Top 10 Scary Locked Doors That Should Never Be Opened

  • Published on Jan 6, 2019
  • Top 10 Scary Locked Doors That Should Never Be Opened
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    Welcome back everyone. In today's video were gonna be taking a peek at some locked doors around the world that people have been forbidden from opening. Sometimes its to protect whats inside from you, sometimes its to protect you from whats inside - and sometimes we have no idea what lies beyond that door. I don't have the answers - but I can tell you almost everything else about them. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Locked Doors That Should Never Be Opened …
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  • MostAmazingTop10
    MostAmazingTop10  3 months ago +79

    Top 10 Scary Rooms That Should Have Stayed Secret

    • No Limits
      No Limits Month ago

      In Greece there is a monastery in Paros and have 100 doors.They found 99 and they say one guy who pass the 100s door vanish cause is the gate of God.Others say is the gate of hell.Is a great story that can not put it on a comment

    • emma green
      emma green 2 months ago

      Love it

    • Greg Newman
      Greg Newman 2 months ago

      What is outro music?

    • Blue Meth
      Blue Meth 3 months ago

      MostAmazingTop10 In order to know the secret of need to look for weird looking rocks on ground(stone circle ), sit in middle of it and stargaze(align the stars )...there are all over Egypt about 12 of them....

  • cutie x
    cutie x 11 hours ago

    Nobody likes you
    Nobody cares about you
    Nobody wants you
    But don't worry, my name is Jeff ;)

  • korbin clark
    korbin clark Day ago

    I lost the key to my heart, so that door cant open.

  • Toodles Again
    Toodles Again 3 days ago +1

    I’ve been subbed to u since 254k lol I Love ur creepy and scary VIDEOS

  • Caleb
    Caleb 4 days ago

    Am i the only one that is a little irked the way he pronounces Chernobyl

  • Megakittenex _FOREVER

    IK A room's door that should never be opened.........

    The fortnite room

  • QKumber94
    QKumber94 9 days ago

    Odds are, that hospital has remnants of those old diseases and since there were so many patients of so many cases, it’s likely that some records were misplaced and who knows where the pathogens could be lurking that some unknowing patient could kick up.

  • L Groot
    L Groot 10 days ago

    Elephants foot room - if they’re not smart enough to stay away I call it natural selection.

  • Sarah McMullin
    Sarah McMullin 10 days ago

    I wonder, has Donald Trump ever visited Area 51?
    I apologize if this is is a ridiculously stupid question, but hey, I'm Canadian...we don't generally keep track of such things. :P

  • Dylan Mallon
    Dylan Mallon 10 days ago

    This is Dan the dog 🐶

    He will keep you safe in the comments section, if you feed him with likes👍

    • Dylan Mallon
      Dylan Mallon 9 days ago

      +KitCatt Gamer i did

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      KitCatt Gamer 10 days ago +1

      who liked my comment???? it wasnt worth liking its stupid

    • KitCatt Gamer
      KitCatt Gamer 10 days ago +1

      he didnt keep me safe.... i saw a demonic comment....

  • Random person •
    Random person • 12 days ago +1

    Mcsurveys 5:37

  • karla caceres
    karla caceres 12 days ago

    Area 51: That was the deathstar

  • Alyssa Wilson
    Alyssa Wilson 12 days ago

    "I think people are smarter than that"...if you say so

  • Damien George
    Damien George 13 days ago

    the door that let's me be happy will never be opened again

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown 13 days ago

    0:06 fumble

  • KingDwarfPlays Seaweed

    A Door That Will Never Be Opened Is My Bedrooms

  • jamesdon
    jamesdon 14 days ago

    You should make another and include the queen Mary's B-340 I think that's the right number

  • random_ ciera
    random_ ciera 16 days ago

    Danny really likes that background

  • Lizzy’XOX
    Lizzy’XOX 16 days ago

    This is inspired by bright side

  • Ovidiu Manea
    Ovidiu Manea 17 days ago

    4 ads in 10 minutes....are you dying of hunger...? This is by far one if not the most annoying video I've ever seen, simply cause of that fact.

  • BiG bAnAnA bOi 58
    BiG bAnAnA bOi 58 18 days ago

    Documentary about the cave in France. Made in 2012

  • Drew Burke
    Drew Burke 19 days ago

    What about room b340 on the queen Mary ship

    • _ _ Tiger_ _
      _ _ Tiger_ _ 19 days ago

      Drew Loved XXX the you tubers Sam and Colby have been in there

  • Kori Hoornstra
    Kori Hoornstra 21 day ago

    1. Your ex's house

  • こころあにめ
    こころあにめ 21 day ago

    When you said calamity...i got Another vibes.

  • Mark Sekiya
    Mark Sekiya 22 days ago

    My grandfather once entered the ise shrine with the prime minister a while ago

  • Pink
    Pink 22 days ago


  • Savana
    Savana 23 days ago

    I live in China and have been to Xian a couple times. One of our tour guides told us that the government wants to leave the opening and excavating of the emperors tomb for future generations. "Something for our children's children to do"

  • BlacknRedsInferno
    BlacknRedsInferno 24 days ago

    I wonder why people are so surprised that our Neolithic ancestors were as intelligent as they were.
    It takes a long time for a species as complex as ourselves to evolve.

  • Morgan Becker
    Morgan Becker 26 days ago

    If you tell me not to do something 98% of the time I do it anyway

  • Soul Searching
    Soul Searching 28 days ago

    Danny in burgundy 🥰❤️

  • Olivia :D
    Olivia :D 29 days ago

    why do I keep asking my self if theres marijuana seeds in the seed vault now.

  • Retro Wave
    Retro Wave Month ago

    It's pronouced Shernobyl not Chernobyl.

  • Gaming Master Anthony

    Number 11: everything in Foundation custody

  • N A
    N A Month ago

    Why haven't you mentioned SCP containment breach?

  • Oc Roleplayer
    Oc Roleplayer Month ago

    The door to my heart will forever remain locked. :,(

  • Europa Chai
    Europa Chai Month ago

    top 10 doors

    *shook pikachu*

  • Shay Salazar
    Shay Salazar Month ago

    At 0:06 something fell. What was it?

  • Atsuko Richards
    Atsuko Richards Month ago

    Ise-jinnguu (伊勢神宮) burned down? Scary? Really? (And it is a shrine, not a temple.)

  • Reeceeboy !
    Reeceeboy ! Month ago

    The ones college will open for me!

  • Sarada Page
    Sarada Page Month ago

    Why was Black Dolphin not number 1?

  • simul8rduude
    simul8rduude Month ago

    Why is area 51 on this list? You said "doors" not "entire military bases and hundreds of acres of off limits land"

  • Random Human Observing a Fallen Society

    What if Area 51 is the headquarters of the SCP foundation?

  • Siggy's Fascinations

    in regards to Chernobyl and the basement being y ou have such high hopes for the human race, There are many people who would just go in just to see if it was true you'd die

  • Gary Sharp
    Gary Sharp Month ago

    If you're into the Egypt stuff check out bright insight

  • Paris gacha
    Paris gacha Month ago

    (It’s a joke)

  • Toffeshop Gacha
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    Hello person scrolling through the comments hope you have a good day 🖤🌍💛🌍💛🖤🌍🖤💛🌍

  • Marianne Mckinnon
    Marianne Mckinnon Month ago

    It's good to see you with hair again Dan.

  • MrTherockobama
    MrTherockobama Month ago

    that door from courage the cowardly dog with the girl play the violin

  • Kim T
    Kim T Month ago

    When Danny says Chernoble I hear cherknobble

  • FIRST name LAST name

    These were less scary and more cool like that seed facility that’s pretty interesting

  • Live Zombie
    Live Zombie Month ago

    *talks about Russian prison, shows El Salvadorian gangsters*

  • Your typical Youtube user


    person to comment this comment is stupid idot

  • Holly Leafwell
    Holly Leafwell Month ago

    The doors to my feelings will never be opened again

  • I Have No Name
    I Have No Name Month ago

    What did the ocean say to the other ocean?

    *Read More*

  • Yo_papi-homo Ok
    Yo_papi-homo Ok Month ago

    Danny said I can tell u ??????

  • Nayim Elky
    Nayim Elky Month ago

    who's up for checking it out?

  • Enetun
    Enetun Month ago

    its the pripiyat hospital basement

  • Kermit Suicide
    Kermit Suicide Month ago

    Never open my moms door... You'll get yelled at 😂😂🤣

  • Adam Amador
    Adam Amador Month ago

    "No more locked doors"

  • Sam Warrior
    Sam Warrior Month ago

    51 is hiding warp tec from us and are secretly making a starship

  • LeeAnn Marlowe
    LeeAnn Marlowe Month ago

    I absolutely love you guys and your channel! My kids say I watch you guys too much! But as I was watching this video, i had to go back and watch the are 51 segment again. I live a few miles north of Edwards AFB in California. This base is a flight test center and is not Area 51. The closest to a spaceship we have had here is the space shuttle, which is only brought down here when the weather does not permit landing in Florida. Area 51 was called Paradise Ranch by one of the leading engineers on the U-2 project, but i have never heard of an actual name for the base beyond Area 51. Thanks for all the great videos and keep up the awesome entertainment! You guys are the best!!!!😃😃

  • PNK S
    PNK S Month ago

    No, the seed vault is for The new planet that they are all going to most likely Mars.
    They will not be reviving this planet currently.
    Too much to do.
    Time has ran out.

  • Shadow Dawn L
    Shadow Dawn L Month ago

    Awesome, luv u guys!! Thanks again for yet another awesome vid

  • Seth Hill
    Seth Hill Month ago

    Typhoid and Mary are the two dual shot guns from Call of Duty Black Ops

  • Seth Hill
    Seth Hill Month ago

    You guys are the bees knees. Keep um coming.

  • KateTheMoon 2019
    KateTheMoon 2019 Month ago

    Only one of my schools doors. In my school you can only access the bestment threw the elevator. My friends went down there once because it actully worked. Usually it doesnt let you down there but it did. My friends say they saw and heard things threw the door. Like faint screams and shadows.

  • Calakipmar
    Calakipmar Month ago

    These guys really like to put scary next to everything

  • Harper Lee is Live
    Harper Lee is Live Month ago

    Locking my door 🚪 😂

  • Erik Allen
    Erik Allen Month ago

    2:48 Danny, you’d be surprised.

  • Amanda Nicholl
    Amanda Nicholl Month ago

    I was bored in 2011

  • you know who I am
    you know who I am Month ago

    Me: *watches video*
    Also me: *gets a sledgehammer and some plane tickets*

  • Supreme Los
    Supreme Los Month ago

    Ever feel like you should’ve died many years ago ? Lol me either

    KAEL FULLEN Month ago +1

    Yeah the door to my heart.

  • Alpha Animations
    Alpha Animations Month ago +1

    Number 1: My parents Room

  • kola Цудний
    kola Цудний Month ago

    well der 1 more locked door in UKraine

  • kola Цудний
    kola Цудний Month ago

    i'm in Ukraine 😓😓😓😓😓

  • A
    A Month ago +3

    Number 1: My classrom door

  • Vincent Briganti
    Vincent Briganti Month ago

    I would love to sleep for 2,000 years

  • Ali H #1 FAN!!
    Ali H #1 FAN!! Month ago

    At the Duton house in the Shelburne Museum, there is a locked door leading to an attic. At night, the attic is lit like someone is up there. The bed that looks like it was for a child, appears to have a body-shapped outline to it. It's in the Top 10 Haunted Houses in Vermont.

  • Cynthia Patterson
    Cynthia Patterson Month ago

    My uncle worked there in late 60s and 70s

  • Corey Skinner
    Corey Skinner Month ago

    He was so right

  • SewardWriter
    SewardWriter Month ago

    If Chernobyl wasn't locked, some idiot would go in and get video of someone licking it.

  • Theresa Morefield
    Theresa Morefield Month ago

    Wow soup 4 times a day? Are they afraid the prisoners might file a shank out of a turd or something?bet they never need a plumber. lmao ok I'm done making diarrhea jokes.

  • The Ask Trixie Channel

    The top floor of the Congress Hotel in Chicago has a room that's nailed shut..... one definitely wonders why!

  • Phil Brown
    Phil Brown Month ago

    Area 51 is part of the Groom Lake test facility in Nevada. Edwards AFB, Named for Capt Glenn Edwards is in the California Mohave desert.

  • Sarah Gray
    Sarah Gray Month ago

    Svalbard is a truly awesome idea, if you think about it!

  • Kageoni187
    Kageoni187 Month ago

    Um, Edwards AFB is located in southern California. I know because I used to live there.

  • Sebastian .Mel. Michaelis


  • Celestic Wolf
    Celestic Wolf Month ago

    Solid gold temple...

    Logs into Minecraft

  • Supernatural Andanimefanforlife

    😨😨😨 why do I watch this hmm idk because it’s awesome 👏

  • Yerdua81 Stickney
    Yerdua81 Stickney Month ago

    Hello Danny. I love this channel. But I have a question about something you said about Area 51 in this video. You said it was part of Edwards AFB. I was stationed at Edwards AFB it is in Southern California. Thank you

  • KirukatoSenpaiOffiical

    Hey, Danny, Where are Rebecca and Landon?

  • Haikeal MY
    Haikeal MY Month ago +1

    Number 1: room 1408

  • xavier duncan
    xavier duncan Month ago

    i know a door i never want to open, the door that my dad just took a dump in

  • unicorn dream yt
    unicorn dream yt Month ago

    Thank you for joining in my year wich is 2011

  • shotta rells
    shotta rells Month ago

    Man I love u videos

  • Sam Spade
    Sam Spade Month ago

    A bit clickbaity. Some of these aren't doors; they're places in general. Also, the prison in Russia... those doors open all the time. How else are the guards supposed to do their jobs?

  • Jennifer Harrell
    Jennifer Harrell Month ago


  • Jennifer Harrell
    Jennifer Harrell Month ago


  • Eberus
    Eberus Month ago

    "Though I don't think it even needs to be sealed. I think people are smarter than that."
    People who do stupid things out of boredom be like: Challenge Accepted.