10 Secret Fast Food Menu Items You Didn't Know You Can Order!

  • Published on Dec 21, 2017
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Comments • 2 333

  • Daym Drops
    Daym Drops Year ago +1525

    *What if I told you, I ran through THEM ALL and even created a few MORE!?!?!? ;-)*

    • Nicknormous Reports
      Nicknormous Reports 4 months ago

      @Heavenly Hustle it is

    • Samuel Wolski
      Samuel Wolski 7 months ago

      Whoa, even the Suicide Burger?

    • Justin Verucci
      Justin Verucci 7 months ago

      Then you god

    • Annick N
      Annick N 8 months ago

      @Amethyst "unnatural act with a chicken" I'm struggling to get out bed and to the bathroom cuz I'm laughing waaaay too hard at this. 😂

    • Ryan Davies
      Ryan Davies 8 months ago

      Daym Drops with all do respect how are you still alive my friend

  • joaquim Rodriguez

    If you want to eat healthy. Why would you go to a fast food joint? Duh!

  • NotsomagicalTerri 22

    My stomach went Oof

  • Erin Melton
    Erin Melton 12 days ago

    Y’all I do not know this existed that’s a lot of food to eat and a lot of things to try 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ProudUnitedStatesMarine !!!!

    Subway has a secret sandwich too , it's called The Beast and come with every cold cut meat available on the menu

  • Hailey Foster
    Hailey Foster 17 days ago +1

    I work at McDonald’s it’s add like a Mac lol or sub like a Mac it’s really common actually

  • Wacky Mel0n
    Wacky Mel0n 17 days ago

    My dad always gets he double dirty chai latte

  • Abduboriy Komilov
    Abduboriy Komilov 18 days ago

    Is there red hulk

  • Republic of Drake'y Land News Team

    The suicide burger is every burger at fast food restaurants

  • Alexus Dreemurr Leonis

    *PETA wants to know your location*

  • Brad Cade
    Brad Cade 20 days ago +2

    Just order a 2 oz cup of Mac sauce on the side and it's good with fries

  • zahria
    zahria 20 days ago

    How can anyone actually EAT that disgusting puke?

  • Lynn Dull
    Lynn Dull 21 day ago

    Hey bro love your stuff

  • Luisa Gomez
    Luisa Gomez 21 day ago +2

    Weirdly I'm craving a salad

  • Ron Welch
    Ron Welch 22 days ago

    Oh JESUST!! Not this flake again!

  • Hayden Harpe
    Hayden Harpe 25 days ago

    Plz visit my channel plz

  • Kitty craft
    Kitty craft 27 days ago

    Wait, could a girl on her . eat all on Harold and Kumar order?
    Also,I'm a girl👩

  • ThexEpicxMechanic
    ThexEpicxMechanic Month ago

    Meat mountain is amazing! and NO LETTUCE XD

  • pct075
    pct075 Month ago

    Just listening to your food intro makes me fill full.

  • KaleKaZaM
    KaleKaZaM Month ago

    I'm disappointed there was nothing for Subway... 😞

    • KaleKaZaM
      KaleKaZaM 25 days ago

      @Hayden Harpe Haha you're right I didn't think of that XD

    • Hayden Harpe
      Hayden Harpe 25 days ago

      KaleKaZaM because he can with reason create a custom sandwich

  • AudriAnna O'Connor
    AudriAnna O'Connor Month ago

    Starbucks totally butchered my name the one time I went there.
    I'm not a fan lol.

  • Amano Yuuji
    Amano Yuuji Month ago

    For #1 is it limited to some countries or all the world? Because over my place i have wendy's but somehow i felt there's non

  • HeyIts Hannah
    HeyIts Hannah Month ago

    His peppiness and popped our eyes make me cry

  • Zafire Shadows
    Zafire Shadows Month ago

    I work at a small campus bistro and I've had people come in and ask for a double dirty. I just blink at them like "Uh... What?" Please, if you go to a small cafe, just tell us what you want. We don't know all the terminology out there. If you want a dirty chai latte, just ask for an extra shot. If you want a hot drink on ice, just tell us, don't give it some weird name. It'll make our day so much easier and you'll be more likely to get it the way you like it.

  • GameNReader
    GameNReader Month ago

    I love how Matt roasts every single item very cleverly like "grease grenade" 😂

  • Lola_Styles_NYC
    Lola_Styles_NYC Month ago +3

    I miss these Matthew videos. The creepy ones are good but I need some happy energy to balance😳💜

  • Zach Kearns
    Zach Kearns Month ago

    Meat mountain has actually hurt my jaw so bad i couldnt eat any thing for 2 days

  • Dave Grimm
    Dave Grimm Month ago

    Is it troublesome that the meat mountain sounds absolutely delicious to me?

  • Arizona person
    Arizona person Month ago +1

    Im...suddenly hungry

  • TJ The Entertainer
    TJ The Entertainer Month ago

    A secret menu item I like to get is animal fries at In’N’Out Burger

  • 2Lyrical
    2Lyrical Month ago

    its hard to call something secret when its not secret anymore

  • beast 124153
    beast 124153 Month ago

    Someone needs to start serving Big Smoke’s order

  • Alex Oropeza
    Alex Oropeza Month ago

    Yeah the Arby’s is so hard to eat but it is good

  • Joshua Pate
    Joshua Pate Month ago

    If I ever have to be on steroids again, I’m getting the meat mountain.

  • Zeannaroux Miyunae
    Zeannaroux Miyunae Month ago

    So we are just going to forget the McDonalds gangbang right? I hated going with my friend and watching him order that at every mickie Ds we went to

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly Month ago

    Wanted to add that if you go to an In and Out Burger location you can also order chili cheese fries which is not on the menu.

  • Coolcatz Everything Time

    I called Ronald McDonald but he was sleeping

  • Bailey Kathleen
    Bailey Kathleen Month ago +3

    A iced double dirty chai latte with a extra shot of chai is my standard Starbucks order not sure what that says about me....
    For anyone wondering there is a item at Wendy’s called the “t-Rex” it’s a standard or baconator burgar with 10 patties. And yes staff will make it I have made several

  • Grim Reputation
    Grim Reputation Month ago

    you forgot the McFat-Ass

  • Natalie the cute koala

    Snorlax is now your subscriber

  • Fahmi Sanuse
    Fahmi Sanuse Month ago

    6:52 can't stop laughing😂😂🤣

  • Dena Turner
    Dena Turner Month ago

    Great, it's 130 am and now I want burritos.... I live in the sticks... there are no fast food places near here.... dammit....

  • Grace Balzer
    Grace Balzer Month ago

    I was waiting for the pizza sub at subway. Maybe next time.

  • erika benitez
    erika benitez Month ago


  • Phoenix Cook
    Phoenix Cook Month ago +2

    The quesarito now exists at Taco Bell, too! It’s delicious!

  • Undead Slayer
    Undead Slayer Month ago

    damn im hungry now lol

  • The Mutton Chop Gamer
    The Mutton Chop Gamer Month ago +1

    I've had the Meat Mountain and the Grand Slam. I will say that they had wonderful post-meal naps afterward.

    • The Mutton Chop Gamer
      The Mutton Chop Gamer Month ago

      @Chloe Lennon McCartney_galaxy it's not hard. If you're American and you get tired on Thanksgiving, it's not tryptophan. Turkey has some, yes, but not enough for a real effect. You get tired from a full belly, and it's wonderful

    • Chloe Lennon McCartney_galaxy
      Chloe Lennon McCartney_galaxy Month ago

      The Mutton Chop Gamer :OOOOOO I WANT POST MEAL NAPS!!!!! :C

  • Bluesimine
    Bluesimine Month ago +1

    Welp, putting the Grand Slam on my list of things to order at my favorite restaurant

  • Jane Marsee
    Jane Marsee Month ago +2

    Our Arby's can't even make me a corned beef without the cabbage or sauce but add a slice of tomato. Not difficult is it? They always either put on the sauce, leave out the tomato or cheese.

  • ashleydawn makeup
    ashleydawn makeup Month ago +1

    We do the poor mans big mac quite often lol

  • Pat McRotch
    Pat McRotch Month ago

    Ever heard of a McGangbang from McDonald's??
    It's basically a McDoubble with a chicken patty stuck between the beef pattys. Employee reaction when ordering this is priceless.

  • DevilsGiants1292
    DevilsGiants1292 Month ago

    After you finish eating Harold & Kumar’s order you can play Battleshits in the White Castle bathroom with your friend lmaoo

  • Renee's BeaUty
    Renee's BeaUty Month ago

    Wendy's also has a T-rex burger that is 9 patties

  • Ajay Lewis
    Ajay Lewis Month ago

    Uhm you can order a dirty chai from anywhere.... in fact you should order it from anywhere else

  • Ruben Lopez
    Ruben Lopez 2 months ago

    You forgot the monster mac

  • Viktor Tomanov
    Viktor Tomanov 2 months ago

    Dear Wendys I like my burgers icosahedra

  • Allen Adams
    Allen Adams 2 months ago

    You forgot 1 the mcgangbang it's a mcdouble and a mcchicken with mac sauce

  • Neizion 2
    Neizion 2 2 months ago

    Land Sea and Air Burger sounds like a heaven come true

  • Mysti Smith
    Mysti Smith 2 months ago +2

    *We don't even have half of those restaurants here in Australia, let alone secret menu items!*

    • zahria
      zahria 20 days ago

      Mysti Smith Thank God on your bare knees!

  • Jane Marsee
    Jane Marsee 2 months ago

    Most people who work at fast food restaurants and can never get right a sandwich that the orderer asks for.