Hey Steve: Tracking Down The Boyfriend!

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • His daughter has been dating a guy for 5 years, but he has yet to meet him! Steve has a plan to track him down!!
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Comments • 234

  • Aaron Schroeder
    Aaron Schroeder 8 days ago

    I dated a girl years ago and her father had the same reputation. EVERY one of her ex boyfriends acted just like the boyfriend spoken about in this video. I walked her home every day after school from the first day we started dating. Not even one month into the relationship as we were turning the corner, her father happened to be taking out the trash. I'll never forget the look on his face when we first made eye contact. "That's my dad" she said. I was a 14 year old kid at the time. Without any hesitation I walked right up to him, extended my hand and said "It's nice to finally meet you sir, my name is Aaron." That was nearly 14 years ago. That man is now a grandfather to my four year old son. I was a kid..but we respected each other as men.

  • dark zeratul
    dark zeratul 9 days ago

    parents are no longer responsible for their kids once they turn 18 years old, instead, the parents should just let their kids live the life they want and date who they want. kids are not going to learn anything if parents keep interfering in their child's life once they turn 18 years old. If I was the girl I'd continue to date the guy even after the father disapproves and tell the father off and then cut all contact and disown

  • Connie O'Neal
    Connie O'Neal 16 days ago

    He needs some good biker friends

  • Abigail Garcia
    Abigail Garcia 17 days ago

    I dont think this man is as bad as his daughters think. If he would have wanted, this boyfiend would have been out of the picture a while ago. Its been 5 yrs. He let too much time pass by.

  • zackag13093
    zackag13093 18 days ago

    Hes trying to find a way to have a son

  • Kevin Reyes
    Kevin Reyes 19 days ago

    He need to stop acting like he good. He would get bitched up if he didn’t have money his ugly ass

  • mt nguyen
    mt nguyen 20 days ago

    That boy is nog right, after 5 years not man up to meet your parents in law.

  • R H
    R H 22 days ago +7

    "Dad, it's not like that anymore." "NO it's exact like that."

  • R H
    R H 22 days ago +2

    The younger daughter seems willing to help. She can get the name, plate number, etc.

  • Eletha Duffy
    Eletha Duffy 22 days ago

    You are the best, Steve! I hope he calls you.

  • Afro Gyal
    Afro Gyal 23 days ago

    I wish I had a dad . Be thankful

  • Mirreyna Colon
    Mirreyna Colon 23 days ago

    I know a guy who knows a guy

  • D.A.B.G Dewu
    D.A.B.G Dewu 23 days ago

    She probably got pregnant now

  • noura nona
    noura nona 24 days ago

    I wish my dad like that ...

  • From Singing To Soccer
    From Singing To Soccer 24 days ago +1

    Dating for five years and hasn't met her father? Especially when they are adults? That's really weird. It's not like you need his permission, but, after five years, wouldn't you want to meet your girlfriends family? Seems like there is no intention of marriage there...

  • Nicola Marsh
    Nicola Marsh 25 days ago +1

    If he has been dating your daughter fir 5 years and dont make it a point of duty to meet the girl's dad. What kind of plans do you have for her?

  • D D
    D D 25 days ago +1

    See, everyone is defending the dad, but what if he intimidates and threatens her boyfriends and that's why she's too embarrassed to let them meet. Can't trust him to act civilized. Stalking them on their dates is creepy and a little insane. For all you know the daughter is the one telling him to leave.

    • D D
      D D 25 days ago

      I bet he met the mother.

  • fried chicken
    fried chicken 25 days ago

    :08 What tf he means 5 year’s?!?!???? She’s 21!

  • bella gie
    bella gie 25 days ago +7

    A real man know how and will face his girlfriend father if not, think again you might dating a boy.😅

  • Constantia de Gier
    Constantia de Gier 25 days ago

    Why does everyone assume the father is a good person?
    Maybe they run away because he is a narcissist or something?

    • samilton87
      samilton87 12 days ago

      Not a good person but a good father.

  • Christine Nashimwe
    Christine Nashimwe 25 days ago +1

    Did he realize this is on tv 😂 that boy may already saw this show 🤣😂👌🏽

  • Shayna Dorsey
    Shayna Dorsey 26 days ago

    Ain’t no way I’d be dating someone for that long and my parents not meet him. That’s insane it’s been that long and he hasn’t met her boyfriend yet. It’s probably something about the bf she knows her dad won’t like.

  • SUnnYY13
    SUnnYY13 26 days ago +5

    Plot twist. He was actually in the audience

  • Rajan Cool
    Rajan Cool 26 days ago +1

    Steve's daughter dating man double of her age. Is that true...???

  • Aamna Here
    Aamna Here 26 days ago +1

    I am personally against such fathers who do not emotionally invest in their daughters to earn their trust. If your children cannot even tell you the name of their boyfriend then something is clearly wrong. Also in American culture it's clearly different where girls as young as 14 and 15 are having sex and becoming single mothers. I come from a traditional society and women while they do meet men and have relationships, there is no culture of young girls growing up way before their age.

  • Boned You
    Boned You 27 days ago +1

    Yup shes "dating" a suger daddy.

  • Zenith Reza
    Zenith Reza 27 days ago +1

    Or you could just ask the mom for the boyfriends name

  • AS
    AS 27 days ago

    The daughter seems way too toxic. How can she gaslight her father by wrongly blaming and lieing that her father is intimidating. He clearly is not if he allowed this for 5 years! It could also be her bf is abusive and controlling and somehow manipulated her into hiding him so he gets away with treating her wrong. No accountability. Seems like it's only a win situation for the bf. Most girls love to share their bf pics.

  • G. C.
    G. C. 27 days ago +2

    My dad was the same haha. Good ol mexican daddys

  • Live From The Fridge
    Live From The Fridge 28 days ago +3

    Wow 1:22 the girl with the glasses 👓, she’s so beautiful. Where can I find her 😞?

  • Bonnie Edmonds
    Bonnie Edmonds 28 days ago

    Steve I think you're so handsome but I think you look handsome with just your goatee not the rest of that white hair on your face but you're handsome

  • Aleah Arthur
    Aleah Arthur 28 days ago +6

    The father is good looking I like him great dad protect your princess

  • Nigel
    Nigel 28 days ago

    meeting parents is whatever as a guy as long as you have nothing to hide having a job and graduating this year helps too anything else u wanna know makes his own money check finished school check okay bye nice too meet you lets cut the bs i know why im really here lets get this over with so i can go home i really dont care to meet parents im solid no criminal record check etc...loool

  • Shelly-Ann J. Hamilton

    so how you can guve advise and you dont know what the hell puffy a do with lori...steve bye. Thats why you and monique have differences because you talk on thing to the people and do another....

    ROYAL_EMPRESS 29 days ago

    My crush wants to meet my dad

  • Mara
    Mara 29 days ago +1

    Hope the daughter is not watching this show. 😱

  • C U
    C U 29 days ago +1

    Stupid child

  • Sowon Best
    Sowon Best 29 days ago

    Ok i respect that the father is trying to protect his child, but isn't that unrespectful for her، stalking her boyfriend .. i mean maybe he is not perfect and like she knows if she let him meet her boy then the dad won't agree and they will have fights over it

  • Full Body Joe
    Full Body Joe 29 days ago +4

    Sometimes our kids forget that Dad's were young men once. We know what goes down, good and bad. I tell my daughters everything that can happen while they are dating, good and bad.
    Dad's, never be scared or embarrassed to talk to your daughters about anything at any time.
    You will save their life.

  • soulstrenth crusader
    soulstrenth crusader 29 days ago +8

    Steve ain't playing! Wow...I would love to see an update...but...

    • Kerry Morris
      Kerry Morris 25 days ago


  • Shaw Mou
    Shaw Mou Month ago

    Again! Beard!

  • Plan-B TV
    Plan-B TV Month ago

    The Father is concerned and every Father should take his step

  • Just Matt Here
    Just Matt Here Month ago

    5 years though? This father does not want to meet this dude, he wants to kill him. The boyfriend doesn't seem like a good dude to not want to meet the father of his girl either!

  • Renee
    Renee Month ago +2

    County clerk of court sites are searchable for ALL public records... you can find out alot... my daughter knows that before she even mentions him I have done a background check and know where they work and all the info...small town life is great

  • starbwoi1
    starbwoi1 Month ago

    The father is worried because she's hiding the dude for years which would ring alarm bell to any protective father, "why is she hiding him hmmm he's probably a drug dealer or just a little bumm!"

  • Chris cookies
    Chris cookies Month ago

    I know she’s getting blacked real good 🍆💦💦💦💦💦

  • Sharon Brown
    Sharon Brown Month ago +2

    It amazes me how all you people are commenting about Steve’s daughter, 1st of all I’m sure he’s given her tons of advice, she’s over 21 and can do what she wants! Y’all want him to tie her up and cage her! Lol! At 21 the lessons and mistakes are going to be enormous, just like I’m sure all of you have experienced! Ok Diddy is old enough to be her Dad but he’s also a billionaire and guess what...folks with money marry into money! Yall know Diddy like em young! Steves other daughter married an investment banker....hello money!!!! Ijs

  • samilton87
    samilton87 Month ago +2

    I would love to see a video of father doing this with Steve or Ruben

  • gloria hodge
    gloria hodge Month ago

    Steve is right again!!!

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi Month ago

    If she's hiding the boyfriend from her dad most likely what it is it's just a wham-bam thank-you ma'am that's a booty call

    • Tonia Graham-King
      Tonia Graham-King Month ago

      They have been dating for 5 years. That's not a booty call.

  • Chrissy 101
    Chrissy 101 Month ago +1

    Parents, please stay out of your grown children’s business (21 and up). The reason why they don’t want you to meet the person they are dating right away is because they may not feel that that person is the right one at the moment. I’m not taking anyone to meet my parents unless I’m 100% sure that the person is the right one. Period!

    • Jasmine L
      Jasmine L Month ago +1

      5 years is a long time to still figure out if they're right for each other. He just wants to meet him, not grant permission for marriage. Idk, something is off to still be hiding him that long 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Michael R.
    Michael R. Month ago +161

    She has been dating this guy since she was 16. If she won’t let her dad meet him after 5 years, there is something seriously wrong with the guy. Either he is 35+ years old, he is a drug dealer, or he is her pimp.

  • Somedude626
    Somedude626 Month ago

    Boyfriend is a punka#%...bite the bullet and meet the father sooner or later you going to have to meet him...it’s disrespectful and I that hate some dumbass ditched me

  • No One
    No One Month ago

    She’s 21 tho, kinda messed up
    Like I don’t agree with her hiding the boyfriend but hey it’s her decision

    • H Demon
      H Demon 28 days ago

      It is her decision to do drugs to drink and destroy her health to met bad guys and the father should just look at her without advising her just because she is 21! She is not an adult! she still a baby without any experience and she dated when she was 16 a child a teenager but a child! The fact that the boy is hiding himself is fishy! The father is correct about his worries

  • Dira Boddie
    Dira Boddie Month ago

    5 years?!?!

  • StrongnBeautiful
    StrongnBeautiful Month ago +25

    This man has been in a relationship for 5 years and doesn't want to meet her father?? Come on now. #fishy

    • StrongnBeautiful
      StrongnBeautiful 28 days ago

      @Chitown Kk I like that theory. Still super wack and suspicious of him.

    • Chitown Kk
      Chitown Kk 29 days ago +3

      Hispanics are the least to worry about race. Hes older or it's possible that the father already knows who he is and that's why hes hiding. Could be a family friend and doesnt want to let him know hes dating his daughter.

    • Sharon Brown
      Sharon Brown Month ago

      Or another race!

    • Sharon Brown
      Sharon Brown Month ago +1

      He’s probably older!

    • Catracha Roatan
      Catracha Roatan Month ago +1

      StrongnBeautiful Most likely an older man who is married.

  • ERES
    ERES Month ago

    wheres the mustage

  • SJR26
    SJR26 Month ago +2

    I am a single mom and I am all for that plan :)

  • Shawn 229
    Shawn 229 Month ago

    Steve you can’t even handle your own daughter. Lori out here thotin

  • Zena zema
    Zena zema Month ago +2

    Steve is so right at 21 I didn’t know anything thanks Steve for the good advice you give.