Top 10 Sympathetic Villains in Cartoons

  • Published on Nov 22, 2016
  • Top 10 Sympathetic Villains in Cartoons
    Evil villains are often the best part of any cartoon series, and while some of them may be over the top bad guys, these villains can still be sympathetic. The best villains are one that have the right motivation, and as evil as they are, sometimes the audience can't help but feel sorry for the likes of Mojo Jojo and Harley Quinn. Why does Baxter Stockman hate the turtles and why is Hexadecimal trying to destroy Mainframe in Reboot? WatchMojo brings you a list of the most evil yet most sympathetic villains in cartoons.
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    00:41 #10. The Toiletnator
    01:50 #9. Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard
    02:53 #8. Baxter Stockman
    03:58 #7. Zim
    04:59 #6. Mojo Jojo
    06:12 #5. Hexadecimal
    07:34 #4. Harley Quinn
    08:40 #3, #2 & #1: ????
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Comments • 2 269

  • Arkboi 3000
    Arkboi 3000 2 hours ago

    Where is Dracula from Netflix's Castlevania

  • kostas kostas
    kostas kostas 5 days ago

    one question: why doesnt curtz just make a robotic arms???

  • kostas kostas
    kostas kostas 5 days ago

    darth vader???

  • Juris Dumagan
    Juris Dumagan 8 days ago

    Why is Doofensmirtz only a honorable mention. He actually deserves number 1

  • Dipper Pines
    Dipper Pines 8 days ago

    4:40 excuse me, I didnt fight an alien

  • A MV
    A MV 27 days ago

    11:15 that part got me crying so hard 😭😭😭😭😭😭 gosh!!! PLANKTON WHY

  • Michael Fuller
    Michael Fuller Month ago

    I feel sorry for them

  • Cierra Anglin
    Cierra Anglin Month ago +1

    If this had been made more recently, Varian would be on here.

  • Skelenderia1706 Minecraft

    Now I could easilly add the Diamonds in Steven Universe.

  • Matteo Caiti
    Matteo Caiti Month ago

    You forgot Frank Grimes (aka "Grimey") from the Simpsons

  • withered freddy
    withered freddy Month ago

    Im just feel sad for all of these

    But mostly ice king

  • BigFatCat 15
    BigFatCat 15 Month ago +1

    *me* Man Mr Freeze is number 2? Who could be a more sympathetic villain than him?
    *reveals Zuko as number 1*
    *me* ahhhhhhhh that makes sense.

  • Audrey Djuric
    Audrey Djuric Month ago

    No not plankton

  • Audrey Djuric
    Audrey Djuric Month ago

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. The Ice king

  • Audrey Djuric
    Audrey Djuric Month ago

    No not mojo jojo

  • charlie compton
    charlie compton Month ago

    Harley but no Two-Face or Clayface?

  • SnekyDoodle
    SnekyDoodle Month ago

    Hm, I feel like Jasper (Steven Universe) should at least be on the honorable mentions.

  • Mohammad Abdullah
    Mohammad Abdullah Month ago

    And joker

  • Audrey Djuric
    Audrey Djuric Month ago

    Oh wow

  • disturbeddemons1
    disturbeddemons1 2 months ago +1

    Ok, ok. When i saw that the Simon was only number 3 i was about to ream y'all a new one, but i decided to reserve judgment. I'm glad i did because, while his story wasn't quite as rough as Simon's, i feel that Zuko is a fucking FANTASTIC choice for number one! His pain, his passion, his will, his perfect embodiment of the human condition... Zuko was an absolutely perfectly written character and is pretty much perfect for number one. Great job guys.

  • Naomi Chadwick
    Naomi Chadwick 2 months ago

    My Boy Zuko! Yes!!!!

  • Stephy The Bride
    Stephy The Bride 2 months ago +1

    7:07 Are they doing hat I believe they are doing?What kind of PG rating is it?Is it TV-14 or TV-7?

  • California Brotherhood
    California Brotherhood 2 months ago

    I felt bad for Simon /ice king. When he was crazy betty was normal . And when he became normal betty goes to another dimension. The morel of the story its sometimes now matter how hard you work love sometimes it cannot be...

  • Damian Prock
    Damian Prock 2 months ago +1

    10.what a maroon
    9.not like he had a choice in the matter
    8.makes me wonder what happened to him in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Out of the Shadows"
    7.not sure I'd even call this one a villain
    6.stupid monkey
    5.started off as a villain, but died a hero
    4.wait til you see her in my adaptation of "the Killing Joke"
    3.just wait until the characters of Adventure Time have more to go on
    2.again, just wait until my take on "the Killing Joke"
    Honorable mentions:
    1)just wait until the "Outta the Frying Pan" chapter of my series
    2)just wait til the final seasons of Spongebob
    3)there's probably not a brain between these two's a good thing he switched sides before it was too late

  • Acxhb yT
    Acxhb yT 2 months ago

    Isn’t Zim the MAIN character?

  • Arik Hoveland
    Arik Hoveland 3 months ago

    I think that the most sympathetic villains are warp darkmatter from buzz lightyear of star command and karai from TMNT

  • David Hunter
    David Hunter 3 months ago

    This list needs updating. For 2019, the most sympathetic villainess should go to Cattra from the She Ra and the princesses of power reboot. Cattra is so sympathetic and lovable at the same time, even though she is a villain. Also, Cattra was close friends with Adora and still is friends with her even though they are rivals.

  • Wesley Mcspadden
    Wesley Mcspadden 3 months ago

    How come two villains I feel bad for was both Mr.Freeze and Ice king, and they are both cold

  • Melchie Oronos
    Melchie Oronos 3 months ago

    Nobody remembers doofensmith like if u remember him

  • Stampyfan16
    Stampyfan16 3 months ago

    Aw, poor Doof. He tries so hard.

  • Austrian Bish
    Austrian Bish 3 months ago

    Shredder deserves to be here too.
    He has a pretty dark backstory.

    • Austrian Bish
      Austrian Bish 3 months ago

      @Crystal Shields
      [2012 version]
      It all happened in Japan.
      He lost his family and got adopted into the family of Hamato Yoshi.
      Oroku Saki was in love with a woman, named Tang Shen.
      But his ‘brother’ {Hamato Yoshi}, was in love with her too.
      Hamato Yoshi then married her and had a baby with Tang Shen, which enraged him.
      One day, he was arguing with his brother (while fighting, a candle fell down and the room started burning) and when he attacked his ‘brother’ (by attempting to slice him in the chest), Tang Shen jumped Infront of him and took the hit.
      While Hamato Yoshi was crying over his dead wife, the baby, called Miwa, was crying next to the fire.
      Oroku Saki got fire in his face, which burned half of his face.
      He then took the baby and ran away.
      In New York.
      The baby got the name Karai and he called himself Shredder.
      Shredder covered his face in a metal mask and also covered his body in a metal armour, equipped with dangerous weapons.
      He started raising Karai and trained her martial arts.
      Shredder wanted to rule the world and started to work on his plans.
      He also became a ruthless killer.

      Hamato Yoshi, bought four baby pet turtles, but got mutated after a fight with a metal robot with an alien inside, which is later called the Kraang.
      Hamato Yoshi got mutated into a humanoid rat and the turtles got mutated into humanoid turtles.
      Hamato Yoshi, started training the turtles martial arts too and when he found out about Shredder, he started ruining his plans with the turtles.
      Some details might be off, because I haven't seen the show for a long time now, because it ended.

    • Crystal Shields
      Crystal Shields 3 months ago

      Interesting. Please tell me his backstory. I'm curious to know.

  • Michael Song
    Michael Song 3 months ago +3

    I was saying, "who's more sympathetic than Mr Freeze?" Then when Zuko came, I said, "Ahh."
    Having said that, I'm not sure who's more... sympathetic. Zuko or Azula? Azula became crazy, because literally no one showed any love for her. Despite her genius intellect and talent in both battle and tactics, her mother saw her as a monster, her father saw her as a tool, and her friends all turned on her. And let's not forget that she was raised by Ozai. And when she lost her fight against Zuko, she concluded that she as born just to be loathed by everything, and lost her sanity. Even Zuko and Katara only felt sad and pity for her after the battle. Just like Zuko, she too has the blood of Fire Avatar flowing through her, but unlike Zuko, she never had anyone (but she's desperately searching for genuine love). As a result (confirmed in the comics), she has two personalities -- manipulative Azula, and crazy Azula.
    And here are some detail that people may have missed. Azula says that everyone thought her a monster (she's absolutely convinced of that), but no one actually did, and no one can convince her otherwise. And she's so convinced that the whole world is full of lies that even a living lie detector (Toph) can't detect her lies. And she really really hates herself for being what she is, but doesn't know any other way (literally no option). And Ozai taught her that only power matters, so much so that Azula genuinely thought Winning is the best way to seduce boys (even in friendly sports).
    The list goes on, but let's stop there. Side note, she's the poster girl for "Limp and Livid" in TV tropes.
    Seriously, Ozai is the worst.

  • Chloe Reid
    Chloe Reid 3 months ago


  • Big staircase
    Big staircase 3 months ago

    So Harley gets a spot but Two-Face doesn't? Piss off

  • wowjennawow
    wowjennawow 3 months ago

    ice king, zuko, team rocket, and dr doofenshmirtz 10/10

  • Robert Walt
    Robert Walt 3 months ago

    *sips French tea*... "Never watched Wakfu, Huh?"

  • gwenabie80
    gwenabie80 4 months ago

    Man-Bat could use more love!

  • hannah summerfield
    hannah summerfield 4 months ago

    what about Harumi from lego ninjago?

  • Renee Smith
    Renee Smith 4 months ago

    You forgot Discord from My Little Pony and he forgot Regina Mills the evil Queen from Once Upon a Time

  • Michalka Stará
    Michalka Stará 4 months ago

    Why Dr. D is on honorable mentions? :'(

  • Hexo SpikeZ
    Hexo SpikeZ 4 months ago +2

    Yeah... About ice King.


    He was replaced and was back to being Simon

  • Emanuel Theodorus
    Emanuel Theodorus 4 months ago

    Why isn't Heinz Doofenshmirtz higher?
    1. Right after birth, his parents FAILED to show up.
    2. He got rejected and partially raised by OCELOTS
    3. He was forced to be a lawn gnome 24/7
    4. He made a surprise birthday party for HIMSELF
    5. His best friend was a BALLOON (and lost him when he was forced to be a lawn gnome)
    6. He tried to enter several contest but failed ALL miserably (magic, science fair, ect)
    7. He's forced to wear a dress for a year
    8. His mother overfavors Roger compared to him
    9. His father disowned him and put a DOG over him
    10. He was bullied to the point he was paranoid to sand in beaches
    11. He's banned from Albania
    12. He was forced to perform a high dive and failed (causing his parents to disown him)
    13. His entire year worth allowance was a 3 CENT COIN
    14. He lost a girlfriend from a boy with bigger fingers
    15. He broke up with Charlene
    At this point, a person who had a childhood this tragic would either commited suicide or be a complete psychopath. But look at him. He's still rather sane, he's a good father to Vanessa, and he's practically not that evil of a person (despite he claims to be the most evil).
    His relationship with Perry is actually further makes it even more tragic. With almost no-one that loves him, he's almost irrelevant. Perry is the one who keeps him relevant. He really welcomes Perry's presence despite is a nemesis to each other.
    I laughed at him a lot when I was a kid. His purpose in the cartoon villain, that's for sure. But looking bad, I felt really bad for doing that.

  • Masumi
    Masumi 4 months ago +1

    Lets be honest, we've all felt bad for Dr. Doofenshmirtz at some point.

  • Kiyara Dunuwille
    Kiyara Dunuwille 4 months ago


  • MaebyKlausAndDad
    MaebyKlausAndDad 4 months ago

    Nobody talks about the toiletnator, it’s actually pretty sad. I can very easily explain even more reasons why his character is fitting for this list.

  • Khai Hopkins
    Khai Hopkins 5 months ago

    Zuko is one of my favorite characters

  • Karina Nova
    Karina Nova 5 months ago

    Zuko ♥

  • Ninjvire Lapiis
    Ninjvire Lapiis 5 months ago

    Literally this entire video I was just humming the song that Ice King and Marceline wrote from his old letters to her and trying not to cry soooooo yea

  • Ninjvire Lapiis
    Ninjvire Lapiis 5 months ago

    but....but....Doofenshmirtz tho

  • Attor3000
    Attor3000 5 months ago

    strange that you didn t addet Nox the watchmaker he has quite tragic story

  • Nikolas Zuraff
    Nikolas Zuraff 5 months ago

    You should see if there are villains with this from books.

  • Zeevee 96
    Zeevee 96 6 months ago

    sympathetic anime villains

  • Axowaffle
    Axowaffle 6 months ago +1

    I kind of expected some SU characters..... Like blue diamond or jasper......

  • Lauren Covington
    Lauren Covington 6 months ago

    Oh come on, why are the Delightful children from KND not on here? They used to be the members of sector Z before getting brainwashed!!!

  • David Florez
    David Florez 6 months ago

    GUNTER!! Te volviste reggaetonero! Que deshonra xD

  • xavierprotocols
    xavierprotocols 6 months ago

    Magneto from the 90's X-Men Animated Series is probably the most sympathetic of them all and he isn't even on the list. He knows humans are too prejudice to ever peacefully coexist with mutants, since as a child he was a Jew in a concentration camp during WWII, so he already lived through it once seeing the horrors of humanity.

  • Giovanni Benitez
    Giovanni Benitez 6 months ago

    Why it mostly scientist

  • Jay ImHere
    Jay ImHere 6 months ago

    Marvel shows shouldn't count.

  • Jared Quinney
    Jared Quinney 6 months ago

    This is really sad

  • Spencer Maley
    Spencer Maley 6 months ago

    #1 Should have been Burning Godzilla; In Godzilla VS. Destoroyah, he melts down in one of the most heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, scenes ever put to film.

  • Ella Clarke
    Ella Clarke 6 months ago

    The origional Harley Quinn mad me cry so many times...
    I also love Simon's tragic backstory with Marcy. 💜

  • Lianna arts
    Lianna arts 6 months ago

    How about Jestro from Nexo knights.

  • Zach Kimber
    Zach Kimber 7 months ago

    What about Beastman or Starscream (transformers prime carnation)

  • Icequeen NinjaWarrior
    Icequeen NinjaWarrior 7 months ago

    2:53 TMNT character

  • Envious Rider's AMVS
    Envious Rider's AMVS 7 months ago

    Awwwwwww ZIM WAS ON THE LIST!! THIS SHOCKED ME BUT ITS TRUE! You gotta feel bad for the little guy

  • Savannahthefangirl Yt
    Savannahthefangirl Yt 7 months ago

    I feel bad for Zim, Simon (aka ice king), and the lizard

  • Decepticon Vendetta
    Decepticon Vendetta 7 months ago

    Pinkey and the Brain......

  • Andrew Viewtieful Tachibana

    Mr Freeze, hands down that is all

  • Gr8 Jason
    Gr8 Jason 7 months ago

    3:45 looks yellow but comes out green???? Wtf

  • Tabitha McLeod
    Tabitha McLeod 7 months ago +1

    I honestly thought that the honerable moments belongs in #1 but after i saw what it was i totally understood...poor zuko

  • Derek Matzek
    Derek Matzek 7 months ago

    I think Sideshow Bob was pretty sympathetic in his first episode as he actively worked to enrich the lives of children after he took over when he framed Krusty, he had far more respect for the children’s intelligence and remade the shoe into something like mr Rodgers neighborhood, but once he made several attempts to murder Bart any sympathy was thrown out the window and

  • Akyin
    Akyin 8 months ago

    Watchmojo, when you guys mentioned, the ashes of this fallen prince the Fire Lord that shall bring peace to all nations shall rise, made me think of how the phoenix operates in which it was rebirthed from its ashes in a bright. This had led me to really like the Phoenix more, not only because of it's appearances in different media, but also because of what it represents. Rebirth. And based off of what I've Iearned about Zuko, if feel that his story is one of the phoenix.

  • Sidd Sharma
    Sidd Sharma 8 months ago

    wait is dr.connors in this list....he is not a villain

  • Axt im Walde
    Axt im Walde 8 months ago

    When the honorable mentions could have easily been the top 3....

  • Mick Stanley
    Mick Stanley 8 months ago

    Professor chaos is #1 (pls don’t comment for reasons)

  • Christian Richard
    Christian Richard 9 months ago

    Everyone over looks Hama from avatar 😔😔😔

  • patchyfish1
    patchyfish1 9 months ago

    Ice King's whole life is way more tragic then number 2, please.
    The Dude literally went through losing his fiance and searching for her for 1000 years.
    Losing his sanity to save Marcy.
    Hurting everyone around him.
    Cursed to see spirits that no one else can see.
    After finally getting back with his fiance she then sacrifices herself and he can't even bring her back with a wish.
    Get's his ass kicked by everyone, even Finn and Jake kicked his ass before they knew he was Simon.
    Basically watched his species die out.
    Endured 1000 years of solitude because he couldn't connect with anyone new and everyone he had known was dead.

  • patchyfish1
    patchyfish1 9 months ago

    Ice King's whole life is way more tragic then number 2, please.
    The Dude literally went through losing his fiance and searching for her for 1000 years.
    Losing his sanity to save Marcy.
    Hurting everyone around him.
    Cursed to see spirits that no one else can see.
    After finally getting back with his fiance she then sacrifices herself and he can't even bring her back with a wish.
    Get's his ass kicked by everyone, even Finn and Jake kicked his ass before they knew he was Simon.
    Basically watched his species die out.
    Endured 1000 years of solitude because he couldn't connect with anyone new and everyone he had known was dead.

  • Judo Chop Master
    Judo Chop Master 9 months ago

    How the F did Dr Doofenshmirtz mother not show up at his birth when it was her who gave birth

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 9 months ago

    Disliking because Dr. Doof is just an honorable mention.

  • ItzBrownieGacha :3
    ItzBrownieGacha :3 9 months ago


  • AdventureTime FanChannel

    Sometimes I'm scared watching my favorite childhood shows. I've no idea why. I had to mute the sound. Like that some of u guys can help me out plz.

  • Alexis Anna Pruitt
    Alexis Anna Pruitt 9 months ago

    Zuko deserves to be #1

  • DeDe
    DeDe 9 months ago

    Azula is just as sympathetic a villain as zuko.

  • The Osean Federation
    The Osean Federation 9 months ago

    Fun Fact: Mojo Jojo is actually based on an urban legend known as the Monkey Man of New Delhi.

  • generator rex
    generator rex 9 months ago

    Where's malware from ben 10 omniverse

  • Vincent Cardona
    Vincent Cardona 9 months ago

    8:51 damn Finn. He sure aged throughout the whole series

  • Tara Solander-Lee
    Tara Solander-Lee 10 months ago

    I think you should have mentioned Rob from the amazing world of Gumball, Jasper from Steven universe, Lord hater fro Wander over yonder, and finale Bushroot from Darkwing duck

  • TraciPeteyforlife
    TraciPeteyforlife 10 months ago +2

    Poor Zim, always getting kicked around like a dodge ball.

  • Joe Ferri
    Joe Ferri 10 months ago

    7:06 What episode is this from

  • FroakachuTMM
    FroakachuTMM 10 months ago +1

    Isn’t it funny that two ice themed villains are in a row (3 and 2)

  • N2 B-1986
    N2 B-1986 10 months ago

    I think The Monarch from The Venture Bros should be on here too. His childhood was ruined and he worked his way through life to only deal with a club that would rather reject him instead. He was credited for killing his own father to protect them and they still treat him as a liability.

  • The Hollanesian
    The Hollanesian 10 months ago

    The only reason I watch Invader Zim is because I share his hatred of humans.

  • Zero [Redacted]
    Zero [Redacted] 10 months ago

    i still think ice king should of been 2nd

  • Fandom Cake
    Fandom Cake 10 months ago

    You know you made one helluvan antagonist when you actually cry for them.

  • Leopio
    Leopio 10 months ago

    Ice king is no more

  • NovaGaming 64
    NovaGaming 64 10 months ago

    Pokemon... a cartoon. Wow is this what they have come too??

  • caits fandoms
    caits fandoms 10 months ago

    Emperor Lotor from Voltron Legendary Defender? I felt so sorry from him because of his parents with the quintessence.

  • Jeramiah Myers
    Jeramiah Myers 10 months ago

    Ice King is John Lennon

  • card game
    card game 10 months ago