Where Singapore's Future Homes Could Be Built

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • As Singapore looks for creative new ways to overcome its land constraints and build more homes, offices and play areas, unconventional solutions are already becoming reality in other land-scarce cities and countries.
    Japan’s Shimizu Corporation is developing the Green Float, a city on the sea for up to 50,000 people, while developers in London like Michael Shaw of Pent Developments are proposing to build apartments over canals.
    Farrells-designed Embankment Place, a million square feet of office space above London's Charing Cross station, and a project to build parks and connectors over a major expressway in Hamburg, Germany, are examples of how space above transport infrastructure can be transformed into buildable areas.
    Even the tops of existing low-rise buildings can become prime real estate, with developer Apex Airspace in London expecting to build about 100 homes this year by adding a storey above suitable buildings.
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Comments • 1 023

  • Priscillia Tan
    Priscillia Tan Hour ago

    Ofc 1st idea!! Most efficient n convenience as well...living, working, etc in a same building same land...v h tech n creative critical thinking skills

  • T baz
    T baz 13 hours ago

    Only 100 years?... pass.

  • jco m
    jco m 19 hours ago

    wa hebat singapur

  • Goaticorn
    Goaticorn Day ago

    Some really interesting projects here but HONESTLY several just don't take into account smell, bugs, emissions, toxins, etc. They really need some better thought into that aspect of things: practicality.

  • Batu Khan
    Batu Khan 2 days ago

    Whats the point of building so many homes when our local population is declining ? haha

  • Des Chan
    Des Chan 2 days ago

    Stop relentless insane pop growth !

  • Robbie Lucero
    Robbie Lucero 2 days ago

    I like #3 idea its good

  • Toffee Archelendine
    Toffee Archelendine 2 days ago

    There must be a project also on air

  • shy123am
    shy123am 2 days ago


  • Annora
    Annora 2 days ago

    This does not age well with the 4 degree rise in temperature Singapore is already experiencing because of heat retained by skyscrapers and heat created by human activity. The higher apartments have trouble because airconditioning units below them release so much hot air. Covering the canals would be like losing green space which is cooling. The floating island might solve both problems.

    • Annora
      Annora 2 days ago

      Here is the clip on Singapore heating up ru-clip.com/video/UrQ9zjvmD6k/video.html

  • Agape Sim
    Agape Sim 3 days ago

    Kenna mosquito bite if u live above the canal

  • M A
    M A 3 days ago

    all retarded ideas. just do something easy like dubai artificial islands and dont build too high, like maximum 6 stories

  • Madeleine Maddelleine

    Honestly, I do not envy them at all.... is so artificial is the future I am content living in my very large property surrounded by tall trees, natural green areas.

  • Amano Ichigo
    Amano Ichigo 4 days ago +1

    Idea 4: Topping up old buildings is a very creative idea to create more space where people can live, but I can still see that there will be new problems that might arise from this idea. I personally think that the canal idea is the best idea out of all the four idea, but climate change is happening and water level is already rising. Overall I think all of these four ideas mention are really creative and innovative ways to have more space where people can live, but I’m not really sure if they are all the best ways to create more space.

  • Pravin Nyanes
    Pravin Nyanes 5 days ago

    Can I very politely suggest we stop expanding?

  • snowfuca
    snowfuca 5 days ago

    why i believe that future humans will live in some huge buildings which they will not be able to leave. They will live, work, do groceries and have fun in the same building? isnt this an sort of prison?

  • 细皇Pratama
    细皇Pratama 6 days ago +1

    Please do not increase Tax prices ffs

  • riqaqila hasbi
    riqaqila hasbi 6 days ago

    I am a singaporean and i think idea 3 is suitable

  • S K
    S K 6 days ago

    Stop adding people. The island is already wildly overpopulated. There is less and less open space, the buildings and the facilities to support them generate heat and the whole island is getting hotter.
    The pols and commercial interests are all "Rah! Rah! Rah!" for growth, but the island is becoming intolerable.

  • cool eyes side watch
    cool eyes side watch 7 days ago +1

    good idea! :D :D :D
    must consider the height of sea level after all ice melt from north pole and south pole.
    solar panels every level, every unit.
    collect and capture every drop of rain water from top.

  • Raihana Shamsul Alam

    gardens by the bay to jewel changi to this

  • Alfonso Castillo
    Alfonso Castillo 7 days ago

    Just buy Batam and Bintan

  • Yuhua Qiu
    Yuhua Qiu 8 days ago

    After typhoon, the owners of those sea houses might find that they are in the middle of nowhere😂 (kidding

  • Mr. Z
    Mr. Z 8 days ago

    Only great idea can make great nation. Love you Singapore.

  • Go pro
    Go pro 8 days ago

    why muslim country is poor?

  • Ahmad
    Ahmad 9 days ago

    Slavery is good

  • sound's korean
    sound's korean 9 days ago +2

    Limit the foreigners who want to live there 😎

  • Thamindu kavinda
    Thamindu kavinda 9 days ago

    Srilanka Solution is cutting green forest, filling wetlands and make space for people

  • Frendy Tan
    Frendy Tan 9 days ago

    720km2 to fit 5.5million of people, that number was not even close compared to jakarta

  • Vgzhhshshdhd FJDjhddjdjd

    I find the infrastructure that the Japanese wanted the build to be quite fascinating but it is like what previous comment said it is not a very smart idea as it could only last a 100 years and wind and current might vary in the future but a 100 years is more than a average human beings life span which means this idea might just work but maybe in the near future technology might advanced a lot more giving us more options to work with

  • Justin Kelvianto
    Justin Kelvianto 9 days ago

    Can they just built higher?

  • Sunkissedguy
    Sunkissedguy 9 days ago

    The Green Float: okay
    Apartments over the drainage canal: Bad idea. Those canals actually help reduce heat
    Building over railways: okay
    Build over old buildings: bad idea. If its a heritage building, you just destroyed its cultural and heritage significance. It will also be "building dependent", meaning you can only build over buildings that are strong enough to support the extra floors. it would be more expensive to build a foundation strong enough to support the top.

  • Christian Figueroa
    Christian Figueroa 9 days ago +4

    Shimizu always comes up with concepts that they never build

  • Safwan Othman
    Safwan Othman 9 days ago

    It's really good that many Malaysian proudly move to Singapore. It helps to clear the space in Malaysia and just let Singapore thinks how they can squeeze all those people..haha

  • paul boh
    paul boh 10 days ago

    Thanos found the solution. Perfectly unbiased

  • adi ezra
    adi ezra 10 days ago

    Building up to the sky or buy island from indonesia....

  • Panglima Soru
    Panglima Soru 10 days ago +1

    In actualy singapore has buy some island in Indonesia !!!!

  • o_0 0_0
    o_0 0_0 11 days ago

    Over the years the government has induced the idea that land is precious in Sgp. But no one is talking about the 17 golf courses that exist on this small island that how more housing, office and recreational space can be created on these tracks of land.

  • penny arts
    penny arts 11 days ago

    I would prefer the 1st Japanese idea, make use of the vast sea land and be more creative, who knows in future everything can be floated.

  • O Poseidon
    O Poseidon 11 days ago

    1:49 look at that guys name

  • Alex Smolka
    Alex Smolka 11 days ago

    The thing in Haburg is called elbfilharmony and the construction was about 789 Million EUR

  • Joel Lum
    Joel Lum 12 days ago

    Heh... city on the sea? Yea that'll be nifty. City for the rich only i guess. But for normal people like me, the stacking of housing on top of existing buildings seems logical. However my concerns are utilities as well as congestion. The beauty of HDB estates away from central area is that it is relatively peaceful.

  • It's Mudkip
    It's Mudkip 12 days ago

    Ideas 2 & 3 are the best

  • Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia

    Special note: There is also a Singapore city Michigan, USA, which was name after Singapore country and a beach called “Singapore Sand Dunes” in Michigan..a famous tourist hot spot. 👍

  • Ferdinand Santos
    Ferdinand Santos 12 days ago

    let us conquer china to build homes their instead of putting nuclear facilities...let us erase chinese government dark mind set..and let us down their presidictator..and teach china people give love and peace in their neighbor countries...

  • christo cat
    christo cat 13 days ago

    I say remove golf courses and country clubs!

  • Din Zaf
    Din Zaf 14 days ago


  • K K
    K K 15 days ago

    All these "ELITE" doing everything to store billions and to evade land taxes while they force taxes and propaganda shit on every other poor and starving person, using their robbed and stolen money (of the elderly and their savings picking cardboard).... hoarding tax-free wealth for their own hell.
    Pull down the high rises that house banks diluting everyone else's land equity everyday and tax them 44,444%.
    That will solve our MANUFACTURED CRISIS overnight.
    No need to build anything. Go and build your Ma Ma's grave!

  • K K
    K K 15 days ago

    Japanese Keiretsu are good-for-nothings except for globalist US UK bankers to siphon more Chinese blood and sweat monies tricked by low taxes into being parked in Singapore to Nihongoland. That happened before with Marina Bay, Marina Bay Sands, entire Jurong, entire TUAS, Sentosa and the entire history of MRT.
    What a bloody freaking scam!!!
    Japanese keiretsu are good-for-nothing now that
    they are more overpriced and expensive than Korean chaebols and using 1980s "high" technology.
    They can't even solve their own Fukushima.... O please...

  • K K
    K K 15 days ago +1

    Who the farq wants to move to such a Lou Ya place/ Rich people all moving to China Hainan Island.

    DIPLOMAT 15 days ago

    One day they will put fishes in air 🤬😡

  • joe khan
    joe khan 16 days ago

    IF Feesable Why not buy land from neighbouring malaysia.

  • salistyan simanungkalit

    The future of Singapore will build from plastic waste for making carbo fiber🤣🤣🤣

  • MrAubery
    MrAubery 17 days ago +1


  • kenter Shackle
    kenter Shackle 17 days ago

    Sand...its all about this ..

  • Rewtrash
    Rewtrash 17 days ago

    Idea #2 will not work, SLA still charges for space usage on reservoirs, what more about canals.

  • Pavor
    Pavor 17 days ago

    LOL Singapore doesnt have a future, tf you on about?
    No nation that relies on service exports for the GNP will survive. If you do not export products and are instead focused on financial services you are going to collapse and suffer greatly in the coming years. What kind of idiocy must you people have to be planning for a future you dont even have.

  • Weeaboofuck
    Weeaboofuck 18 days ago

    do what the dutch do?

  • Ng Wei zong
    Ng Wei zong 18 days ago

    Building over old building

  • 去看海
    去看海 19 days ago

    How much of a population do you need? You already have too high a concentration of people.

  • 去看海
    去看海 19 days ago

    Idea 2 is dumb. You can't just have buildings all over the place.

  • Avisala GT
    Avisala GT 19 days ago

    I like the city on water 😂 Wish they could find mermaids there lol

  • kingfisher entertainment

    Why worry when we could convert our sea's into land


    that green float looks like it could tip over very easily.

  • Orange Tween Studio
    Orange Tween Studio 20 days ago +1

    Idea 5: Buy Batam instead of keeps reclamating it.

  • Indigo blaze
    Indigo blaze 20 days ago

    None we need trees tatz all Singapore is so hot and yr thinking abt housings man u gotta abt other things too

  • Kenan Hadziedhemovic
    Kenan Hadziedhemovic 20 days ago

    Future is really in Singapore

  • Vinsmoke Niji
    Vinsmoke Niji 21 day ago

    Sure no 1, human always evolve

  • MidNightStudios
    MidNightStudios 21 day ago

    just get more land from Malaysia...

  • Saifan Gaming
    Saifan Gaming 22 days ago

    The first one and last one

  • Fida Freez
    Fida Freez 22 days ago

    Definitely not no 1, dont disturb marine life!

  • confused3257
    confused3257 22 days ago

    The apartment over the canal idea is stupid! Idc how stereotypically good Singaporeans are, but humans living near or even on canals = pollution and trash everywhere

  • Muhammad Azman
    Muhammad Azman 22 days ago

    anyone knows where is the HDB flat in 0:08?

    JARED 23 days ago

    The first idea can be built along ECP!

  • leyline farlier
    leyline farlier 24 days ago

    After adding so much on top of everything! The land will collapse and Singapore might turned into sunken Atlantis! I say stop accepting more investment on infrastructure from around the world and concentrate on family planning!

  • Wesley Wan
    Wesley Wan 25 days ago

    They are a bunch of delusional bastards who consider nothing about the citizens' opinions

  • Temmie Undertale
    Temmie Undertale 25 days ago

    Ezzy just make alantis

  • Mc Water
    Mc Water 25 days ago

    Build artificial islands like dubai

  • Conrad Genio
    Conrad Genio 25 days ago

    I like all proposed solutions, it doesn’t need to be just one.

  • frep you
    frep you 25 days ago

    what about housing under ground or under water ^_-

  • aidsgill
    aidsgill 26 days ago

    those floating island tings look ugly as fuck

  • E C
    E C 27 days ago

    Approximately 7000++ people per sq km. population density.
    or about 32 m By 32 m and 7000++ living on it.
    If you take olympic runner and do a 100 m run current record of 9.58s. That is about 3 secs to reach from 0 m to 32 m.
    Imagine how many people are living in that sq km. In 3 secs you run pass. sq rt of 7000 is about 83 ppl. So if you run like the olympic champion you would run pass 83 ppl in 3 secs.
    So every sec is like about 27 ppl/ sec of run speed olympic champion style.
    Aiyo.... the rich people have a very nice land space, but so many cramp up like going to be hongkong.
    OK la, you can build upwards right? You also have to understand, your foundation ah... more weight on it ah, more shifting ah.

  • K K Datta
    K K Datta 27 days ago

    None of these are good solutions. Need to think radically

  • Pwnage
    Pwnage 27 days ago +4

    singapore: we are running out of land space!
    also singapore: lets build more giant airports and army camps.

  • Sn Pwl
    Sn Pwl 27 days ago

    funny how they showcase the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie as a top project yet fail to mention that the cost was ridiculously high (300 million SGD budgeted, but 1.3 BILLION (!) SGD end cost). topping up older places bears a lot of risk.

  • ty jay
    ty jay 27 days ago

    Probably underground....

  • Adi Rafie
    Adi Rafie 27 days ago

    Technically due to global warming,I dont think making a land which is that low could help as ice bergs will melt and water level increases . So no use of making that city in a manmade land.

  • Alexandrous
    Alexandrous 28 days ago

    70% of the video wasnt really about Singapore, just adopting design from elsewhere in the World, none the less it was informative!

    ZELAN PW 28 days ago

    I quite like the idea 1 but is the hardest to make it into reality. I mean it first need planning after that gather material which is costly and I doubt that those materials that could float on water would be cheap.

  • Jackson Neaves
    Jackson Neaves 28 days ago

    This is the epitome of what's wrong with capitalism. The idea of growth, growth, growth, of everything, but particularly population growth to create more consumers -is madness! This tiny island have 5.5million people crammed in. Whereas Australia, a continent of enormous size, has 25million people. What Singapore needs to do is mimic Japan and reduce its population

  • Juan Leon
    Juan Leon 29 days ago

    The floating city is the most innovative of the options and could lead to much bigger and improved versions around the world

  • noelsoong777
    noelsoong777 29 days ago

    Idea 100 build Singapore 2.0 above Singapore and the poor live underneath

  • Rohil Dindu
    Rohil Dindu Month ago

    The building over the drainage canal, won’t it smell a lot?

  • Siena May
    Siena May Month ago

    Ok but that first idea is so cool

  • Shahzeboy 1
    Shahzeboy 1 Month ago

    Or you could just take existing land that has small houses built on it and make a huge building there. Problem solved.

  • Jou Nin
    Jou Nin Month ago

    Or just secure global warming

  • kitinan kietgumjorn

    Go to stay in Malaysia. This video is so stupid

  • choo sijie
    choo sijie Month ago

    Wat if we just build all

  • Queenie Mars
    Queenie Mars Month ago

    buy some land from china and its done

    DEGGHO ITA Month ago +1

    The ultima and the one above the highway