Why Are Miners Being Silent About This...!?


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  • Zee A.
    Zee A. День назад

    Why are most of them from Australia? Lol

  • Kazee m64
    Kazee m64 День назад

    This channel is trash!! The little has nothing to do with the name and it's full of miss leading information, example, the coelacanth is NOT extinct!!

  • Reverything
    Reverything 3 дня назад

    I downloaded your video for 28 seconds rather than watch it and wait for the ads haha it save me some time

  • Stoner Jay
    Stoner Jay 4 дня назад

    I dont see any ads you people are retards !! get ad block plus its free from google.
    ads are gone
    Amerikano you guys are pathetic with bullshit lies and shit fake videos

  • Rhiannon Holland
    Rhiannon Holland 6 дней назад

    10 adverts in a 20 minute video? Fuck off

  • Simon Morales
    Simon Morales 8 дней назад

    Joe Gleason molested his daughter

  • The mysterious gAmer TV2000
    The mysterious gAmer TV2000 9 дней назад

    Bruh u didnt even say why the miners are silent about something This is Clickbait thank u for wasting my time

  • John Munro
    John Munro 9 дней назад

    looked like a dog. Millions of years ago maybe a UFO?? looked like Yoda

  • kubakaboss 221
    kubakaboss 221 10 дней назад

    The eyeless sea creature might be a deformed blobfish

  • Randy Zepp
    Randy Zepp 11 дней назад

    I have a pic of me holding a small weasel looking creature just like the one on her no joke. I always wondered wtf it was and no one can head. Mummified, teeth, tail. Same thing. I'm holding it in the pic of me.

  • V. Flores
    V. Flores 15 дней назад

    "It has been called a lot of creepy things such as a suicide spider-moth-demon or even a rare pokemon"

  • Rowan Gall
    Rowan Gall 16 дней назад

    Bigfoot... person in black walking through a forest... what’s the difference?

  • Rowan Gall
    Rowan Gall 16 дней назад

    The creature with no eyes looks like a big ass tumour

  • Neko Kuugki
    Neko Kuugki 21 день назад

    That Australian fish "with no eyes" is a dead blob fish. They live deep in the ocean under high pressure. When you dreg them up from the deep, they decompress and look weird af. Google them.

  • Chlorine 000
    Chlorine 000 21 день назад

    I love the way he said "golden shiney stuff" at 2:56

  • kelv1969
    kelv1969 22 дня назад

    how many times does the narrator say "creature"? crikey the word started to lose all meaning. Oh, for a wider vocabulary...LOL

  • doggo child
    doggo child 23 дня назад

    These are photoshot

  • jason cobb
    jason cobb 23 дня назад

    More adds plz a lot more

  • Natalia Ahearn
    Natalia Ahearn 23 дня назад

    Okay why are most of these creatures from Australia, it's freaking me out 😂😂 I gotta live here man!!

  • Adam Scott
    Adam Scott 23 дня назад

    The little man could be a primordial dwarf, nothing supernatural. and the coelacanth was proven still alive in the 1930s, don't leave out facts to sensationalise your video.
    Also, the title???? nothing to do with the video!?!?!?!?

  • Erin Russell
    Erin Russell 24 дня назад

    Sherry found a blob fish.

  • Finn Walters
    Finn Walters 24 дня назад

    The no eyed sea greature lokks like a massive crab claw

  • Jemimah Kendall
    Jemimah Kendall 25 дней назад

    After reading comments I'm not gonna bother waiting to see what the miners are keeping silent on, but would like to know what movies the opening clips were from, I don't know what's going on I'm old and have four kids

  • Boss KillerBG
    Boss KillerBG 26 дней назад

    if you're annoyed by the dumb people that are only commenting for the ads and have never heard of adblocker like this comment : )

  • LilFran
    LilFran 26 дней назад

    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    I just got clickbaited
    and so did you.

  • BrookBro’s .GAMING
    BrookBro’s .GAMING 26 дней назад

    Australian bigfoot is called a yowie mate!

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 26 дней назад

    me @ the 3:15 mark "Dobby has no master, Dobby is a free elf"

  • BeekillerJohanna
    BeekillerJohanna 26 дней назад

    I think the background music is a bit too loud. It distracts me from the narration and gives me a headache. Maybe I'm just sensitive to sounds but personally I suggest you lower the music volume in future videos. :)

  • Im Wierd
    Im Wierd 26 дней назад

    Mysterious wash up was a blob fish! The skeleton was a dead animal that wasn’t in the right place at the right time! The statue was obviously an ancient relic of some kind! CLICKBAIT IS ALL THAT EXIST WITH THESE!!!!

  • Maison Weiss
    Maison Weiss 26 дней назад

    Too many commercials didn’t get paste the first 5 minutes before changing the video.

  • Rodrigo Sanchez
    Rodrigo Sanchez 26 дней назад

    Bigfoot ain't dangerous

  • Cpm Trad
    Cpm Trad 27 дней назад

    this looks ....literally.... nothing... like any kind of saber toothed cat. Its a big weasel.... and the teeth DO look exactly like modern predator teeth.... if there was a centralized canine, okay, that would be weird. This is not weird. Mammoths are found like this daily, as well as many other "permafrosted" animals from our last ice age....

    • Cpm Trad
      Cpm Trad 26 дней назад

      20:00 born without eyes? Jesus... its a chunk of skin/flesh. Next one is a grouper.

  • We The Wolves
    We The Wolves 27 дней назад

    One 9f those pictures were from Jurrassic World: Fallen Kingdom ;-;

  • PsykoHesse gaming
    PsykoHesse gaming 27 дней назад

    Why is always bigfoot blurry???

  • lasalletxnurse1
    lasalletxnurse1 27 дней назад

    The Shield Shrimp look just like a creature that I saw on the ranch my parents had near Sweetwater, TX. Seriously, they look identical and i even took some to school to my high school science teacher. He said that they were a freah water version of “Horseshoe shrimp.”

  • ThatPwoDerrp
    ThatPwoDerrp 27 дней назад

    Im scared now, i live in NSW

  • Petr Kotlitel
    Petr Kotlitel 28 дней назад

    I'm 38 years old and i have seen the sasquatch

  • Black Ra1n
    Black Ra1n 28 дней назад

    Fox is a domestic animal ?

  • Lady Tempest
    Lady Tempest 28 дней назад

    "Golden Shiny Stuff" 😅

  • Kindric Johnson
    Kindric Johnson 28 дней назад


  • shrungus seal
    shrungus seal 28 дней назад

    It looks like a diformed blob fish

  • Jd*7* T.
    Jd*7* T. 28 дней назад

    The c

  • Kolbyolby 13
    Kolbyolby 13 29 дней назад

    The coelacanth is NOT extinct

  • Dragonslayer
    Dragonslayer 29 дней назад

    i think the thing with no eyes is a blob fish that didn't grow eyes

  • sci foo
    sci foo 29 дней назад


  • slayer 207 the beast
    slayer 207 the beast 29 дней назад

    Mystery sea creature with no eyes is a blob fish look it up

  • Xander Van Zyl
    Xander Van Zyl 29 дней назад

    the "creature with no eyes" (13:17) is an actual fish species that is extremely rare as they live way below the sea surface mostly in areas where light doesnt reach as they have a sensitivity to light. they were even given the nickname "the blob" and they are one of the most peculiar species ever found as they have similar facial features to that of a human almost resembling Squidward from the kids show Spongebob Squarepants.

  • Josh Adams
    Josh Adams 29 дней назад

    Boo, clickbait.

  • xHeatwave
    xHeatwave 29 дней назад

    coelocanth's didn't go extinct along with the dinosaurs or at all, they were rediscovered in 1938.

  • Maddoxie
    Maddoxie Месяц назад

    17:29 looks like a fucking normal human being

  • Maddoxie
    Maddoxie Месяц назад

    did you know it's harder to explore the ocean than space?

  • Green Eye's
    Green Eye's Месяц назад

    I think the one with no eye's is a whale because it was a beluga whale that was born with no eye's oh and I'm only ten year's old.

  • Victor Cristian Cristea
    Victor Cristian Cristea Месяц назад

    That little dude is smaller than my dick

  • Can we hit 10000 subs without any vids

    The fish with no eyes pretty sure that's a blob fish

  • Alexandria
    Alexandria Месяц назад

    Lmao I’m from Queensland, Australia, and like all the ones u said we’re in Australia lmao I already knew haha. Tho, that moth my god never ran into one and never would I want to.

  • cold case
    cold case Месяц назад

    its a fucken hapuka

  • Novelyn Fukuda
    Novelyn Fukuda Месяц назад

    Three ads just for me

    No WIFI👾😿🙈🙉🙊

  • ihatecakee
    ihatecakee Месяц назад

    coelacanths aren't extinct tho

  • G Money
    G Money Месяц назад

    Miners need some of these in their mouths ( . )( . )
    Em something to be silent about

  • Jason Gibbs
    Jason Gibbs Месяц назад

    lies! click bait, no silent miners or aliens.

  • Lili-Mae Hardy
    Lili-Mae Hardy Месяц назад


  • hunter Powders
    hunter Powders Месяц назад

    Nah man that's just batman

  • Christian news and facts channel
    Christian news and facts channel Месяц назад

    Macro evolution is not real

  • Christian news and facts channel
    Christian news and facts channel Месяц назад

    That world is not billions or millions of years old

  • austin roach
    austin roach Месяц назад

    That fish is a grouper

  • Beach Beats
    Beach Beats Месяц назад

    10 mid roll ads? REALLY? THATS 8 TOO MANY.

  • DuneDemon8
    DuneDemon8 Месяц назад

    Another similar dwarf was found like Pedro it is just that this one was acefalic... The way he is sat he was bound before buried.

  • Jacob Cook
    Jacob Cook Месяц назад

    It was a role in fetus most likly

  • andrea paula magbanua
    andrea paula magbanua Месяц назад

    Is breading.

  • andrea paula magbanua
    andrea paula magbanua Месяц назад

    Vampire arrr

  • Echo That Doggo
    Echo That Doggo Месяц назад

    14:38 thats just a large-ass bass fish tf you talkin bout 😂👌

    • Echo That Doggo
      Echo That Doggo Месяц назад

      Also, coelecanth fish are NOT extinct. The fish in the picture doesn't have arm-like fins; its decomposing so it looks weird. Y'all needa think about a lot of possibilities before you post stuff like that, seriously.

  • Andrew Lazin
    Andrew Lazin Месяц назад

    Kenshin live action movie music at the beginning of each of these videos.

  • Rajacshadow
    Rajacshadow Месяц назад

    As to what miners are silent about? Duh!!! There are things so wondrous. So unbelievable. So terrifying. Tommyknockers are the LEAST of their problems. And elves can be really, and I mean REALLY nasty. They don't like us in the first place when we gouge the fuck out of their home. When you break into a party of theirs, the party ain't the only thing that gets broken.
    Now the reptiles...you really don't want to know. Better to remain ignorant and believe you are the hottest thing this planet has ever seen, then to stumble across them like Dulce. Not everything is Black and White(actually it is) There are way more than just fifty shades of the grey...

  • Rajacshadow
    Rajacshadow Месяц назад

    AMERIKANO! I 'see' you. In all your emporish new clothes. Wow. Just never caught it before, but slap my face, why don't you? Amerika. Your new name since the paper clipping of the files of freedom and liberty. Germany lost the war. But the Nazis...well...let's just say certain presidents tried to warn you. Who do you think created the military/industrial complex that went from America the Beautiful, to Amerika of National Security?
    btw...I agree...you have the chance to be great again. Just be wary of those adept at social communication techniques. "TV elected JFK. That didn't turn out well for him or us. "Laugh In" elected Nixon. And according to the Vulcans only he could go to China." I had hoped you learned your lesson both times. But noooooo...it became "Bed Time for Bonzo" twice and the lead actor was asleep the second act. Since then...fugettaboutit...I am so disappointed in you.Now we have Prince Barron of the Oompa Loompa Orange Gang. He who warns you of false news and feeds you a good ol' daily dose which you lap up and say "Seig Heil" at the rallies of late. Repeat rhetoric from the 1930's. Oh. What fools these mortals be.
    Be happy! The CHRIST returns. And for the next seven, we will begin to reap what has been sown. Wormy wood and all. Enjoy today...the twin returns...tomorrow.

  • vulasky tecno
    vulasky tecno Месяц назад

    I saw the shield shirmp on a beach on puerto rico when i was like 13, i was cover on sand and looking at my momw wen the shrimp was diging on my leg, it was painfull like it was thinking i was part of the sand

  • Sleepless Gamer
    Sleepless Gamer Месяц назад

    The mystery sea creature one looks like it was possibly a miscarried whale or another large sea MAMMAL.

  • Alexandra Menjivar
    Alexandra Menjivar Месяц назад


  • Alexandra Menjivar
    Alexandra Menjivar Месяц назад

    Baby sibertooth cat who got attacked?

  • Jack kimlin
    Jack kimlin Месяц назад

    Australian Bigfoot it's a bloody yowie not an Australian Bigfoot

  • Jack kimlin
    Jack kimlin Месяц назад

    Grooper? It's groper I live in Queensland so I'd know

  • Chill Predator
    Chill Predator Месяц назад

    To be honest the thing that Washed ashore in the video I believe it was a golfer fish I have no idea if I spelled that right but if you know your fish you’re probably understand what I was trying to put in

  • Mel Aroha
    Mel Aroha Месяц назад

    when stories are being told by Native Americans you'd know for sure those stories are true

  • Jackson Sims
    Jackson Sims Месяц назад

    More likely to be attacked by a creature in America than Australia . Australia is very safe

  • Chase Minatrea
    Chase Minatrea Месяц назад

    I thought the fish was a grouper before he had said it.

  • Street Chronicles
    Street Chronicles Месяц назад

    Wanna hear a roast,i have five fingers and the third one is for you its the middle finger

  • fits hsk nz
    fits hsk nz Месяц назад

    I'm here cause of the thumbnail, where is that

  • Nikkolas Beckham
    Nikkolas Beckham Месяц назад

    so we all just gonna ignore the fact that the little human looks like dobby from Harry Potter... ight cool

  • In The Sky We Trust
    In The Sky We Trust Месяц назад

    Every clickbait comes with a thumbs down! You're welcome!

  • Steve Roberts
    Steve Roberts Месяц назад

    Booooo adds and clickbait!!!

  • Ballistic Badger
    Ballistic Badger Месяц назад +4

    5:57 **
    "I'm Manbat!!"....

    • Chaos Wolf
      Chaos Wolf 27 дней назад

      The line is "Im Batman!" jesus, monsters can't get anything right

  • Haha 2000
    Haha 2000 Месяц назад

    Use ad block
    He wants to get views so he can get money
    That's why he use clickbait

    I'm waiting for an argument to start in the reply section

    Still waiting...

  • Adventure Warehouse
    Adventure Warehouse Месяц назад

    Man all these “mysterious” creatures aren’t more mysterious than my ex girlfriend

  • Joshua Green
    Joshua Green Месяц назад

    This turned into why you sould fear Australia

  • james bocking
    james bocking Месяц назад

    Big foot is bad but Australian big foot can

    Strike at any moment

  • Julie Oh
    Julie Oh Месяц назад

    That’s a gulping fish not a grouper

  • Brandan Nelson
    Brandan Nelson Месяц назад

    Is it our job to identify EVERYTHING. What do you think these creatures think of us? Shiii

  • In your Nightmares
    In your Nightmares Месяц назад

    Australia is haunted but I live in Australia 😪😿

  • potato turtle
    potato turtle Месяц назад

    Omg can we just agree the those things are fake because if they were that big they would be real slow and opposite for small things alike at 5:56 if the bat was giant it would be to slow to fly (I could be wrong on that)(well I'm probably wrong on this whole thing so ya )

  • Nicole Pearce
    Nicole Pearce Месяц назад

    Screw this I’m out! This is to freaky