AMAZING Japanese HOT POT Motsunabe in Fukuoka Japan

  • Published on Jul 29, 2018
  • The most famous food item in Fukuoka is Mostsunabe, which is basically a beef intestine hot pot. I went to what people say to be the best restaurant to get the dish.
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Comments • 974

  • Lyn Wilson
    Lyn Wilson 22 days ago

    I get full just watching all this food! Yummy!!

  • Dan Rohlfing
    Dan Rohlfing 28 days ago +1

    Just went to this place for dinner. It’s amazing

  • Lauren Lane
    Lauren Lane Month ago

    Love watching your noodles videos. Intestines, sorry, no thanks.

  • Minu Miji
    Minu Miji Month ago

    Iam so glad i followed you. Yours is tastiest food.

  • Rie kalheim
    Rie kalheim 2 months ago

    The more I watch you the more I start to savor and enjoy my food more. Haha it's actually quite amazing.

  • Juniel Mata
    Juniel Mata 3 months ago

    Hotpot somo wrestler buffet eat all you can. Eat dig in eat like a hungry dog or pig. Hahaha! Go Jackie Chan alike.

    RITU SINGH BHADAURIA 4 months ago

    I love his hotpot videos.

    RITU SINGH BHADAURIA 4 months ago

    I love his hotpot videos.

  • Boitumelo Molale
    Boitumelo Molale 5 months ago

    Liver a little 😂😂

  • Atomic Dave
    Atomic Dave 5 months ago +2

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 dat thumbnail though japanese intestine.

  • tomomi takayama
    tomomi takayama 6 months ago

    broth with rice is really awesome!💕💕💕!creamy and tasty!

  • yesitsme
    yesitsme 7 months ago

    "Lucky beef stars" 🤣

  • monaca morgan
    monaca morgan 7 months ago

    Looks soo 😋...

  • Valerie Liao
    Valerie Liao 7 months ago +1

    Hi, would you know if there is a pork option for the Motsunabe? Thank you!

  • slammed 89
    slammed 89 7 months ago

    Love your content..... next time your in staten island .NY let me know!!!!

  • alexaaragon21
    alexaaragon21 8 months ago +2

    I think this is my favorite video of yours. It's so satisfying watching you eat and to hear the excitement in your voice when you describe the taste/food.

  • Cameron Clemmons
    Cameron Clemmons 9 months ago

    Jackie Chan food adventures

  • Richard Gardner
    Richard Gardner 9 months ago

    Is that A5 tripe?

  • Juliana Canejo
    Juliana Canejo 10 months ago


  • aj pass
    aj pass 10 months ago

    If the soup was bad, then it could be one shitty soup 😂

  • Nikhil Kumar
    Nikhil Kumar 10 months ago

    Your stomach is a black hole or something?

  • Lucy Nguyen
    Lucy Nguyen 11 months ago

    Please try Anko Nabe too

  • shooto
    shooto 11 months ago

    It's becoming popular in Tokyo. My mom and my sister couldn't eat all of Motsu. They said it's too oily but they enjoyed the soup and ate lots of veggie. Meanwhile I enjyoed like HIM. I wish to go to Fukuoka!

  • Michael Breckshot
    Michael Breckshot 11 months ago

    I have to fast today. And somehow, watching your show is satisfying me

  • foxglove5
    foxglove5 11 months ago

    My favorite episode, so far!

  • Linda Wu
    Linda Wu 11 months ago

    Of all the soup broths you featured in your Japanese series, this one by far looks the most tasty. I really enjoy drinking fatty broths as well. They're so packed filled with good collagen :) This is also the first time you didn't drench your soup with some hot chilly oil or tweaked it with a little something, something. And please eat more veggies. Your ratio of meat consumption out weighs your veggie consumption. Not really that great for your heart in the long run. On your next video it would be nice to see some BTS footages, the bloopers are always fun to watch :)

  • ❄️🌸QueenOfMadness🌸❄️

    I never ate any organs, it’s not typical where I’m from

  • RDT 10
    RDT 10 Year ago

    How much is the dish?

  • ahofie 15
    ahofie 15 Year ago

    I would love to get paid to eat

  • eight neskoc
    eight neskoc Year ago


  • eight neskoc
    eight neskoc Year ago


  • marcelo escamilla

    duude you eat a lot! I love it

  • R S
    R S Year ago +2

    I live in Fukuoka and I’m glad you love it:)* Actually the place is our(local ppl)’s fav as well!!! Thank you for sharing our city❤️

  • Grace Lee
    Grace Lee Year ago

    People say it's healthy already when there is a little mixture of veggies while being soaked in a greasy soup base. That's healthy yeah.

  • The iNsider
    The iNsider Year ago

    You need to improvise your shooting angle. Otherwise the whole presentation is awesome.

  • axlnrosematson
    axlnrosematson Year ago

    My brother and I clap when we eat something so yummy!!! Good food deserves a round of applause!

    JONNY BOY Year ago

    scuffed jackie chan

    WAIFU KITCHEN Year ago

    My all time favorite Japanese food. Crying watching this.....I gotta go back!!!! The intestine is so good because its from incredibly high quality cows...think Wagyu.

  • ishika heeraman
    ishika heeraman Year ago

    I love your videos , it makes me eat more than what I eat. You are quite entertaining , your videos are amazing. 😄. You look quite similar to my father by the way (😂)

  • tr3prom
    tr3prom Year ago

    I need info on that hot sauce

  • Swisher Locobar
    Swisher Locobar Year ago

    I miss モツ鍋。福岡懐かしい。😿

  • Sakura Taishi
    Sakura Taishi Year ago

    loos so tasty !

  • Describe! Be Fun!

    I thought he would say it like shabu shabu

  • Hank Anderson
    Hank Anderson Year ago

    Types of restaurants
    1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars, 4 stars, 5 stars, 6 stars, 9000 stars, Japanese restaurant.

  • Ma. Christina de Leon

    I will try this!

  • Amparo Perez
    Amparo Perez Year ago

    I hate this image

  • ShockerZz M
    ShockerZz M Year ago

    Also love the channel!

  • ShockerZz M
    ShockerZz M Year ago

    Background song?

  • the hellrazor VAPOR

    It enter your mouth and now its drops kicking your throat!? 🤨🤨

  • JOHNY 303 TV
    JOHNY 303 TV Year ago

    That looks amazing

  • Breanna Bailey
    Breanna Bailey Year ago

    I just found both of the channels you're on. I love watching your videos! Do you have an tips for traveling? I'm from the US and one day I want to travel all of Asia!

  • fpuente26
    fpuente26 Year ago

    I wonder if he’s an actor

  • Andre Liufau
    Andre Liufau Year ago

    Making me wanna try that dish

  • puppy dpg
    puppy dpg Year ago

    Where are the Pho Shirts??!!!

  • Peng Ni
    Peng Ni Year ago

    U must be rich.

  • Peng Ni
    Peng Ni Year ago

    U still in Japan?

  • SpaceRock
    SpaceRock Year ago

    Oh my gaaaad japaaaaan!!!! Banzai!!!

  • Mick Smith
    Mick Smith Year ago

    I can eat almost anything but offal. Sorry. I’ll miss this vid.

  • Matt Nobrega
    Matt Nobrega Year ago

    Never had hot pot or shabushabu.

  • Matt Nobrega
    Matt Nobrega Year ago

    Looks good I would try it.