Breaking News: Turkey captures 100 Daesh terrorists released by YPG

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • Some breaking news coming in to us now from the Turkish President who says of the 700 daesh prisoners released by the YPG 100 have been caputred by Turkish military.

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  • warum egal
    warum egal 24 days ago

    Turkey is a long time protected terorist

  • Herman Moore
    Herman Moore Month ago

    Turkey in the beginning were facilitating ISIS/DAESH by allowing them to transit through Turkey to Syria - Turkey was also buying oil from ISIS/DAESH - Remember all the Tanker truck convoys that were leaving Syria and entering Turkey. People should remember the Turkey has the 2nd largest military in EU/NATO after the USA.............No one will be messing with the Turks.

  • Khabib Mohammed
    Khabib Mohammed Month ago

    All I know is that the American govt. wants to create another terrorists organization

  • affendi ithnin
    affendi ithnin Month ago

    Trump knew and he said Turkey was attacked by PKK many times by the borders and killed many Turkey but Media always hide the Truth! Turkey have been patience enough for so many years. Its not wrong for Turkey President to make a safe zone to protect his people. Trump mentioned all these in his recent speech few days ago.


    Trt world is biased media channel

  • may _ lay trucker
    may _ lay trucker Month ago

    1000 bro 100 of them turkish citizen, rest from other countries will be sent back to where they came from...!!

  • asif raza swat
    asif raza swat Month ago

    May Allah Protect Turkey

  • Dark Dan
    Dark Dan Month ago

    The zionist backed trump administration will own the re emergence of daesh....

  • ahmad khalid
    ahmad khalid Month ago

    thousands of ISIS fighters went to Turkey from Raqqa, how come you say Turkey has been thought with ISIS ?? check it on RU-clip as (secret deal)

  • Badleeshah Ghani
    Badleeshah Ghani Month ago

    Those international Daesh terrorists captured back by Turkey military were initially sent by Turkey into Syria to topple Bashar Assad. Turkey and US funded them, supplied them with heavy weapons and now Turkey just simply pretended that those Daesh terrorists are enemies. They will come back to Syria from Turkey. I am dead sure of that

  • Tim Gib
    Tim Gib Month ago +2

    Erdogan captured them so that he can "rehabilitate" them. The rest of the world knows exactly what that really means. Erdogan = ISIS.

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man Month ago

    Take them to Ankara and release them on the streets...

  • Dawood Ahmed
    Dawood Ahmed Month ago +1

    You mean turkey saved 100 isis.. They were in prison before .. TRT

  • Waryaa TV
    Waryaa TV Month ago

    Long live Turkey...

  • Masood Ansari
    Masood Ansari Month ago +2


  • Tim Baxter
    Tim Baxter Month ago +7

    It's amazing how deash and so called isis never attacks Israel

    • diploma propo
      diploma propo Month ago

      Isis prime agenda was to progressively and successively spread sharia. They would first aim at Turkey and Lebanon before even Isreal.

  • Muhibur Rahman
    Muhibur Rahman Month ago

    Lot,s of love and affection from Bangladesh

  • juma mnumbwa
    juma mnumbwa Month ago +1

    All those captured daesh are Israelis who went to accupie Syria they there with their families to conquer and stay forever greater Israel's plan

  • GRK TV
    GRK TV Month ago

    There is no solid proof that! They been release by YPG! Well they might be escape! After you starting invading Syria and YPG need to defends theirs borders.

    • Edderis Hussien
      Edderis Hussien Month ago +1

      Go through all of the videos bro. You are not stupid right?

  • S K
    S K Month ago +2

    Well done . They were released on time to fight turkey militia and they are captured on time ...👍🏻

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    The true name is the mujahdeen not daesh terrorist whose call them terrorist are terrorist most of them already in heaven with 70 Virgins women

  • outline
    outline Month ago

    No video? Total bs

  • outline
    outline Month ago

    mongols cut your taqiyya. Daesh are your best friends

  • Al al-rashid
    Al al-rashid Month ago +1

    Please, send Daesh to Israel...

  • D Rai
    D Rai Month ago +1

    TURKEY and erdogan are sponsors of isis bacause of there best friend Pakistan who created them just like al qaida and taliban!! FREE KURDISTAN FREE CYPRUS FREE 100.000 GULEN PEOPLE FREE PKK FROM FACIST TURKEY AND ALL 10.000 JOURNALIST FROM TORTURE AND RAPE

  • Payman Lucas
    Payman Lucas Month ago +2

    Bulshit erdugan is a isis ledar and he creating them

  • Boris Erdogan
    Boris Erdogan Month ago +5

    You won't see this reported in western media. Just fake news.

  • muzammil shaikh
    muzammil shaikh Month ago +5

    Alhamdulilah a major breakthrough victory in cleaning area and prime objective for Turkey in operation peace spring.

    • dean yilmaz
      dean yilmaz Month ago +1

      @Adil Asic Shut your eurotrash mouth you zionrat, we all know united snakes & israhell is the isis masters & sponsers.

    • Adil Asic
      Adil Asic Month ago

      Turkey is ISIS

  • Snow Moon
    Snow Moon Month ago +1

    Change their minds..find out their origins .n send them to their parents..if no thm.

    • General Guile
      General Guile Month ago

      Yh cause thats what happen to German generals after ww2. They was set free.(sarcasm)
      They should be executed on the spot.

  • Adil Asic
    Adil Asic Month ago

    Fortunately I live in country where Erdogan can't imprison me

  • Adil Asic
    Adil Asic Month ago

    Syrian National Army is worse than ISIS

    • Mert Şanal
      Mert Şanal Month ago +2

      @Adil Asic What a quality talk. Thanks that's what I would expect from this conversation. 👏👏👋

    • Adil Asic
      Adil Asic Month ago

      @Mert Şanal I have MBA with the focus on finance. I know about Turkish position. It's not that brilliant....

    • Mert Şanal
      Mert Şanal Month ago +2

      @Adil Asic You don't even know me how do you know my priorities?

  • Adil Asic
    Adil Asic Month ago


  • Adil Asic
    Adil Asic Month ago

    Ahahah while berar albaryak was buying isis oil

  • Vasfi Gümüş
    Vasfi Gümüş Month ago

    Weren't PKK / SDF formed to destroy Daesh (so called ISIS)? Democratic fighters fight Democratically? Or they are merely being used to serve globalist Zionist propaganda?

  • I M
    I M Month ago

    Too bad you have to give more than 120hours to Israel and America for reestablishing ISIS in Syria

  • Altair Ayaz
    Altair Ayaz Month ago +6

    Allah razi olsun

  • O5-9 Dark Phoenix
    O5-9 Dark Phoenix Month ago +7

    As a British person can I join the Turkish Army?

    • General Guile
      General Guile Month ago +2

      If you seek refuge in Turkey they would take you as a Turkish citizen thus giving you eligibility to join their Army.
      In the Ottoman days the elite fighting force was the European Jannessey.

    • Mert Şanal
      Mert Şanal Month ago +1

      @O5-9 Dark Phoenix I believe not, but you should find it out by yourself. Who am I to judge.

    • O5-9 Dark Phoenix
      O5-9 Dark Phoenix Month ago +1

      Mert Şanal Ah Okay. Does TRT World lie?

    • Mert Şanal
      Mert Şanal Month ago +2

      @O5-9 Dark Phoenix You can just research and not believe every news on European television, because most of the time when it comes to Turkey they lie about this issue, showing false footages etc. You know.

    • O5-9 Dark Phoenix
      O5-9 Dark Phoenix Month ago +1

      Mert Şanal What truth is It?

  • M Aadil
    M Aadil Month ago +5

    Long live turkey

  • nico guckstdu
    nico guckstdu Month ago +1

    Lol sounds like Wehrmacht propaganda

    • Mert Şanal
      Mert Şanal Month ago +1

      Yep this is what Europe and some Us news do now.

  • SSS
    SSS Month ago

    Let's reveal the true secret!

  • pheonix pyramid
    pheonix pyramid Month ago +14

    Turky is doing what US citizen wanted US to do.

  • Namlas Yruhdwohc
    Namlas Yruhdwohc Month ago +36

    Shame on the arab governments, cowards are scared of US and Israel

  • Noushad Mohammad
    Noushad Mohammad Month ago +9

    Well done turkey👌 🇶🇦❤️🇹🇷

  • Khabib Mohammed
    Khabib Mohammed Month ago +7

    Let peace reign!!!

  • A K
    A K Month ago +1

    Allahu Akbar
    Yalghaar ho

  • Marco Paganotto
    Marco Paganotto Month ago

    Training them up to send them back in to Syria

  • AngryZombie808
    AngryZombie808 Month ago

    I hope Abu Hajaar & friends surrender peacefully to the T-SNA

  • Black Gold
    Black Gold Month ago

    They're going to ship then to yemen to drag iran and hezbollah into a war.

  • Siamend Nassan
    Siamend Nassan Month ago +1

    ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻 Her biji YPG AND YPJ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻. ROJAVA

    • Mert Şanal
      Mert Şanal Month ago +3

      Form your Rojava somewhere else. Or Tsk will do it in the hell. To be exact in 5 days!

    • Cyka Blyad
      Cyka Blyad Month ago +1

      @yaşa ahahhahsusbhashjsbs

    • yaşa
      yaşa Month ago +8

      1000s of your buddies are now maggot meat! God is GREAT!

  • Arbjon Shehu
    Arbjon Shehu Month ago +6

    The americans alliance are them ,like pkk. americans are not there to finish war,they are founders of war,under Zionists plan.

  • Silver Ranger
    Silver Ranger Month ago +10

    Go turkish👍

  • Bani Saho
    Bani Saho Month ago

    YPG terrorists have given ISIS terrorists safe passage to their masters in Israel. No surprise eh?

  • Stuart Penman
    Stuart Penman Month ago

    LOL and people believe this?More fake news yawn

    ADHNAN ABDU RASHEED Month ago +12


  • Wanderer
    Wanderer Month ago +1

    Pride of Christianity turks are real Christian

  • Ã J
    Ã J Month ago +44

    America is scared of Turkey's operations

    • G-Unit
      G-Unit 25 days ago

      Turkey is a joke

    • Khabib Mohammed
      Khabib Mohammed Month ago

      Lol...What a joke

    • 405 BOY
      405 BOY Month ago

      @williejames huff He wasn't meaning on a military way. He was kind of pointing more towards sanctions and their economy.. I will admit, he probably spoke to widely but he never meant in a war..

    • williejames huff
      williejames huff Month ago

      No trump said he will destroy turkey 🦃

    • 405 BOY
      405 BOY Month ago +1

      What part of the Turkish operation is America scared of?

  • TurkishPlayer1923
    TurkishPlayer1923 Month ago +1

    💪🇹🇷 fuck=PKK/YPG/DAESH

  • Gold rush
    Gold rush Month ago +15

    We need ertugrul and his team ti sort this mess out

    • Gold rush
      Gold rush Month ago +1

      @General Guile you should immigrate to the north pole, it's about white for you...

    • General Guile
      General Guile Month ago

      Many Bengalis and Pakistanis should immigrate to Turkey

    • Bora Balcı
      Bora Balcı Month ago +2

      @Gold rush thank you so much brother..!

    • Gold rush
      Gold rush Month ago +1

      @Bora Balcı long live islam and the turkey brotherhood..

    • Bora Balcı
      Bora Balcı Month ago +2

      @AngryZombie808 and you stfu ziopig..! Your end is coming soon..! Not in Disney .. in real world..!

  • Rahul uddin Rajbarbhuiya

    Good Turkey good really great president of Turkish Rajab Tayyabe erodagan and good decision you take care for United State of America she is big cancer in world United State of America she is support for ypg and pkk I think you understand for Turkish people thank you

  • Swad Bodhy
    Swad Bodhy Month ago +3

    They were dumped on the Turkish army...!!!