Chad Horror Movie - SNL

  • Published on Mar 3, 2019
  • Chad (Pete Davidson) faces down an anonymous, Scream-like killer (John Mulaney), who calls to challenge him to a dangerous game.
    #SNL #JohnMulaney #ThomasRhett #SNL44
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Comments • 6 505

  • David Schouten Jr.
    David Schouten Jr. 7 hours ago

    3:10 I thought me and my cousins were the only ones who did that lmao

  • ussocomfreak
    ussocomfreak 8 hours ago

    The disgruntled "We've met" gets me everytime 😂

  • Mario Palos
    Mario Palos 9 hours ago

    Chad and Gilly should get together.

  • Jester Joseph
    Jester Joseph 12 hours ago


  • bmarshy2303
    bmarshy2303 16 hours ago

    Every horror movie since 2010 has been chad

  • NKS
    NKS 16 hours ago


  • Makarov 9x18
    Makarov 9x18 20 hours ago

    More Mulaney please

  • Aanchal Saxena
    Aanchal Saxena 20 hours ago


  • Daniel khan
    Daniel khan 22 hours ago +1

    This video would've been a lot better without laugh tracks

  • ciera leal
    ciera leal Day ago

    chad's high as fuck😂😂😂

  • LLific Y
    LLific Y Day ago

    I guess they didn't pay him enough, so that's the most lines he can speak.

  • abhishek raj
    abhishek raj Day ago

    John Mulaney is the killer 😂😂

  • casinomann
    casinomann Day ago

    John Mulaney reminds me of the mouth of Sauron in this one.

  • hanako koiso
    hanako koiso Day ago


  • Ultimate Vault hunter Rocky

    “And before we start ill let you pit some shorts on
    Chad- im good
    Ferguson- im not asking
    Chad- ok

  • Ruodan Xu
    Ruodan Xu Day ago

    0:05 He clearly has his pants on

  • Ren Will
    Ren Will 2 days ago

    Like Pete isn't funny ..

  • Virginia Varble
    Virginia Varble 2 days ago

    I would love to see a full length movie with these two in it, playing these characters! It would be epic!!

  • Aaftab Pinjari
    Aaftab Pinjari 2 days ago

    Liking the video without even seeing it..... because CHAD!

  • Kira Creations
    Kira Creations 2 days ago

    The dark humor in this is... wow...

  • S L
    S L 2 days ago

    Why do commercials use the classic songs on their commercials?? It’s a travesty

  • Taylor Aston
    Taylor Aston 3 days ago

    I knew I’ve heard that voice! before he voices Andrew on bigmouth!

  • Jones Family
    Jones Family 3 days ago

    The best!

  • not a original name
    not a original name 3 days ago


    SUCKO MODE 3 days ago

    when he says o no thanks 😂

  • Art Mocha
    Art Mocha 3 days ago

    Finding new chad Snl is like finding gold👈

  • Michael Creech
    Michael Creech 4 days ago

    Bruh this is my new favorite and skit

  • Lozza X
    Lozza X 4 days ago

    Honestly Pete was perfect at this 😂

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson 4 days ago

    That Andrew from big mouth?

  • Kamikaze Pilot
    Kamikaze Pilot 5 days ago

    *3 minutes 43 seconds of classic Chad*

  • Kaden Olivia
    Kaden Olivia 5 days ago +1

    I love how Ridiculousness playing on TV, that's my favorite.

  • atharv tiwari
    atharv tiwari 5 days ago

    Finally available in India idk why it wasn't for so long 😂

  • b4u 2
    b4u 2 6 days ago +1


  • Schwefelfell 7
    Schwefelfell 7 6 days ago

    Why am I Chad

  • Jack Lang
    Jack Lang 6 days ago


  • CAl MCk
    CAl MCk 6 days ago +12

    They actually just filmed Pete Davidson when hes at home. He didnt know they were filming.

  • Little BIT of Everything

    He looks so unhelathy.

  • sk Kaur
    sk Kaur 8 days ago +1

    I aspire to be as careless as chad!

  • brads channel
    brads channel 8 days ago

    Oh nice to meet you 😂

  • Salruse
    Salruse 9 days ago

    a virgin would not have survived this

  • Mari Bakaric
    Mari Bakaric 9 days ago

    That’s a super power right there. To be so dumb you’re fearless and literally don’t have to do anything while coincidences just happen to get the killer. Then the police come and your dna isn’t on the murder weapon. You’re innocent.

  • Purple Kat
    Purple Kat 9 days ago

    John Mulany is a G in this

  • AmethystAndCoral
    AmethystAndCoral 9 days ago +1

    He protecc
    He attac
    But most importantly, he say *oh, no thanks*

  • Angel Donoghue
    Angel Donoghue 9 days ago

    Chad is me in a horror movie 😂😂😂

  • Uh
    Uh 9 days ago

    “I’m going to kill you Chad!!!”

    Oh no thanks

  • fay sayed
    fay sayed 10 days ago

    Hey what’s ur scariest fear dick falls off

  • Biggy _07
    Biggy _07 10 days ago +1

    You slept with gf
    I’m sorry
    My sister
    Oh word
    My mother
    She good?

  • Savanna Cybulski
    Savanna Cybulski 10 days ago +4

    “I’m going to kill you, Chad!”
    “ *Ah no thanks.* “

  • InvaderrrSteph
    InvaderrrSteph 11 days ago

    Okay but why is nobody talking about how amazing johns voice was in this?!

  • rafael82x
    rafael82x 11 days ago


  • Bobocean342
    Bobocean342 11 days ago

    Wait what he dated his sister and his mother


  • Wannabe 1 Me
    Wannabe 1 Me 11 days ago

    People now these days

  • Wannabe 1 Me
    Wannabe 1 Me 11 days ago +125

    "Do you wanna play a game?"
    "Oh no thanks."
    "You're pretty little throat will be slit."
    "Heh, slit."

    • joshmg25
      joshmg25 5 days ago

      Wannabe 1 Me it would have been funnier if he said,
      “But my dick will stay intact, right?”

  • Vegitoboy77
    Vegitoboy77 11 days ago

    John Mulaney had me rolling

  • Team Twin Studios
    Team Twin Studios 11 days ago

    Chad gets what he wants

  • Dennis Kim
    Dennis Kim 11 days ago +5

    This is how anyone should act in a hostile situation.

  • Faith
    Faith 12 days ago +1

    Why does he look like the giraffe from Madagascar

  • Abbie Beach
    Abbie Beach 12 days ago


    Doorknob is a game in which participants are supposed to say "safety" after they flatuate before other participants say "doorknob". This is known as "calling doorknob". If other participants call doorknob before the flatulater calls safety, then the non-flatuting participants are encouraged to physically assault the flatulater until he or she touches a doorknob. The game is generally assumed to be continuously active, and participants are frequently forced into the game unexpectedly, even against their will.

  • Mr OOFER
    Mr OOFER 12 days ago +1


  • Melted Cloudz
    Melted Cloudz 12 days ago

    Who Dis?