• Published on Jun 16, 2019
    We are addicted to our phones because you can have access nearly to everything in the world. That’s why we frequently check, phones have a lot of useful functions. For example, you don’t need to buy an expensive camera as you have it in your pocket. Watch this video and find cool tricks on how to make incredible photos, how to make cook and inexpensive phone cases and funny phone moments every girl and boy can relate to.
    You will love the compilation of funny scenes we prepared. Everybody has a friend who talks for hours to the phone and it’s a very annoying moment as you want to spend your time with a friend but she wants to discuss something with boyfriend. Low battery is a really scary situation especially if you are out shopping and need to call your friend to meet. Always check your battery or have a power bank in a bag.
    Be crafty and make cool phone cases by your hand. You won’t need expensive supplies. I love flamingoes as they are so beautiful and elegant. Let’s make a phone case with a flamingo on it. You will need a piece of felt to cut out a flamingo. Use pink yarn to make a pom-pom and glue it to the felt flamingo. Let dry and then glue the flamingo to the phone case. Stress reliever phone cases are so cool! You can easily make a phone case with a squishy egg. Firstly, take your plastic phone case and make a circle using a hot glue gun, let dry and cover with white nail polish. After that take a balloon, cut half and insert a slime. After that glue the balloon in the center of the circle.
    00:09 How to make cool photos
    03:25 Adorable DIY phone cases
    04:10 Squishy egg phone cover
    06:30 Flamingo phone cover
    12:58 Low battery nightmare
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