Top 10 DUNKS of NBA Slam Dunk Winners(2000-2018)

  • Опубликовано: 18 фев 2018
  • Top 10 DUNKS of NBA Slam Dunk Winners for this Century (2000-2018)
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  • UncannyCrowd
    UncannyCrowd 9 часов назад

    8:13 meteor jam

  • Erik von Gohren
    Erik von Gohren День назад

    Griffin you are killing me. That car dunk was so cool to see

  • Greasy Fart
    Greasy Fart День назад

    JJ Watt jumping onto some boxes is more impressive then Blake Griffin dunking over the hood...

  • You feel me
    You feel me 2 дня назад

    Aaron Gordon was not even in here and atleast five of his dunks should be in here. This was not top 10 dunks in contest

  • M.S. Dosel HZuala.
    M.S. Dosel HZuala. 2 дня назад +1

    2016 All Gordon n La vine dunks should be here

  • Janwar kocet
    Janwar kocet 3 дня назад

    Beee thebest

  • Snule S
    Snule S 4 дня назад

    Donovan Mitchell?

  • 슈퍼맨
    슈퍼맨 4 дня назад


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    NBA FAN 4 дня назад


  • Mengstab G.michael
    Mengstab G.michael 5 дней назад +1

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  • Breno Trindade
    Breno Trindade 6 дней назад

    O cara ainda finge que faz força pra pular ksksksksksks

  • CINEMA 2468
    CINEMA 2468 6 дней назад

    Really they put carter 3 really

  • T Tsaab
    T Tsaab 6 дней назад

    Vince Carter’s is the best

  • T Tsaab
    T Tsaab 6 дней назад

    These are alright Jordan’s still beats all these

  • Big Junz
    Big Junz 7 дней назад

    Zack Levine vs Aaron Gordon both deserved a trophy.

  • Cyph _
    Cyph _ 9 дней назад

    Shaq probably still got that footage! 😂😂

  • Junaid Desai
    Junaid Desai 9 дней назад +2

    Aaron Gordon should be a dunk champion. Has, by my estimation, the best dunk contest dunk ever (over the mascot in an air seated position)

  • BlitzChrome YT
    BlitzChrome YT 10 дней назад

    He realized he wasn’t gonna make it so he threw it

  • BlitzChrome YT
    BlitzChrome YT 10 дней назад

    Jordan Kilganon needs to shut everyone up

  • jy7072
    jy7072 11 дней назад

    Where is Gordon?

  • Rayjie Valdez
    Rayjie Valdez 11 дней назад

    Aaron gordon deserve the crown not lavine🙄

  • Kobe Rowland
    Kobe Rowland 12 дней назад +3

    Dwight Howard superman dunk overrated can't throw it in smh

    • buttacash
      buttacash 9 дней назад +1

      Kobe Rowland yeah that dunk was trash 🗑

  • matt284fun
    matt284fun 12 дней назад

    And Jordan kilganon is better than all of them.

  • Mega Yavi
    Mega Yavi 13 дней назад

    Dwight's superman dunk isn't even a dunk.

  • Marcus Lewis
    Marcus Lewis 14 дней назад +1

    Zach LaVine had other dope dunks too.

  • Ali Karabiyik
    Ali Karabiyik 14 дней назад

    Gordon!! 😳

  • Jason Feng
    Jason Feng 14 дней назад

    Song is syn Cole feel good in beginning

  • gibson3lespaul
    gibson3lespaul 15 дней назад

    It's like this.. When I see Howard, Levine, Gordon today it's like: Cool, that's a nice dunk... But back when this half-man half-amazing beast came to NBA, every dunk was like: Whoaaaa man!! What the fu#$!!!!!!!! And that's all you need to know about it...

  • Yunanto Abdul
    Yunanto Abdul 15 дней назад

    And vince still active player now..

  • Snoop_95
    Snoop_95 15 дней назад leave out Gordon's over the mascot dunk, are you freaking kidding me???

  • Felix Wong
    Felix Wong 15 дней назад

    Carter made an incredible dunk and made the one who destroyed the whole basketball stand felt surprised

  • Tony Wu
    Tony Wu 15 дней назад

    top 3 slam dunk play are al belones to carter

  • Bedirhan Özdemir
    Bedirhan Özdemir 16 дней назад

    This list was shit dwight howard an griffins dunks was shit

  • So_called_Cesar
    So_called_Cesar 16 дней назад

    Shaq said “can you put this in top 10 dunks” he said no so why is number 10 here....

  • WutDaFreakNutz
    WutDaFreakNutz 16 дней назад +3

    Gordon vs Lavine dunk contest was the best of all time. Creative + high level execution.

  • jegr koya
    jegr koya 16 дней назад

    This video is long as much as a porn video

  • Joseph Afroman
    Joseph Afroman 16 дней назад

    Dunk contest is probably the dumbest thing ever, most dunk are the same
    The Blake Griffen dunk was straight trash

  • Glenn Moore
    Glenn Moore 16 дней назад

    Vince Carter at 3 is ridiculous that’s the best dunk of all time. Don’t @ me

  • Locke Li
    Locke Li 17 дней назад

    Carter is dunk king. Power. Elevation.Creativity. Shock factor. Carter is dunk king.

  • Shen #L#
    Shen #L# 17 дней назад


  • Benjamin Gaming
    Benjamin Gaming 17 дней назад

    I think Gerald Green came up with the dab at that point

  • gab619_sd
    gab619_sd 17 дней назад

    Worst top 10 I’ve ever seen

  • martin pritchett
    martin pritchett 17 дней назад

    Dwights dunk so reminds me of when MJ stretched his arm on space jam hahaha.
    For me it's got to be vinsanity I remember watching it live over here in the UK and I woke the entire house up from shouting omfg what the hell did I just see, laughing in disbelief and crying with joy of how awesome he was haha.

  • Cecil Ward
    Cecil Ward 17 дней назад

    There were two number tens

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha 17 дней назад

    I hate this background music so hard!

  • 88GURP
    88GURP 18 дней назад

    Vince is the Shyt!!!!

  • Raul Tanglao
    Raul Tanglao 18 дней назад

    2016 dunk challenge was epic.

  • Raul Tanglao
    Raul Tanglao 18 дней назад

    Well vince dunk is over is crazy but the famous dunk ever was in michael jordan free trow lane dunk no one can beat him.

  • Tolu Adebiyi
    Tolu Adebiyi 18 дней назад

    Aaron Gordon’s dunk under both legs? Y’all trippin

  • Lil Kuhrizma
    Lil Kuhrizma 19 дней назад

    Number 5 wassent a dunk

  • Joshua Ransom
    Joshua Ransom 19 дней назад +1

    So about that volume leveling....Really short version horrible. Long version my wife is trying to sleep. I felt like I had been neglecting my children and woke them up and decided to watch basketball with them. I had to continuously adjust the volume and made my wife yell at me 3 different times. I still gave you a like therefore I am considering a 2020 run for president. Fux wit me

  • la page du sénateurmexo Senator
    la page du sénateurmexo Senator 19 дней назад

    Et faut désormais mettre le dumk de diallo

  • Antwan Ferguson
    Antwan Ferguson 19 дней назад

    Jason Richardson got robbed for the 3 peat

  • Quazi
    Quazi 19 дней назад

    The disrespect in this video is od asf

  • Bball_Boyz
    Bball_Boyz 19 дней назад

    Dwight was high as hell on that Superman dunk 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • EspressoShot
    EspressoShot 19 дней назад

    Vince carter reverse 360 windmill should be #1

  • Hector Gomez
    Hector Gomez 19 дней назад

    Yeah still get pissed that throw in by Dwight continues to be highly ranked as a dunk here. Shit there are plenty of guys who can just throw it in

  • Cesar Garcia
    Cesar Garcia 19 дней назад

    Your list sucks. How do you have two bum ass Howard dunks and not more of Lavine and Richardson? How hard is it to throw a ball into the hoop(layup) being 6”11”?

  • Kevin Axel Angelo
    Kevin Axel Angelo 20 дней назад

    Howard superman dank was overrated and he pass the line so fkng much

  • Jamaal Gardner
    Jamaal Gardner 20 дней назад

    #1 has to be #1 because of the reactions of everyone’s face. O’Neal, Francis, Kidd, Thomas & Smith were like, “Hold up............ naw, I’m confused.” Vince just walks like, “Yeah, I did that.” Lol

  • Westley Viau
    Westley Viau 20 дней назад

    Gerald Green throwing up gang signs on live national tv, I really miss the NBA in the 2000s

  • EmmRiiv
    EmmRiiv 20 дней назад

    Yall didnt notice Lavine almost tripped himself! Props to that ....

  • Med Dzr
    Med Dzr 20 дней назад

    I think Blake could’ve actually made it over the Sun Roof of the car if he wanted to. You can even see it in the replay.

  • LukeeBoy1009
    LukeeBoy1009 20 дней назад +1

    8:22 and people say white dudes can’t jump

    • LukeeBoy1009
      LukeeBoy1009 16 дней назад

      Marcellous Raven yeah but we talking bout zach. not his dad

    • Marcellous Raven
      Marcellous Raven 16 дней назад

      +LukeeBoy1009 you can look at him an tell he has a black parent .

    • LukeeBoy1009
      LukeeBoy1009 17 дней назад

      Marcellous Raven what are you smoking

    • Marcellous Raven
      Marcellous Raven 17 дней назад

      He's not white.

  • Oliffin
    Oliffin 20 дней назад

    Where's Aaron Gordon wtf

  • FunkyKoval
    FunkyKoval 20 дней назад

    that's dumb. and why there are so many blacks? isn't it racist?

  • Thomas Lombard
    Thomas Lombard 20 дней назад

    Disliked because of Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard's #5 and top three places for Vince Carter. Seriously?

  • Liu Kang
    Liu Kang 20 дней назад

    Gerald Green and Aaron Gordon are the 2 best dunkers NOT to win :( Nate by far the most overrated.

  • 900 900
    900 900 21 день назад

    I miss Zach lavine

  • John Martirez
    John Martirez 21 день назад

    WTF? Vince's dunks were overrated.

  • kramer911
    kramer911 21 день назад

    vince carters windmill was the most aesthetically pleasing dunk of all time.

  • EESTRADA 209
    EESTRADA 209 21 день назад


  • Devin Willard
    Devin Willard 21 день назад

    I think who ever made this may be a bit biased towards Vince Carter... He has the top 3 spots. Lol. He good. But not sure if he deserves the top 3.

  • lo lo
    lo lo 21 день назад

    Vc not all top 3 NO WAYYYYYYYY

  • Donald Jones
    Donald Jones 21 день назад

    Who else came to the comments to see if anyone else was gonna mention that he didn’t put any of aaron Gordon dunks on this 😂😂 he tweaking and riding Vince hard

  • roscoebatt
    roscoebatt 21 день назад

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Gerald Green threw up the blood sign

  • Immortal CBox
    Immortal CBox 21 день назад

    Dwight’s overhyped layup and Griffins overhyped car jump were in this but not Gordon’s under the legs over the mascot dunk. You’re out of your mind.

  • dont worry
    dont worry 21 день назад

    Aaron Gordon had 2 dunks that should be on this list smh

  • Ruh Roh
    Ruh Roh 21 день назад

    Lavines dunks were so dry

  • sloppy treatz
    sloppy treatz 21 день назад

    No J-Rich reverse between the legs?

  • Don Dinero
    Don Dinero 22 дня назад

    The music is HORRIBLE

  • Christopher Uchiha
    Christopher Uchiha 22 дня назад

    Iguodala dunk the year he should have beat Nate should be on here.

  • Anthony Cortez
    Anthony Cortez 22 дня назад

    Where is Aaron Gordon double under the leg??

  • Anthony Cortez
    Anthony Cortez 22 дня назад

    Blake Griffin’s self lob with elbow in rim was better than Vince Carter’s

  • Rob Morton
    Rob Morton 22 дня назад

    Also I know Aaron didn’t win, but his under both legs was the best dunk to ever be presented in any type of nba contest. Hands down

  • Rob Morton
    Rob Morton 22 дня назад

    Vince’s dunks are overrated imo, he does a 360 windmill which pretty much any of these guys can do, an eastbay, and a boring arm in the rim dunk. Zach Lavine literally went under his legs too but almost from the free throw line... glen robinson jumping over 2 people should also definitely be on here.

  • Rick Ross
    Rick Ross 22 дня назад

    3:18 we just not gonna acknowledge the fact that gerald green threw up big b’s????

  • Jesusjuice32
    Jesusjuice32 22 дня назад

    2019 was the worst fucking dunk contest

  • Arctic Wanderer
    Arctic Wanderer 22 дня назад

    9:55, best dunk of all time.

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 22 дня назад

    Now vince carter dunk over shark in 2019

  • Da'ken Craig
    Da'ken Craig 22 дня назад

    Dwight did a hard layup .

  • NewLyfe
    NewLyfe 22 дня назад

    That Music was Fucking Annoying!!!!🤯😡😡😳

  • J
    J 22 дня назад

    Blake's car dunk was fucking shit

  • Supreme Gains
    Supreme Gains 23 дня назад

    Number 8 shouldn’t even be in this list.

  • Austin Wu
    Austin Wu 23 дня назад

    I'm sorry but Vince definitely got the best dunk ever.... Second to none in history

  • Oski252
    Oski252 23 дня назад

    Blake dunk overrated, Howard threw the ball in (technically not a dunk)

  • King Habibi
    King Habibi 23 дня назад

    Aaron Gordon dunk was one of the best dunks of all time no cap

  • Rollin Dub
    Rollin Dub 23 дня назад

    Kill the music it sucks and that wasn’t number one

  • Matheus Sanches
    Matheus Sanches 23 дня назад

    Vinsanity the best of all time

  • Third Palermo
    Third Palermo 23 дня назад

    Carter still the best.