Opening the ULTIMATE PC! - Intel's 28 Core Xeon W

  • Published on Mar 2, 2019
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    Time for another BIG unboxing...
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  • Azi
    Azi Day ago

    I wear socks and sandals too. Tiger uppercut ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roger Foster
    Roger Foster Day ago

    Y'all need to setup an ambient mic and/or just mic Anthony in this case. Can't understand what he says most of the time and you're not repeating what he's saying.

  • Tony Lewis
    Tony Lewis 2 days ago

    "Ultimate" is relative.

  • Bojan Glamocak
    Bojan Glamocak 2 days ago

    Read the headlines... INTEL... KNEW THAT IT ISN'T WORTH IT

  • Andrew johnson
    Andrew johnson 2 days ago

    where can i buy one of these

  • vanja code hriberski

    wow thats a beast

  • Michael bell
    Michael bell 3 days ago

    Did he ever put thermal paste back on?

  • Kellen Mossner
    Kellen Mossner 4 days ago +2

    Box: Do Not Drop
    Linus: Is that like a personal attack or something

  • Josiah Fuller
    Josiah Fuller 5 days ago

    Anthony is the best

  • unrealone1
    unrealone1 6 days ago +3

    NO ANTI Static strap, omg!

  • Дмитрий Солодкий

    Can you show sp-dif headset? I mean optical cable without electric noise for CD/DVD.

  • ihatecrackhead
    ihatecrackhead 6 days ago


  • Sébastien RICCIO
    Sébastien RICCIO 6 days ago +2

    Anthony acting like he's monitoring the stream. Pretty sure he's actually googling some Nvidia drivers hacks

  • c C
    c C 6 days ago

    We could get fed up with puns

  • 25Bros
    25Bros 6 days ago


  • Ara Aateiaeir
    Ara Aateiaeir 6 days ago

    Concealing the geek swad was a good investment they should keep up with there owners and management too better they'e personal interaction to make things advance better without being procived or deemed hostile and without being hostile

  • Ara Aateiaeir
    Ara Aateiaeir 6 days ago +2

    Being completly protective of others identity befor after pesent and past without being invasive regardless of life cycle is worth a lifetime ; ara ara
    Ara attair an : aryan master peace ******

  • Ara Aateiaeir
    Ara Aateiaeir 6 days ago

    Not a bad sockect

  • MrTommiheino
    MrTommiheino 7 days ago +7

    started this video... how much for this thing??? then realized.. AMD 3000 series... good bye Intel!!!! hah

  • simple user
    simple user 7 days ago

    I've been listening to TechTips for years, WATCHING is a different story. Linus has really locked down his late 90's style (well in the states, maybe 2010 in Canada). I find it hilarious that I get my up to date electronics information and how to's from a butch skater chick in dad slippers. Way to live the dream homie. I wouldn't knock it unless I was jealous. Keep it up!! I'll keep LISTENING for sure!!!

    PANKI 7 days ago +1

    He never knew, you can cut metal sheet too?

  • Adrian Milovanovic
    Adrian Milovanovic 7 days ago +1

    you have to see my 500 qubits quantum computer to see what's power :)

  • Hi 8
    Hi 8 7 days ago

    mental illness

  • trevor jaster
    trevor jaster 8 days ago

    Great head phones i own a pair of the better non massdrop ones but they are close to the same thing. I love the sound and they are a different experience to regular headphones. Only problem is they use alot of power so phone use will need a portable amp or dac amp. They also realy benefit from uncompressed audio bc they probably are good enough.

  • fiallos1
    fiallos1 8 days ago

    Edge sucks a$$

    DERP XD 8 days ago +1

    Hold up...
    Are those sandals with socks?

  • Sam Ninsai
    Sam Ninsai 9 days ago

    I want one. Oily fingers all over the CPU :( It's so intense watching him do this. It's not easy to stabilize the weight and put these things together, though watching him do it makes me tense even knowing that. The beauty of the beast :)

  • Luke Perry
    Luke Perry 9 days ago

    I love the fact someone as tech savvy and nerdy < (nerds are a good thing now!) as you still checks the instructions then again you can never be to sure but I love to watch you work its actually cool and you make it fun!

  • Steven Charette
    Steven Charette 9 days ago

    is this lve

  • brendan kershaw
    brendan kershaw 9 days ago

    I love how you extend the pun of weigh too much and overlook the accidental pun of "between these 2 tempered glass panels"

  • Brian Goodspeed
    Brian Goodspeed 10 days ago

    been watching for most of it now and it does get weird when nobody is talking for long periods of times XD but still good content

  • Thomas Bryde Jepsen
    Thomas Bryde Jepsen 10 days ago

    Heavy breathing..

  • nonya bizness
    nonya bizness 11 days ago

    "I'm gonna start pulling it out". Waited to hear that from him for years. 😛

  • Steffen Conrad
    Steffen Conrad 11 days ago

    the bad pins you see at the very beginning of this adventure, happened to me at least 2 times with the same MSI motherboard for the new intel generation

  • Julian Beatty
    Julian Beatty 11 days ago

    Garbage. Get a zen 2 instead.

  • TheAKguy
    TheAKguy 11 days ago

    I forgot about the sandals. Oh Linus.

  • Nacho
    Nacho 11 days ago

    Anthony is disgusting to look at, Jesus. Stop putting him in videos and thumbnails.

  • tiderfish
    tiderfish 12 days ago

    Anyone know what case this is?

  • TheKevinpascal100
    TheKevinpascal100 12 days ago

    you can make a portal with that machine ooh my gd

  • Sparro
    Sparro 12 days ago

    Linus should see a doc.....he drops things too much and it could be a sign that something isn't right....

  • Jared Chong
    Jared Chong 13 days ago +6

    Apple fanboys:Nothing can beat our 28 core xeon W Mac pro.
    PC Users:Hold our beer.

  • Juice The GOAT
    Juice The GOAT 13 days ago

    i thought it was a video until you said it was a stream in like 10 minutes in lol

  • Dan H.
    Dan H. 14 days ago

    Is that a G413 keyboard?

  • Epic rc madness
    Epic rc madness 14 days ago

    fuck you you tube....stop auto playing this fucking video .. on my computer... if i have it pop up and auto play one more tome i will no joke personally come to to the you tube h/q and slaughter everyone i can get bullets into...jk....not your dead..jk...not ill fuking slay all of save yourselves and stop fuking thinking i want to watch this video 5 or more times per fuking day .... oh ya hey linus ...Hows it going lil guy? You are going to have my babies one day.. IM NOT KIDDING....You will be a great muma for my seed! (=

  • Sgt Country
    Sgt Country 14 days ago

    I started this video when I started building my computer... I'm finished now and just realized I'm still on the same vid lmao.

  • David Bogart
    David Bogart 14 days ago

    More Anthony Please...............

  • afshin sadeghi
    afshin sadeghi 14 days ago

  • Some RandoGamer
    Some RandoGamer 14 days ago

    This was such a fucking mess 🤣

  • DatA
    DatA 15 days ago

    0:04 My gaming Setup on the right

  • Lil Skins
    Lil Skins 15 days ago +4

    I’m glad I’m not the only who takes many glances at the keyboard while typing

  • The Deviant Developer
    The Deviant Developer 15 days ago +1

    Is this Linus' second marriage? Or is it just a Minage a trois?

  • John Matlewski
    John Matlewski 15 days ago +2

    I am a disabled Vet and when I posted earlier there were alot of horrible comments but that is ok...I realize that I am older and couldn't on my best day afford a gaming pc but I will still pray for all of you

  • LightWing Studios
    LightWing Studios 15 days ago

    Shave the back of your neck son. You look like you're sporting "Chem Trails". :)

  • Dirty vincent
    Dirty vincent 15 days ago

    where are the fuckn specs????.............

  • Devin W
    Devin W 15 days ago

    1:47:09 the silent panic begins

  • ikiwyu
    ikiwyu 15 days ago +1

    Why the fuck is a board designed for a fucking $5000 Xeon W being marketed towards gamers?

  • geo nik
    geo nik 15 days ago

    well....this is already not top performance as intel has 48 and 56 core xeons 9xxx. i think that's the reason for low avail on desktop cpu's as intel decided to keep the wafers for the enterprise sector, xeon platinums and W, where the big $$$ are. no idea on their price but i imagine ~$20K.

  • James Roggy
    James Roggy 16 days ago

    MASS DROP sponsors linus............nuff said

  • seanhelling
    seanhelling 16 days ago +3

    this was the single most relatable build video for me. I laughed so hard at the mistakes you made, because I've made all of them.

  • Anthony Dupree
    Anthony Dupree 16 days ago +7

    This is technically the Mac pro 2019 W-375

  • DannyTheKing
    DannyTheKing 16 days ago

    When are you _ever_ gonna have an _ultimate pc_

  • John Richards
    John Richards 16 days ago +4

    Will this run Kerbal space program?

  • Cody Sage
    Cody Sage 17 days ago

    What are thooooose

  • Ob Fuscated
    Ob Fuscated 17 days ago

    Get yourself a couple of clear plastic fishing tackle boxes from Walmart for your hardware. They make teardown and assembly much more efficient because you can place the dividers where you want them.

  • Grimester
    Grimester 17 days ago


  • simrone viswas
    simrone viswas 17 days ago +1

    You should try V-ray Benchmark

  • simrone viswas
    simrone viswas 17 days ago

    Actually, TDP is 265 watt

  • m hawkins
    m hawkins 17 days ago

    hey kid, pls. get your thyroid checked..... not being funny, your neck looks a little swollen. better to be safe, it could be nothing, or just an infection, but get it checked.

  • The O D
    The O D 17 days ago +1

    that moment at 49:36 when he forgot about the lose CPU... we even see the CPU sitting back in place when he puts the board back down.

  • Guy Jordan
    Guy Jordan 18 days ago +2

    I you're going to talk to Antony... give Anthony a mic. It's only polite.
    Hackintosh this thing.

  • SarcASSticMOFO
    SarcASSticMOFO 19 days ago

    You gonna do a giveaway on that setup? I know a loving owner that will give it a happy forever home.

    • ShroudedWolf51
      ShroudedWolf51 16 days ago

      Yes, they are totally free to give away gear loaned from the manufacturers.

  • Smithius
    Smithius 19 days ago

    But the important question is... can it run Minecraft?

    • Smithius
      Smithius 16 days ago

      ​@ShroudedWolf51 Have to admit, had no idea what you ment by boomer, as it is not a word I hear trown around alot. So I had to go to Urban dictionary, and the 1st and 3rd entry sounded like something that kinda fit what I am. Only thing that doesn't fit is that I despise energy drinks, they all taste of nothing but sugar and kinda like a red lollipop you could buy in my country, terrible.
      But you know, the 51st shrouded wolf, can smell this out of even the comments on youtube. So you propably also smelled that I was thinking about writing Crysis instead of Minecraft, as in crysis 1 as it was one of the pc breakers back in the day.
      No, no I can't let that joke go, and why would I?
      **Now go back to start**

    • ShroudedWolf51
      ShroudedWolf51 16 days ago

      Boomers really don't know how to let a joke go, huh.

  • RunFor OurLives
    RunFor OurLives 19 days ago +1

    Basically, this is a generic version of the 2019MacPro.
    MacPro took this unit and made a Ferrari out of it.
    4x475W PCIe slots MPX, Dual 10GE, upto 12 TB3 ports, 2xPro Vega 2 Duo, AfterBurner ...

  • Lee Gibson
    Lee Gibson 20 days ago

    And this week on 'LBE: Linus Breaks Everything!'.

  • Olivier Séguin
    Olivier Séguin 21 day ago +1

    Anthony is the new god of this channel

  • justin wallace
    justin wallace 21 day ago

    Where's the review?

  • Danova Kontrola
    Danova Kontrola 22 days ago +3

    buys Intel CPU because its less power consuming *install 4 fans on vrm and liquid cooler required*

  • benefit thirteen
    benefit thirteen 22 days ago


  • Craig Ster
    Craig Ster 22 days ago

    Me I would of just ran it they way the sent it & been like fuck ya..

  • Craig Ster
    Craig Ster 22 days ago

    Freakin awesome. Skipped through to get the gest of this build & wow freakin wow! Hate to have that electric bill though with it oc'ed & running a few or more ba gpu's... Ouch! 1600 wt psu =D

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 22 days ago +1

    Ultimate PC?? Pfft. gets only 4150 CB points. Even 7980XE gets 4000. Not to mention TR 2990WX gets 5000+ easily and it costs almost half of this 28 core shintel CPU. And that Leaked Ryzen 3rd gen 16 core CPU score was well over 4000.
    uLtImAtE pC. More like ultimate waste of money 😂😂😂😂

  • Emil Schwaner
    Emil Schwaner 22 days ago +2

    Linus handles tech like Mel Gibson handles his girlfriends

  • juggalox22
    juggalox22 23 days ago

    oh man all that money spent its not worth the parts but the RGB yes all that money for rgb he would pay 20x that just for 3 more rgb OMG rgb rgb rrrrrrggggggbbbbbbbbb .......... i remember a time when linus thought rgb was a lame product come on dude at the end of the day its just light it wont make your system any faster although a certain SSD can slow down your pc due to over heating from rgb now i can understand if you are a caveman and for the first time seeing rgb you freak out how about this get a p4 build and throw in a lgb kit in it and be happy as hell

  • Harry Mu
    Harry Mu 24 days ago


  • Tech OMG
    Tech OMG 25 days ago

    Sandals whit socks nice

  • Joshua Bernal
    Joshua Bernal 25 days ago

    What a white boy way of doing things

  • UntouchableBear
    UntouchableBear 25 days ago

    the tighter the fit the better......

  • UntouchableBear
    UntouchableBear 25 days ago

    they are out of stock, nooooooooo

  • James A
    James A 25 days ago +3

    fingers all over the processor contacts. very professional

  • Nomine Vacans
    Nomine Vacans 26 days ago

    Anthony the real MVP, as always.

  • Josephine Louise
    Josephine Louise 26 days ago +3

    49:39 X_X my heart dropped when I saw CPU was freely moving. I still love you though.

    • Craig Ster
      Craig Ster 22 days ago +1

      Right! I like how he is like; it's been really dry here & shocked himself picking tower up & then like me precede to assemble pc without grounding bands or any regard to electric static.

  • Lt. Riku
    Lt. Riku 27 days ago +1

    give me that thing and don't keep it to yourself for fashion

  • garrett mastantuono
    garrett mastantuono 27 days ago +4

    Such a beautiful dumpster fire 🔥😁. Thanks for another awesomely entertaining live stream

  • Lucas Pollet
    Lucas Pollet 27 days ago

    They clearly just didn't want Linus to drop another uber expensive processor.

  • TripleFik GT
    TripleFik GT 28 days ago +3

    I have Ultimate pc too
    Intel core 2 duo 3 gb ram no gpu

  • David Clark
    David Clark 28 days ago +1

    Its a good thing i always turn down my volume for videos where linus is in the foreground...

  • nuke7
    nuke7 28 days ago +1

    soooo they did an airflow from back+top to front... interesting...

  • Reuben Stern
    Reuben Stern 29 days ago

    To be fair Linus, you did seriously fck up testing the dual slot workstation. You do crazy complex stuff, then make rookie mistakes... like a person with an overly high IQ.

  • Roger Diotte
    Roger Diotte 29 days ago

    LOL @ 6:22 then @ 1:04:02 ....And that boys and girls, men and woman is how exactly tech goes...

  • Mike Matzke
    Mike Matzke Month ago +1

    I'm thinking RED camera settings require review :)