Yelawolf Asked Eminem If He Could Still Drop A Song W/ MGK After “Rap Devil” & “Killshot” Dropped

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
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    Yelawolf sat down with HipHopDX to talk about his career journey from LA Reid to Eminem and had some crazy stories to tell in between. Tune back in for the full interview this weekend!
    Guest: Yelawolf (@yelawolf)
    Interview & Video Edit By: Jeremy Hecht (@jeremy_hecht)
    Senior Content Strategist & Videographer: Jaysn Prolifiq (@jaysnprolifiq)
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  • HipHopDX
    HipHopDX  Month ago +228

    FULL INTERVIEW drops Saturday Dec.14 🔥 and by the way - “I Put Dakota’s Carcass In Yoda’s Starship...” can y’all finish the rest of Eminem’s bars on that verse Yelawolf talks about in this clip? 👀📝

    • Kyle Griffin
      Kyle Griffin 6 days ago

      @Clyde Cyrus I could actually hear Em rapping as I read those bars 🔥

    • antonio mcmahon
      antonio mcmahon 13 days ago +1

      @Clyde Cyrus "bloodsuckers galore so my cologne is garlic"..fiiiire bro! Futur in Battle rap???

    • Red Hood
      Red Hood 15 days ago

      I put Dakota's carcass in Yoda's starship with my Motorola screen locked now im
      Feeling carsick/stuff the body folded like a shot from my little cartrage .. .... ..
      ...and good night too late to be trying this shit lol

    • unymitsu
      unymitsu 28 days ago +1

      @DylanWesley it was hot either way. Lol id redo it rhyming both but not much point now

    • DylanWesley
      DylanWesley 28 days ago

      @unymitsu You missed the fact that the rhyme cadence is "Yodas starship", you are just rhyming "starship". You are half way there padi wan

  • DissRapCollective Two

    Yelawolf should respond to Royce Diss

  • Psycho Pompous
    Psycho Pompous 2 days ago

    No, he didn't hold it down for his self. He was demolished, and rightfully so. "A" for effort though.

  • Dom
    Dom 2 days ago

    Lmao now mgk dissed Yelawolf on his new album, "Yelawolf shows suck, don't tell him, we ain't sucking no dick in the 21st century"

  • Anders Breivik
    Anders Breivik 2 days ago

    Here after over comer?

  • Ahmed Enayet
    Ahmed Enayet 4 days ago

    He know it, but couldn't tell

  • Jay Thomas
    Jay Thomas 4 days ago

    Someone get Stan on the phone....

  • Antoine Spellman
    Antoine Spellman 5 days ago

    That's EMS beef

  • iim Zen
    iim Zen 6 days ago +1

    YW : Wanna do a song with MGK Em ?
    Eminems notepad :
    *it's free real estate*

  • Matthew Wolanski
    Matthew Wolanski 7 days ago +2

    Yeah em yela and mgk all great but lets get some respect on dj pauls name. Not only a legendary rapper and dj who influenced all three of these rappers... but always trying to squash beef wether its mgk and em or 50 and buck paul trynna keep the game together

  • Official Rivv
    Official Rivv 9 days ago

    I'm the 666th dislike

  • DExterr666
    DExterr666 9 days ago

    Where can i get the paintings behind him?

  • bballharv
    bballharv 10 days ago

    I could be wrong. But didn’t MGK have rap devil uploaded months before on song cloud before Em dropped the album. So the so called quick response. Not so quick... I don’t know how accurate the song cloud dates and shit are. Wether what I heard is true or not. But MGK is wack.

  • Placeholder Name
    Placeholder Name 10 days ago

    Like, wtf is he wearing

  • -TJ Bear
    -TJ Bear 10 days ago +1

    The imperfect way that picture grid is hung in the background is hurting my OCD.
    Laser level and a tape measure are your friends I'm just saying

  • Nac Hajowbowdowwow
    Nac Hajowbowdowwow 11 days ago

    Did he say trump music? Trump 2020

  • Jimmie Knipe
    Jimmie Knipe 11 days ago

    Brooo I lost it when he said this cause I can see em just spitting some crazy shit like this hahaha 3:58

  • dgilbertbigd
    dgilbertbigd 11 days ago

    You commend MGK for dissing your boy and his daughter then getting his ass handed to him....

    • Spirit
      Spirit 5 days ago

      dgilbertbigd he didn’t commend him. He made the track being completely unaware of their beef and then Eminem said it was fine to release it.

  • C M
    C M 11 days ago +1

    I mean he held it down until Em released killshot then it was over quick. He took a shot at the champ now his career in rap is pretty much done.

  • Big Punisher
    Big Punisher 11 days ago

    I’m digging the Charlie Brown sweater lol

  • Tym O'Laughlin
    Tym O'Laughlin 11 days ago

    Hah i saw eminem play warped tour 99 with ice-t...
    Lol mgk was in 3rd grade lol

  • Ryan HumanNotPerson
    Ryan HumanNotPerson 11 days ago

    3:38 lmao tryin to find a good word to describe Em but couldn't, i also need Paul to upload those "I put Dakota's carcass in Yodas starship" That sounds like it's an insane rhyme lol

  • A B
    A B 12 days ago

    MGK WHO???!!!!!

  • böujee
    böujee 12 days ago +8

    After nick cannon put his diss out, i realized MGK didnt do too bad

    • navagnaes
      navagnaes 9 days ago

      Does anyone realize how often they are using a word invented by an artist they don’t like to attack his fans?

    • Yeetus Deletus
      Yeetus Deletus 9 days ago

      All the Stans disagree, Rap Devil is still horrible to them

  • Dakota Jones
    Dakota Jones 12 days ago

    Well... That was awkward.

  • rastafarisecret
    rastafarisecret 12 days ago

    No clue who this is😂

  • Blaze Crew
    Blaze Crew 12 days ago

    Glad you release this month's later. Get up to date. This old af.

  • Austin Debrie
    Austin Debrie 13 days ago

    You already know how i feel about MGK wasnt that a diss?!?

  • Marko
    Marko 13 days ago +6

    I respect MGK and his diss more after Nick cannons 😆😆😆😂😂

    • Mariah PokéDawg
      Mariah PokéDawg 8 days ago

      Google it. I saw several articles from multiple reporting outlets referring to his "ghost writer" on Rap Devil.

    • navagnaes
      navagnaes 9 days ago

      Mariah PokéDawg Ah ok. Yeah Ronny J produced it and he also writes so definitely could be..

    • Mariah PokéDawg
      Mariah PokéDawg 9 days ago

      @navagnaes Ronald Spence Jr. Per Wiki

    • navagnaes
      navagnaes 9 days ago

      Mariah PokéDawg Who was his co-writer?

    • Mariah PokéDawg
      Mariah PokéDawg 10 days ago

      😂😂😂 no kidding. No one dissed Em better. I mean he had a cowriter.. But still

  • White Dad Sneaks
    White Dad Sneaks 13 days ago

    I dug both diss tracks. MGK aint bad at all. Idk a lot bout him but he def held it down.

  • White Dad Sneaks
    White Dad Sneaks 13 days ago

    I wouldnt care if MGK was my best friend and he bought me a car. If Em askes me to be on his side im rollin with him. Im trying to get PAID!!

  • Jakharie Hakeem Moore
    Jakharie Hakeem Moore 13 days ago +2

    Em planned his beef with MGK . all fax

  • Zack Brady
    Zack Brady 13 days ago +2

    "Don't take my verse off of Yelawolf's album thank you"😂

  • zzeronerzz
    zzeronerzz 13 days ago +2

    Who remembers when he was in Tompkins park tre flippin????

  • No No
    No No 13 days ago

    Mgk is trash, why you trying to associate yourself with trash anyway? What you should have been doing it trying to do a verse on that Masta Ace/Marco polo album that came out. But to be honest, Yela is trash too so maybe not.

  • Sam
    Sam 13 days ago +1

    good video, misleading title tho

    VINNY VENDETTA 13 days ago

    Were can I get art work of rappers on background??

  • tre pj
    tre pj 13 days ago

    how can he honestly day mgk held it down? us if he wrote the diss by him self but he didn't he needed help so that was a corny statement

  • Josh Boss
    Josh Boss 13 days ago

    Yelawolf is highly overrated and super garbage

    INTER MANHATTAN 14 days ago

    Man this guy sucks

  • MR.J
    MR.J 14 days ago


  • Todd Horton
    Todd Horton 14 days ago

    MGK went at Eminem all on his own and Nick had to have an entire team to even begin to diss Marshall
    straight up hip hop is about respect, respecting those who got you there, it's so goddamn beautiful
    I fucking love rap and hip hop and it's my favorite thing currently, truth is rap will always exist


  • Vince McMahon
    Vince McMahon 15 days ago

    MGK got his ass handed to him though lol, live and learn youngster haha....

  • Anthony Hutchins
    Anthony Hutchins 15 days ago

    Isnt that Eminems thing? As long as you keep in neutral he's all good. That's what that whole Limp Bizkit track was about.

  • A.Frank Blunt
    A.Frank Blunt 16 days ago


  • C0rruPTFusio N
    C0rruPTFusio N 16 days ago +2

    Anyone remember yelawolfs verse on worldwide choppers this man is insane

  • Ruben Barker
    Ruben Barker 16 days ago

    Lil monster diss record to mgk wasnt you then?

  • phillip jackson
    phillip jackson 16 days ago +3

    Mgk didn't write that sht. Listen to his other trash then listen to rap closed.

  • Issac Gutierrez
    Issac Gutierrez 17 days ago

    Where would we be without yela

  • Chris#ghost #M
    Chris#ghost #M 17 days ago

    He's isnt going to change for anyone that's facts! I been a fan since I first heard him on pop the trunk. I really think people just dont understand his art and how much he truly puts southern in his lyrics. Then you got to think the youth I think just dont understand what being real is with all the talk about cars clothes and hoes, yea I like some of that talk but when the industry put bullshit out for a single it takes away from the real artist. Like he says fuck fame. Real artist get better while one hit wonders last a month!

  • World Wide Miz
    World Wide Miz 17 days ago

    Sorry, but Rap Devil fucking KILLED Kill Shot. Wasn't even close. Love Em, just discovered MGK not long ago, but in that particular battle - Kels won.

  • dawson cullinan
    dawson cullinan 17 days ago +1

    How come everytime i see yelawolf in an interview its always about eminem i wanna hear about yelawolf.

  • TorGrimmen
    TorGrimmen 17 days ago +4

    Im not a hater for saying Rap Devil was trash. Sorry, it was.

    • Fabienski
      Fabienski 14 days ago

      @Dyllan Satori he legit dissed his beard and then complained that he dissed back with a bun line

    • TorGrimmen
      TorGrimmen 14 days ago

      @Dyllan Satori Nope I just really cringed at that diss. Wasn't good. Maybe good for him, which is not good in my opinion. Cannons "diss" was also really bad.

    • Dyllan Satori
      Dyllan Satori 14 days ago

      Ur just a huge em fan so to you it sucked. Better than cannons diss and better than most of his other enemies disses

    • Fabienski
      Fabienski 14 days ago +1

      But his beard is weird
      Mgk is trash

  • Bobby Drop
    Bobby Drop 17 days ago

    Em is Selfless... Yelawolf has mad Talent too

  • David Pruneda
    David Pruneda 18 days ago +4

    Em was never one to take food out someone else mouth. He wants all to grow no matter the beef. That’s why I will always be a fan. He’s a lyrical genius

    • Matthew Wolanski
      Matthew Wolanski 7 days ago

      Yet he even admitted he dissed mgk just to be petty.. i love em but he was hypocritical in that whole situation and i lost a lot of respect for him.. plus how he lied about d12 on stepping stone already made me lose respect. He only allowed yela to keep mgks verse because mgk called him out in rap devil. Which was a genius move by mgk, he trapped em in a corner with that. Eminem dissing mgk looked about the same as everlast or canibus dissing em back in the day

  • KIMI
    KIMI 18 days ago

    Could someone translate it well into Spanish?

  • Kenshi LeNinjah
    Kenshi LeNinjah 18 days ago

    Man seeing the big dawgs in hip hop makes me appreciate it again. I love that culture has accepted Yela, Atmosphere, Em, Logic, last but not least MGK..and many more. Even Lil Dicky spits 🔥. At a time us Afro’s had a hard time being accepted in the Sk8boarding world but it happened. Raise the bar fellas helping each’s the way (In my Mando voice)

  • Kaleb Duran
    Kaleb Duran 18 days ago +1

    He almost called em a robot..... nobody else thinks this is strange??

  • will4myson
    will4myson 19 days ago

    Didn’t he dis mgk in recent freestyle

  • DeTao Official Music
    DeTao Official Music 19 days ago

    I love yela!!! 💯💯 Marshall seems like a dope person, 10 toes down. Can you blame the guy for hating bro for being disrespectful toward his underage daughter at the time? I like MGK, but in the end your words will always come back to bite you