Top 10 Animals Eaten In Other Countries That Will Surprise You

  • Published on May 19, 2016
  • Americans love their meat, like a whole hell of a lot. But only certain kinds of meat; when news broke that the Department of Agriculture was to approve a horse meat processing plant, people got upset. Yes, slaughterhouse conditions for other common livestock is horrendous, and horses are “companion animals,” but it’s not uncommon for various countries to breed horses for human consumption.
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    10. Iguana
    9. Turtles
    8. Guinea Pigs
    7. Emus
    6. Maggots
    5. Camel
    4. Dolphins
    3. Cassowaries
    2. Dogs
    1. Jellyfish
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Comments • 733

  • Kadyn Ledford
    Kadyn Ledford Day ago +1


  •  Day ago

    The jellyfish looked like condoms

  • Vanessa Yarey
    Vanessa Yarey 2 days ago

    Why are you making this normal? This is sick I eaten some of these things but I will never again

  • Collard Blunt
    Collard Blunt 7 days ago

    Some Asians Thing eating Dog is wrong

  • Collard Blunt
    Collard Blunt 7 days ago

    Jellyfish Are eaten alot in Japan And Taiwan

  • MR. Sasquatch x
    MR. Sasquatch x 9 days ago

    Bunch of dirty undomesticated bastards.

  • Vijay Manda
    Vijay Manda 12 days ago


  • Marion Tromba
    Marion Tromba 12 days ago

    Lolololol I love that this video came with a pet supermarket commercial. Just in case I get any recipe ideas?

  • Niharika Johri
    Niharika Johri 16 days ago

    How can any normal human being eat iguanas?

  • Saidah John
    Saidah John 16 days ago

    Iguana Is the best ! Especially Curried .

  • Kimyada Brock
    Kimyada Brock 16 days ago

    Run iguana run

  • olivia.ecksee
    olivia.ecksee 24 days ago


  • Artur Gorzej
    Artur Gorzej 28 days ago

    What about cats? In Switzerland, I think in Graubünden particularly (did I spelled it well?) this is even a Christmas dish.

  • SillyTube
    SillyTube Month ago +1

    I was surprised to know that Americans eat lobsters and crabs. They remind me of scorpions and spiders!

  • Loot family
    Loot family Month ago

    How could people eat dolphins

  • Shawn Reed
    Shawn Reed Month ago

    In Nigeria everything that moves is food. I ate dog there (in Calabar) and found it delicious. I would love to see some of these animal rights terrorists go tell the Nigerians how to eat. Would be fun to watch.

  • Brandi Bastian
    Brandi Bastian Month ago

    also HUMAN according to River Monsters when Jeremy went to an area that used to eat people regularly we taste like pork

  • Brandi Bastian
    Brandi Bastian Month ago

    dolphins aren't FISH

  • grbadalamenti
    grbadalamenti Month ago

    Vicentini magnagatti!

  • b l v v d s a w g e k k t

    south east asian and central america eat everything

  • b l v v d s a w g e k k t

    everything is chinese medicine

  • Ian Beddowes
    Ian Beddowes Month ago

    I am from Zimbabwe, we often eat the dried caterpillars of the Emperor moth which lives on the mopane bush and are known as mopane worms. amacimbi, mashonja or pane. We also eat flying termites and locusts.

  • Jaswanth chandra
    Jaswanth chandra Month ago

    Emu meat is very famous in South India

  • Alan
    Alan Month ago

    Iguana is food get it Right but turtles and dogs are not food!

  • Dav Gar
    Dav Gar Month ago

    My stomach churn

  • MRBJT51
    MRBJT51 Month ago

    Very interesting! .... that still shot of the cleaver splitting the head of that dog was gangsta.

  • Cristina Avila
    Cristina Avila 2 months ago

    DOG!?.....THEY EAT DOGS......!? first Guinea pigs and now poor dogs WHY!!!!??..... dogs are amazing animals, and those filthy people eat these innocent little animals I swear those people eat every thing like CALM DOWN, ITS NOT LIKE YOU HAVE TO EAT ALL ANIMALS, look around there is fruit and vegetables like geez

    • Angela Ancheta
      Angela Ancheta 9 days ago

      @Oscar Wong exactly. people are mad when people eat dogs or guinea pigs, but when we eat cows (which are sacred in India) or pigs (which aren't consumed in the jewish religion) it's ok. it's a bit hypocritical,,,

    • Oscar Wong
      Oscar Wong Month ago +1

      Then why eat animals, you idiot. Be a vegan. Humans like u are so dumb, all animals life matters. Say that to cows, pigs and chicken.

  • Sandypoppin
    Sandypoppin 2 months ago

    My grandpa ate Guinea pig and I’m honestly disgusted wtf

  • USAcomedy nation
    USAcomedy nation 2 months ago

    Nigga u are crazy lol u going to stay away from this nigga

  • osxshch1
    osxshch1 2 months ago

    dolphins delicious

  • Mic Micson
    Mic Micson 2 months ago

    Chile eats the dog meats.

  • Anisa Mazaki
    Anisa Mazaki 2 months ago

    Fun little fact > Trinidad and Tobago also consumes Iguanas and Turtles - just not everybody is into it or consumes it everyday.

  • Lynn Wiltshire
    Lynn Wiltshire 2 months ago

    Your a wanker

  •  2 months ago

    "Noooo not those snuggly wuggly pets!" Lol, awww Simon, that was just too cute even though this video is disturbing as all hell

  • Michael Casely
    Michael Casely 3 months ago

    Maggots can't determine a time of death. They can determine an approximate date of death.

  • Reality calling
    Reality calling 3 months ago

    Not the furry potatoes ;-;

  • Naturegeek123
    Naturegeek123 3 months ago

    I hv guinea pigs! :(

  • SrikanthMourya Kuchipudi

    In andaman and nicobar islands they eat human

  • SrikanthMourya Kuchipudi


  • nemophilist love
    nemophilist love 3 months ago

    I like style

  • Mashrul Amin
    Mashrul Amin 3 months ago

    Camels are pretty common in the Middle East but most people don't eat it often because it's tough to chew/gamey.....What will surprise you is Seal meat & pilot whale meat

  • PAKISTAN KI MAA Ka bhosda

    Pakistani people eat donkey. Can you believe it. Whole Muslim community is a donkey and a threat to our western society 🇺🇸

  • Hafai GT
    Hafai GT 4 months ago +1

    Chinese eat every animal even poo

  • Narutofanbilly
    Narutofanbilly 4 months ago

    Meat is meat. Yum

  • Noob Nemasis
    Noob Nemasis 4 months ago

    Better go vegan than eat this every animal needs love .people who eat this are motherfukin beasts but human meat is ahah so tasty if u need a human Barbeque call me

  • Kitari
    Kitari 4 months ago

    *In Peru they eat cats aswell, they are the Chinese of South America.*

  • Momo Momo
    Momo Momo 4 months ago

    I wanna eat camel

  • Anna Su
    Anna Su 4 months ago

    mouth watering

  • eduardo arantes
    eduardo arantes 5 months ago +1


  • saeedur rahman
    saeedur rahman 6 months ago +1

    It doesn't matter from what animal you eat but the meat it's the same

  • Adriana Becerra
    Adriana Becerra 6 months ago

    And the Guinea pigs!!😓😔

  • Adriana Becerra
    Adriana Becerra 6 months ago +1

    I feel really bad for the dogs.😓😔

  • duhitzxbillie
    duhitzxbillie 6 months ago

    Can you all guess why i really hate CHINA?BECAUSE OF THIS!How the he ck can you eat any animal that ARE not the chicken,turkey,cow,sheep or a pig THEY ALL HAVE EMOTIONS!DID YOU KNEW HOW SAD WE FEEL FOR THEM.ESPECALLY THE DOGS!WHY DOGS,WHY!!!??????THERE ARE MAAAAAANY OTHER THINGS TO EAT!SORRY CHINESE PEOPLE,BUT THAT'S IT!!!

    • Angela Ancheta
      Angela Ancheta 9 days ago

      did you know that cows, sheeps and pigs have emotions? did you know that cows are sacred in the hindu religion and pigs are not to be eaten according to the jewish religion.
      also....not as many people eat dog in china anymore. in the past they did it a lot, but now they don't do it as much. they now keep dogs as pets.

  • Guzzman 65
    Guzzman 65 6 months ago

    Why do Australians and English (especially Aussies) people pronounce an "r" after a vowel? i.e. "China" as "Chinar"? Why???

  • Kimberley Bates
    Kimberley Bates 6 months ago


  • Beejay Dixon
    Beejay Dixon 6 months ago

    You tend to be greatful with anything when you starving to death everyone needs food if you cry over what you eat you starve or just eat what you can

  • Relyks _Y
    Relyks _Y 6 months ago +1

    Camel is delicious! I had some camel epinatas once

  • noelly mills
    noelly mills 7 months ago

    Maggots 😨😨🤢🤢🤢

  • Guttermonk Be.
    Guttermonk Be. 7 months ago

    Animal or Not - thats is all.

  • amis paz
    amis paz 7 months ago

    What about synthetic stuffs, unnatural foods and plastics that Americans eat and drink and spread world wide, that's disgusting rather than creatures from nature.

  •  7 months ago

    I ate a woman once and she taste just like Oysters... Legally...

  • HoshiReed
    HoshiReed 7 months ago +1

    You can eat Iguana in the US, as long as it is killed humanely. No hunting license is required either.
    They fall off trees in the colder weather in South Florida.
    You can also buy some from exoticmeatmarkets.

  • KieronKN Singapore
    KieronKN Singapore 7 months ago

    Why alot of them China?!

  • ellysha theshort
    ellysha theshort 7 months ago

    They eat dog?...why must dog?!! There so many food but why animal that we should not eat....they eat it tho? is fine and something that we use to eat at cow meat, goat meat...and more..I just pity to all these animal.. cause I'm animals lover😭😭 I loved all animal...
    Sorry I'm to emo, don't hate me, I'm only 14 yo 😖

    • ellysha theshort
      ellysha theshort 5 months ago

      @Supreme Leader i eat meat, vegetables but...not like dog,cats or else that I suppose to not eat..but yeah thanks for advice me...

    • Supreme Leader
      Supreme Leader 5 months ago

      If u r not a vegan
      Stop caring about eating dogs

  • Anna Grzegorczyk
    Anna Grzegorczyk 7 months ago

    Wariactwo i szalenstwo , azeby niszczyc , zabijac wszystko dla zarcia , korzysci , Jaki bedzie Swiat bez fauny i flory , ?
    Co dostana potomni po nas ?? Zgroza

  • ShadowIyce
    ShadowIyce 7 months ago

    As a Korean I'm glad to say that Korea is starting to prohibit consumption of dog meat.

    CHEN TEDDY 7 months ago +1

    Dog meat is tasty.

  • Rocky Handsome
    Rocky Handsome 7 months ago +1

    Eating 🐕 is very cruel such a lovely creature how people eat this it is terrific.

  •  7 months ago

    I am so glad that being from the Muslim community.. I am on my way to become a vegetarian..✌honestly its doesnt make any sense to torture a living one just for the sake of my taste bud..and honestly my health has been improving a hell lot..💖 after leaving all those meaty stuffs and reducing diary in my everyday meal...

  • Rainy Jane
    Rainy Jane 8 months ago +2

    After that thumbnail I'm not just done with this channel, I'm blocking it from my suggestions. I really DID NOT need to see that image. So sorry. I really liked you too.

    • Zinho9
      Zinho9 7 months ago

      oh poor you. lol.

  • honestguy77 !
    honestguy77 ! 8 months ago

    Are dogs popular in Switzterland?

  • Random Kawii Life
    Random Kawii Life 8 months ago

    China eats Evry Thing dogs, Cats,Humans

  • ItsEli
    ItsEli 8 months ago

    guinea pig is great. its like rabbit but more tender.

  • Pat G
    Pat G 8 months ago

    Are you sure the Swiss eat dog? I had a Swiss girlfriend that ever mentioned it. I visited and spent two months and never a word of dog meat, horse yes, but not dog

  • pro legion
    pro legion 8 months ago


  • QSH6H
    QSH6H 9 months ago +1

    I tried camel meat.. is healthier than beef or lamb beef.. less fatty..

  • Brenda Covarrubias
    Brenda Covarrubias 9 months ago

    Guinea pigs

  • Tama Matu
    Tama Matu 9 months ago

    I thought my Tongan neighbor was gonna be on here?

  •  9 months ago

    You forgot cats rats bat and crocidiles and snakes or pythons

  • Google User
    Google User 9 months ago

    Most disgusting race of all time -US humans.

  • Ferdinand blose
    Ferdinand blose 9 months ago

    WTF, dogs and jelly fish

  • Haley Stainiford
    Haley Stainiford 9 months ago

    Why just why we shouldn’t eat any of these animals

  • Yaboi Tonio
    Yaboi Tonio 9 months ago +2

    If it’s poisonous or toxic, it shouldn’t be eaten.

  • SuperSabreFlip
    SuperSabreFlip 9 months ago

    I"ve eaten guinea pig when I was a kid and It was delicious enough to have two servings. When I learned what animal it was I was like, haha I ate one of those? Lemme tell everyone.

  • Zimba Zimba
    Zimba Zimba 10 months ago

    All middle eastern country’s eat camels and Is delicious better than beef

  • BC
    BC 10 months ago

    At lynching parties they used to eat the genitals of Black men hung so anybody White can't talk.

  • CringedLife
    CringedLife 10 months ago

    China..hmm....eating a humans best friend. Chines who eats dog are so messed up..What next..People who loves dogs starts eating chines ppl who eats them.?? Count me in.

    JJ GOLDEN 10 months ago +3

    That is so sad

  • Fu Septian Putra
    Fu Septian Putra 10 months ago

    Noooooo, I Like Turtle xD

  • CrazyBear65
    CrazyBear65 10 months ago

    General Tso's kitten.

  • Sally anne kolarMoa
    Sally anne kolarMoa 10 months ago

    Cruel bastards eating dogs I love dogs and the ex presedent is cruel eating dogs

    • Supreme Leader
      Supreme Leader 5 months ago

      They taste great lol
      Dumb hypocrite
      Eating pigs

  • Andypirate
    Andypirate 10 months ago

    Peru should be nuked

    • Vampira
      Vampira 10 months ago

      But without them we should not hawe had tame guineapigs at all, so that would be a moment 22...

  • d texas
    d texas 10 months ago

    Emus are eaten in the US genius.

  • d texas
    d texas 10 months ago

    Turtles are eaten in the US genius.

  • Guard Your Flanks
    Guard Your Flanks 10 months ago

    Guinea pig does not taste like lamb, I love lamb. Cuy (or Guinea Pig) fells a lot like Goose meat but almost has a fish flavor to it. It was nasty.

  • Gunnar Wallenberg
    Gunnar Wallenberg 11 months ago +5

    I don't see why eating a dolphin or dog would be any different to eating a cow?

    • Vampira
      Vampira 10 months ago +1

      No, and there are lot of different types of dolphines and dogs, the dogs are not the same as the one we normaly use as pets, the dolfines are not the same as in the dolphinariums either, it's mainly those small fislike creatures that' s catched with fich it's eaten. I would try that mongolian dog dish, it looks delicious to me by the way, as wells as that old European cat recepie.

  •  11 months ago

    I have a dog!!! And this is just wrong!! 😤😡

  • Kheldaurus
    Kheldaurus 11 months ago

    All animals are made of food. That is a fact.

  • Taylor Becker
    Taylor Becker 11 months ago


  • mano vardas
    mano vardas 11 months ago

    Cruel idiots asks- why you eat pigs, chickens? I suggest idiots eat human meat, because it is MEAT..., no? Why not? Because we differ edible object by consciousness!!! Cats, dogs is second from humans, much higher consciousness then chicken, from cats and dogs after many cycles in animals souls goes to humans and start human reincarnation cycle. Of course, i am not suggest eat pigs or chicken, i suggest eat animals who don't feel pain, like fish, bugs or at least kill pig, chicken, beef instantly without ANY pain and stress, then not so bad.....