Why would you even…?

  • Published on Jan 7, 2019
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    The lowest-priced RTX-capable graphics card has finally arrived, but should you upgrade, or is your money better spent elsewhere?
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Comments • 5 992

  • Becon
    Becon 14 hours ago +1

    Imao don't call the #! Repeat: Plx don't call that #! Lmao it said call if you want hot sex 🔥🔥

  • laenmowre
    laenmowre 3 days ago

    wow 4k is terible

  • OfficialWeeaboo
    OfficialWeeaboo 3 days ago

    im getting a 2070 instead because of this video

  • Sohan Konar
    Sohan Konar 4 days ago

    Buying a rtx 2060 instead of an gtx 1660ti.

  • Cicero 219
    Cicero 219 5 days ago +1

    No one buys the Rtx 2060 for Ray tracing. Even if it was optimized. It's just a good card.

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 4 days ago

      Nope, the vega 64 is much better, do some tweaking 2070 perf, more vram, and free games

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 4 days ago

      V64 is much better, do some tweaking, 2070 perf

  • Hell Maker
    Hell Maker 6 days ago

    7:10 okay so let me get this straight...The 760 is (in 2019)more epxensive than a GTX 1060 WTFF

  • Airidas Labanauskas
    Airidas Labanauskas 7 days ago


  • Top Ramen
    Top Ramen 9 days ago

    I have the EVGA RTX 2060 XC Ultra, its pretty good

  • Fluffy-Fat-Duck
    Fluffy-Fat-Duck 10 days ago

    The number in the beginning is a real number but for prostitution lol

  • MonsterKat
    MonsterKat 11 days ago +1

    My question is why would you even consider a 2070 based on its current price.

  • MonsterKat
    MonsterKat 11 days ago +1

    I’m a little confused Linus as the 2060 is an absolute beast and possibly a little over tunes compared the underwhelming 2070. The drivers have bought the 2060 a longgggg way and it’s sometimes over 50% faster than the 1060 and on par with the 1080 overclocked.

  • bloody legend
    bloody legend 11 days ago +1

    0:13 Getting cu*shot

  • TednTin
    TednTin 12 days ago

    3:40 I think the values are messed up in this chart

  • TednTin
    TednTin 12 days ago

    Desperate need for renovation of the title like the new videos

  • GP
    GP 12 days ago +1

    I'm still going to use my lowly RX 570.

  • David Zaharie
    David Zaharie 12 days ago

    What about users who want it for animations and movies? Real-time ray-tracing VR?

  • Jacob Soto
    Jacob Soto 13 days ago

    What a dick this guy

  • TheAdamGore
    TheAdamGore 15 days ago +1

    Im literally able to get GTA online at 60fps *4K* with my 2060 so.....

  • Gareth
    Gareth 16 days ago

    Battlefield isn't competitive when it's a hit-scan game lol

  • Dihydrogen Monoxide
    Dihydrogen Monoxide 16 days ago

    Buying an rtx 2060 in Canada right now is actually a good option what with the current obscene prices for gtx 1070s and 1080s. That is if you have a 1080p monitor.

  • HxmZa
    HxmZa 18 days ago

    lmao minecraft is the only game that looks good with ray tracing

  • Good snowmen
    Good snowmen 18 days ago

    heheheh i called the number and a sex line came up

    • MatrixEmulator
      MatrixEmulator 18 days ago

      Good snowmen your that guy! Who calls any number on a screen 😂

  • TwoLive91
    TwoLive91 19 days ago +3

    I just ordered a build with the rtx 2060 and a liquid cooled i7-8700k processor... I hope i made a good choice..!

    • pingelikk
      pingelikk 17 days ago

      Reyzen. Yeah I would like to know

    • Reyzen.
      Reyzen. 19 days ago +1

      please comment ur experience when u got it

  • RevivaL
    RevivaL 20 days ago

    3:54 who uses raytracing in competitive play dumbass?

  • Kamran Khan.
    Kamran Khan. 21 day ago

    Can you give that rtx 2060 as giveaway😂😂😂

  • deathskyvalley
    deathskyvalley 22 days ago

    what's with all the 1070 comparison, but when it comes to the price comparison, you throw up the 1060??

  • Hamza Ali
    Hamza Ali 22 days ago

    Linus this is getting annoying dood.

  • Flamed FN
    Flamed FN 23 days ago +2

    You can say whatever you want about it. the Prices for the card are amazing. the 2070 being 200$ more for just a little more performance. Your title is a disgrace to your channel, you make this card seem so bad but it wipes the 1070 off the map with he 1070 being 100$ more. Tip:Buy this card off Zotac on amazon for 340-369$

    • joker mixedabitRepubpower45
      joker mixedabitRepubpower45 21 day ago +1

      amazon = the only ones on earth that have the original Audio CD's set by the jewish bankers. If you get your ass banned from amazon, you're life is over. Next question?. Yes, I will buy the 2060 today.

    • joker mixedabitRepubpower45
      joker mixedabitRepubpower45 21 day ago

      you can't buy from amazon. Their stuff are pirated by their return policy and once they give you a warning for returning too much stuff, It becomes dangerous. Moreover, all their televisions are broken. so they sent me their warning email last year. If I return a pirated video card by someone else, they will ban me.

  • Darknes s
    Darknes s 24 days ago

    So should I buy it??

  • random things
    random things 24 days ago

    5:32 why does it look like the fans are spining!!!

  • Calplus
    Calplus 25 days ago +1

    And that's the story of how Linus lost of job at NCIX

    jk lol

  • Maximilian
    Maximilian 25 days ago +1

    *What's the best GPU to buy for 2060's money, then?*

    • {BNB} DanTheMan
      {BNB} DanTheMan 20 days ago

      bye the 2060, this was a long time ago, It is worth is now.

  • Adrian brunette
    Adrian brunette 25 days ago

    I've had no problems with my rtx 2060... It's a budget effective card that performs everything I throw at it in 1080p. lowest FR I've had is 45 on ultra settings in xplane 11 with 50% anti aliasing on the in game slider.

  • Jxc_c
    Jxc_c 26 days ago +1

    Your gay.

  • Justan On
    Justan On 26 days ago

    Bought a 2060 to upgrade my 1050ti, pretty sure I'll be happy with it for awhile, 1440p gaming the sweet spot imo, panels are actually affordable at that res

  • Patrick PTMonk
    Patrick PTMonk 27 days ago

    I think there was an exchanging of money between AMD and LMG. RTX 2060 is in the same league as a 1080 (maybe a bit less). The only downside to this card is the limited VRAM.

  • starburst
    starburst 28 days ago +1

    I’m gonna get the RTX 2080 not because I care about the ray tracing but because it has the same performance as the GTX 1080ti but is $100 cheaper rn

  • Aggbala
    Aggbala 28 days ago

    gtx 1070ti vs rtx 2060?

  • Azaril
    Azaril 29 days ago

    Soo, is it worth it to pay 300 extra for a laptop with rtx2060 for average gaming? Or will a 1060 do just fine?

  • David Sandoval
    David Sandoval 29 days ago

    This is for a budget decent pc, I have bought one and it does excellent, managed to run most games in 2k at 60-70 regular fps and also ran all emulator games at 4k at 100+ fps, so.. pretty good card if you ask me, oh you also will have no problem running most every game if not all games available at the moment at 1080 at 70+ regular fps in ultra, for future.. well this is for 1k dollars pc with a ryzen 5 2600x or an oc 2600, I plan to update the cpu first since it's cheaper so I'm upgrading to a 2700x you will have more money in the future but with a such a pc you should have no problem enjoying every game you want till' you have enough to update to a 2080 or a 2080ti, many of us are not filthy rich or have a lot of money so we have to work for our goals, very hard sometimes, so.. yeah for a 1000$ build I think it's a hell of a graphics card.

  • Mr. N
    Mr. N Month ago

    It's the best budget gpu to get 4k UNLESS you game competitively in which case you'll have to dial back that resolution for better frame rates. I can compromise a little here and there to get 4k running at full speed, not every game will get maxed at 4k but will look decent enough and give at least 30 fps on ultra 4k. If you're willing to compromise on 4k and opt for 1440p or 1080p you can get very high framerates in modern competitive games. All-in-all if you're looking for a great budget graphics card and currently do NOT have a graphics card then this card is for you, otherwise you should just wait for prices to fall or for the next generation to come out.

  • Jack Epsilon
    Jack Epsilon Month ago

    While I'm over here happily gaming in 1600x900

  • LuvTEA XD
    LuvTEA XD Month ago +3

    meh, larger numbers are better, so 2060 is better than 10xx stuff. more CUDA cores = better, and $349 for this is a good price

  • league of legands
    league of legands Month ago +1

    in metro ex with my rtx 2070 with ray tracing on i get lik 100fps so

  • Tim Sutton
    Tim Sutton Month ago

    this is the kind of title that frustrates people

  • Mario In Space 33
    Mario In Space 33 Month ago

    but sli…

  • Just_A_720p_Pea
    Just_A_720p_Pea Month ago +1

    Me: wow this rtx 2060 looks dope good price (not perfect), has a peformance thats better then a 1070 for cheaper, has capabilitie of light ray tracing gaming (light 4k gaming too) andhas a optimization option that u can just enable and boop more peformance. Thts wut i wanted Nvidia let...but let me just be sure to see if there isnt a better one

    Nvidia: were pround to anounce the Gtx 1660ti

    Me: Wait is that really wut i think, still isnt the 1160ti tho, but woow a card that can match meh god and savior budget friendly and no house burning card called rtx2060 lemme check it right now

    *Sees benchmark*

    Me: ..... mhhh excuse meh nvidia 80 dollars less for all the features i said before and 15 fps less aaaaand bad optimiation.... Nope im out ima stay with meh boi called rtx 2060

    (warning: just take that as a little sarcasm (at some parts) just dont hate on meh its my opinion and i really checked all of those things and the house burning thing is the vega 5 that can be cheaper but ohhh boy that energy bills and how hot it get naw ima stay with the one i want)

    Edit: forgot to say that this card basically puches the rtx 2070 in the face

  • Stray Medicine
    Stray Medicine Month ago

    Budget workstation is exactly why I got it :)

    • Stray Medicine
      Stray Medicine 2 days ago

      +Harlem 1312 well it's not like it really matters anyway because I'm upgrading to a 2080 ti soon. Also the comparisons between the two show 2060 rendering faster and taking significantly less power. That's all that matters for me. Gaming is an afterthought.

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 2 days ago

      +Stray Medicine the vega 64 is 400...... and it outperforms it in as tasks

    • Stray Medicine
      Stray Medicine 2 days ago

      +Harlem 1312 $649 vs $349
      no thanks bud

    • Harlem 1312
      Harlem 1312 4 days ago

      U could have gotten a vega 64...

  • Nunya Biz
    Nunya Biz Month ago

    Linus is just such a little bitch, who takes this guy seriously?

  • 100k subs no vids
    100k subs no vids Month ago +1

    I typed this comment on the toilet

  • Lumpy Mushroom
    Lumpy Mushroom Month ago

    Got a rtx 2060 in a eBay auction for $310, not a bad deal.

  • Count Suckular
    Count Suckular Month ago

    This video was a bit rubbish. Linus, go take your skinny penis somewhere else.

  • henry home
    henry home Month ago

    explain 3:38

  • Gamerboy Aidan
    Gamerboy Aidan Month ago +90

    Linus hates any budget GPU that can not run a game at 4k
    Edit: Linus hates every GPU

    • S0leily
      S0leily Day ago +1

      +Justan On dont listen to them 2k is good enough!
      they are just duuuuhuuuhuuuumb

    • Linh Nguyen
      Linh Nguyen 6 days ago

      +Justan On who wouldn't ?

    • Grant Todd
      Grant Todd 21 day ago +3

      +Justan On you've never experienced 4k porn

    • Justan On
      Justan On 26 days ago +1

      Right, 1440p is the sweet spot anyways imo who the fuck wants to buy 4k panel, nonsense

  • Martin Lander
    Martin Lander Month ago

    I don't know much about GPU's, but I do know that I do not give a hoot about ray tracing. Which means that you, sir, just saved me $70. Cheers!

  • XenYOLO Games
    XenYOLO Games Month ago

    So what should i buy 1660ti or 2060?! Omg just decide already

  • Dim Val's Games
    Dim Val's Games Month ago

    Hey guys.! A friend of mine ask.! Can with the 2060 RTX with i5/7Gen 3, something and 16 GB DDR4 2400 play games like NBA 2K19, Pro Evolution Soccer 19 and only platform games to play it in 4K Ultra fast and smooth. He only plays sport games and platform Games like "Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy" and stuff.! He does not like or care for FPS - 3D person shooters or strategy games again only sport games and platform games.!? Thanks in advance guys.??

    • donovan strawhacker
      donovan strawhacker Month ago

      You can but this is literally overkill you could go with A 560 and be perfectly fine with those requirements.

  • Group Project - In a nutshell

    When he was complaining in the first 10 sec..i wish i could just beat the shit out of him..

  • Wesley Oosterbosch
    Wesley Oosterbosch Month ago +1

    Comming from a GTX1070 to a RTX2060, no regrets!

  • FataLsPoTs
    FataLsPoTs Month ago +2

    because of all the negative feed back ima just wait till the price drops and then buy it cause its still better than a 1070ti and way cheaper.

  • Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman

    Don't play at 4K.
    4K60fps gaming is only for elitist assholes.

  • Lolled9991
    Lolled9991 Month ago +1

    The stupid man's Vega 56

  • Otakahunt
    Otakahunt Month ago

    I bought the asus version of RTX2060 6gb. Improved cooling design and good clock speeds.
    Upgraded from a 1060 3gb so it was a significant performance boost.
    I was choosing between 1070 ti (asus ex gtx 1070 8gb) and the 2060 and turns out the price range is pretty much equal despite 1070 being older and no longer being manufactured. (running out of stocks aswell)
    Benchmark results didnt really favor the 1070 either so obviously i went with the 2060... why buy older tech for the same price as newer when they both perform pretty much equal? No reason whatsoever!
    So far ive been gaming for about a month with the rtx and no complaints...
    It is a big boi tho... 1060 was only 23 centimeters and this version of 2060 is 27cm, my case can accommodate max 31cm length so no real problems... cables didnt like the rearrangement and my motherboard has poor positioning for 2x SATA-ports so i had to take out one. Rip dvd-rom drive, not that i needed you anyway!
    (RTX was just a little too thicc for a standup SATA-port cable under it but thats the motherboard design being weird. like 4 ports are well placed but then theres 2 extra ones way too close to the GPU-area.)

    THA HAM Month ago

    2:23 he looks calm and ready

  • zack9912000
    zack9912000 Month ago

    I bought it for a upgrade from the 960

  • Moomin Slayer
    Moomin Slayer Month ago

    The performance is about the same of 1070ti but for a bit cheaper

  • David Darrough
    David Darrough 2 months ago

    I upgraded my GTX 960 to an RTX 2060 and it is a night and day difference. Love it!

    • Handicapped Productions
      Handicapped Productions Month ago

      David Darrough thanks for the response just trying to gather info on what I should get

    • David Darrough
      David Darrough Month ago

      +Handicapped Productions I have an i7 4790k. I would love to upgrade it to a 9900k but for games it still runs great!

    • Handicapped Productions
      Handicapped Productions Month ago

      What cpu do you have? Just wondering because I’m thinking about upgrading.

  • Reactive
    Reactive 2 months ago +3

    legit just capped the framerate 0:23

    • Diegot9
      Diegot9 Month ago +2

      Ikr this guy is retarded

  • Samrat Kundu
    Samrat Kundu 2 months ago

    Hello.. I'm from India.
    I wanna assemble my first pc specifically for Audio and Video production (entry level). Not interested in games..
    My total budget is around $650-$700.. Would you please suggest me a good pc? (along with monitor).
    I'm just confused right now exactly what should I need!

    • Joseph Davy
      Joseph Davy 2 months ago +1

      If you need color precision (99% sRGB) you can get Dell UltraSharp 24" 1080p on Amazon.in for ₹20k.

  • hero
    hero 2 months ago +1

    i have this rtx 2060 ventus edition and its great it runs rainbow at 2k over 100 fps and always choose the 2k in most the games its great for 2k and 1080p

    PEWDIEPIE VS T SERIES 2 months ago

    Next up, 2050 ti ti

  • Michael Thompson
    Michael Thompson 2 months ago

    I the only person that actually loves the 2060?

    • Diegot9
      Diegot9 Month ago +1

      No everyone loves it its cheaper than a 1070 yet does better than it.
      This guy just gets payed to talk shit or underperform cards in order to benefit bigger companies like intel and nvidia

  • Chris Glisson
    Chris Glisson 2 months ago

    Why are your videos so shit all of a sudden?

  • seepeoplenotme
    seepeoplenotme 2 months ago

    3:35 the yellow bar shows 25

  • Unnamed Player
    Unnamed Player 2 months ago

    3:36 RTX Off: 25 FPS
    RTX On: 36 FPS

    • zapper
      zapper 2 months ago

      he means 36+25🤣

  • Austin Parsons
    Austin Parsons 2 months ago

    Does anyone else think it looks like a boombox?

  • Virtus
    Virtus 2 months ago +13

    RTX 2060 is aesthetically just perfect

  • Nunezbeastinqqq
    Nunezbeastinqqq 2 months ago

    I mean the 2060 preforms nearly just as well as the 1080

  • mat1
    mat1 2 months ago +1

    Why would you even…? put such a clickbait title

  • Konrad
    Konrad 2 months ago +1

    dude get to the point, why would you even name a video like that clickbait asshole.

  • KrazyWorldWars
    KrazyWorldWars 2 months ago

    Great info. So assuming that 1160 ended up being a 1660 TI? Or there another 1160 dropping in 2019? Btw price per fps I'm going with 1660 TI for 1080/1440 gaming

  • Giliver
    Giliver 2 months ago

    Because the cost of the 2070 is far to much compared to the minimal performance increase.

  • ImaITman
    ImaITman 2 months ago

    Why is the 2070 performing so poorly in these benchmarks for $150 more?

  • Ship Steer
    Ship Steer 2 months ago

    Linus I think you bottlenecked that setup. You should have used a core i7 9700k or i5 9600k instead

  • tidy kun
    tidy kun 2 months ago

    i bought the RTX2060 and it's good, and i don't give a fuck if it's slightly overpriced because i have money and im not 12

  • Matt DeWolfe
    Matt DeWolfe 2 months ago +200

    But in the 1660 video you recommend the 2060....

    • jack steel
      jack steel 4 days ago

      +David Sandoval I mean I just don't really understand where the GPU fits in, if you want a super high end gaming rig with ray tracing why get it? If you can't spend as much as you like but want a high end PC why get it? Its really being sold purely for ray tracing and the technology just isn't there right now to make it worth it

    • David Sandoval
      David Sandoval 4 days ago

      +jack steel Oh yeah, to replace a 1080ti is not worthy at all, but if you're new into the pc gaming world it'd be the way to go

    • jack steel
      jack steel 4 days ago

      +David Sandoval That might be true for a new 1080ti but the main reason you would get the 2070 is for ray tracing and I just think it ruins the point of getting a great card if your fps tanks

    • David Sandoval
      David Sandoval 4 days ago

      +jack steel Oh I getcha there, I chose ryzen 2700x over i9 so I understand what you're saying, if you have a little more money though 2070 is on pair with 1080ti and is a cheaper card, regular 2080 already performs better than 1080ti and it's an 8gb card.

    • jack steel
      jack steel 4 days ago

      +JDP Plays! Exactly but really the 1070ti is a middle between the 1070 and 1080 but 1/3 less than a second hand 1080 and a 10th more than a second hand 1070 meaning its at most 7% worse than a 2060 but then almost half the price or if you're like me you can find one for 2/5th the price

  • PuRe_ KaosLamb
    PuRe_ KaosLamb 2 months ago +3

    Who else skips the sponsor ?

  • Samuel Castillo
    Samuel Castillo 2 months ago

    Where can I buy that exact same 2060 that he is using in the video?

  • David Brandenburg
    David Brandenburg 2 months ago

    its no wonder these video card manufacturers make hundreds of millions every year, as they are screwing us real bad and we don't even get a kiss!

  • David Brandenburg
    David Brandenburg 2 months ago

    and who this hell can afford one with out selling your first born?

  • reeseisaac
    reeseisaac 2 months ago

    Where are you getting the prices for the other cards? (2:06) The founder edition 1060 on Nvidia's cite is $300, the gtx 1070 founder edition on new egg is 550$???? how is your price for the 1070 sooo unrealistic? I'm no computer wiz, and you may be more informed, but you neglect to do simple research...Use common sense

  • Stephen McAllister
    Stephen McAllister 2 months ago +261

    i’m buying the 2060 over the 1660ti. this video was pointless.

    • S0leily
      S0leily Day ago +1

      **imagine voice of alfred from batman** - Very well sir!

    • Murat Kurnaz
      Murat Kurnaz 5 days ago

      D- Mahmoud ü

    • MonsterKat
      MonsterKat 11 days ago

      Giliver lol what?! Have you seen the current benchmarks of 2060 bs 1060? It’s up to 50% faster at times!! It’s easily worth the upgrade

    • TheAdamGore
      TheAdamGore 15 days ago +1

      +Skol Rooster I have a R5 2600 and RTX 2060 *6gb* and its SWELL.

    • Cf Fitz
      Cf Fitz 25 days ago

      Same here

  • Wretched Slippage
    Wretched Slippage 2 months ago +4

    Im gonna buy a 2080ti and still game at 1080p 60fps. Just cuz.

  • Greg waters
    Greg waters 2 months ago

    Gonna wait for the GTX 1880 ;)

    • Christian H
      Christian H 2 months ago

      I kind of doubt they'll come out with such a card, unless it fills a niche that the 1080 or 2070 don't already fill. We know it wouldn't outperform the 2070, so what's the point...

  • Dylan G
    Dylan G 2 months ago +1

    Happy owner of a 2060 here, spoiler alert: It's basically a 1080 with either + or - 5 to 10 FPS depending on the game, not really a 1070. (Not taking RayPower in account!!!)
    Had the choice of either a blower 1080 or a Gigabyte 2060 OC and because a blower style in a regular desktop is a bit of an odd idea, the choice was easily made. Some RayPower if one gives nuggets about it, but overall basically a 1080 if not more if you like Overclocking.

    • Diegot9
      Diegot9 Month ago

      The 2060 is such a good card for the price its about $350 for the same performance if not better then a $500 1070

  • Dmitry Granicin
    Dmitry Granicin 2 months ago

    "competitive shooter like Battlefield V" (ROFL)

  • alexis alex
    alexis alex 2 months ago

    I just sold my 980ti 250$ and ordered gigabyte 2060 for 358$ feel so happy for taking a new tech card with warranty, less watt usage and about 50% increased performance... i dont think i could get somethink better for this money!

  • Ibraheem Productions
    Ibraheem Productions 2 months ago

    Ouch! It's £330 for the chespest 2060.

  • Tha Omega
    Tha Omega 2 months ago

    WTF 0 COMMENTS. Is that Bug from RU-clip or is there realy no one who has written a comment

  • william Reagan
    william Reagan 2 months ago

    A your the shit a!!!!!