Did Eden Hazard have the best solo goal of the year? Chucky Lozano to Man United? | Extra Time

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
  • Sebastian Salazar, Shaka Hislop, Craig Burley and Ian Darke head to ESPN FC Extra Time to answer fan questions, including (0:17) whether Eden Hazard's goal in Chelsea vs. West Ham is the best solo goal in the 2018-19 Premier League season; (2:18) whether Craig or Shaka ever covered their mouths when they talked to other players on the pitch; (3:50) whether PSV Eindhoven and El Tri star Hirving "Chucky" Lozano has enough quality to play for Manchester United; (7:39) their thoughts on Chicago Fire rebranding and moving to Soldier Field; and (8:14) who is the best golfer on the panel.
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  • chris rdz
    chris rdz Month ago +2

    Even though I think Hirving Lozano is more than good enough to start at RW over Lingard & LW over Martial or current form Alexis Sanchez, I see what Craig Burley is saying. I do think there are other players, Sancho for example, that are better, but at the same time, that could be said about the whole squad. There are no current Man Utd players that are considered the best in the world. The only top class player being Pogba and even he is inconsistent, but everyone else, from Lukaku, to Matic, to Ashley Young, Chris smalling, Lingard, Herrera, etc, can be replaced. Even De Gea can be replaced by someone better like Jan Oblak. So I think Burley’s logic is faulty here.
    Also, some players just need a chance. Look at Pavard at Stuttgart and during the World Cup, Chicharito before arriving at Man U nobody thought he was a good signing or good enough to be there, let alone start and look at all he did for them. Same thing with Pogba, that’s why he left for Juventus and he made United look like fools for letting him leave and having to pay an exorbitant amount to bring him back.
    What’s 40 mil. to a rich club for a good player who is still young, developing, and has upside? If it doesn’t work out, then at least you have a decent squad player that sells jerseys and who you can get a return in your investment.

  • Basil Ghafoor
    Basil Ghafoor Month ago


  • Christian
    Christian Month ago

    what place is chelsea in? there is your answer

  • Cannella Cane
    Cannella Cane Month ago


  • Juan Leon
    Juan Leon Month ago +1

    Lozano is the 2nd highest scorer in the netherlands and has been a game changer in big games does that qualify him for man u?

  • Da Prince
    Da Prince Month ago

    Hazard's best solo goal vs Arsenal and best this year is vs Liverpool

    • Yasin Sheble
      Yasin Sheble Month ago

      Da Prince the goal vs west ham was better than Liverpool the way he drifted in between ogbonna and balbuena and to show the strength,balance and composure to finish with Ryan Fredricks sliding in like that I have to disagree

  • Julio Ramirez
    Julio Ramirez Month ago +1

    Lozano is a top quality player, given the opportunity in Manchester, the devils won’t be disappointed. Lozano always delivers

  • Romeo Nesta
    Romeo Nesta Month ago +1

    Craig is a pro in this job...

  • Yasin Sheble
    Yasin Sheble Month ago

    Why is sterling in discussion for player is the year and I know what he has gone off the pitch but it is about what’s happening on the pitch he has got 15 goals, 9 assists and hazard has 16 goals, 12 assists but he isn’t in contention

  • Mario Bingham
    Mario Bingham Month ago +1

    Still prefer Hazard solo goal against Arsenal

  • ImmortalMachine
    ImmortalMachine Month ago

    Why does the host keep saying chucky like chewky? Wtf

    • ImmortalMachine
      ImmortalMachine Month ago

      +chris rdz weird

    • chris rdz
      chris rdz Month ago +1

      ImmortalMachine cause that’s how you pronounce it in Spanish, probably due to the fact that Lozano and his Mexican teammates who gave him that nickname speak Spanish. And it’s more of a “oó” kinda like in fool, not “ew” like in chew. El Chucky Lozano, pronounced “ choó-key”

    CONTACT Month ago +5

    Have we forgotten Son's solo vs Chelsea.

    • Fredy Sagala
      Fredy Sagala Month ago +2

      +Kenneth Flaming if you research more, they both from different country.

    • Kenneth Flaming
      Kenneth Flaming Month ago

      he is kim jung uns puppet, no respect for nuclear mafia

  • salahudin tarshi
    salahudin tarshi Month ago

    Not even close to Suarez's goal against betis

  • Alexandre Nabais
    Alexandre Nabais Month ago

    son vs chelsea better solo goal this season coming from a united fan

  • Sahiya Hassim
    Sahiya Hassim Month ago +5

    0:29 I remember
    His goal against Liverpool in the League Cup.

    • Matthew Clarke
      Matthew Clarke Month ago

      i agree bro way better watch it like 10 times today

  • Tighe Fowler
    Tighe Fowler Month ago

    This is so gold hahaha

  • Sean Of The Head
    Sean Of The Head Month ago +4

    La Liga has goals like that all the time!

  • Nathan Brown
    Nathan Brown Month ago

    200th like

  • steven clark
    steven clark Month ago

    It's a nightmare for sarri where do you find another hazard, exactly no where it's going to be a big job to try and fill his boots...

  • Tejada
    Tejada Month ago

    Son vs. Chelsea

  • Pranjal
    Pranjal Month ago +5

    Oh please! I'll agree that was a good goal. But Messi scores goals like those every other match. Just because hazard scores such kinda goal very LESS often makes it big of a deal compared to Messi scoring them every other match.
    And no way that's goal of the year.

    • Kyle Chambers
      Kyle Chambers Month ago

      Pranjal Annoying fanboys at it again.. I swear they're everywhere. Messi hasn't scored a solo goal anywhere near as good as this in years and more years.

    • Erwin Harrison
      Erwin Harrison Month ago

      +Pranjal take your own advice sir

    • Pranjal
      Pranjal Month ago +2

      +Dj Etha well I commented before watching the video. So it doesn't say EPL in the title. My bad. And I don't follow EPL much so can't say if it's best or not. But no way it's the BEST goal of the season.

    • Dj Etha
      Dj Etha Month ago +1

      +Pranjal lol I know but the question in the video says the best solo goal in epl....hence I don't know why you brought messi

    • Pranjal
      Pranjal Month ago

      +Dj Etha sigh, at least read the comment before replying.

  • DJ Toroc
    DJ Toroc Month ago

    He's virtually half Mexican hahahahaha

  • DJ Toroc
    DJ Toroc Month ago +1

    Swear Shaka gets high before he comes on these shows cause he is too giddy lmfao and then Burley is the ultimate troll

  • Mo
    Mo Month ago

    Crystal palace against man city earlier this season was a screamer . I don’t remember the player who scored but that was a hell of a goal

    • kenny
      kenny Month ago


  • Gaadiid Kompanie
    Gaadiid Kompanie Month ago

    hahaha... these guys are funny

  • Jim Grove
    Jim Grove Month ago +5

    Maybe "his" best solo goal, Messi does that week in week out!

    • Erwin Harrison
      Erwin Harrison Month ago

      +Jamie Cook not true

    • vhuyani skywalkermudau
      vhuyani skywalkermudau Month ago +1

      Nah he doesn't
      He has done that literally less than 5 times.

    • Jamie Cook
      Jamie Cook Month ago

      People saying not in the BPL... he does it against English teams every time he plays them? So I hope you’re not implying he couldn’t do it.

    • Jamie Cook
      Jamie Cook Month ago


  • Aaron Siva
    Aaron Siva Month ago

    heung min son plays golf i see

  • Russell Nyoni
    Russell Nyoni Month ago +6

    Anthony Martial v Fulham from his own half went past 5 players to Score his goal🤷🏽‍♂️🏅

  • StrikezTv
    StrikezTv Month ago +8

    Hirving Lozano can play in any team! There just haters

    • softwhere30
      softwhere30 Month ago

      +Candidin LT You sure about that? Sounds a lot more elaborate than what I've heard and makes sense.

    • chris rdz
      chris rdz Month ago

      Nathan Brown his teammates from his youth academy at Pachuca told him he had a scary face (basically they were playfully calling him Ugly) and that he had the same frown and teeth from the Chucky doll in the Child’s Play movie. Lozano ran with it and started scaring his teammates at nights at their bunks, and one day during a practice they started calling him Chucky and asked if he was alright with that nickname, and he agreed. The rest is history.

    • Candidin LT
      Candidin LT Month ago

      +Nathan Brown softwhere30 Its because when he was in Pachucas youth squad he would Like to prank and scare his teammates

    • softwhere30
      softwhere30 Month ago

      +Miguel Munoz Lozano should play in the Serie A, he'll find out if he's cut out for the ManUni if he plays in the Italian league first.

    • Miguel Munoz
      Miguel Munoz Month ago +1

      Will see if he regains his form 🤷‍♂️🐸☕️ Lozano is younger faster and has more upside just common sense

  • Juan Leon
    Juan Leon Month ago +2

    The hispanic host needs to shrug things off his constant confrontation with the others made the segment awkward

  • xCaptxCrunchx
    xCaptxCrunchx Month ago +7

    That thumbnail is Legendary

  • xChaleur
    xChaleur Month ago

    Just wait and see messi best it in few days

  • Muhammad Ali Waheed
    Muhammad Ali Waheed Month ago +49

    These comedians have keen interest in football

    • Giga Ware
      Giga Ware Month ago

      +Vishaal Venugopal I mean theres only that much space in england and espn is very reputable. To top it off youre neither a footballer nor a pundit youre just a dick

    • Vishaal Venugopal
      Vishaal Venugopal Month ago

      trash footballers who aren't good enough pundits to cut it in england

  • Rarezas
    Rarezas Month ago +2

    Lmao this clip is gold 😂😂

  • Catalan Don
    Catalan Don Month ago +10

    I just love Craig Burly 🤣🤣

    • david
      david Month ago +1

      +Zayne Zz good one

    • A107
      A107 Month ago +1

      He’s a fucking dick

    • Zayne Zz
      Zayne Zz Month ago

      He has no bias.

  • Jajel22
    Jajel22 Month ago

    Craig is racist

  • grimgorlefort
    grimgorlefort Month ago +2

    Lol maybe in EPL but ben arfa did better a week ago. And messi did better 2 or 3 times this year

  • Thomas Muller
    Thomas Muller Month ago +2

    The West Ham defenders just stood still, he just had to run through

    • Thomas Muller
      Thomas Muller Month ago

      I’ve done it playing at the high level of Sunday league, I’ve done better to be honest

    • Dj Etha
      Dj Etha Month ago

      Lolol please go and do it and show us

  • morgengabe1
    morgengabe1 Month ago

    I think it's unlikely that players are watching for cameras when exchanging words with one another tbh.

    • Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD
      Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD Month ago +1

      Ikr. The players care way too much about getting a foul and will say anything to get it just because they felt some sort of contact. It's ridiculous but it's the sad reality.

  • Oswaldo Jacobo
    Oswaldo Jacobo Month ago +1

    Chucky Lozano will play for Man U

    • softwhere30
      softwhere30 Month ago

      I'd rather him not do that right now, I don't think he'll do well. In the future perhaps.

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic Month ago +2

    Hazards goal was 30% skill, 70% West Ham defenders standing stiff from wanking pre match.

    • daniele kyere
      daniele kyere Month ago

      If it were Messi who scored this goal in that softest league also called farmers league, you would be the first person to call him the goat😂😂😂 hypocrisy at the highest level

    • Zlatan Ibrahimovic
      Zlatan Ibrahimovic Month ago

      Not saying this as a rival, just saying it cuz it's a fact. That's the kind of defending you'd see in the MLS, not even Ligue 1 (I would know)

  • Paulino Gonzales
    Paulino Gonzales Month ago +6

    Bruh shakas laugh 😂

  • Raymond Grima
    Raymond Grima Month ago +30

    Is it a coincidence that Steve goes missing from the program when Chelsea do good?

    • steven clark
      steven clark Month ago

      +Aniket Aryan haha cool cheers for calling me mother fucker lol so what did you say on the other comment , it's Hindi slang plus it's one of 22 languages in India...had never heard of it but it's cool cheers..

    • steven clark
      steven clark Month ago +1

      +Aniket Aryan yes well done I haven't got a clue what you your saying lol ...

    • steven clark
      steven clark Month ago +1

      Haha don't start with the conspiracy theories,he had been on nine days in a row last week.

  • Please Continue
    Please Continue Month ago +3

    It’s either that or the Son goal, ironically, against Chelsea.

    • WorldIsFilledB
      WorldIsFilledB Month ago +1

      Please Continue son not as good, he ran by Jorginho but that isn’t that impressive but no hate on son but that goal is not better than hazards

  • lalo38th
    lalo38th Month ago +1

    Shaka and Eric are morons.

  • Philippe Dagouassat
    Philippe Dagouassat Month ago +2

    Ben Arfa does much better with more players around...he did it again last weekend

    • Philippe Dagouassat
      Philippe Dagouassat Month ago

      +Erwin Harrison what has he done against France ? At least he s been given a chance to play for his national team. It took him about 30 caps before starting to play decently with Belgium

    • Erwin Harrison
      Erwin Harrison Month ago

      Hazard has done it against Brazil and France in the world cup ...sooo try again

    • Philippe Dagouassat
      Philippe Dagouassat Month ago +2

      +Fariston he did in the past with Newcastle before he gets his leg destroyed by De Jong

    • Fariston
      Fariston Month ago +1

      Not in EPL

  • Blue Chief
    Blue Chief Month ago +8

    Hazard gameplan:

    ✓ Play well and score nice goal to get teams interested in him.
    ⭕ Get big money move to Real Madrid
    ⭕ Go back to mediocrity.

    • mahip mahanta
      mahip mahanta Month ago

      +WorldIsFilledB, the message was, there have been many eg's like this that have backfired in the past,kaka and michael owen(2 ballon do'r winners) weren't average players either,read properly next time

    • mahip mahanta
      mahip mahanta Month ago

      +WorldIsFilledB, You Idiot, Hazard is obviously not mediocre but the moment he steps inside madrid, he's going to have all the pressure in the universe, he must not only adapt instantly to a new league but also have to perform at a very high level as a routine. They already have players like Isco and Asensio is his position,the moment he underperforms and Hazard has limited time too, now that hes 28, it's not necessarily the best move for him.

    • WorldIsFilledB
      WorldIsFilledB Month ago

      mahip mahanta he’s calling hazard mediocre, you really take him seriously? Lol

    • WorldIsFilledB
      WorldIsFilledB Month ago

      mahip mahanta award for most stupid person, congratulations

    • mahip mahanta
      mahip mahanta Month ago +1

      +WorldIsFilledB,But his message is clear, that's not a troll.

  • RIP Belge
    RIP Belge Month ago


  • A. Ortega
    A. Ortega Month ago

    Man these guys r fucking slacks .

  • Azariah Micha
    Azariah Micha Month ago +24

    Wow I loved the thumbnail

  • Stuart Penman
    Stuart Penman Month ago +4

    Why is dan from VEEP allowed on this show?

  • Junsu Kang
    Junsu Kang Month ago

    i can't remember hahahah

  • Javier Sosa
    Javier Sosa Month ago +1