would be some kind of amazing saviour that could fix the world and " make America great again". Shame, embarrassment, and disgust must come to mind for all those folks ? Then again maybe they are even less intelligent than him and don't see it that way???

  • Golden 47
    Golden 47 Year ago

    2:49 Hahahhahaa

  • Thomas Cashler
    Thomas Cashler Year ago

    If it was not for Colbert I would go crazy.

  • Dander Spat
    Dander Spat Year ago

    Stephen Colbert is America's favorite night show Nazi. Heil Stephen !!

  • Stanley George Austen

    Love Stephen :)

  • subito zx
    subito zx Year ago

    Joking about harambe... not cool dude

  • chasewd
    chasewd Year ago

    I’m almost 8 minutes in and I just realized this was posted last year

  • Spooks McGhie
    Spooks McGhie Year ago +1

    What's it been like 20 years?

  • Damian P
    Damian P Year ago

    Oh Stevie, how wrong you are about Mad Dog Mattis.

  • Electronic Notation
    Electronic Notation Year ago +1

    Looking back at this before Trump was in office, they had to work a lot harder at the jokes. Nowadays every day is a joke. The jokes practically write themselves. But everyone is familiar with the latest tragedy in the news which allows the Late Show to go even deeper providing some great writing. The show has come quite far in a year. Although I'd be happy for it to go to shit if it meant that clown was out of office and I'm sure Colbert and his viewers feel the same.

  • JayAtFlight
    JayAtFlight Year ago

    "Cross my heart and hope to die." same lmao

  • Amiri the Grey
    Amiri the Grey Year ago

    "Be polite, be professional, and have a plan to kill everyone you meet."
    The Sniper from TF2 has the same outlook. But he too, got it from somewhere else

  • Paul Beoxn
    Paul Beoxn Year ago

    Look into Mad Dogs eyes, what do you see ? Your own demise, the eyes of death, no soul, no conscience, dead eyes, devil eyes, evil killing eyes, satanic monster blood sucking brain eating bone gnawing skin slicing eye gouging eyes. Not a nice man.

  • p moosa
    p moosa Year ago

    Why was I laughing?

  • Michael Tanti Bellotti

    i keep looking up that book but i can't find it i hope it is real it sounds very funny if it is real

  • Fang the Dergon
    Fang the Dergon Year ago

    So mad dog Matheson is a sniper?

  • MadHouse
    MadHouse Year ago

    America is a *FUCKING TWISTED JOKE*

  • MissSJ1012
    MissSJ1012 Year ago

    I'm sorry but does anyone else find the hype man kind of annoying.

  • Tucker Bowen
    Tucker Bowen Year ago

    4:34 and his tie immediately explodes

  • TheFlameOfLife
    TheFlameOfLife Year ago

    What the hell?! Did he really say a quote from TF2's Sniper?

  • Colin Nondog
    Colin Nondog Year ago

    Sniper from TF2 has the same quote as "Mad Dog"

  • An Than Van Man Tan

    I won't trust Trump until he picks up an ESP.

  • One Two
    One Two Year ago

    LOL, until Colbert got to Ben Carson's appointment I did not even realize this was a 1 year old clip. I guess i got so used to "Trump crazy" that the old crazy almost sounds like new crazy, because crazy just became normal...

  • jzizzles
    jzizzles Year ago

    LOL, we Chinese don't really give a fuck. Trump can talk to whomever he wants. He's destroying America, that's all we and Russia care about!

  • MEW99999
    MEW99999 Year ago


  • shao yuan
    shao yuan Year ago


  • shao yuan
    shao yuan Year ago

  • sieve5
    sieve5 Year ago

    Imagine what the history books are going to write about the george w bush presidency to the trump presidency era....

  • A T O M E N T
    A T O M E N T Year ago

    late show. i hereby announce i am stealing either "shenanigan" or "hi-jink" from you. ill thank you when im funny and paid for it.

  • MFLevel
    MFLevel Year ago

    R I P Harambe never forget.

  • tecums3h
    tecums3h Year ago

    Who is here in 2017?
    What a mess.

  • Countdown To Midnight

    How many shows do you guys do with at least one crappy Trump joke? Need a new topic

    • tecums3h
      tecums3h Year ago

      Funny thing is they're not jokes, just the truth. Yeouch!

  • amblyx Liu
    amblyx Liu Year ago


  • Barry Leveson
    Barry Leveson Year ago

    Mr Colbert, I don't like you at all, but I concede that you are far more talented than your scatological colleague, Trevor Noah.

  • Mike Ley
    Mike Ley Year ago

    I'm borerline liberal but as a Marine....Madd Dogg Mattis is demigod!

  • MsPiggyMarketing
    MsPiggyMarketing Year ago

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  • Frugal Fruginni
    Frugal Fruginni Year ago

    isn't that quote from the TF2 sniper??????
    "Be polite, Be efficient, have a plan to kill everyone you meet." - Sniper, TeamFortress Two.
    God I wish that was true.

  • rocketime555
    rocketime555 Year ago

    I really enjoyed how the first three minutes were Stephen interviewing himself.

  • Chris Tian
    Chris Tian Year ago

    Mad Dog?! Really?!

  • a no plot joint
    a no plot joint Year ago

    Don’t get this

  • Immanuel K.
    Immanuel K. Year ago

    Love u too Stephen 😂😂😂

  • Abe Sphere
    Abe Sphere Year ago

    Nah. John Oliver is the 5th..................000000000 choice for the beatles

  • Revit UpNow
    Revit UpNow Year ago

    Hope this guy drops dead, Colbert that is ha what a low life lying liberal cock sucker

    • Abhijeet P
      Abhijeet P Year ago

      Revit UpNow hope u get a job 😂 soon.

  • Lakeyunnan
    Lakeyunnan Year ago

    Colbert is getting too far, ignorance is not comedy, somehow Colbert sounds just like Trump.

  • Wilson Calix
    Wilson Calix Year ago

    wait... you're not Bob Seger?

  • lincoln dasema
    lincoln dasema Year ago


  • animalia555
    animalia555 Year ago

    This is one of the few times I am glad to have an idiot for a president. I think it's sad that politicians have to lie and pretend that Taiwan and China aren't separate countries when everyone knows they are separate countries INCLUDING CHINA AND TAIWAN. But because China will throw a hissy fit if anyone acknowledges the reality have to lie. I wish China could just say Taiwan got away, we want it back we won't take no for an answer if would things so much simpler. However only an idiot can get away with this, because he can play it of as stupidy. It's just sad that this is the stat of the world we are in.
    P.S. Yes I am aware that there are reason why politicans are forced to lie that doesn't change the fact they are lies.
    P.P.S. No. I did NOT vote for trump, I never did, I never will. Still I can't but acknowledge the Irony of this moment.
    P.P.P.S. Speakking of Irony it figures that THIS would be the one time that a habitual liar would tell the truth.

  • Sean Rosen
    Sean Rosen Year ago

    That quote from General Mattis sounds really similar to a line from the Sniper from Team Fortress 2.

  • Stella Lopez
    Stella Lopez Year ago

    Viewer middle compensation write rule under apartment flee earth fresh straight corporate risk.

  • Miguel Sanchez
    Miguel Sanchez Year ago

    8:40 i almost wet myself xD

  • coms2
    coms2 Year ago

    The stupid uglies voted in trump

    AaaFLYINGNINJA Year ago

    Oh you poor souls if only you knew

  • Medicine Mundy
    Medicine Mundy Year ago

    Mad Dog and Sniper from TF2 have similar quotes. Not trying to be political, just pointing it out.

  • Voice IT
    Voice IT Year ago

    someone tought Batiste to behave...not as annoying anymore xD

  • SignorAde
    SignorAde Year ago

    That "Mad Dog" quote...
    Wasn't it from the "Meet the Sniper" trailer of Team Fortress 2?

  • No More
    No More Year ago

    It was Ringo Starr. Trust me, it was a bigger honour for him to meet Colbert.

  • Cruxador
    Cruxador Year ago

    "Maddog" Mattis turned out to be probably Trump's best appointment though.

  • JB40
    JB40 Year ago

    I miss David Letterman

  • Vivian Chen
    Vivian Chen Year ago

    Oh and Tsai is not the "prime minister", she is the president of Taiwan. Seriously, you're no better than Trump if you don't know your facts before speaking as a public figure.

  • Vivian Chen
    Vivian Chen Year ago

    Talking with the first female head of state (without powerful male family backgrounds) in Asia, one that openly supported marriage equality during the campaigns...sounds like something the Democrats will do!

  • Vivian Chen
    Vivian Chen Year ago

    Learn before you speak. Before calling the Taiwanese president a "rogue leader", you should know that Taiwan is one of the most stable, prospering, and progressive democratic countries in Asia. (Peaceful transfer to democracy, active and diverse civil community, marriage equality, etc) And the People Republic of China is the very opposite. Trump may have done lots of stupid things, but America, don't abandon your values (democracy, freedom, right?) just to oppose Trump. The rest of the world expects better from you.

    • J.J. Shank
      J.J. Shank Year ago

      Taiwan is part of China.
      Or maybe it's not.

  • Yes I’m Blessed

    My Mom, who passed away in 1999 at the age of 67, LOVED Bob Seiger!

  • Peter Parker’s Ashes

    It's Gina?

  • Desert living & gardening

    😳 this taping seems 4 years old and it has only been 8 months.

  • trnharris
    trnharris Year ago

    'Get ready for our next surgeon general, someone who has been to the doctor'.
    Former neurosurgeon and current coma patient, Ben Carson.

  • joe schmoe
    joe schmoe Year ago

    I wonder if steven has a giant closet filled with navy blue suits... if so I want to see it :D

  • Youtube University

    TF2 reference end quote.