The Poles leaving the UK after Brexit - BBC News

  • Published on Nov 1, 2016
  • A rise in hate crime against the UK's Polish community is making some of them think about leaving the country as a result
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  • Stephen Hulme
    Stephen Hulme Day ago

    4 years on. This just shows B.B.C. project fear .

  • David Casling
    David Casling 6 days ago +1

    Poland has got better that's why they have gone back.

  • David Casling
    David Casling 6 days ago

    I've nothing against poles.its the Romanians I hate

  • Adam Chuter
    Adam Chuter 7 days ago +1

    Look polish people ,,, yes you've come over here to earn better money and enjoy a better life etc etc,,,,, but cmon,,,, I think it's time to consider supporting your own country now, and I know for a fact that a lot of you are starting to moan.... BIG TIME?!! Yes agreed, you work hard and integrate fairly wel with Britishl,,, but we have so many manual labour jobs for example , that SHOULD be going to our own lazy sods that SHOULD be earning and contributing to the system...
    If we Brits came to Poland and and took your jobs, you would be saying exactly the same thing, yes ??? Of course you would , so to conclude, we know what the answer is .. and we also know that we have more than enough English that can do jobs only the Polish think they can do better than us .. it transpires that we can't because you lot got your boots in the door first This is just how it is.. if you don't like it, and the whole Brexit situation ...stop moaning and GO HOME!! Simple ..

  • bobduvar
    bobduvar 7 days ago

    You have to speak in English.... WHEN BRITISH NATIONAL MOTTOS ARE ... IN FRENCH !!!

  • ain't gonna lie
    ain't gonna lie 9 days ago +1

    No matter who you are you everyone gets shit ..not everyone like that. Acting like a victim gets me haha. Respect for what?? That you do jobs english british wont.... bullshit agencys are dominated by majority europens. I knw alot of hardcore grafters english who dont have qualifications they want to work mate.

  • Mind Hacker
    Mind Hacker 9 days ago +1

    England is for Asian only. They speak better English than East europeans. Let's make Englandistan 🤣🤣🤣

  • Alison Hilll
    Alison Hilll 10 days ago +1

    The poles sound like Jews , it is all ways someone else never theirs , .

  • Alison Hilll
    Alison Hilll 10 days ago

    Fuck off , we weren't asked and you're not welcome , fuck off , we had work and housing , education problems before we got invaded , so if you think you can help , build you're own house , you're own hospitals and you're own jobs , which non of you did , there are to many we are full , what gets me about poles is their attitude towards migrants in their own country , is far worse than anything they got from the British , They are here for money nothing else , just go !!!!! .

  • Tammy Tay
    Tammy Tay 10 days ago +1

    So stupid how people just can’t get a lot and suck it up .

  • abcde fghij
    abcde fghij 11 days ago

    3:50 wtf is that face structure. they are probably racist towards you not because you are polish but because you look like frankensteins sister

  • William Landim
    William Landim 13 days ago +1

    The UK has the right to leave the EU. Period.

  • SandhoeFlyer
    SandhoeFlyer 15 days ago

    I. Just don’t believe this biased bollocks

  • Darek Matuszewski
    Darek Matuszewski 16 days ago

    Majority of Poles who went to Britain did it for the good feelings towards British people, respect for the UK a country for centuries an Allie of Poland, to work and give the best they can to this allways highly respected country. Poles are generalny peacefull but still they want to live the best they can. They surely can fight, defend, work...though if there is a necessity. If you hurt them or the UK they will surely fight back fiersely. They seek friends, integrate easily and are happy being needed and wanted. They also have one unique characteristic as a majority - if not wanted and disrespected they will surely leave. Never will any hosting Nation hear from Poles that "we are here, we will stay and you can't do anything about it". Yes you can. Just tell them over and over again that they are not welcomed here or that you don't want them, and sooner or later you will never see them again. To be happy in Britain we must be happy with eachother, if not, most Poles can't live being a burden of any sort to the autohtonic part of the British Society. If not wanted Poles will not stay, they will just pass through.

    • Darek Matuszewski
      Darek Matuszewski 14 days ago

      @anthony perkins The answer is located in my first mail. True that the number of Poles in the UK decreases every year for years now. Many Poles were in favor of UK being free from EU obligations. Many dream of a Polexit too. Good luck.

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 14 days ago

      @Darek Matuszewski Wrong, resentment dislike and hate boiled up underneath and exploded toward your people in the run up to and on the day of the brexit vote to leave the EU ie physical violence verbal abuse vandalism to polish shops threats to your people swearing etc and not just that, many eastern European businesses closed and took off back to Poland and other regions of central and eastern Europe because of the general feeling of disdain dislike and bad feeling those people felt, and it could well happen again end of this month as the UK leaves the EU, now what do you think of that?

    • Darek Matuszewski
      Darek Matuszewski 14 days ago

      @anthony perkins They were receiving invitations, job offers, information about opportunities, info. about open borders for them...and it was not polite to ignore them so they took some. Many British folks till today are happy with the work Poles had done for them and the help they had received.

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 14 days ago

      They were never wanted in the first place so why did they bother coming here?

  • HitProof
    HitProof 18 days ago +1

    They will never leave EU

  • Peter S
    Peter S 18 days ago +1

    Poles in UK clearly haven't understood all the pitfalls of living in a foreign country. There will always be small part of population that doesn't like you, be impolite and even hostile towards you. Its not just UK, the same problem exists in many European countries.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 19 days ago

    Typical example of a biased bbc programme and another reason, should one be needed, why I have never bought a tv licence. People of Polish origins have lived and worked here at least since 1945, have learned our language, accepted our culture and simply got on with it.

    • Godehard Brysch
      Godehard Brysch 16 days ago

      This is not the issue. You mention 1945, but now there is a change. Not BBC but
      SkyNews: They reported that just after the Referendum the hate crimes towards the Polish had increased enormously. The chairwoman of the Polish Society was in the Studio, she was quite matter-of-fact, stating: We have been persistently attacked but now it's getting worse. Surely, things might become normal, but this does not necessarily mean that the programme is biased. Immigration was a major aspect in the Referendum, but the analysis showed that all different People had been categorized as immigrants, even EU citizens who had the Right of free movement. Now this is going to be abolished, biased or not.

  • xAce99x
    xAce99x 21 day ago +6

    Stop whining and just leave, no one cares

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 14 days ago

      @xAce99x too right too many poles are here, and it's unneeded

    • xAce99x
      xAce99x 15 days ago +1

      @Gixucv Dont care it's just too many of you here

    • Gixucv
      Gixucv 16 days ago +1

      @xAce99x If you want to know, we Poles helped you in 1940 as RAF from 303 squadron and now people like you are repaying us.

    • Godehard Brysch
      Godehard Brysch 16 days ago

      It's just a Statement, how do you know that it is a whinning?

    • anthony perkins
      anthony perkins 18 days ago

      @vijnx poland fuck you dniafilth

  • Peter Lambernd
    Peter Lambernd 24 days ago +2

    Ok brits we in the EU need some people to harvest the crop in the fields you are invited after all the jobs are gone in the car industry for instance.

  • Silver Snow
    Silver Snow 24 days ago +3

    *Then leave, your not welcome here.*

    • Xavier
      Xavier 22 days ago

      Go obtain cognitive cleansing for your cognitive bias.

    • Silver Snow
      Silver Snow 22 days ago +3

      Poland is a gorgeous country! I think the UK just got lucky with Queen Victoria and building an empire.

    • Silver Snow
      Silver Snow 22 days ago +2

      Believe me a lot of us aren’t. Our Government is corrupt like many others round the world.

    • Li
      Li 23 days ago +1

      if I were you, I wouldn't be so happy. You still have a huge number of immigrants from the 3rd world 😏

  • Thomas Healy
    Thomas Healy 25 days ago +3

    Do not bite the hand that feeds you. Coming here was your choice of a better country than your EU State so be thankful.

  • Thomas Healy
    Thomas Healy 25 days ago +2

    Why do you come here? For selfish benefits only. If Poland is so great why did you leave? To better yourself, well then you are welcome but if you are here not to integrate then accept that it is you who is saying you do not want to be British. Do not hate the hand of kindness with your vile twisted selfishness. Goodbye and may God go with you. When Nazi EU turns on you as they did twice last century then you can call on us again for your freedom.

    • Xavier
      Xavier 21 day ago

      I dare you to take that on Quora. Everyone's gonna humiliate you.
      Have a rotten life.

  • Thomas Healy
    Thomas Healy 25 days ago +3

    You have no intention of integrating into Britain. You live here for ten years and retire back to Poland rich so stop trying to kid the British. You never wanted to be British but to stay Polish with British sterling. Get real!

    • Xavier
      Xavier 22 days ago

      Integrating? Are they some sort of mentally ill to be integrated? No sir,you get real. They pay damn taxes,they work low paid jobs because your goddamn employers don't even accept their qualifications even when they have degrees! And we can do with the money whatever the hell we want you foul prick.

  • Thomas Healy
    Thomas Healy 25 days ago +1

    No, you do not give you rape the British sterling and send it home where a common man can live like ahigh paid professional! Let's not kid each other.

  • Steve Black
    Steve Black 25 days ago

    This really grates me all this i for one have met many good people from various countries and the only down thing i can say is its often the inability to be able to mix with the locals we could all benefit from that , the job front is an issue not of any worker from any country as such though business management has got very poor , standards have dropped and companies can do what they like ,though we in uk often think we should be famous and wealthy as soon as leave school which needs sorting as does the ability to move up a ladder for company workers . Lots have no idea of how to manage and lots should not be in a job they are in , the work place needs an overhaul and we all need to communicate better with each other to move on and progress

  • Jack Bare
    Jack Bare 27 days ago

    If the EU is so great why do Poles and other Europeans go to Britain in millions to work and live there?

    • clouds
      clouds 19 days ago

      Jack Bare u get more money from jobs in uk

    • Happy Pancake
      Happy Pancake 25 days ago

      Jack Bare, Freedom of Movement only applies to EU citizens, people who are usually white and come from Poland, France, Germany, Spain ect. Muslims immigrants and refugees from North Africa and the Middle East are not EU citizens, the vast majority of muslim immigrants coming to Britain have nothing to do with the EU.
      The UK controls all of our immigration outside of Europe and we aren’t part of the EU’s Common Asylum Policy.

    • Jack Bare
      Jack Bare 25 days ago +1

      @Happy Pancake, That is exactly why the British want to get out of the EU, we don't want to be invaded by immigrants from the EU and the wave of Muslim immigrants which they have let in.

    • Happy Pancake
      Happy Pancake 25 days ago

      Jack Bare, because Britain is also in the EU, freedom of movement. When the eastern block of countries joined the EU in the 1990s the UK and other EU nations tried to attract unskilled labour from the EU.

  • Pete Berry
    Pete Berry 27 days ago

    Personaly I have always found the poles good people, 👍🇬🇧

    • Jack Bare
      Jack Bare 27 days ago

      Very true, they are not undesirables and trouble makers like the Muslim immigrants which have been imposed upon Britain by the EU open borders policy.

  • bin london
    bin london 27 days ago +2

    Polish people are hardworking, family orientated and of a Christian background, They are not a threat to society and I wish there was more of them in the uk.

  • Ameer Gabarin
    Ameer Gabarin 27 days ago +2

    if you know that you Unwanted, then why you staying?...........

    • vijnx poland
      vijnx poland 18 days ago

      You know that this is more conplicated. WHERE poles going to muslim germany, muslim france or to poor russia,belarus,ukraine. England have good money for us poles, we very much like to get big money for honest work

  • Squeaky Soliloquy
    Squeaky Soliloquy 27 days ago +1

    The Poles are so hard working that you can see all that wealth they create when you visit their rural areas... I mean seriously, people still using cart horses to ferry goods. Poland is a poor country. Britain is rich as a country because British people have worked hard for it over hundreds of years. Put your own country in order before you go slagging off another. This country isn't great because a few hundred poles break a sweat packing boxes in a chicken factory, it's great because of our hard working indigenous people over hundreds of years. You only look at a handful of unemployed brits and then assume we're all like that. The proof is in the pudding, Britain has always been great, that's why everyone wants to come here. Do you see people flooding to Poland?
    I'll give them this though, the Poles made great pilots in WW2, the Battle of Britain.

  • Peter Pal Varga
    Peter Pal Varga 28 days ago

    Yes Poland after brexit you no future! Thank you god!

  • Peter Pal Varga
    Peter Pal Varga 28 days ago


    • Gixucv
      Gixucv 16 days ago

      For your information, Jews emigrated to Poland before World War II before the persecution of Germany

  • Peter Pal Varga
    Peter Pal Varga 28 days ago +2

    Poland please go home! You Poland you no welcome! When brexit finally happen please don't come back! You sneak people! Go go go!

    • clouds
      clouds 19 days ago

      Peter Pal Varga I can so try again pussy

  • our rights first
    our rights first 29 days ago +4

    The poles definitely aren’t the problem!

  • mowog green
    mowog green Month ago +3

    You should see them in gangs robbing Asda stores on a night time , drugged up and pissed, , !!!!!

  • Alexandru Dascaleanu

    Get the muslims in,refugees ,they will not steal your jobs,they will live on benefits and let u work all day long.Allah Ahkbar.....sry Allah bum(see Manchester,London bridge..etc) ..:)) a great future for GB,or LB(little britain) if Scotland and Ireland leave.Brexit,make Britain muslim,..sry great again

    • Jack Bare
      Jack Bare 27 days ago

      The biggest problem in Britain is the Muslim population, not Europeans.

  • Forename Surname
    Forename Surname Month ago +1

    0:56 woah cmon mate its not that bad... phew.

  • Karma Sherpa
    Karma Sherpa Month ago

    I think it’s same here in Poland too. Me being a foreigner here in Poland you have to speak Polish to day to day life. They don’t bother to speak in English.

    • Ultra Violet
      Ultra Violet 29 days ago

      polish people are not a ukrainian

    • Greg P
      Greg P Month ago

      @Karma Sherpa ok, but I will not believe that all people you have met were racist or intolerant.

    • Karma Sherpa
      Karma Sherpa Month ago

      Greg P I can understand some people don’t understand and younger generation tend to know English but I have been in that situation where they can speak English but they don’t bother to so I’m just telling my experience here in Poland

    • Karma Sherpa
      Karma Sherpa Month ago

      Greg P I am living here in Poland since 5 years and facing that problem. Racism in work,public places and we don’t do that so what does that mean? They respect you but still they want to be racist?

    • Greg P
      Greg P Month ago

      @Karma Sherpa Some people might not know english, but even when people doesn't talk to you in english it doesn't mean they don' t respect you.

  • Michał Bilski
    Michał Bilski Month ago

    heh. ive been there for 12 years and now im back in poland and doing great. now read the coments theyre a bunch of racist. no reason to stay there anymore. as for you my ex english fake friends, they say arabic is a hard language to learn so you better get started.

    • Jack Bare
      Jack Bare 27 days ago

      Why don't Poles go to work in neighboring Germany instead of UK if the EU is so good?

    • Jack Bare
      Jack Bare 27 days ago

      Meanwhile Poland is being infested with Arab immigrants, same as the rest of Europe. Blame it on Globalism which Europeans have embraced.

  • Brian Tung
    Brian Tung Month ago

    0:16 I heard the singer say fuck fuck fuck

  • Dave C
    Dave C Month ago +1

    Britain is FULL. Go back and make Poland prosperous

  • Julia Gale
    Julia Gale Month ago +1

    No, you Polish and Romains etc. did TAKE. You come to get bigger money to send back to your country . You TOOK away jobs I applied for. Five jobs i lost to immigrants then I lost my farm because I could not pay the mortgage. And that is what you are. You are not British. It is not your country. SO HOW DEAR YOU SAY YOU DO JOBS WE DO NOT WANT!!! 🤬😤😡🤬 “ you go there to uk improve your life” you said it, whilst you take my jobs away from me. You do not interstate. You just take. Uk is a tiny island and your country is large. Poland is supposed to be a fabulous large country whilst the uk is small and ruined by too much immigration... PLEASE, GO, LEAVE, FOR I DO NOT WANT YOU TAKING MY JOBS THAT I AM WILLING TO DO YOU INSULTING IGNORANT SNOBS. GO ON BUGER OFF AND STAY AWAY. GOOD RIDONS !

    • Greg P
      Greg P Month ago

      No we don't take, employers give us jobs. We don't point gun at the employer. You lost jobs because of immigrants, why? Maybe they were better than you, even if they worked for less money then you should be able to do the same and you wouldn't lose your farm. If I feel good in this country, if I came here legally and work legally then why should I listen to you and go back? Just because you are moaning?

  • przemyslaczek
    przemyslaczek Month ago

    pisowska propaganda! wracajcie do pl a daje sobie glowe uciac ze ponownie wyjedziecie!


    Good for muslims .. England without real mens .. muslims loves effeminates European..
    I saw some muslims ruling the neighborhood..
    Shame on British people

    • Li
      Li Month ago

      @Aye Carumba But Brexit will happen soon, so where is the problem?

    • Aye Carumba
      Aye Carumba Month ago

      The Brits have the right to keep themselves sovereign

  • Selva VRV
    Selva VRV Month ago

    BBC is full of BS network.
    The opposite is happening .

    • Julia Gale
      Julia Gale Month ago

      Selva VRV BBC leftist bias. Stop watching it and stop paying the license fee !,!

  • Spanish Montana
    Spanish Montana Month ago +5

    When you go to job agencies the polish people give the good jobs to their people and send you to the shittest jobs ...They need to go ASAP

    • Michael G
      Michael G 21 day ago +2

      Ha ha, if you think that's bad, try going into a recruitment agency ran by Lithuanian\Latvian\Russian women. You can hear a pin drop when they realise that you're English, and they speak to you like you're diseased.

    • Spanish Montana
      Spanish Montana Month ago

      @Dave Rose have you experienced the same ?

    • Dave Rose
      Dave Rose Month ago

      You speak the truth

  • terry phidaheights
    terry phidaheights Month ago

    english is the most common language DEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR

    • terry phidaheights
      terry phidaheights Month ago

      @Kapitan Maszyna its the most popular language we are not forcing anybody to learn i have worked with eastern europeans and i take my time talking to them and learn to understand how daunting it is coming to a new country not knowing the language......smudla

    • Kapitan Maszyna
      Kapitan Maszyna Month ago

      And what? Nobody has the right to force you to speak a different language! Its call freedom!

  • Oh! Thank G-d for the bourgeoisie!

    We like Poles in the US! Come here!

  • Ger C
    Ger C Month ago

    Fuck these brits.....come to Scotland!

  • Lawrence Fox
    Lawrence Fox Month ago

    Poles are leaving but British people still do not want to work.... you have been screaming that Polish people taking your jobs, now the jobs are free, feel free to go to work, this is what you wished for and the wish came through.... but nah, they are still crying that government gives them less money through Universal Credit.... there are plenty of job places now, feel free to go and work :)

  • BorgyBoy
    BorgyBoy Month ago

    I feel like this video is bias it only looks at one perspective. There are polish people that I know who would completely disagree with this. Infact I have a lot of friends who are immigrants who are also pro-Brexit and I know these are anecdotal but the BBC where also using anecdotes so I can do it to.
    The general point I’m making is you only three example of immigrants who obviously are pro-remain not showing any example of immigrants who might be pro-leave when they do exist and in plentiful numbers

  • John Nicolson
    John Nicolson Month ago

    The Scottish want to leave the UK as well. It's just a matter of time for Scotland to be Independent and possibly Irish reunification.

    • John Nicolson
      John Nicolson Month ago

      ​@tekpic04 .You have typed all those great words just the order you put them in makes no sense.

    • tekpic04
      tekpic04 Month ago

      So you say, the Scottish wants to leave the UK, and become independent and the Irish reunification, how could that be, when in fact they would be governed by EU. It do not make sense at all. Either they fully independent by not being a member of the club such as the EU or the UN.
      Earlier in the 2019, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin said in and interview, that there is no independent countries on this planet, only interdependent nations, which he is correct.

  • Angelika Bartoš
    Angelika Bartoš Month ago +3

    My beautiful Slavs ❤️❤️❤️

  • Connor Dayman
    Connor Dayman Month ago

    How many pollacks does it take to cause a referendum?

  • Jinsong Yang
    Jinsong Yang Month ago

    my english is not well. so I can only say polish. you may not understand if I say other languages. I can say German and Russian.

  • Thechukkers
    Thechukkers Month ago +2

    what you gonna do now that all the beautiful women leave england?

  • John Baker
    John Baker Month ago +1

    British people are sick of the Poles.
    They should all go back to Poland and stay there!

  • Leeann Mansfield
    Leeann Mansfield Month ago

    Im english but my great grandparents are both polish....i dont thinknyou need tonspeak english all the time.but to SPEAK the language of the county you live in is nescessary

  • Ter Sanctus
    Ter Sanctus Month ago +20

    The British treat the Polish people like crap, they don't deserve them. Let them get what they deserve with Islam.

    • Forename Surname
      Forename Surname Month ago

      What you mean make them wear dresses and beat up their wives. Brilliant

    • Lin Bouncer
      Lin Bouncer Month ago +4

      Good glad to hear that they been treated like what they are. CRAP

  • Jack Wilson
    Jack Wilson 2 months ago

    she needs to get that gap in teeth fixed