The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Versus - Episode 21

  • Published on Jul 20, 2017
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    Welcome to Twilight Princess HD Versus!
    - In this series, the goal is to get to the end of the game with the fastest time. Time will be counted from the beginning of each episode to the time we stop playing, meaning that the time you see at the top of the screen and in the endslate are the most accurate representation of who is in the lead.
    - The progress bar at the bottom shows the general order in which items may be obtained and events may be triggered.
    - This will be 100%, excluding Miiverse stamps and Poe Souls. However, the first 20 Poe Souls will be obtained for the Bottle.
    Enjoy the series! Don't forget to like and comment!
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Comments • 141

  • Versus
    Versus  Year ago +48

    This is music to my ear flaps

  • J.J. Shank
    J.J. Shank 19 days ago

    I don't know why, but seeing Josh wander around, panicking and swearing under his breath and generally freaking THE FUCK out really pissed me off for some reason. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood.

  • Chris B
    Chris B 5 months ago

    There is like 40 people last named Dyke in my school lmao if not more i only know of like 35

  • The Shockinator 1000
    The Shockinator 1000 10 months ago

    i don't like how attackingtucans and joshjepson both taking the mickey about the words acturately and ashley because my real name is ashley and listening to this episode made me feel like my name which many others in the open who have the same name as me might be feeling abused even though they are just only having a laugh

  • Albe Van Hanoy
    Albe Van Hanoy Year ago

    Who's the girl next door living in the haunted mansion?
    "...You better know my name because it's AAACTUALLY!!!!!"

  • Albe Van Hanoy
    Albe Van Hanoy Year ago

    Tyler was 20 minutes behind, and now, he's only 8 minutes and 15 seconds behind. That's some really intense catching up.

  • xxdudeyy Dude
    xxdudeyy Dude Year ago

    'Twilight Incest' ROFL

  • Miwer1000
    Miwer1000 Year ago

    scar named himself scar. it's not his real name

  • Shekelstein
    Shekelstein Year ago +2

    "i think its 300 rupees" oh you poor innocent man

  • Shadow Samus
    Shadow Samus Year ago

    I wonder if they patched the glitch with the bridge of eldin too...

  • Kuri B
    Kuri B Year ago

    It really depends on the person, but people's tastes generally mature as they mature.
    Like, in high school, I was weirded out about guys who were as young as their early twenties. I wanted to keep things in my immediate age range. After high school, I eased up on the age thing, and was more open to guys who were a few years older, but still was weirded out by a big age difference. Now that I'm in my mid 20s, I've jumped up to liking guys in their mid 30s, but even still I'm weirded out by larger age gaps. And my interests are probably going to change as time goes by.

  • Noj Jon
    Noj Jon Year ago

    As a Jon, I hated the word Gone in middle school

  • (Rhyme)
    (Rhyme) Year ago

    They're called Oocca! Oocoo is the specific one you find in dungeons.

  • Euclidean Alexis
    Euclidean Alexis Year ago

    Scar's name was not originally Scar, it was Taka, as revealed in the book 'A Tale of Two Brothers'. So sick of people making the joke about Scar being evil because of his name. It's not his name! No one in their right mind would name their kid Scar, he chose to change his name to Scar!

  • Gabe Grant
    Gabe Grant Year ago

    Features and bugs to fix aren't the same thing. If you put out a game, then update it with new features that's cool, but if you release a game that's broken and requires updates to fix it, that's not cool...

  • The Matty Heeny
    The Matty Heeny Year ago

    When you're 12 you're attracted to 12 year old but when you're 20 you're attracted to other 20 year olds (at least I hope you aren't still attracted to 12 year olds when you are 20) so I guess it would make sense for 80 year olds being attracted to other 80 year olds

  • Carson Griffin
    Carson Griffin Year ago

    OMG I have a seamen friend too

  • Para
    Para Year ago

    The discussion you had in the beginning was basically what Splatoon is

  • Mr. Jeffrey
    Mr. Jeffrey Year ago

    Please do a blind Splatoon 2 versus, its only fitting because you did the first blind. (Like if you agree!)

  • Jon R
    Jon R Year ago

    It could be deja vu but I swear Josh has said "boo" before only to get ignored and then cries when he can't scare Tyler, I swear I've heard that same back and forth before

  • RDS LPs
    RDS LPs Year ago +1

    The thing with Wii U games being ported to Switch, is if almost all the games are being ported, what was the point of owning a Wii U? Like you guys said, the games are having things added to them, AND it's portable. Just makes me annoyed because I spent money on the Wii U, when I could get vastly superior versions of these games.

  • Catherine Krahn
    Catherine Krahn Year ago

    Mufasa 2: Electric Boogaloo

  • Anthony Costa
    Anthony Costa Year ago

    I really miss the shenanigan and hoopla from Super Mario Sunshine Vs. OG

  • Charlie Mayberg
    Charlie Mayberg Year ago

    The bird people things!!!! They remind me of the enemies in parasite eve 2

  • Yukinari
    Yukinari Year ago

    Id like to see you suffer through the Cave of Shadows too. Cave of Ordeals is much easier.

  • Matthew Dyke
    Matthew Dyke Year ago

    I really enjoy when they release games with less content at the start, allows for bug testing, and the consistent releasing of content throughout the game's lifespan helps keep the game relevant and keeps it interesting. Like Breath of the Wild for instance!

  • _Galaxia_
    _Galaxia_ Year ago

    Are loser challenges still a thing?
    Also is it possible to recommend games to versus anywhere?

    • _Galaxia_
      _Galaxia_ Year ago

      He *literally* said it? Well it's serious then.

    • John Smith
      John Smith Year ago

      _Galaxia_ they are but Josh literally said on stream he isn't doing them because he doesn't want to, and Tyler is all caught up on his

  • tsukinoakuma
    tsukinoakuma Year ago

    Oh god, Splatoon 2 portability.
    I might actually finish the solo campaign now.

  • TeamAquaLeaderArchy

    4 min behind josh but also have the hookshot so its pretty close

  • Anthony
    Anthony Year ago

    Josh's audio seems delayed...

  • GDmetallic
    GDmetallic Year ago

    Okay concerning that ashley actually thing.
    my name is "Kai" and every time somebody says "hi" or " bye" im like: WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME ? oh...

  • TeamAquaLeaderArchy

    Mufasa means like great one or something like that scars real name was taka meaning trash :/ so of course he was gonna b evil. He also got his scar in a buffalo stampede that mufasa was involved in as well, coincidence? ;3

  • Sirrantsalot
    Sirrantsalot Year ago

    7:35 I never knew that as I had never saved in that room or had to.
    15:33 If that were my last name I'd change it right away.

  • Dustin Mayfield
    Dustin Mayfield Year ago

    Scars actual name is tauka.

  • KiKYO
    KiKYO Year ago +15

    omg.. that was me who said that at 4:20! I'm dying!!!!

    • Albe Van Hanoy
      Albe Van Hanoy Year ago

      Who's the girl next door living in the haunted mansion?
      "...You better know my name because it's AAACTUALLY!!!!!"

    • Adresadini
      Adresadini Year ago

      actuashley ....

    • D3-LL
      D3-LL Year ago +1

      If it makes you feel any better, I think Ashley is an awesome name for a girl.

    • KiKYO
      KiKYO Year ago +3

      and..... I'm changing my name

  • Kevin Dijkstra
    Kevin Dijkstra Year ago

    josh voice delayed?

  • Riley Ninja
    Riley Ninja Year ago

    Hi my name is who my name is hey my name is high

  • BlueToad10
    BlueToad10 Year ago

    like like actually

  • Ashley Valoff
    Ashley Valoff Year ago

    Tyler your killing me xD

  • FamilyFriendlyLP
    FamilyFriendlyLP Year ago

    I loved the Jimmy Neutron movie when I was a kid too. Since I am the same age as Josh and Tyler that makes sense. My favorite line is when Ooblar welcomes the toast to their ship

  • Carter Murphy
    Carter Murphy Year ago

    Josh's rupee count is the first time I've been worried this whole versus. Edit: WHY DID THEY CUT IT SHORT I NEED MY 30 MINS

  • ilovevirtualconsole

    Great video!

  • jeffreyzilla
    jeffreyzilla Year ago +17

    I think the audio is a little desynced. Or I'm just stupid. Or both, and I would guess that's the case.

    • _Galaxia_
      _Galaxia_ Year ago +1

      It's delayed.

    • Ssj Ichigo
      Ssj Ichigo Year ago +4

      its probably both, the audio is a bit off to me too, but at the same time, I don't know you very well, so you could be dumb, so if you feel like you are, more power to you

  • Robert Leite
    Robert Leite Year ago +1

    Every versus intro:
    Tyler says something stupid
    Josh cracks up laughing

  • Sagiri
    Sagiri Year ago +20

    The problem with using your playerbase and getting "a million free bug testers" is that means that those million people get to spend their time with the game when it's at its shittiest. A lot of people will not replay a game, which trains them to not buy your games at launch, or to avoid your games entirely if you're particularly egregious about it.

    • Liawen tehBoo
      Liawen tehBoo Year ago +7

      not to mention that "free" in that instance means unpaid, which is bad enough until you add in that the "testers" had to buy the game in order to "test" it. so basically the gamers are paying to find the company's bugs for them.

  • Sagiri
    Sagiri Year ago

    Tyler would never be a daddy. Not enough hair and too thin.

  • UnoriginallyChrisLPs

    "I think it's ok to be called Hitler" ~Josh Jepson
    So, Josh's true colors are beginning to show!

  • Digizel the Bui
    Digizel the Bui Year ago

    Man Josh, your rupee count has been your biggest downfall in this series so far. xD

  • RED! Penguin
    RED! Penguin Year ago

    @3:48 quality and versus shouldn't be said in the same sentence

  • Vanillafrie
    Vanillafrie Year ago +1

    Do a botw or a majoras mask versus, 3 way with chuggaconroy

  • MrSimtastic
    MrSimtastic Year ago

    Yeah patching kinda with the Sims, they always release shitty ass games and then fix it using free patches. I'd rather wait for a full game.

  • domdon950
    domdon950 Year ago

    How bout instead of Tyler Sederwall
    Tyler Semenwall

  • asingh818
    asingh818 Year ago

    I find it funny that a lot of the Twilight Princess HD Versus episodes, you guys talk about Nintendo Switch. I'm still sad I cannot get it. You guys make it sound so good

  • NoirCore
    NoirCore Year ago

    I know a woman whose last name is "Rape". She's a nice lady, though. But man, what an awkward last name...

  • black rock shooter

    give it to shat so your giving the book to already droped shit smart josh nice

  • arcluz77
    arcluz77 Year ago +5

    I knew a guy who had a last name of Dicks and his parents that it would be funny to call him Dusty. So his full name is Dusty Dicks. XD

  • SoulFire39
    SoulFire39 Year ago

    It's not Mufasa 2, Mr. Tyler, it's TWOFASA!
    Also, do hurry up, dear; I want you to beat Josh. You've done a damn good job of catching up, though. ♥

  • asgth th
    asgth th Year ago

    i notice josh is slightly of sync from his video

  • Chad Fleming
    Chad Fleming Year ago

    while it's a shame that your name sounds like actually, having a name that rhymes with Dad makes any public place a stress inducing nightmare

  • PurifiedShadows
    PurifiedShadows Year ago

    Knew someone would say Calvin and Hobbes X3

  • Snake Aquarium
    Snake Aquarium Year ago +1

    My friends last name is Fluck. Its probably not as bad as hitler, but it's still pretty flucked up. I regret nothing

  • TheDropdeadZed
    TheDropdeadZed Year ago +7

    THIRTY ONE HOURS? From the UK, you could probably drive to fucking Moscow in that time!

    • TopHatBat
      TopHatBat Year ago +1

      Even through the water between them?

    • Big Feared Balloon
      Big Feared Balloon Year ago +3

      That's how big the USA is. One State is bigger than the entire UK.

  • Dragonite Dragonborn

    Scar was a named after he got his scar from the father but i forget the actual word but it means dirt

    • Dragonite Dragonborn
      Dragonite Dragonborn Year ago

      thanks i just couldn't remember Scar's original name

    • asgth th
      asgth th Year ago +2

      Scar was originally called Taka while his father was named Ahadi

  • KayPeeOpee
    KayPeeOpee Year ago

    I'm completely serious when I say this, the captain underpants movie was actually pretty great. It's probably the best animated movie of this year so far (even though that's not saying a lot). I would recommend it if you read the books

  • Cappy Rose
    Cappy Rose Year ago +43

    Actually according to the Lion King novel, Scars name before he got his scar was Taka. Which means garbage in Swahili. Thats just asking for somebody to hate his family when hes just named Garbage.

    • Bryan Davie
      Bryan Davie Year ago +20

      also Mufasa translates to king so their parents named them King and Garbage. I wonder which one they liked more.

    • Warren Ward
      Warren Ward Year ago +5

      Man mufasa's parents sure were dicks.

  • Don Turcios
    Don Turcios Year ago

    My dad got cancer cuz you guys ended the episode short

  • DarkArticuno
    DarkArticuno Year ago

    There's no heart piece in Hyrule castle, unless they changed that from the original, there's one from Eld in gorge that requires the dual claw shots to obtain

  • Sam
    Sam Year ago

    I think I agree with Josh, in that being able to update games has been both good and bad (*cough* EA and Steam Early Access *cough*) Though there are situations like with BotW, where the FPS updates where nice, but I wouldn't wanna wait a single day for them. I'd rather have the game day one, and get the patch later.

  • Ashlee Cox
    Ashlee Cox Year ago +5

    I also hate the word actually. You hear someone say actually at work and I'm like "Yeah?" then they stare at me weird.

    • KiKYO
      KiKYO Year ago

      finally someone who understands my pain (Ashley)!

  • touc08
    touc08 Year ago

    So, I work in an archive. We genuinely have records of people called 'Shitler'. Makes me laugh every time I see them.

  • NintendoBlurb
    NintendoBlurb Year ago +13

    I understand why they are re-releasing old Wii U games on the Switch but it's personally frustrating as a Wii U owner. I refuse to buy the same game on a different system for another $80. If I can find it used in the future for $30 then I will but personally for me adding proper battle mode and being portable doesn't justify myself spending another $80 on the same game and Pokken Tournament DX definitely isn't worth another $80 for the addition of 2 characters.

    • Dr. RL123
      Dr. RL123 Year ago

      Yeah, this is why I *don't* want a Smash Bros 4 HD on the Switch.

    • NintendoBlurb
      NintendoBlurb Year ago

      John Smith I'm not a big Indie game fan. The main reason being that I like to have physical discs and I always forget about the downloaded games I have. I have bought Snipper Clips and have been enjoying that. I've been thinking about Snake Pass but I heard it has FPS problems on the Switch and such so I'm thinking about buying it on PS4 instead.

    • John Smith
      John Smith Year ago

      NintendoBlurb a lot of cool indie games are coming out on the switch as well. For example, snake pass, tumbleseed, stardew valley, snippet clips, etc

    • NintendoBlurb
      NintendoBlurb Year ago

      Yeah that would have been cool. Like I said the main reason I didn't buy Mario Kart 8 again is because it's too expensive for pretty much the same game that I already have on my Wii U. The main reason why it's frustrating is because I really want to see new games being released for the Switch. The only games that I plan/have bought for the Switch are Zelda, Splatoon 2, Mario Oddessey, and Xenoblade. So really there's only 3 games that I'm looking forward to this year There's nothing else that I'm interested in that's coming out this year and I'm just really looking forward to when they release a new Mario kart and Smash Bros for the Switch and hope that they don't continue just re-making Wii U games.

    • Slay Xay
      Slay Xay Year ago +4

      NintendoBlurb I don't really care as a Wii U owner, but I do think it's fucked up they didn't find a way to give it to Wii U version owners discounted. Remember no on's forcing you to get it & the majority of ppl haven't played.

  • The HoodieHunter
    The HoodieHunter Year ago

    Holy Crap! 2 videos actually close together!

  • High Dragon
    High Dragon Year ago

    hi ashly

  • Ross14985
    Ross14985 Year ago +1


  • Dark Young Link
    Dark Young Link Year ago

    Honestly, I hate when they patch games. If they make a game and it's trash, they should have to live with that and learn from their mistakes. That's how you weed out the good game developers from the bad.

    • NoirCore
      NoirCore Year ago

      Dark Young Link Ah. Well, the hypothetical game is already bad at base; it's up to the consumer to buy it or not. The devs still have to live with that reputation of selling a glitchy base game, too, patch or not.

    • Dark Young Link
      Dark Young Link Year ago

      Well, for something small like that, I guess it makes sense, but there are some patches that try to fix whole games and all their problems. Those are the ones I don't like. The ones that try to sell a game that's unplayable and then sell it to people and then fix the whole game.

    • NoirCore
      NoirCore Year ago

      Dark Young Link But to detest game patching because you'd rather identify bad game devs instead of letting them make a game more playable sounds more like a personal issue that you'll just have to deal with.
      I mean, what if the GOOD game has one of those bugs that makes it unplayable, such as saving in a certain place corrupts the game? That's where patching comes in.

    • Dark Young Link
      Dark Young Link Year ago

      I mean, a few bad bugs doesn't make a game or a game dev bad. I mean, I personally like Sonic 06 even though it has some glitches. I'm mostly talking about games that are full of bad bugs that break games and make them nearly unplayable. Like when Ubisoft released Assassin's Creed Unity and people would randomly fall through the floor or random floating npcs or something of that nature. Sure, it was funny, but that game should've killed the AC franchise if the next game that came out wasn't any better. If that game came out in the 80's when patches weren't a thing, Ubisoft would've been lucky to not have gone under.
      Plus, not all bugs and glitches are bad. I mean, if it wasn't for good glitches, we wouldn't get to see so many awesome speed runs.

    • NoirCore
      NoirCore Year ago

      Dark Young Link But what about good games with a few bad bugs? You can't really call them bad devs if people say "This game is amazing! The only thing is that there's this bad bug..."

  • CarsonH72
    CarsonH72 Year ago

    Scar is a nickname. I'm pretty sure his original name was Taka and he got a scar from a fight afterwards. So yeah, his parents weren't totally heartless xD

  • Neon Pawprints
    Neon Pawprints Year ago +1

    think there is voice lag to what actually happening in the video

  • D3-LL
    D3-LL Year ago +16

    I want Tyler to start his own cider business.
    Because then he'd be Apple Ciderwall.

    • Vermula
      Vermula Year ago +3

      Or he should become a sperm donor. Then he'd be Tyler Seederwall ^^

    • NoirCore
      NoirCore Year ago +2

      OmniHarrier Tyler should become a yes-man for a Mexican company. Then he'd be Tyler Siderwall. :P

  • Devon G
    Devon G Year ago

    Am I the only Nintendo fan who legitimately thinks the Switch is a letdown? Like the hardware is cheap and prone to falling apart constantly and the peripherals are expensive and it's not as portable as they advertise

  • Devan Villines
    Devan Villines Year ago +5

    Nooooo the episode was too short

  • Runningon Cylinders

    Judge Jopson

  • Neon Pawprints
    Neon Pawprints Year ago

    scars real name is Taka i think...which in some language means garbage

  • simon
    simon Year ago +23

    my penis is as big as tylers personality

  • Tyler C
    Tyler C Year ago +1

    Daddy tyler

  • Esteban Ramírez
    Esteban Ramírez Year ago

    Play 69 questions!

  • An Nguyen
    An Nguyen Year ago +6

    Scar's real name is "Taka" which means dirt or trash in Swahili.

  • FlyontheWall412
    FlyontheWall412 Year ago

    Holy shit consistent uploading?! What the hell is this sorcery?!

  • shuichi saihara
    shuichi saihara Year ago

    Man scar what a bad name @bobbyscar

  • Rythian Ender
    Rythian Ender Year ago

    I'm so confused what the hell is josh running back and forth for?

    • Tyler The Piano Man
      Tyler The Piano Man Year ago

      If you're talking about when he's near the cannon guy I think it's because he keeps forgetting that he has to change into human to talk to him so he has to run away so he doesn't see him change

  • TheCayDawg
    TheCayDawg Year ago


  • Ethan James
    Ethan James Year ago

    what up G

  • Devin
    Devin Year ago +1

    Yay I'm early. I'll be shocked if it isn't taken down for an editing error

  • Sebastien Rosenthal

    Holy fuck I'm early. 2 minutes ago? 3 comments? Christ

    • Sebastien Rosenthal
      Sebastien Rosenthal Year ago

      For all I know, nobody. Hell, I hardly cared enough to post that comment. I'm not asking you to care. If you do, great, if you don't, I care just as much as before, which is next to nil.

    • Devon G
      Devon G Year ago

      Sebastien Rosenthal Jesus fuck who cares?

  • Paul Estrada
    Paul Estrada Year ago

    Great episode as always!

  • TheGamerGuardian1

    Channel stalkers where u at tho?

  • Alex Stevenson
    Alex Stevenson Year ago

    Here early for once I watched the archived twitch streams for like 4 hours last night I fucking love versus and all the content lately

  • Greko
    Greko Year ago +27