The Poles leaving the UK after Brexit - BBC News

  • Published on Nov 1, 2016
  • A rise in hate crime against the UK's Polish community is making some of them think about leaving the country as a result
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  • David Hargreaves
    David Hargreaves 5 minutes ago

    So Polish people are going back to Poland?.....and the news in that is?..........

  • switch gray
    switch gray 8 minutes ago

    Learn the language or fuck off, I worked in a factory full of polish, 30/2 and I felt alienated in my own country. just go pls we do not want you here

  • Paul Treslove
    Paul Treslove 7 hours ago

    Brexit all the way - that said the Polish did fight for the UK during WW2 and lost many. My only concern is that most immigrants send home their money and regardless of whether it’s fair or not do seem to know all the right people in social support type jobs. I was once interviewed by a Pole when I left the army for job search. Look at all the Asians working in the BBC-esque councils - These people have infiltrated our system. If you are Polish or Asian then you certainly have it cracked.
    If you are Bulgarian then you say how much you hate England and say you will never visit but still come here to work anyway. Village bigotry at its finest.

  • King Alfreds Shieldwall

    BBC propaganda. Fake anecdotes. Anti Brexit fake news. Leftist bullshit yet again!!!! English people are very welcoming to poles. Why focus on poles anyway? Millions have come in from all round the world and havent embraced England like the poles have. Poles are generally decent people.

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins Day ago

      +King Alfreds Shieldwall BBC won't do programmes on white British people attacked by EU migrants

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins Day ago

      +King Alfreds Shieldwall And youre a 'love thy EU immigrants' do-gooder who 'thinks' absolutely everybody loves and gets on with Central and Eastern European migrants when your dismissal of any dislike from British people towards these people is far from the truth, there is a clip here on RU-clip of a Polish bus driver being attacked by a British person which IS TRUE BTW.

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins Day ago

      +King Alfreds Shieldwall that's what you think, it was all over the place and not just on the BBC, everybody was covering it Sky News CNN Euronews France24 the whole lot...

    • King Alfreds Shieldwall
      King Alfreds Shieldwall Day ago

      +anthony perkins All fake news. Dont believe a word the BBC say or report on.

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins Day ago

      +King Alfreds Shieldwall yes they have watch Panorama Hate On The Street posted on here, also the xenophobia was all over the newspapers TV radio online EVERYWHERE and the injuries caused by the two attacks ARE in indication of what some have suffered. I think you have feelings for EU migrants and are trying cover up / discredit what DID HAPPEN after the leave result, you think it was all lies, well it WASN'T.

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker Day ago +1

    be told dont let the bbc brainwash you. the polish took most of rge jobs in north england , they controll the agencies . one place I worked at no one coukd get overtime ciz polish was putting there names down three months in advance. they ruined the local economy well they send there money home only biy polish goods out of shops the foods are from poland hows rhat good for our economy its good for theres. rhe local now had to sign on claim benefits taking out of the pot and poles sending there money to polish bank accounts not spending in local economy, locals had no money I seen shops close down . the capatalists employed them over there own uk workers, I seen small towns all over uk with little work in them being took over by polish. they have no morals or empathy they would not think twice about taking your jobs I seen it all with my own eyes , they dont spend in uk economy all them polish shops there giving the money to polish companies they are a sly people why u think the rest of east Europeans hate them

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker Day ago +1

    so glad I found polish people horrible. everywhere they go in warehouse,agency,work places they always try to take controll. I found them a sly deceitful race of people who are nothing but money grabbers and are not one bit bothered they took someone's job, im allowed my opinion.

  • heng cc
    heng cc Day ago +1

    I speak english chinese malay hebrew and greek

  • heng cc
    heng cc Day ago +3

    I speak Mandarin in London; they called me a chinaman; But I can speak 5 languages

  • heng cc
    heng cc Day ago +1

    Poles and Indians are not welcome in UK

  • anthony perkins
    anthony perkins 2 days ago

    Yes you ARE invaders and YES you do want to take something

  • Bob Jacobson
    Bob Jacobson 3 days ago

    I wish my Dad spoke to me in Polish. Here in the USA Polish are considered to be very hard working and very intelligent. In the 70's there were Polak jokes though.

  • TheRealKeithstoke
    TheRealKeithstoke 3 days ago +2

    We don't want foreigners. We never said we did. Our government invited you, not the people. Nobody can blame you for coming for a better life, but you were never welcome.

  • DD lanari
    DD lanari 3 days ago +1

    GB out..!! finally..!! two monts overdue..?? whats up guys..?? shit scare whats gona heapen aint ya..??

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 2 days ago

      Problem is our govt have been putting the mockers on brexit and have delayed it infuriating Brits who wanted OUT on March 29th and didn't get it

  • DD lanari
    DD lanari 4 days ago +1

    wake up call for all people there!!!!..... non british citizen, pack your bags and leave!!!!.... have sum pride..!!🙂🙂👍👍

  • sirderam1
    sirderam1 4 days ago

    OK. This is just another peice of anti-Brexit propaganda by the BBC.
    Yes, certainly some people are xenophobic, but I don't for one moment believe that the great majority are. Those of us who know the huge contribution the Polish people made, often at terrible cost to themselves and their families, to the defeat of the Nazis and the defence of the UK could never feel anything but gratitude and friendship for them.
    Nevertheless, it is hardly unreasonable to ask foreign nationals to register their presence in the UK, and that is all that Polish nationals and other EU citizens are being asked to do.

    • sirderam1
      sirderam1 2 days ago

      +anthony perkins
      I think you'll find that almost all Eastern Europeans, and Polish people in particular, can speak at least some English, most of them passably well and many of them fluently. Personally, I've never come across a single one who actually refused to try to speak English.
      As for culture; Eastern Europeans in general do not expect that we should change to accommodate their culture (unlike another immigrant group) and their culture does not significantly conflict with ours anyway. It's fine with me if they want to retain and celebrate some aspects of their customs and culture. That's the kind of "cultural diversity" that I can happily live with.

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 2 days ago

      If people want to come here they should have some grasp of English which many refuse to speak and respect and accept British culture and ways of life

  • Just Saying
    Just Saying 6 days ago

    The poles are leaving because their own Country is growing at an average of 4% yearly.

    • A K
      A K 5 days ago +1

      Yes with the £ they are sending back to Poland

  • rockembach
    rockembach 7 days ago +1

    Poland itself is full of racists, and now these people are whining about racism themselves. How does it feel to get a taste of your own medicine, you polak sewage cleaners lol.

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 7 days ago

      +Cryptic fuck off Eastern European scum

    • Cryptic
      Cryptic 7 days ago

      rockembach shut up you
      Smelly English tramp

  • 1attheback
    1attheback 8 days ago +1

    "Number of EU workers in the UK hits record high as unemployment falls to lowest in 44 years"
    May 14th 2019

  • Zeeshaan Ahmad
    Zeeshaan Ahmad 8 days ago

    Britain; the sweaty armpit of Europe. Poles will thank God they left.

    • Cryptic
      Cryptic 7 days ago

      Zeeshaan Ahmad yep

  • brit bazza2
    brit bazza2 9 days ago +2

    The simple fact Is globalism has affected east block European people the same way that it has affected the western European nations. Globalist companies have abused the pay scales by paying wages far below the wages that the English have been used too but higher than the wages that Eastern European nations pay so effectively eastern block Europeans are being abused by these globalist companies by filling jobs with EU nationals from Eastern Europe and paying low wages this is the reason why the Brits won't do the jobs that they used to do because the wages have been driven downwards yet the cost of living is very high in UK

  • alex jervis
    alex jervis 9 days ago +1

    Since the inception of the 'EU', the Poles have been taking something from the UK. Quite a lot, in fact!
    I wonder how long the BBC looked to find these people?
    The regrettable contact with 'a man', is entirely due to the fact of Mass Immigration, that has been forced on the indigenous population, at their expense and to their detriment!

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 2 days ago

      Took right they have taken a lot jobs welfare school places doctors surgeries school places the lot, these central and eastern european vermin are shitbags

  • Alan B'Stard M P
    Alan B'Stard M P 9 days ago +1

    fine, they leave

  • Anonymous Observer
    Anonymous Observer 10 days ago

    British Broadcasting Clowns at it best. Spreading propaganda. I’m a Pole and been here most of my life. I speak both languages and have dual nationality. I have never ever experienced any hate crime towards myself or my family due to our heritage. In fact I voted Brexit.

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 10 days ago

      You're the minority. The rest of them have suffered and it hurts

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man 10 days ago +1

    I want all of the eastern European migrants to go because you lot have driven wages down. Your happy to come and work for the minimum wage and because of that thats all these big companies will pay.

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 7 days ago

      +Cryptic no not when YOUR people are turning Britain into Little Poland and trying to impose this shit on British people

    • Cryptic
      Cryptic 7 days ago

      Dan The Man No, it’s uneducated people like you that turn England into shit.

    • Dan The Man
      Dan The Man 8 days ago +1

      +Agnieszka Jakubczak I really am not that bothered about my grammar but what I am bothered about is the fact that migrants have flooded our country and they are turning it to shit.

    • Agnieszka Jakubczak
      Agnieszka Jakubczak 8 days ago

      I suggest you should practice your grammar, really. "Your happy to come"? What language is it?

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 10 days ago +1

      Well said, I and millions of other Brits have had enough of the Poles along with other Central and Eastern European filth

  • Blu
    Blu 10 days ago +2

    i dont get it, polish people have a good country, why do you want to live outside of your own country??

    • A K
      A K 8 days ago +2

      Because they are corrupted & extremely poor, their economy improved because of migration to mainly UK, they send their money home, & thats what has boosted their economy, & they are acting all big.

    • Kunta Kinte
      Kunta Kinte 8 days ago

      Because their country has been invaded by giant ants..🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐝🐝🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜🐜

  • I am VA
    I am VA 12 days ago +1

    Whole Europe talks about muslim immigration but the dumb brits rather talk about poles. Im from Germany please import ALL of your poles to Germany and take the muslims instead please then you gonna see whats real hell of society. Connect with our genetical brothers!!!!!! Dumb fucks

  • rustyrob
    rustyrob 12 days ago

    I would believe a politician before anything the BBC has to say and that's saying something.

  • John Rudge
    John Rudge 12 days ago +1

    People do not like hearing a foreign language being spoken on the streets. Nothing to do with racism but its just plain rude as you could be talking about the non speaker of that language.

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 7 days ago

      +Agnieszka Jakubczak we don't need your language your food your fags your culture your music your satellite TV your weird cars etc here in the UK Brits have spoken and made their feelings clear YOU AND YOUR PEOPLE ARE NOT WELCOME end of.....

    • Agnieszka Jakubczak
      Agnieszka Jakubczak 8 days ago

      Yes, all immigrants surely speak about Brits on the streets. This excuse is just beyond stupid. Your confidence must be really low if you find it rude.

  • concernedcitizen
    concernedcitizen 15 days ago

    What’s wrong with poles? I like them. The world is going nuts.

  • bill leadbeater
    bill leadbeater 15 days ago +2

    There are a very few Brits who are against immigration, what people are against is ‘uncontrolled’ immigration, we have taken too many people too quickly.
    The member states of the EU are only now waking up to the dangers of their immigration policy, dangers pointed out to them by Cameron seven years ago
    but his words fell on the deaf ears of the EU.

  • Nick Musselle
    Nick Musselle 16 days ago

    to the polish lady, that was one ignorant person, giving his bigoted opinion. you are part of us all.

  • Khaleesi Drogo
    Khaleesi Drogo 16 days ago

    This is just ridiculous.. Saying you're unwanted because people don't want to be a part of the Europran Union !

  • Harambe
    Harambe 16 days ago

    Is it just me or does the girl in thumbnail have half her face down in fake tan.

  • Robbie Craughwell
    Robbie Craughwell 17 days ago

    Polish have lived in England since the end of the second world war! Polish Community is in the thousands This post is just another peace of Anti Brexit bull shit.

  • Rowell Jeffrey
    Rowell Jeffrey 19 days ago

    Polish in the UK are ok, much better than UK people. And the UK children are very bad and rude. UK children have no respect to older people and the UK adults not doing anything about it, because the bad behaviour is passed on from older generation of UK people. UK people are not nice at all especially to black men who want to have a good paid job its a no. Too much age and sex discrimination in UK, next after UK for age discrimination is the rest of Europe. Polish women are much more attractive and act intelligent then UK people. The devil also say its ok you can have £5 then later the devil comes back for his money, same is UK and when you dont have his £5, he takes your soul, same is UK.

  • jon burgess
    jon burgess 20 days ago +19

    The real enemy here is the BBC and their subtle racial hate propaganda clips

  • Hassan Ikram
    Hassan Ikram 21 day ago +1

    brexit? more like brexshit!!😂😂

  • Croatian Warmaster
    Croatian Warmaster 24 days ago +1

    Sorry guys,Britain is for the British,go to Poland,that is dine land

    • Mavisth555
      Mavisth555 2 days ago

      Why should white Europeans leave other European country if the muslims and africans are here. Does England love white genocide?

  • Valeryan B Suto
    Valeryan B Suto Month ago

    Well, the way I see it that Poles and other Europeans became an easy target because of racism, which sounds odd, but hear me out: In the UK (in case you didn`t know) the biggest insult is "racist". It`s especially hilarious as the UK is one of the most xenophobe countries in the world. It just is, although Brits are trying to hide it (and they got very, very good at it) but after a few pints in the pub everybody gets honest about it. Well, after all, they are all islanders and as such, strange folk. Now, most Brits have no problem with EU citizens. Why would they? They basically come from the same culture. What they really have enough is Asians and Africans. There I said it, although it`s not about race, it`s about multiculturalism. BUT→ They cannot say much about it, because it would get them in huge trouble (that`s where the fear of being called racist comes in). So they go for the next and easy target: Europeans, because you know...they are white so you cannot say that the Brits who want them out are racist, right? The punchline of the joke is that while EU immigration plummets, non-EU immigration rises.

  • Hayden Davies
    Hayden Davies Month ago


    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 10 days ago

      Do we have to love the skiskas no we don't....

  • Hydro Joxzz
    Hydro Joxzz Month ago

    I’m polish and I honestly don’t know why some brits are complaining that we are taking jobs, what about Indians Pakistan’s and Arabs we are a minority that may seem like a majority reason being most polish immigrants live in major city’s but in reality there is only 900,000 of us in the WHOLE of the uk comparing to Indian and Pakistan’s (9,000,000) and to be honest they take more jobs, I bet you can go to your corner shop and it will be a Indian or Arab.

    We are not posting any threat towards Brit’s, our country has never terrorised other country’s in its existence ( you can search it up) so I don’t see why some people dislike poles that btw saved those Brit’s country in the 1940s when WW2 was happening I’m not saying British people should always be greatfull all I want is for them to open their eyes and look at other country’s and not polish minority population.
    If we are taking jobs look at Indians and arabs they are everywhere

  • Thomas H.
    Thomas H. Month ago +1

    Hey Poles, Poland is now anti EU.
    You are Christian people.
    However, se know your here only to buy a house back home & another for rental income, you have no genuine desire to become one of us.
    If this is not the case, then welcome.

  • i am me
    i am me Month ago +1

    UK is now fucked... the government are kretins

  • Cryptic
    Cryptic Month ago

    It’s funny how English say foreigners steal their jobs. Well I am pretty sure if you wanted the job so bad you would of been there working before the foreigner came. You can’t just say foreigners steal your jobs when you don’t even want to do the job😂

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 2 days ago

      +Cryptic fuckyouskaoffska

    • Cryptic
      Cryptic 7 days ago

      anthony perkins you English are just all spoiled princesses. You want things handed on a plate for you. You have to learn life is not fair and you have to deal with it you pussy.

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins Month ago +1

      Fuck off Pole, if employers paid fairly and treated fairly, Brits would do the work.

  • Vilius Vasiliauskas

    Also don't forget that eastern migrants was let in with a thought to get genetics back in order. Being a closed island for centuries and abnormal incest in the past, look how many disabled people on the streets because of this! Even so called 'normal' Brits most have some abnormalities and countless illness. However plan didn't work out, as Eastern or Brits don't want each other.

  • vincent dcunha
    vincent dcunha Month ago

    The British love to sleep with the devil "Islam".

  • Sephanyahu Blake
    Sephanyahu Blake Month ago

    The so called tolerant 'United Kingdom', lol, ridiculous. The empire was bad enough, then the colonial era, then these bigots have the audacity to tell others that they cannot speak their own language after meddling in the affairs of countless nations around the world. A day of reckoning is surely coming!

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 9 days ago

      +Sephanyahu Blake this is our country not Europeans or whoever's, if they don't like it they can fuck off back

    • Sephanyahu Blake
      Sephanyahu Blake 10 days ago

      +anthony perkins so be the extinction of evil 👍🏾

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 10 days ago

      So what, so be it.

  • Aussie Hitchcock
    Aussie Hitchcock Month ago +2

    Madame go back to your country and give not in commenwealth countries.I hate people's when they speak freaky language in public places is so rude .If your residence use the official language and non one will offend you...In Po land if you speak forgings languages you will receive the same shit

  • 353535336373373
    353535336373373 Month ago +2

    They took all our jobs

    • Mavisth555
      Mavisth555 4 days ago

      yeah, unworking Muslims taking benefits from your taxes are better than European immigrants that work.

  • Tom Davidson
    Tom Davidson Month ago

    Brexit is an embarrassment. Hard working EU nationals feel they have to leave while the Wetherspoon skin head brigade fling their slogans and claim their dole. A sad state of affairs.

  • Adam Walsh
    Adam Walsh Month ago +1

    Good riddance imo. Sometimes I forget I'm in England but either Poland or Croatia. No big loss.

  • Ariello Ngfvjgvbvb
    Ariello Ngfvjgvbvb Month ago

    English patology🤣🤣

  • Seer Seerwealth
    Seer Seerwealth Month ago +2

    HATE is totally wrong, but artificially seeded between intellectually challenged.

  • dave davis
    dave davis Month ago +2

    Hey folks your welcome in england
    There is alot of prejudice in uk and
    Bitterness about economy problems
    We are not all like this I love the polish
    New immagrants in uk I hope they stay
    I was in canada for a few years seen lots
    Of prejudice I will never be like Canadians
    Were to immigrants. we in the uk are a superior
    Nation and we can do alot better its shameful
    Uncivilised racism prejudice will bring this
    Country down if we let it .

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins Month ago

      Well it's far too late now for do-gooder talk / whiney 'please don't go' sentiments from you because the damage is done and has been done, many Central / Eastern European migrants have gone back and because of the negativity and uncertainty over Brexit, many potential EE / CE migrants who would have wanted to come here, and make new better lives, have also seen the light and don't want to come here / no longer want to come here as they have seen the hostily and no amount of pleas from you is gonna help that. Brexit has got what it wanted and it has created the desired effect. End of story.

  • Damian Cullen
    Damian Cullen Month ago +3

    I'm an Irish man (a musician) now living in Finland. I lived in London for over 20 years, playing music doesn't cover the bills so, I worked on building sites, a construction worker on the roads (block paving/digging/tarmacking blar blar blar , painter, landscape gardener, worked in bars, all kinds o' work & worked hard. I worked along side people from all over the world but, never seen to many English workers. Why? Many are just lazy & workshy. It's that simple.

  • Fendersunburst
    Fendersunburst Month ago +6

    And Good Riddance to them!

  • des g
    des g Month ago

    When J came to England 14 years j was speaking English quite well.J passed an advanced exam in Poland and j didn't hesitate even a second to start my new life in England. Many young Poles emigrating from Poland are well educated on many fields with. good English. We are also very hard working nation, disciplined ,accurate and friendly. Ok there are also some Poles who are lazy bones, not so well educated and sometimes well behaving but it's miniority,big miniority. Best wishes 😀 from a well educated Pole and hard working man.😀

    • des g
      des g Month ago

      +anthony perkins So J can say the same about your people Britons 🤔🙄🤔to leave my country Poland because definetely too much of them in Poland...The same will be told by other people in other countries like Ireland ,Scotland,Germany,USA,. Etc,etc......Does it a point we want reach....You mean this must be a finall conclusion. It's a dead end. Tell India people that they have to leave England .....millions of them in your country... Ok. It's up to you.....

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins Month ago

      She has left and gone back because of verbal post-Brexit abuse, physical assault, hurt upset and discord and because of this, many other CE / EE migrants have gone back too, they think they are better together but Brits think otherwise and have made the decision to leave Europe. Problem is, too many of your people have come in since 2004 and it has put pressure on public services, public infrastructure, welfare, school places, doctor's surgeries, hospitals, etc and this is what's caused bubbling simmering resentment and flaring tempers and anger toward your people and the Brexit vote to leave Europe.

    • des g
      des g Month ago

      +anthony perkins Many Britons😀 live in people and j know them very well and j have nothing against them. They run their bussineses in Poland. We make deals together. J don't think they should leave or get out of Poland. Live and let other people live. Best wishes.😀

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins Month ago

      Britain doesn't have to love your people so pole off back to Pooland

  • Adam Kiala
    Adam Kiala Month ago +2

    If you wanna secure border security
    They should increase the minimum wage up to 15 quit an hour ! To put people at work again for such of a proper wage this time !

  • Andrew Walsh
    Andrew Walsh Month ago

    I like the Polish, and are and always will be considered equals. Anything else is just plain uneducated and our people should be ashamed. Some of the Polish I have met are really the nicest of people.

  • M M
    M M Month ago +2

    Good go back to Poland we don't like polish

  • JB
    JB Month ago

    Poles are welcome in UK

  • Craig Richardson
    Craig Richardson Month ago +2

    Only reason I stay in a job for less then a month is when a warehouse is over run with foreigners n they are speaking no English, pisses me right off

  • Harper Wright
    Harper Wright Month ago

    Many Polish people who have come over have the hardest and honestly worst jobs! They work hard and have changed this country for the better. I don't see a single British person willing to do the jobs they do! No matter what the result is these people will always be welcome in my opinion!

  • Chad
    Chad Month ago +1

    great news from brexit finally

  • M M
    M M Month ago

    English are easily manipulated..Immigration had to be addressed, but they didn't want their diversity dream threatened. Being white christian, don't constitute diversity, so it became acceptable to attack the Polish. You idiots are so easily manipulated.
    This english should say "speak in english" to indians, pakistani or other muslims, scared of being called racist because they have darker skin colour??

  • Lisa F
    Lisa F Month ago

    wait until you see the future of the English people 😂😂

  • novit2013
    novit2013 Month ago

    In total 31 out of the 145 Polish pilots who took part in the Battle of Britain died in action, while the Polish War Memorial at RAF Northolt commemorates 1903 personnel killed. The Commander-in-Chief of Fighter Command, Air Chief Marshal Sir Hugh Dowding, was blunter in his assessment, ‘Had it not been for the magnificent work of the Polish squadrons and their unsurpassed gallantry, I hesitate to say that the outcome of battle would have been the same’. This assessment was echoed by the Secretary of State for the Air Force and indeed, during some of the most desperate points of the battle, the RAF had ‘only 350 pilots to scramble, of which nearly 100 were Poles’. Yet at the end of the war Polish troops were not allowed to participate in the Allied Victory Parade so as not to aggravate Joseph Stalin. Brexiteers or not, we should all be grateful for the sacrifice made by so few for so many. Without the two squadrons of ‘plucky Poles’, it is eminently possible that there would neither be a Britain, nor an EU to vote out of.

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins Month ago

      So bleeding what? It has got to a stage where Brits said 'enough is enough' we want no more of them

  • Lisa F
    Lisa F Month ago

    One day in the future English people will cry for the immigration to come back to the uk when they realise the country are shit without immigration 🇪🇸

  • Nana Badu
    Nana Badu Month ago +1

    Now common wealth nations will be pampered by Britain again, those common wealth countries who fought for Britain in the both world wars have been neglected for far too long because of these mass migrants from Eastern Europe, 🤔🤔

    • Nana Badu
      Nana Badu Month ago +1

      +anthony perkins, tell me which Eastern European nations are part of the British Commonwealth nations? 😏😏😏

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins Month ago

      So what? Brits have decided 'enough is enough we don't want anymore Poles and other Eastern Europeans and Central Europeans coming here'

  • am only human
    am only human Month ago +3

    *POLS don't want any one to live in their country at the same time they want to live others country bllaahh*

  • Turbo Pumped
    Turbo Pumped Month ago +4

    Poles talking about xenophobia, now thats rich...

  • Reneta Tayo
    Reneta Tayo Month ago

    The British people often forget they were and are still all over the world including my own country. It's a shame they don't like immigrants in their country.

  • Wudruff Wildcard
    Wudruff Wildcard Month ago +2

    I wouldn't mind if they come to Germany. Germany offers better weather, better food, better houses, better healthcare, basically everything is better in Germany. I have worked with and trained a lot of Poles and never had a bad experience working with them.

  • kelly
    kelly Month ago

    Good job trhe Poles didn't leave the R.A.F. in 1940.............Sorry, I forgot, every fighter pilot in the Battle of Britain was English to the bone and went to Eton.........a bit like a young Rees Mogg. When Brexit happens I would love to see lots of small boats full of ex pats......with nothing except the clothes they're standing in..after they have ben kicked out of Spain or any other E.C. country.

  • Adam Adam
    Adam Adam 2 months ago +2

    Good, fuck off eastern European filth

  • Carole Taylor
    Carole Taylor 2 months ago +1

    I Love Polish people - The ones I have come across are hardworking and respectable - as are most English people. Unfortunately we do have some evil people here - The world is the same everywhere. If Democracy is observed here and we leave the EU with no deal, I for one will welcome hardworking respectable people - especially Polish people!!! I will agree British people on the whole are very lazy when it comes to learning another language.

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins Month ago

      Why the fuck should Brits adapt to CE / EE migrants and speak their languages? I'd rather speak English be friends with Brits and refuse to associate with ANYBODY ELSE, whenever I have BBQ a fireworks party a Nye celebration Christmas dinner a party etc I leave EE / CE migrants out and only invite British friends and British neighbours NOBODY ELSE.

  • Laurence Fegan
    Laurence Fegan 2 months ago

    Wonderfully unbiased reporting from the BBC (British Brainwashing Corporation) which portrays the Eastern European as the 'victim'! Yes, one may be law abiding and pleasant, but what does it really mean? Did we have self-picking fruit before we were swamped with Europeans? Did we have self-cleaning toilets (yeah, done that)? Did an unskilled British person have compete with Eastern Europeans to get a minimum wage job? Btw, I don't blame anyone for going to a country that pays £35 -40 per hour in relative terms? Don't worry though, because Brexit is NEVER going to happen! One's vote counts for NOTHING! I can't do anything about the woefully low turnout of voters in the next referendum/election though!

    • Laurence Fegan
      Laurence Fegan Month ago

      Old biddy? Nah, years and years off retirement, actually! Don't care for the 'Little England' mentality, either, just pissed off with having to contend with hoards of Europeans to get a minimum wage job!

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins Month ago

      how do you brexit isn't gonna happen you old biddy

  • Michael Phillips
    Michael Phillips 2 months ago

    I’m gonna miss the Polish Builders and handy men if they leave, they are quite good and not very expensive to hire.

  • Thiago Calab
    Thiago Calab 2 months ago +4

    Italians, Spanish are leaving . Working is hospitality and Labour is not profitable as it was in the beginning of the 00’s. Racism is happening to all non Brit not only Polish. Poland is Bette then 19’years algo, more open with a growing economy . You just think twice and your home is always your home.

  • Fred Nav
    Fred Nav 2 months ago

    Complaining about Polish and other EU nationals but non EU immigration is far bigger and never mentioned... A bit paradoxical.
    As the lady says, EU nationals are willing to integrate...

  • S G
    S G 2 months ago +2

    It’s not your country.

    • S G
      S G 2 months ago +2

      Poles are criminals and hate on people from other ethnicities.

  • kiril marinov
    kiril marinov 2 months ago

  • Jamie Wright
    Jamie Wright 2 months ago

    The Brits are a hateful bunch

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 2 months ago

      And you're a do gooder for eu citizens rights in the UK

  • damiano lee
    damiano lee 2 months ago

    Joanna is hotter than her daughter Monika. Her English proficiency is great, by any means, let alone by coming over to UK at the age of 52.

  • rinusize
    rinusize 2 months ago +2

    Too all Polish people wanting to leave GB. You're more than Welcome in the Netherlands.

    • Kenny Kenny BurritoTM
      Kenny Kenny BurritoTM 2 months ago

      _But i do agree that they're hardworkers but I hate their vodka obsession and rude manners in British subways_

    • Kenny Kenny BurritoTM
      Kenny Kenny BurritoTM 2 months ago

      _Slavic Netherlands_

    • rinusize
      rinusize 2 months ago +1

      Kenny Kenny BurritoTM , no i don't, but where i live there are a lot of Polish people working in agriculture and are highly apreciated

    • Kenny Kenny BurritoTM
      Kenny Kenny BurritoTM 2 months ago

      _Oh no. You know what happened when there where Croat immigrants in Brussels_

  • Mehmet Yilmaz
    Mehmet Yilmaz 2 months ago

    We are better together. I’m proud to be from London and have worked with and known many Europeans and people from International countries. People outside of London use EU products everyday and rely on those products. For me, the Leave vote wasn’t factual. If there is Brexit and I hope there isn’t then I hope EU make tough for Leave voters who go on cheap holidays, cars and food. It’s sad and I hope it’s fully cancelled and we remain.

  • Mehmet Yilmaz
    Mehmet Yilmaz 2 months ago

    I’d like everyone to know that I hope BREXIT is cancelled.

  • Mike z
    Mike z 2 months ago +1

    It's funny when you hear them talking about hate crimes - as if say Polish cities are any different. There was a case in Warsaw a while back when a middle-aged guy was beaten, in the broad daylight, just because he was talking German over the phone. The arguments the polish fascists say about Ukrainian immigrants sound awfully similar to those used by British fascists.
    It's not because of Brexit. That's right-wing propaganda - which has a lot of supporters all over Europe, including both the UK and Poland.

  • Gia Hernandez
    Gia Hernandez 2 months ago

    How are you doing to fight your Russian Enemy with this kind of division?

    • Nikola95inYT
      Nikola95inYT Month ago

      +Gia Hernandez doesn't matter as long as you have nukes.

    • Gia Hernandez
      Gia Hernandez 2 months ago

      How do you fight your enemy with this kind of division?

  • unknown 1
    unknown 1 2 months ago

    Some English people don't have respect their old skool. I'm English myself my partner from Albania and my child is English and Albanian I would never have someone talk like that to my child. Everyone should be treated eqauly we are all human. My partner moved over here cause was war in his country came when was little. I'm sure English people would don't same. Everyone has their reasons. But should be treated same

  • Judy Max
    Judy Max 2 months ago +1

    Who do you think did the jobs before you came 🤔, we don’t learn another language because everyone learns English, universal language, go learn 10-20 different languages and stop abusing mine

  • Matthew Clearwater
    Matthew Clearwater 2 months ago +7

    Brits have no right to complain about foreigners while they're building ghettos in Spain- filled with pensioners who refuse to learn Spanish and leach off the sun and medical-care.
    I say this as an English person who emigrated to Norway, I've yet to meet another British person who made an honest effort to learn Norwegian- this is a story that is repeated all over the world: no matter the language; no matter the country.

    • Matthew Clearwater
      Matthew Clearwater 2 months ago

      +anthony perkins My god, you really do redefine "eloquence", don't you? Surely I have no choice other than to surrender to your witty repartee and superior debating skills.

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 2 months ago

      Fuck off

  • Kaiser Sherwani
    Kaiser Sherwani 2 months ago

    its truth .. read it ....

  • Mark Tolley
    Mark Tolley 2 months ago

    We owe the polish people a dept for help in the war to free europe they should stay in england if they want. They do all the jobs the english wont do.

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 2 months ago

      piss off eu migrant defender, we owe ce and ee migrants jack all

  • Horseracing uk group H.R.U.K

    More poles I say. they are our future if we want to remain a white magority Indiginous people.

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 2 months ago

      Oh no it fuckin wont, your people in the uk will get attacked and picked on before that happens, this country owes your people and country bugger all so fuck off Polishscum and Poolish cancer

    • Kenny Kenny BurritoTM
      Kenny Kenny BurritoTM 2 months ago

      +anthony perkins
      _Well. One day. UK will be under Poland's control and would be a territory of Poland_

    • Kenny Kenny BurritoTM
      Kenny Kenny BurritoTM 2 months ago

      +Horseracing uk group H.R.U.K
      _Britain. Province of Poland_

    • Horseracing uk group H.R.U.K
      Horseracing uk group H.R.U.K 2 months ago

      +Kenny Kenny BurritoTM its all put into the English culture after a generation, the kids adopt English ways. Most of the people where I live on the east coast were King George 1 men. the German king got all of his support from my region Northumberland. his best friend was the Duke of Northumberland. King george 1 built an Army from Northumbrians.

    • Kenny Kenny BurritoTM
      Kenny Kenny BurritoTM 2 months ago

      +Horseracing uk group H.R.U.K
      _The diffrence is that UK will get slavicised and Germanic culture will be destroyed and globalism is just a fancy word for trading_

  • 9 28
    9 28 2 months ago

    eastern European people in England are the same Mexican in America.

  • Martin
    Martin 2 months ago +64

    Im from Czech Republic and my english teacher which is from Manchester lives here for about 10 years and he doesnt know a single czech word not even how you doing or how are you. All im saying is british people think of themselves to be superior to others and if they come to your country they expect you to speak english without bothering learning a simple hello in the according language of the country their live in.

    • David Hargreaves
      David Hargreaves 6 minutes ago

      we are superior in every way...the world knows that.........

    • Sean Past Trip
      Sean Past Trip 2 days ago

      Martin The English language is the choice International spoken language on the planet. So why should we learn other languages like yours?. Oh, why did you want to learn English?. And we are more superior to you.

    • sirderam1
      sirderam1 4 days ago

      +Alan Dillon

    • Shane Walter
      Shane Walter 8 days ago

      Brexit propaganda gives the dumb sheep something to discuss 💤🐑💤

    • Aspartame69
      Aspartame69 15 days ago +1

      +renia tekila Thanks for typing in english. Everyones first or second language.

  • ColinW
    ColinW 2 months ago +1

    I only have one question. Why would she not improve her life, work hard and be normal members of society in Poland?

    • claryxjace
      claryxjace 2 months ago

      ColinW And to answer your question - because we, as human beings, have the freedom to choose what we do with our lives. I don’t give two shits whether half of the population likes it or not because it’s like and imbecile filter - tells me who’s worthy speaking to and who’s not. And I bet you I’ve read much more English classics than you have, if you wanna talk culture and tradition. I value these higher than a native does, so good luck with kicking me out and preserving them - I’ve seen enough Brits in Sunny Beach to know that’s hopeless.

    • claryxjace
      claryxjace 2 months ago

      ColinW Have you any idea how life is like in Eastern Europe? I dare you to go dare and try to survive with €200 per month. And what is so wrong with freedom of movement, really? I’ve had nothing but endless love and respect for your country, your history and culture, and I chose to study here because I wanted to contribute to THIS particular country with my skills, because Eastern Europe doesn’t value knowledge, believe it or not. I guess Western countries are no better than us, they only hide it well, but please don’t blame your ignorance on us. Are you aware that EU Law contains specific provisions that prohibit people from “stealing benefits”? To be able to move to a different country you first have to be self-sufficient and contribute to the economy. It’s UK domestic law that’s failing to implement these specific provisions, not the Freedom of Movement principle. It’s so easy to use us as scapegoats, because it wouldn’t constitute racism, that’s all. But since when do we consider xenophobia to be acceptable? Ignorance at its finest, that’s what it is. It saddens me to see how easy it is to manipulate the once great nation of the UK.

  • dan36 paun
    dan36 paun 2 months ago

    most Poles are laborers and good people ... they pay taxes ... and they see their job ... they read most of the messages instigate hate racism ... and fusting ...iam from roumania

  • Moravcik 25
    Moravcik 25 2 months ago +1

    Poland & Polish citizens are very accepting & very welcoming of migrants, just not unregulated hordes of islamic invaders bringing nothing but division, instability, intolerance & a stone age, barbaric, reprehensible ideology & rightly so. If your not prepared to go through the proper legal application process, commit to migration contract, respect the historic culture & rule of law of the host country the your not welcome. Stay in your 3rd world hell hole instead of being a social, criminal & economic burden to others. Look at Sweden - on the brink of social, economic & criminal collapse. Look at Poland - prosperous, developing country of Christian values & a population of people with Pride in Nation. I for one wish we in the UK would follow the path of Poland, Hungary, Austria, etc in Nationalist Population & cease invasion & welfare/healthcare benefit seekers before w respect from Scotland.e become Sweden. I'm so proud of you my wonderful Polish brothers & sisters. Ps - and just for the record Poland has absolutely no social problem with muslim grooming gangs whose purpose is the rape & abuse of young girls like in the UK. Not in Poland! Ever, Ever, Ever!
    niech Bog blogoslawi Polske - Long may the White Eagle fly high. Massive respect from Scotland.