Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 - "Tag der Toten" Gameplay Trailer

  • Published on Sep 23, 2019
  • In the beginning... the end will come to pass.
    The #BlackOps4 #Zombies Aether story concludes with “Tag der Toten”, available September 23rd on PS4 with the Black Ops Pass.
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  • StarMarine108 Let's play

    Anybody else realize the zombie heads?

  • Brennen Oliver
    Brennen Oliver 13 hours ago +1

    Man I wonder if them ever trying to break the cycle IS part of the cycle

  • Calactic
    Calactic 3 days ago

    Can’t wait for black ops 10

    EXCALIBUR VLOGS 4 days ago

    I see rustman and the thunder gun at 0:16

  • Алена Гладышева

    Call of the dead

  • mordo
    mordo 6 days ago +1

    The people that critics this map:
    1. Siberia was a very important map on the lore, so this is a good election for the final
    2. The final where all are dead: they told us this from natch der untoten and ALL messages of ALL the maps, and radios,...

  • m6_jedi
    m6_jedi 7 days ago

    Zombies used to be good not really played bo4 zombies lost interest really quick 🖓

  • all4dh8rz
    all4dh8rz 7 days ago +1

    This game sucks it's fucking terrible! Worst game ever made!

  • all4dh8rz
    all4dh8rz 7 days ago +1

    This game sucks it's fucking terrible! Worst game ever made!

  • Mint
    Mint 8 days ago

    Remember when things were simpler and the game was just about fun and not more on story?

  • Shurwyn Gravesande
    Shurwyn Gravesande 8 days ago

    Worst game ever the mechanics are so off with this game, first you dress up as killer clowns and have a ton of military equipment attached to your avatar but then you have to wait to use any equipment, players run around with a handgun and kill you with 1 shot to your leg, on top of that your forced to use aim or target assist but then when someone jumps or slides while ADS it forces your gun off target and then they kill you! 👎🏾👎🏾 can’t wait for modern warfare to drop because this game is terrible but that’s my opinion a cod boots on the ground gamer.

  • Gaz B
    Gaz B 9 days ago

    Just completed the easter egg and the achievement didn't even activate. Can you scumbags do anything right?

  • easytiger
    easytiger 9 days ago


  • FantasyNero
    FantasyNero 9 days ago

    Why Misty change her face look a lot differance and her clothes, she look worse now
    Why Marlton they add to him beard he look worse now but with a bit better graphics, am so sad!
    please change them to there old look with New graphics remake them, Please make it

  • GetABag Bitch
    GetABag Bitch 9 days ago

    Would of rather had og wonder weapons than a friggin RESKINNED TEMPEST FROM MULTIPLAYER passed off as a "New" wonderwaffe😒😐😑

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 10 days ago

    Dear Treyarch remastering six Black Ops 2 maps and six boots off ground maps with Zombies Chronicles. I would seriously spend $60 on that. A boots off ground Ground War in Black Out, there everybodies covered. This would make Black Ops 4 a rear gem and a masterpiece.

  • James Evans
    James Evans 11 days ago +1

    Hi Treyarch! Thank you for an epic season of zombies! You'll probably never see this but I've seen on PC players have the option to turn hitmarkers off. I would love have this option on consoles. For me, the hitmarkers get in the way of the beautiful zombie gore. I think having the option to turn this off would make the game mode more immersive for players.

  • RidinEZ Verchelling
    RidinEZ Verchelling 12 days ago


  • Skylark_ Phantom
    Skylark_ Phantom 12 days ago

    You fucked it up now fuck you for ending our childhood

  • sif
    sif 12 days ago

    hey can you guys make firebreak secondary weapon less op?

  • Cat Games
    Cat Games 13 days ago

    Remake tranzit

  • Aiden The Sad boi
    Aiden The Sad boi 14 days ago +1

    1 thing that they would have added is the Im Not Ready To Die EE song again

  • Tequila_105 _
    Tequila_105 _ 14 days ago +1

    It’s sad how much the quality dropped just because they have to make another cod, this trailer is horrible just look at the blood of the dead trailer to see the massive difference in quality

  • Bon bon Studios
    Bon bon Studios 15 days ago

    Why do you have to have black ops pass it’s make more money if you just let us have it for 15 bucks and some other multiplayer map like you used to

  • Im CryPro
    Im CryPro 15 days ago +1

    U will be missed
    Ultimis Richthofen: I should probably try to relax. Take up a hobby. Maybe I could open up my own morgue...
    Ultimis Nikolai: I would like to be in favorite bar. But as long as I have vodka... I am happy man.
    Ultimis takeo: I would like to know for sure I brought honor to my ancestors... And the emperor.
    Ultimis Dempsey:hmmm... Let me think about it. But where ever I go, you know I'll be kicking ass.

  • Jeepboy7680
    Jeepboy7680 15 days ago

    Season pass year2..!!! Nuff said...

  • Maz Law
    Maz Law 16 days ago

    What did Treyarch fucking take when they did this. Worst ending to a storyline ever
    Fucking Evo Zombies was better.
    Such a shame.
    A true shame.
    I loved Cod Zombies, ever since BO 1
    always have loved it
    But this isn't good. This isn't fun. I can't go higher than round 10 without quitting because I find the game dead and drawn out. Tranzit crew are annoying as fuck, Call of the Dead was a shit map in my opinion and
    Disliked this very much

  • Comrade Doushkin
    Comrade Doushkin 16 days ago

    Complete laziness

  • bo3ium12
    bo3ium12 17 days ago

    treyarch can you fix plz on pc we got fetal error on bo4 so plz fix it the final step so it dint't crash so plz

  • Kaden 042
    Kaden 042 17 days ago

    could we get some NEW maps?

  • Vault Boy
    Vault Boy 17 days ago

    What the hell is wrong with the graphics man.

  • Develobeer
    Develobeer 18 days ago

    Why there is not CGI cinematics?!
    How dare you!!!!

  • leandro hernandez
    leandro hernandez 18 days ago

    This can't be the end😭

  • Skylark_ Phantom
    Skylark_ Phantom 18 days ago

    Why you cancel chaos story

  • DanielWhiteVans
    DanielWhiteVans 19 days ago

    George Romero died in real life which is why he wasn’t used.

  • Jake Wickey
    Jake Wickey 19 days ago

    LMAO you really did a remake map for the FINAL map. Are you actually fucking kidding me?

  • Penny P
    Penny P 19 days ago +1

    Looks like shit

    STEPHEN R 19 days ago +1

    Washed up content

  • Taylor A. Auzins
    Taylor A. Auzins 20 days ago

    They didn't end it with the OG's ??

    • Penny P
      Penny P 19 days ago +1

      Junk, who tf are these ppl that ended it anyways lol

  • Zombie Killa
    Zombie Killa 20 days ago

    due to being assholes for the past 2-3years. this content will only be available for pc and ps4 until further notice. Xbox fans have to wait an additional 4months before content is released then additional 5hours due to downloding time

  • StevoTheBever22
    StevoTheBever22 20 days ago

    Honestly they need to just retcon bo4 and restart from bo3 after rev

  • DJ Stim
    DJ Stim 21 day ago

    Y’all notice how this looks a lot like one of the older waw trailers except of ccourse without all of the mpd agartha apothican stuff

  • Silent Immortal
    Silent Immortal 21 day ago

    So did this mean George Romero predicted this after the ending scene of Call of the Dead-

  • Cas The Demon
    Cas The Demon 21 day ago

    If only the rest of BO4 wasn't ass...

  • Gaz B
    Gaz B 21 day ago

    Just had the first game of this on Xbox. The host leaves the game on round 25 and it can't migrate the host, thus ending the game. Let me guess we have to buy that host migration via micro transactions now? Trash game and a trash company.

  • Ben Daniels
    Ben Daniels 21 day ago

    And it's over, ten years of dedication to this story and this is how it ends not with a bang but with a whimper, we haven't had an original map since gorod krovi which was broken for over 2 years. I'm not angry treyarch I'm just disappointed...

  • Thamer Mohammed
    Thamer Mohammed 21 day ago

    thankd tryarch .. hope there is a black ops pass 2 with a lot of awesome maps like this .. please focus more on the chaos story ! ..

  • LeeShangshung123
    LeeShangshung123 21 day ago +1

    what the hell is this? quit spewing out remakes dude ffs

  • Rushman20
    Rushman20 21 day ago

    Chn&@ tu madre trearch , tanto para nada ,mejor no hubieras echo nada :"v neta sigo llorando

  • Ashes Music
    Ashes Music 21 day ago

    You ruined zombies for everybody this year. Why did you have to change so much about it? Why couldn't you just stick to the way it was in black ops 2? We will never get a gaming experience like that again, such disappointment. You basically remastered old maps this year with bo4, TREYARCH WERE LAZY AF THIS YEAR.

    MACKASIN 21 day ago

    Матрёшка😂?Вы серьёзно?

  • Mr Idle Hands
    Mr Idle Hands 21 day ago

    This map looks like it got hit with global warming and borderlands 2...

  • Rivals Vanquish
    Rivals Vanquish 22 days ago +1

    In 2069
    Son find a poster from Origins in my basement
    Son: Dad what's that
    Me in tears: Come with me my son let me tell you a wonderful tale

  • Matthew saunders
    Matthew saunders 22 days ago

    When can u play this on xbox one

  • Daniel Spencer
    Daniel Spencer 22 days ago

    Do you have to end zombies

  • White haddock’s Channel


  • LoneRangerGT
    LoneRangerGT 22 days ago +1

    Thank you Treyarch I just found George's EE He was wanna of my fav og directors thank you for sending him away properly to this generation he gained most of his popularity in your bo1 zombies map call of the dead and thank you for rising his popularity in this community.CYA IN THE STARZ😢😢😢
    LOVE YOU George

  • Galaxy Person
    Galaxy Person 22 days ago +2

    Treyarch thank you for 10 years of Call of Duty zombies this is the day that since came out I loved the first game play it on to the 4th thank you 4 memories

    DANIEL NISHIMURA 22 days ago +1

    F for cod zombies :,(

  • Colin Munroe
    Colin Munroe 23 days ago

    Thank you treyarch,for an amazing zombies story and for an amazing decade of playing.I will never forget The Aether story