Lakers Growing Without LeBron?! Cavs in Danger of Losing Draft Pick!

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
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  • SDC
    SDC  5 months ago +266


  • Conrad Adix
    Conrad Adix 5 months ago


  • JXC ?
    JXC ? 5 months ago

    Yo people out here saying Cavs don't deserve a high pick but who the fuck are ya to say what a franchise deserve. The reason bad teams get better draft picks is to make them relevant and even the league. Like if a top seed get the 7th pick they might not even play them for like 2 years so why would they need it to begin with

  • the77
    the77 5 months ago

    You need to put your face back in your thumbnails........ I follow many nba youtubers....... I only click on yours when I know it’s you......

  • mitchell whittington
    mitchell whittington 5 months ago

    James harden getting hit in the face is one of the funniest things Iv ever seen

  • Frank J. Becker
    Frank J. Becker 5 months ago

    The pacers only played the Celtics once

  • Vehementtoast
    Vehementtoast 5 months ago

    Not gonna mention that the jazz were down by 21 at one point in that game

  • Ram
    Ram 5 months ago


  • MarLonLon
    MarLonLon 5 months ago

    I’m not a Harden fan but if he keeps this up but WINS more, he’s the MVP. I had LeBron winning MVP but right now Harden is showing Kobe type skill imo

  • An-Nurhaiyden Mangelen
    An-Nurhaiyden Mangelen 5 months ago

    Love your videos forever!

  • Dark Limeking
    Dark Limeking 5 months ago

    Well Cameron Payne was not on the market when he was signed, which is fine. They will just claim that they wanted payne for a while but then gave up and signed patrick mccaw, then after that he all of a sudden became available to sign so we didnt need mccaw

  • captian crunch
    captian crunch 5 months ago

    i don't completely get the Luka hype
    hes good and all but shouldn't be compared to amazing rookie seasons like Blake Griffin and Ben Simmons
    Dallas isn't impressing me much and i think Ayton has to be more respected as a ROTY candidate

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan Brown 5 months ago

    Really not digging the pew at the beginning.

  • Plymouth Rd
    Plymouth Rd 5 months ago

    You have to discuss LA ,Russ and the goddamn refs in the Spurs Thunder game

  • Music Producer
    Music Producer 5 months ago

    Haven’t seen your face in a while

  • David Choi
    David Choi 5 months ago

    Is a back tap a dislike? I don’t understand :( Me no understood

  • kunits3000
    kunits3000 5 months ago

    Last time my pacers played the celtics we won and it wasnt last night 😤

  • Jayden Whitney
    Jayden Whitney 5 months ago

    Goat status

  • G.O.S.T
    G.O.S.T 5 months ago

    What the fuck was that gay ass pew at the beginning?

  • Arnas Gudaitis
    Arnas Gudaitis 5 months ago

    I hope zion going to wariors😀😀

  • mark anthony
    mark anthony 5 months ago

    James Harden can't flop with that one🤣🤣🤣

  • PBB
    PBB 5 months ago


  • Matthew N' Renee Griffin

    Giannis has the right attitude. If he wasn't in Milwaukee, he'd seriously be leading All-Star voting and jersey sales and mass marketing without a doubt. Even with all that mean mugging lol.

  • cooljay21
    cooljay21 5 months ago

    Lakers should improve even without bron after having 2 top draft picks plus a steal Kuzma, Magic will be kicked out if they don't perform. Cavs going to be Nets 2.0

  • Potato Chips
    Potato Chips 5 months ago +1

    2:54 that’s what I only need to say 😂

  • Harry Goldfein
    Harry Goldfein 5 months ago

    What would happen if the Cavs lose their pick? The Cavs traded their 2019 pick to Atlanta in the Korver trade, but it is top ten protected. Could the pick possibly go to Atlanta or would there only be 29 picks in the first round?

  • POL
    POL 5 months ago

    Zach be shooting lasers at every start of the video

  • Uiluminti Boy
    Uiluminti Boy 5 months ago

    La has learned from lebron now they got to show that

  • Jeff Simmons
    Jeff Simmons 5 months ago

    Kuzma from Flint Zac you know that being from Michigan.

  • Thomas Steele
    Thomas Steele 5 months ago


  • StaR Bounty
    StaR Bounty 5 months ago

    If the Cavs lose there pick I can no longer consider myself a Cavs fan and I will need a new team to support

  • nico
    nico 5 months ago

    0:00 *P E W*
    Well, incoming meme.

  • Jeremy Fuller
    Jeremy Fuller 5 months ago

    What the fuck happened to SDC? I haven't watched him in two months and I come back to no face cam and him begging for likes for the first 3 minutes of every video

  • Monica Vazquez
    Monica Vazquez 5 months ago

    Whoever that dude Carter is got that white boy scared

  • mitch gibson
    mitch gibson 5 months ago

    Who would keep cavs pick

  • Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety

    Wow the entire warriors organization is a bunch of bitches, not just the players. They just took it to a whole new level. After their streak ends i hope they are the 8th seed and get swept in the first round for 40 years in a row.

  • Jack Mass
    Jack Mass 5 months ago

    I gave it a backhand, not a backtap

  • Mike Amato
    Mike Amato 5 months ago +1

    I have to skip the first twenty seconds of every video since he started being one of those youtubers that have to tell us to SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON, ANNIHILATE IT 🙄

  • Jausmy96
    Jausmy96 5 months ago

    LeBron looks like a proud dad at his son's graduation 0:04

  • Aneesh Pandoh
    Aneesh Pandoh 5 months ago

    this dude just said "pew!"

  • Stefan Karastoyanov
    Stefan Karastoyanov 5 months ago

    finally, you said Donchich right :)

  • Aggs That's me
    Aggs That's me 5 months ago

    Why you gotta bring up 04 again....

  • Connor Moening
    Connor Moening 5 months ago +13

    Anyone wanna talk about Lonzo having a plus minus yesterday of +24?!?!?!

  • Antonio Wilson
    Antonio Wilson 5 months ago +1

    If the Cavs lose their draft pick, then that organization will probably stay really bad, at least for next season.

  • SleMith •
    SleMith • 5 months ago +1

    It’s suns vs cavs for a number 1 pick 😂

  • Jaime Jones
    Jaime Jones 5 months ago

    Phhheeeewwww!! Lightsaber mode 2019

    YGG VELL 5 months ago

    Sdc are you happy?

  • Cassius Felix
    Cassius Felix 5 months ago

    The Lakers are a good team with out LeBron James but they are a great team with him and might become excellent in the summer

  • Alex Jerzewski
    Alex Jerzewski 5 months ago


  • Eimantas Ciuryla
    Eimantas Ciuryla 5 months ago

    you say PEW i hit like :D

  • Jordan Slagle
    Jordan Slagle 5 months ago +5

    You should start seeing who gets the most player of the day awards. At the end of the season you can see who has the most for the year

  • Marty Coleman
    Marty Coleman 5 months ago

    The Warriors have no right to complain they cut didnt match the offer sheet and they need to move on. All Warriors do is win and complain. Seriously the Warriors are the best team in the NBA possibly ever and they still find ways to bitch and complain.

  • Being Honest
    Being Honest 5 months ago

    This will be the funniest shit ever 😂😂😂 I hope they lose the pick now

  • Jordan Cooper
    Jordan Cooper 5 months ago

    Your running out of taps😂😂

  • The Fre$h Prince
    The Fre$h Prince 5 months ago

    76ers Trade Jimmy butler for Brandon Ingram

  • Yoey Robbins
    Yoey Robbins 5 months ago +3

    What would happen if cavs lost their first round pick? Would it just be an open slot becuase that would also be unfair becuase the difference in money between the first and second round is big so that would make only 29 first round picks

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones 5 months ago

    Isn't what the cavs did the same thing brooklyn been doing for years i mean even the sun signed ariza i feel just to weaken the rockets bro got traded the minute they got the chance

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones 5 months ago

    The warriors are so lame pat mccaw was obviously just trying to get a better opportunity as a unrestricted free agent but they wanna act like they don't know what's going on

  • Xander White
    Xander White 5 months ago

    Who would get the pick?

  • Aaron Rosita
    Aaron Rosita 5 months ago

    the nets are 6th seed 😴

    • NBA LegendZ
      NBA LegendZ 5 months ago

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  • Jack Carter
    Jack Carter 5 months ago

    Dude, Golden State needs to chill out. If it was any other team I would be like “yeah okay, fair” but cmon Golden State, you didn’t need Patrick Mccaw. You seem like the biggest bullies in the league now for going after Cleveland.

  • Ivan Popach
    Ivan Popach 5 months ago

    Yeah I’ve been watching the last 8 games without lebron and I can absolutely see the improvement! Lonzo has been forced to be more aggressive, making him an actual threat. Ingram has been all around great over the last few games and kuzma has emerged as the clear leader of the pack while lebron is out

  • Brenton Guy
    Brenton Guy 5 months ago

    So glad LeBron is going have so much time off. Let boys show what they got.

  • Lander Hendrickx
    Lander Hendrickx 5 months ago +4

    Damn 21 rebounds as a small forward :p
    Also hitting Harden hard in the head was funny.
    Please watch bballbreakdown’s video to see how genius the Bucks coach is (finding a way to make Harden turn the ball over)

  • jordan kilpatrick
    jordan kilpatrick 5 months ago

    music so soothing!

  • Artee Chi
    Artee Chi 5 months ago

    Oladipo is trash

  • megabkny
    megabkny 5 months ago

    Time to trade Andre Drummond or Blake...

  • killervortexonfort
    killervortexonfort 5 months ago

    Wdym the Celtics played the pacers the night before

  • Deathby Design6r
    Deathby Design6r 5 months ago

    Love/hate u Zac keep this up bro

  • Syilver Wors
    Syilver Wors 5 months ago

    What are these beautiful noises you've been making at the beginning of your videos my brother xD.

  • Sanguine
    Sanguine 5 months ago +1

    I hope the Cavs lose that pick. Cavs had enough chances. 3 first overall picks in 4 years and a ring with LeBron. It's time for another franchise to get some love.

  • Victor Alexander
    Victor Alexander 5 months ago

    Grow gang stand up. Show gang can leave the chat

  • BBall Griot
    BBall Griot 5 months ago

    The key to Luka Donci's success is that he has total freedom in using his off ar, while at the same time defenders are called for fouls if they touch the arm he pushes off with. Refs make it so defenders have to stay more than arm's length away from Doncic.

  • Hien Le
    Hien Le 5 months ago

    This channel is really good for people that want to do fantasy basketball.

  • Ronald Walker
    Ronald Walker 5 months ago

    I hate the pistons more every day. Who's scouting for use it seems like every year since 2004 we've drafted the wrong players.😠

  • G.o. 1330
    G.o. 1330 5 months ago

    Lets go #lakers #lakeshow #LAbron #LA the nba=lakers and 29 other teams

  • Cody
    Cody 5 months ago

    Harden is leading the league in turnovers... you can’t just overlook that

    • Cody
      Cody 5 months ago

      By a full turnover

  • Despair
    Despair 5 months ago

    Me when a bone from KFC gets stuck in my throat.

  • knnkidss
    knnkidss 5 months ago

    Why didn't you report on him getting beamed with the ball lol

  • Michael Schmidek
    Michael Schmidek 5 months ago

    Blow him up

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  • Michael Schmidek
    Michael Schmidek 5 months ago

    Grow SDC

  • Michael Schmidek
    Michael Schmidek 5 months ago


  • im probably going to jail

    giannis hitting harden in the head with the ball was fucking hilarious

  • FrosTx Clan
    FrosTx Clan 5 months ago

    That's a drag that pick is the only thing we have lol

  • J Repass19
    J Repass19 5 months ago

    Michael Beasley has been playing well since coming back. He’s showing everyone why he’s a WALKING BUCKET

  • Manohar Rajan
    Manohar Rajan 5 months ago +1

    Pistons out of the playoffs Blake Griffin is gassed

  • TSU Lanigan
    TSU Lanigan 5 months ago

    Well now Larry nance jr is out 2 weeks see what I mean cavs are never fully healthy

  • Chris Dechane
    Chris Dechane 5 months ago

    Sdc we lost to the pacers last time we played them... to a oladipo game winner

  • xandre
    xandre 5 months ago

    Please god dont let the cavs get Zion

  • JP
    JP 5 months ago

    Pimpslap the like button

  • Grand Ruby
    Grand Ruby 5 months ago

    Why does it even matter if the Cavs did what they did? Do the warriors even need Patrick McCaw

  • Kevin Tran
    Kevin Tran 5 months ago

    I backtapped it four time for the one time

  • Jeffrey Potts ll
    Jeffrey Potts ll 5 months ago +1

    I predict wizards will make the 8 seed, without wall.

  • Sean S.
    Sean S. 5 months ago

    You forgot to mention kuz scored 41 in 3 quarters, most points in under 30 minutes of play in Laker history

    Detroit fans must be losing interest...

    • Sean S.
      Sean S. 5 months ago

      My bad it was a Lakers stat, I know Klay did that in 3 quarters but I guessed maybe he played more than 30 minutes. Laker history is still impressive; kobe, wilt, shaq...

    • Chris Dechane
      Chris Dechane 5 months ago

      Sean S. Klay Thompson scored 60 in 29 minutes

  • Jeremy Dresnick
    Jeremy Dresnick 5 months ago

    Byaaahhhh! -Dave Chapelle

  • Kasey Roque
    Kasey Roque 5 months ago

    lmaoo 2:43 pulled a real off de heezy

  • Randy Lopez
    Randy Lopez 5 months ago

    I guess SDC is the sports reporter for Pew News

  • Emilio Romero
    Emilio Romero 5 months ago +1

    if cleveland lose their draft pick, who gets it? Golden state?

  • Keno Aguiar
    Keno Aguiar 5 months ago +4

    2:05 Pause, James Harden is what?

    • JasonJC
      JasonJC 5 months ago

      bro its not that serious not everything is gay

  • Bicc OG
    Bicc OG 5 months ago +1

    Zion with Sexton will be a shaq and Kobe 3.0 for my cavs