Gordon Ramsay Falls Off A Chair While Making Rice Cakes In Vietnam | Gordon's Great Escape

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • While travelling in Vietnam, Gordon Ramsay learns how to make rice cakes & shocks locals by telling them about his career.
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  • levi kirito123
    levi kirito123 Day ago

    Wow, people in other countries are more active, and do labor than we Americans.🤔🤔🤔

  • Silverson Beatbox

    Welcome to the rice field motherfucker!

  • da streets part 3
    da streets part 3 3 days ago +2

    the young lady was beautiful and charming.

  • ebenezer yalemwossen
    ebenezer yalemwossen 3 days ago +1

    dude you should come to ethiopia and try to make injera

  • Phan Nguyen
    Phan Nguyen 3 days ago

    I love Gordon Ramsay. He makes Banh Cuon. So I love him. He literally said "What do you think I am doing? I am a cook"
    Yeah just "a" cook.

  • Jansen Reolada
    Jansen Reolada 4 days ago

    FUN FACTS: After the Vietnamese War, The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), which is headquartered in the Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines(President Marcos era), has played a very significant role in enhancing the knowledge base of rice farming in Vietnam. Their research efforts have been continually aimed at growing rice faster with higher yields. This has boosted the confidence level of the Vietnamese scientists who hope that their country would one day be the rice producer to feed the world. Now, Vietnam is one of the leading rice producers in the world ahead in the Philippines


  • Vee Chim
    Vee Chim 4 days ago

    Ain’t he in China not Vietnam

  • Precision Krypt
    Precision Krypt 5 days ago

    “i’m fine, the chairs fucked”

  • Kemal Kinali
    Kemal Kinali 5 days ago

    You ok?
    - I'm fine, the chair's FUCKED!
    Ramsay 1 - 0 Chair

  • Pennies on a Dollar
    Pennies on a Dollar 7 days ago

    Women love Strange Men lol

  • Iam Matrix
    Iam Matrix 10 days ago


  • Châu Chấu Kèm Tiếng Anh

    Chef Ramsay is my role model. I applied a delicate touch to my job and now I'm fired. :(

  • Damon Chavez
    Damon Chavez 11 days ago

    He’s so much bigger then everyone else

  • ExSuPiO1
    ExSuPiO1 14 days ago

    Anyone else remember that dance they're doing at the end, with the sticks clapping on the floor and then together from somewhere?
    I swear I've seen that before in a cartoon or something like that.

  • Casey Wilder
    Casey Wilder 15 days ago

    No sticki rii

  • I-S-B-E
    I-S-B-E 18 days ago

    Why he grab the kids toe😂😂😂

  • Prashant 03
    Prashant 03 18 days ago

    Sir don't be embarrasse it happens with everyone

  • Marjia Rani
    Marjia Rani 20 days ago

    Atleast he is kind in this video.

  • 10 k subs with no videos challenge

    Shouldve looked at the trees Gordon

  • batman 10385
    batman 10385 21 day ago

    I would of died doing that bike thing that removes the rice it was a 104 degrees and the humidity in Vietnam is ridiculous

  • Personal Racing Day
    Personal Racing Day 23 days ago

    its tough being 6'2

  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja 25 days ago

    2:33 "keel over and die"-micheal Rosen no breathing

  • angel diaz
    angel diaz 28 days ago

    You had at me at Vietnam

  • angel diaz
    angel diaz 28 days ago

    You had at me at Vietnam

  • Ry 94
    Ry 94 28 days ago

    Gordon has a direct hit to my funny bone the funny bastard!

  • Pu Pu
    Pu Pu Month ago

    He probably fucking... He looks high 😂

  • Midnight Lycanroc
    Midnight Lycanroc Month ago

    3:27 Ah, good old Gordon is back with the swearing

  • Pickles Jr
    Pickles Jr Month ago


  • CoolAsFreya
    CoolAsFreya Month ago +1

    Gordon: "what do you think my job is?"
    Local: "actor"
    *technically* not wrong

  • Sirius Black
    Sirius Black Month ago

    Dosa is that you !

  • Xjen Frances
    Xjen Frances Month ago

    wish you will go to the Philippines too

  • Myles AJ Kay
    Myles AJ Kay Month ago

    3:48, Thank God I didnt grow up in Vietnam, you know I'll br useless as a chef... 😂😂😂😂
    Only Gordon can appreciate his limits. 💪👍💪👍👏👏😂😂
    5:03, what a humble thing to say...😊
    Great Chef-GR

  • Super Slovak
    Super Slovak Month ago

    Why was he flying economy when he can easily take a private jet

  • Amana Wangnao
    Amana Wangnao Month ago

    He looks like Gulliver around the vietnamese😂😂

  • Elida Perez
    Elida Perez Month ago


  • almira halbfeld
    almira halbfeld Month ago

    I have a lot of respect with you Sir Gordon.. Mabuhay from Philippines ! kisses

  • Viết Anh Trần
    Viết Anh Trần Month ago

    Im a Vietrnamese

  • Lorriah
    Lorriah Month ago

    My mom and I make these a lot for special occasions and family events!

  • Hiba Biba
    Hiba Biba Month ago

    Asian cuisine = coeliac heaven

  • miami Detroit
    miami Detroit Month ago +1

    😂😂😂😂😜THE CHILDREN DONT Want to touch him or smile at him😬😅😅 the children are ENLIGHTENED! Hahaha smart kids💯💋

    • miami Detroit
      miami Detroit Month ago

      They know he is there to steal from them

  • miami Detroit
    miami Detroit Month ago +1


    • miami Detroit
      miami Detroit Month ago +1

      When he said he is a cook u can tell THEY were All surprised an said awwwww ie u tricked us! I

  • Vux Khuongw
    Vux Khuongw Month ago +1

    Im Vietnamese

  • Luboman411
    Luboman411 Month ago

    LOL. He looks like a giant among these people. These are SMALL people. No wonder they could squeeze into those tiny Viet Cong tunnels during the war! Though Gordon is 6 ft 2 in, so not surprised he towers over them. I bet that red rice was fucking delicious. I LOVE SOUTHEAST ASIAN FOOD!!!

  • colton moore
    colton moore Month ago

    I wonder how they would respond to how he treats the contestants on hell's kitchen?

    • Luboman411
      Luboman411 Month ago

      The roles are reversed here--he clearly is the incompetent cook who can't do their complex cooking techniques justice. Just look at how he butchered their rice-cake-making technique. Though these villagers don't seem like they're into gratuitous screaming and intimidation. In these cultures, it's more quiet passive-aggression when they're angry. :D

  • mohit Bisht
    mohit Bisht Month ago

    This Fat bastard first he sank the boat now a chair

  • Migdhadh Mohamed
    Migdhadh Mohamed Month ago

    Worlds no 1 culinary heavy weight. Hahah

  • katrina nguyen
    katrina nguyen Month ago

    where my viêt lads at 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • Rude Valve
    Rude Valve Month ago +1

    certified Gold!!!!!

  • Jianzhen Ke
    Jianzhen Ke Month ago +4

    He can lap the bikers on a motorbike at 50mph but falls off a chair while stationary

  • Bree Aruffo
    Bree Aruffo Month ago

    lol when they were guessing what his job was

  • Phil Ry
    Phil Ry Month ago

    They are kind and beautiful people , very hospitable with every guest .

  • r/ Woosh
    r/ Woosh Month ago

    1:39 oh my god

  • Legend Gotta Catch Em All

    All there is in these countries, is food. That’s why it’s so special. Really glad Gordon did this series.

  • Ala Carte
    Ala Carte 2 months ago

    Gordon: "I'm sweating like a Vietnamese Pig" HAHA

  • Ludwing GonzalezArroyo
    Ludwing GonzalezArroyo 2 months ago +11

    Delicate touch...
    I’ll impress them with my culinary skills...

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 2 months ago +1

    I like that Gordon can obsess over something so quickly, you could tell he just wanted to right back outside and make 50 more of those rice wraps until he gets it right. I can appreciate that

  • Fatima Zahra Kasim
    Fatima Zahra Kasim 2 months ago

    Watched this vid to see him break the chair

  • doan hai van
    doan hai van 2 months ago

    he looks so chilled next to them

  • FrostyPanda
    FrostyPanda 2 months ago

    who now wants rice XD

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 months ago

    Can bet money he railed loads of those chicks for a dollar.

  • Alex Liu
    Alex Liu 2 months ago +6

    "You are doctor" Those were my grandpa's first words to me.

  • Jake Paxton
    Jake Paxton 2 months ago

    Why'd he roll up to the village like a pubg avatar

  • UrbanaticLemonade
    UrbanaticLemonade 2 months ago

    Ramsay how could you even think in the world that you can beat a "Woman who is making paper thin Rice pads like those her entire life" in 5 minutes?
    She is the master of the masters in her own world

  • Dylan Monstrum
    Dylan Monstrum 2 months ago +1

    Wow shit, I never considered how they'd get all rice off the stem... what a genius design. Works in rain, without power, can be repaired and created in just a few days.
    Amazing, honestly.

  • Irritable Fuhrer
    Irritable Fuhrer 2 months ago

    5:55 we have a similar dance here in the philippines. Good to know asians have alot in common. Except the chillis

  • Billie's Toe
    Billie's Toe 2 months ago

    I am only watching this because I am viet

  • Toronto Transit Channel
    Toronto Transit Channel 2 months ago +2

    Anyone else initially think this was a YTP based on the title?

  • Leo Raposo
    Leo Raposo 2 months ago

    They hope hes a doctor
    Asian 100

  • Your Grace _
    Your Grace _ 2 months ago

    He could probably have done it if he had a comfortable chair that wasn’t made for children

  • Jun Edenfield
    Jun Edenfield 3 months ago

    That chair was a Vietnamese war veteran....finally got its moment 50 years in the service

  • Sin sama
    Sin sama 3 months ago

    Where do I find the rest of the video?

  • Leon Susever
    Leon Susever 3 months ago +3

    I'm just here to satisfy my cravings, seeing successful people fail. Kind of a fetish...

  • TCS Admin
    TCS Admin 3 months ago

    they're like "damn heavy ass foreigners" lol JK.

  • 애미사
    애미사 3 months ago

    Is this rice frozen?
    Fucking hell

  • GAME STUDIO 2019
    GAME STUDIO 2019 3 months ago

    Are you okay? Yeah I’m fine the chair is fucked..LOL!

  • Brandon Le
    Brandon Le 3 months ago

    Omg, he spilled food

    ZAIN ABBAS 3 months ago

    The small fragile chair couldn't handle his Fat English Ass . lol

  • Tactical Noobs
    Tactical Noobs 3 months ago

    Damn that’s how you know you stressed af, everyone having a good time then 5:20 hits him real quick

  • xyz panther
    xyz panther 3 months ago

    I can't imagine Vietnamese acting like this in England village....

  • Spike- EagleCry
    Spike- EagleCry 3 months ago

    So amazed by rice he fell off his chair

  • McBon Official
    McBon Official 3 months ago +3

    At the start
    Gordon: This lady is the only person who can speak even a little English
    Everyone guessing what Gordon works as in English 😂

  • Justin Sullivan
    Justin Sullivan 3 months ago +77

    Those kids thinking “don’t trust the white man” 😂😂

    • PhiloBot
      PhiloBot Month ago +3

      "he come an breek oua chaer!"

  • Tây Bắc Life
    Tây Bắc Life 3 months ago

    Oh my country

  • john smith
    john smith 3 months ago

    A bit of humility can be enlightening

  • Frank Richards
    Frank Richards 3 months ago +7

    I admire their simple lifestyle, the Vietnamese are a hardy/resourceful people

  • Chem Form
    Chem Form 3 months ago

    came here to watch ramsay fall out the chair 😂😂 been waiting for another thing to be destroyed by him 😂 he's a curious man searching for authentic ingredients

  • パイロシニカル
    パイロシニカル 3 months ago

    "It's your turn, big boy"

  • caffienatedtactician
    caffienatedtactician 3 months ago

    Gordon is such a giant; I'm surprised he even tried to sit in that chair!

  • Ashton Bui
    Ashton Bui 3 months ago

    Banh cuon!!!

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia 3 months ago

    Chef necesita bajar de peso

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia 3 months ago

    Jaja ja

  • Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia 3 months ago


  • rebecca finn
    rebecca finn 3 months ago

    He's so big compared to them. It's hilarious

  • Zraulz Blaze12
    Zraulz Blaze12 3 months ago

    I remember when sat in a small chair i fell out one time

  • Anthony Gudgeon
    Anthony Gudgeon 3 months ago +1

    I'll stick to me uncle bens, 2 minutes in the mikiwave saves fucking about with broken bikes and dodgy chairs but haven said that I would of definitely nutted in the bird that gave Gordon the bag of moody rice

  • obi_dank_kenobi
    obi_dank_kenobi 3 months ago

    The way veitnam uses rices amazes me. I’ve had many and they are all fantastic

  • Thong Vimean
    Thong Vimean 3 months ago

    Lol he looks giant next to the villagers

  • Angel Cuevas
    Angel Cuevas 4 months ago

    Its fun and games untill the trees start speaking vietnamese

  • juzell
    juzell 4 months ago +1

    Gordon: i am a cook
    Vietnameses: Ohhhhhhhhh...

  • Jules
    Jules 4 months ago +2

    I love these videos. He seems like such a humble man. When he doesn't know what he's doing, he asks for help. When he gets something wrong, he owns up. One of the best chefs in the West and he's completely willing to admit that there are some things in cooking he just doesn't know shit about. So very genuine.