My Friend Nearly Killed Me When We Played Truth Or Dare

  • Опубликовано: 17 фев 2019
    Hi, this is Michelle, and this story literally happened yesterday. There’s so much to talk about from last night that she’s not really sure where to start. In brief, she was betrayed by her best friend and she almost died, and both these things happened within fifteen minutes of each other. It all started as a truth or dare game.
    Michelle has a group of friends that she’s known since they were all about five years old. There are six of them, all girls, and they’re fourteen now. Actually, a couple of them have already turned fifteen. She won’t bother going through all their names, since she would have to change them anyway to tell this story, but the important thing is that out of all of them her best friend is called Lana. Though she should probably say she HAD a best friend.
    Anyway, Michelle and Lana live close to each other, so they’ve always seen each other more often than the others. Over the years, they’ve grown really close, so basically she knows a lot about Michelle and vice versa…or so Michelle thought. Bear in mind also that Michelle is a really, really private person, and she hates telling people personal things, although Lana was an exception. And there are a lot of things about her that even she doesn’t know either.
    But nevermind about all that - let’s stick to the story.
    Last night, they had a sleepover at Lana’s. Her parents are away on vacation, and they have no problem leaving the whole house to Lana to look after. She’s never caused them any trouble when they’ve gone away in the past, but Michelle can only imagine the looks on their faces when they come back and hear what just happened.
    So five of them came over to Lana's for the sleepover, because one of their friends - let’s call her Judy - got sick. It wasn’t the first time they spent the night at Lana’s, and Michelle herself went over to hang out even more often than the others, since she only lives like, two houses away.
    So last night, they first decided to watch a movie, then they cooked dinner together - two of their friends love cooking. After that they decided that they wanted to play something, and someone suggested “Truth or Dare,” the classic sleepover game.
    As a very private person, Michelle really hates this game, because she has to pick dare all the time. The idea of telling any secret, even to a group of close friends, is just terrifying for her.
    It was okay at the start - there was nothing but harmless questions and easy tasks. Like singing a stupid song, or calling Judy to convince her Ed Sheeran was at the house with them on a surprise visit…it sure sounds dumb now, but shemanaged to sound dead serious, and Judy almost believed her! But the girls spoiled everything when they started laughing, they just couldn’t keep it in anymore.
    One thing though, before she moves on to the main part of the story. Lana and Michelle have a classmate called Josh. Josh Hurley, that’s what she’ll call him here. And…thank god this is anonymous…she really, really likes him. He’s justamazing. And he lives right across the street from Lana.
    They talk at school every once in a while, but it never goes further than that. Michelle believes it really could go further, but he doesn’t know anything about how she feels. No one does - except for Lana.
    So there they were playing, and it was Michelle’s turn again, and of course she picked dare rather than truth. The girls were struggling to come up with a task for her, but after a few minutes Lana said that she had a great idea.
    She said that Michelle had to get on the roof of her house and shout “I LOVE YOU JOSH HURLEY!” three times, as loud as she could.
    Michelle still can’t believe she said it. Lana knew that she liked Josh, and she knew there was a big chance he’d hear about it sooner or later, and she knew just how embarrassed Michelle wouldbe if she told anyone else.
    But at that moment she simply thought: a game is a game, let’s just get it over with. She climbed onto the roof through the bedroom window, and found a spot that looked like it was safe. It was almost midnight, so it was really dark. The girls were all standing at the window ready to film the whole thing.
    Just to remind you, the phrase she had to say was “I love you, Josh Hurley.” She shouted it once, dying of embarrassment, then a second time. All of the lights in Josh’s house were off, so she was praying nobody was home. Because if they were, the whole family was going to be woken up by her yelling.
    The girls were laughing and cheering. She really wanted it to be over, so she took a deep breath and shouted it out for a third time.

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    Still, she doesn’t know what to do now. Maybe you guys have some advice for her? Let Michelle know what you think in the comments. And don’t let anyone drag you in to something that might be bad for you!

    • mizv
      mizv 12 дней назад

      Lana made a stupid mistake. I dont think her intention was to kill OP, but at the same time she needs to apologize and realize she messed up by daring OP to go on the roof in the first place

    • Fortnite.vs. ROBLOX
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