Paul George Celebrates Joining Clippers With Kawhi Leonard & NBA Players React!

  • Published on Jul 6, 2019
  • Paul George Celebrates Joining Clippers With Kawhi Leonard & NBA Players React!
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Comments • 2 393

  • Nelt
    Nelt 19 days ago

    you are not welcome here

  • The Evil
    The Evil 2 months ago

    OKC should be trading Steve Adams to the Clippers so they get more younger players that are playoffs ready.

  • Maniac Rider
    Maniac Rider 4 months ago

    Clippers players, you better watch out or he'll be fuckin your ol lady before you no it. Don't believe me? Ask Roy Hibbert. Piece of shit.

  • cjsligo Jones
    cjsligo Jones 4 months ago

    So I'm sure Kawhi is going to get all that guff for stacking a team the way KD did right???

  • Edgar E. McCarthy
    Edgar E. McCarthy 4 months ago

    Lakers still got the better picks of 2019. We run LA!!!

  • Adrian Hernandez.J
    Adrian Hernandez.J 4 months ago

    Westbrook will have a 69/35/40 on the first encounter with clippers

  • The Blacktop
    The Blacktop 4 months ago

    I think i should of put Paul George higher on my list.

  • SteadyROK
    SteadyROK 4 months ago

    Loser clippahs.

  • Elite Builds
    Elite Builds 4 months ago +2

    Drake:can I get the dip
    Kawhi: let me get the “chip” so I can dip” and go to the “clips”😂

  • MrMrL2K
    MrMrL2K 4 months ago

    DON’T Believe the hype ! ... People shouldn’t be so quick to POST like Patrick Beverley ??? ... You haven’t played a game yet Bro ??? ... Relax

  • Ghost WOW
    Ghost WOW 4 months ago +1

    Yeeeee I get free Carry

  • Grisel Delgado
    Grisel Delgado 4 months ago

    Pg said he coming home.imagine liking the clippers in la when they got ad and lebron and boogie imagine f the clippers pg and Kawhi

  • Kypros Economides
    Kypros Economides 4 months ago

    What a rape job by OKC. 5 first rounders, 2 swaps and 2 good players....going to trade russ now and stock up even more.

  • Israel Carrasco
    Israel Carrasco 4 months ago

    Two snakes

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 4 months ago

    Yeah he's celebrating now until he realizes he plays for the Clippers it's okay at least he can see the Lakers from Clippers locker room maybe he could check out all those banners the Clippers won oh wait nevermind they have to take those down for home games on the Clippers there aren't any at least he is coming home too bad he doesn't get to play for the Lakers Clippers need to go get their own damn Arena go back to San Diego that's why they're called the Clippers in the first place they need to go take their name and apply it back to San Diego or change their name to the l a redheaded stepchilds they're never getting a chip as long as you're playing for the Clippers the best you can do is the conference simi's with luck

  • Shaheed Austin
    Shaheed Austin 4 months ago

    PG you so Trash!! SMH the clippers.. lol good luck Bro.. Fake Ass. I see why you didn't come to the Lakers and choose to stay with Russ?🤔🤔😂 Fake! Lol that's why Laker fans ran Dwight Howard out of town! And Yes Sir you are 1 step above the Dwight Howard.. take a good look cuz thats your future.. in my (Buddy Love Voice) 🙈🙊😂🤔😂😂!

  • kitty NM
    kitty NM 4 months ago

    Bout to be so many Clippers fans 😂😂

  • Babila Dinga
    Babila Dinga 4 months ago

    Lou will and Pat Bev probably be out there fucking it up 😂😂. Two wild ass niggas 💀

  • Bogs Binny
    Bogs Binny 4 months ago

    Magic Johnson fucked up big time

  • CamThe Man
    CamThe Man 4 months ago

    Kawhi really got the raptors a "chip" and then gave them the "dip"

  • L-e-gendary
    L-e-gendary 4 months ago

    Thunder fucked up when they burned that bridge with KD lol. KD could have now come back to them after Championship.

  • Aflex1481
    Aflex1481 4 months ago

    Kevin Love got the nerve, all that stat padding he was doing in Minn. What a guy. lol

  • Isaac Belluomini
    Isaac Belluomini 4 months ago

    As a Warrior fan, and someone who loves competition. I love this off-season. Tbh I'm kinda glad KD was gone. Tbh I think Steph forgot how to be the man and they don't run enough if their original offense. Don't get me wrong KD is top 2 easily, but I don't think KD ever fit with the Warriors and the sour feelings would have fractured the team more. But I love that hopefully next year but especially 20-21, Nets, 76ers, Bucks, Warriors, Lakers, Clippers, and sounds crazy, but Jazz could field teams that represent their team in the finals. I don't think going to 5 straight finals for the Warriors and 8 straight before last year for LeBron can keep them out of the race. The warriors can get to a title but they have to be able to play better D and be more consistent. But I kinda hope for an all LA WFC next year. Don't get me wrong I would love for the Warriors to win the championship but I think next year they're not going to make it to the Conference Finals because there are too many players that are new. Only five are returning from last year's team one of which is hurt. All those players are young and I think the Warriors need rest. So taking that into consideration I think the most exciting Western Conference Finals would be between the Clippers and Lakers and I absolutely hate the Lakers. B1

  • ZB
    ZB 4 months ago +1

    Kevin Love tweets has me rollin 😂

    • Aflex1481
      Aflex1481 4 months ago

      Mr stat padder himself mad no1 wants him anymore.

  • Saviourself
    Saviourself 4 months ago

    people from cali are so fuckin soft

  • Jan Jan
    Jan Jan 4 months ago


  • TheSpidaMan
    TheSpidaMan 4 months ago +1

    0:27 what is that song name?

  • Michelle Vargas
    Michelle Vargas 4 months ago

    Boring ass New Balance wearing Kawhi with PG13......yeah, no chemistry there. Kawhi is a weirdo. Doc has a lot of work cut out for himself.

  • Lul Dee
    Lul Dee 4 months ago +1

    He threw up big GD at the beginning 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Marcus the Darkness
    Marcus the Darkness 4 months ago

    Giannis has gone from MVP on a title-contending team to no chance at a title next season...there are too many teams with dynamic duos and he's still by himself.

  • Alberto De La Cruz
    Alberto De La Cruz 4 months ago

    These fool still got nothin on the LBJ and AD plus KUZ !!!!! COME ON MAN

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 4 months ago

    Still gonna lose to the Lakers.

  • Rizky Rival
    Rizky Rival 4 months ago

    Finally.. Pacers 2011 will happened 😉

  • rice farmer
    rice farmer 4 months ago

    Westbrook stats:
    124 PPG
    45 REB
    10 AST
    79% FG
    63% 3PT
    99.5% FT
    8 seed gets eliminated first round

  • Ronnie Rodriguez
    Ronnie Rodriguez 4 months ago

    PG sure was quick to leave okc but just a year ago he didnt even give the lakers an interview Haha clippers doht have a chance anyways

  • Pyruvate
    Pyruvate 4 months ago +2

    Now everyones gonna say "My great great great grandfather lived in California which I why I like the clippers"

  • Ronnie Rodriguez
    Ronnie Rodriguez 4 months ago

    I dont see how LAC have a better roster?????

  • Daniel Burlachenko
    Daniel Burlachenko 4 months ago +1

    Fuckin snake

  • Wi Fi
    Wi Fi 4 months ago

    Kawhi just Thanosed the entire league. Let there be balance.

  • Deshawn Jones
    Deshawn Jones 4 months ago

    Fuck Drake!!!

  • counter546
    counter546 4 months ago

    Fuck Kawhi

    DJROMAXTION S 4 months ago

    fool ya fool u think any of u gonna win a championship cuz of ur lil collabs lol thats what miami heat when they first started said u think its that easy some muthafuks always trying to ice skate up hill

  • Wildfire
    Wildfire 4 months ago

    The way PG is celebrating just seems off... like damn son, you just dipped on Russ and blew up the whole team yet you're out here clowning?
    Hope you never fuckin win tbh.

    SALTY_ EYEZ 4 months ago

    Much more than usual

  • I Hate people
    I Hate people 4 months ago

    Fuck paul George.

    ALL MONEY IN 4LIFE 4 months ago

    Haha , y'all really think clippers finna run shit??? LeBron and Anthony smoking a cigar laughing to this shit 😂😂

  • Underrated 77
    Underrated 77 4 months ago

    One killa coming to the Clippers is troubling enough but two killas? Aww man watch out now

  • Bouchey Jaboe
    Bouchey Jaboe 4 months ago

    Rudy gobert funny as hell with his crybaby ass 😂

  • caveloc
    caveloc 4 months ago

    I don't blame PG-13, but who I do blame is Westbrook & Sam Presti.

  • Jesse Gallardo
    Jesse Gallardo 4 months ago +1

    PG told Westbrook fuck you I'm going with Kawhi PG ain't so loyal now right Westbrook PG injury prone

  • Antshmoney
    Antshmoney 4 months ago

    Damn Kyrie and KD wow what a dream come true but I heard kd going to the injured tho hope I get to see him fit into this with Kyrie and I heard cousins is with the Lakers now yo wtf the NBA going to be dumb lit 🔥

  • Lil Jaden
    Lil Jaden 4 months ago +1

    Paul George a snake like Kevin durant 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  • John McCulloch
    John McCulloch 4 months ago

    What does this say about the league? PG was in his 1st year of a 4 year contract, why would teams sign guys any longer than 1 year? OKC season ticket holders bought expecting a competitive team now will watch a team that is significantly less than that

  • Nazz Mohamed
    Nazz Mohamed 4 months ago

    KAWHI: I’m a fun guy always leave a team hanging don’t get comfortable LA

  • Brian D
    Brian D 4 months ago

    Russ not staying in OKC..why would he.. to wait for drafts?

  • Preston Gamer
    Preston Gamer 4 months ago


  • Michael Neil Valencia
    Michael Neil Valencia 4 months ago

    Kevin Love is busy tweeting while his team is rotting!

  • Aitami Doe
    Aitami Doe 4 months ago +1

    Sorry Paul George but this was weak. Kawhi posted you up & made a face, then sink a jumper on you. Then you wanna go join him ☹️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Jerry Manubag
    Jerry Manubag 4 months ago

    Kevin love would great addition to clippers

  • Austin Martineau
    Austin Martineau 4 months ago +2

    Kawhi and Kevin Durant made the biggest mistakes of their careers. They will NEVER go to another finals again.