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  • Published on Dec 18, 2017
  • Have you ever wondered if the Hair Braider toy actually worked? Rylan and I decided to put it to the test in this next episode of "Fab or Fail"! What do you think?
    We've shown you so many hair braiding tutorials on our channel, but we’ve never show you a hair braiding tool. To see our playlist of hair braiding tutorials, click HERE!
    First and foremost, the Hair Braider is a TOY! It’s not a professional hair tool, so I was curious to find out if it actually worked. I’ve seen it on kids’ channels and Paisley has even asked for one in the past. I ordered a Hair Braider online but it can also be found in the toy aisles at major retailers. I actually had to go buy a second Hair Braider in the middle of my tutorial because the first one stopped working! For this Fab or Fail, the Easy Braider was used on completely dry hair.
    It took about 5 minutes to put Rylan’s hair into the Easy Braider, and then less than a minute for the toy to actually braid.
    This toy braider is made of plastic and comes with a braider, separator, elastics, and ribbons. You can braid your hair in 3 steps. First, load your hair into the Easy Braider by using the separator and strand pullers. Second, hold the button on the handle to start braiding. You’ll have to move slow if you want a decent looking braid. If you move too fast, that braider won’t work. You also have to be careful while you braid because the hair at the bottom of the separator tubes can get tangled.
    Everyone, this is not a sponsored video... I personally bought the Easy Braider on Amazon and at Toys R Us and have had zero contact with Hair Braider. My results and opinion are expressly my own. Also, these results may not be your results, as the final braids take in many factors including hair health, texture, length, etc.
    To see your own photo recreations of this style featured in our app, feel free to tag your photos on IG with: #CGHEasyBraider
    How do I rank the Hair Braider on our Fab or Fail Scale??? I actually give it a half "Fab" AND a "Fail". Why? Because as a hair tool, the Hair Braider is a total fail. It’s obviously a toy and not meant for professional hair styling. I think it’d be easier to simply learn how to braid! As a toy, I give it a semi-Fab because I could see Paisley and other kids playing with it. Is this a gimmick? It could be. You can help decide!
    Try the Hair Braider:
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    💋's -Mindy
    Items Needed: Brush, Hair Braider, elastics.
    Time Requirement: 15 Minutes
    Skill Level: Easy
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  • Cute Girls Hairstyles
    Cute Girls Hairstyles  Year ago +1408

    Do you think the Hair Braider is a FAB or FAIL??? Also, our family just launched a new channel FOR KIDS that’s MOM APPROVED called UnilandKids! If you have little kids, or younger siblings, click here to SUBSCRIBE for them: ❤️'s -Mindy

    • Arshad Bhati
      Arshad Bhati 4 months ago

      Its better to braid your hair with hands because it won't make another type of braid then this one so its a fail.

      GENARO NERI DELGADO 4 months ago

      Me encantó

    • Aurel Lintang Maharani
      Aurel Lintang Maharani 5 months ago

      Im sorry but it doesn't work well at first when you put her hair into the machine. It likes stuck, maybe for me I will say it fail

    • Mya Huggins
      Mya Huggins 6 months ago

      @Sid Wolfy I don't have it yet but I want it!!
      If I didn't get it I could do it on my one!, I do my mom s hair all the time I'm only 8!

    • Aloysius Pongou
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    There’s no point lol

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    How come rylan isnt in any of their videos anymore
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  • Caitlin Mai
    Caitlin Mai 14 days ago +1

    Who thought that it was called a plait, not a braid

  • Lydia Springer
    Lydia Springer 14 days ago

    Your awesome Mindy

  • Serena Wilson
    Serena Wilson 18 days ago

    It would be quicker to braid it without the machine.

  • 007nadineL
    007nadineL Month ago +2

    For $20.00 you too can participate in our planet's landfill project. Pls support this project by buying and placing items in the garbage. Thank you.

  • Ellas Stuff
    Ellas Stuff Month ago

    1:36 the video starts

  • Kaya Morell
    Kaya Morell Month ago +2

    I used to have one of these as a kid one for me and one for my Barbie and neither of them worked😂 Rylans so little!

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    Dose anyone else notice that she’s bragging cause she has long hair

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    I feel like this was a fail i mean its easier to jusy use your own *hands*

  • Wobbles and Bean
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    By the time you get done fussing with the device, you could have finished the braid by hand!

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    can you please reply where did u guys get it?

  • Sisters Online
    Sisters Online 3 months ago

    I’m not sure this would work on curly hair.

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    Olivia H. 3 months ago

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  • Jennifer Neptune
    Jennifer Neptune 3 months ago

    I would not do on curled hair

  • Ashley Vs Amanda
    Ashley Vs Amanda 3 months ago

    I do not trust that in my hair 😂

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    Goober Trin 3 months ago

    It seems to be easier and quicker do braid myself! Cool video tho!

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    Love it

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    Isn’t it quicker to just do a braid by yourself? I mean this is cool but if your in a rush I would just braid it by hand.

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