• Published on Apr 19, 2019
    Check out how many cool crafting ideas we prepared for you this time! You will find incredibly helpful projects for your home! You can make a perfect pair of dishwashing gloves by attaching a kitchen sponge to it. Grab your hot glue gun and watch our full tutorial! Besides, you will find a collection of repairing hacks that will ease your life: if you don’t have the right size of wrenches, use a coin or few coins to fill the gap between the or bolt and the wrench; unexpected ways to use a drill; the easiest way to fix a wall. Don’t forget about the safety of your kids and keep them safe from falling wardrobes and chests of drawers. Use safety straps to attack wardrobes and dressers to the wall. Another handy idea is that if you drilled a hole that is bigger then your screw, use a matchstick to solve this problem. Put the matchstick into the hole and tighten a screw right into it. Sometimes when you change the decoration of your walls or simply tired of some picture you face an annoying problem - holes from nails and screws on your wall. We share a cool decision - fix small holes with crayon. Melt the crayon and press crayon into the hole.
    Do not throw away used laundry detergent bottles as you can make a lot of crafts for your home from it. Cut the top of laundry detergent bottle, glue a stainless-steel sponge to it and make a cool cleaning tool for your kitchen. One more useful idea is to make a toothbrush holder. Watch our video!
    As a bonus, you will find a lot of decoration ideas that will make your home even cozier and several tutorials on how to make beautiful soap by your hands just in 5 minutes!
    00:09 Cool soap idea
    02:42 Repairing lifehacks
    06:24 Reuse detergent bottles
    08:40 How to decorate ceramic tiles
    14:56 Cool storage solution for shoes

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  • 5-Minute Crafts
    5-Minute Crafts  7 months ago +1396

    Is your place cozy and comfy? What would you like to upgrade there?🏠
    Some smart ideas:
    00:09 Cool soap idea
    02:42 Repairing lifehacks
    06:24 Reuse detergent bottles
    08:40 How to decorate ceramic tiles
    14:56 Cool storage solution for shoes
    More cool solutions ru-clip.com/video/AdZpDrdIEU0/video.html

  • Nazra Triana Rorenza

    Oke (5 minute craft)sangat asyiap😄

  • Anderson Cabrera

    Que buen video @#$98:

  • cj cos
    cj cos Day ago

    I like the soap hand because u can just prank ur friends or family 😂😂

  • blauwe jjulie
    blauwe jjulie Day ago


  • ThePonyGal 882
    ThePonyGal 882 2 days ago

    I’m not hot gluing something to my wall

  • Lauren
    Lauren 3 days ago


  • Mr A WEEKS
    Mr A WEEKS 3 days ago

    Uhhhhhhhhh. Bob

  • Quinnzo play's
    Quinnzo play's 3 days ago

    "right now" ya right! who here has soap base a funnel and a suction cup IN HAND right NOW !?

  • Alex The brave
    Alex The brave 3 days ago

    you could also by a hamper for cloths

  • Alex The brave
    Alex The brave 3 days ago

    yo lagit your kid should not be climing shelfs

  • Alex The brave
    Alex The brave 3 days ago

    the "hand" soap looks really akword

  • AbangZai2.0
    AbangZai2.0 4 days ago


  • {Eclair Studios}
    {Eclair Studios} 4 days ago

    To the title:
    *I Don't Need A Blue Wet Soap Shaped As A Hand On My Bathroom Wall.*

  • Fried Cereal
    Fried Cereal 4 days ago

    Who here would risk the life of their plate to some hot glue and a bobby pin?

  • Madelynn Marlowe
    Madelynn Marlowe 4 days ago

    You still have to do the dishes

  • Juan David Montoya
    Juan David Montoya 4 days ago

    excelentes herramientas @#/07&

  • Lenka Brankovic
    Lenka Brankovic 4 days ago +1

    15:39 does anyone notice durex.😂

  • ScrumpleCatThe3rd
    ScrumpleCatThe3rd 6 days ago +1

    how he casually lets go of the cup when its literally not on a stable surface 1:48

  • Gyakuten
    Gyakuten 6 days ago

    Your videos make me sad :(

  • Soft Boi Nokan
    Soft Boi Nokan 6 days ago +10


  • Midget Girl
    Midget Girl 6 days ago +3

    Did anyone else notice the string coming off the broom when it fell

  • Michael Jordan
    Michael Jordan 6 days ago +1

    2:39 R.I.P poor child ????-2019
    2:47 R.I.P fingers ????-2019

  • Ilea Keil
    Ilea Keil 6 days ago +1

    Schreibt bei CRAFTY PANDA auch mal ein Deutscher einen Kommentar

  • Amy Bernhardt
    Amy Bernhardt 6 days ago

    6:20 w...w...why?.!!?

  • All Might
    All Might 6 days ago +1

    Ya I DEFINITELY have a bunch of soap base at home

  • Battle Clouds
    Battle Clouds 6 days ago +1

    But what about the stuff INSIDE the shelf or is it supposed to happen?

  • Asa
    Asa 7 days ago +1


  • Gretchen Meyer
    Gretchen Meyer 7 days ago

    Zone the falling kid comment what happen to the comb hack

  • DJ R87
    DJ R87 7 days ago

    2:27 it will fall
    I tried it many times but it didn't work

  • Silver Core Fox
    Silver Core Fox 7 days ago +2

    Who came to this vid as soon as they saw the blue hand?

  • Sauleh Khan
    Sauleh Khan 7 days ago

    if u break ur wall call fix it felix

  • RachelMingle
    RachelMingle 7 days ago

    Cfor once they showed the thumbnail

  • Space Potato
    Space Potato 7 days ago

    15.39.... im questioning what is on the shelf

  • Karen Blaskis
    Karen Blaskis 7 days ago

    I love it

  • ArianaGrandeStanxX
    ArianaGrandeStanxX 7 days ago

    Nobody has this much spare time

  • Lisa et Natalie95
    Lisa et Natalie95 7 days ago

    Me: *is that a waffle*

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia 7 days ago

    The broom 🧹 falling is really not necessary it’s just common since to put it against the wall not in the middle of bookshelf’s 😂

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia 7 days ago

    2:36 y’all didn’t make that 😂

  • Georgia Kenny
    Georgia Kenny 7 days ago

    How would you cut that ?? 1:54

  • Gamergirl _299
    Gamergirl _299 7 days ago

    We’re is the hand soap takes out hand there is the hand soap

  • Liv Brierley
    Liv Brierley 8 days ago

    Use me as a dislike button

  • Harley Danielle
    Harley Danielle 8 days ago +8

    When the mop fell I saw a string pulling on it

  • ERM
    ERM 8 days ago +5

    5 minute crafts is running out of ideas

  • Panda pan
    Panda pan 8 days ago +1

    These Don't even working

  • derkatwork33
    derkatwork33 8 days ago

    Clever stuff. Good animation.

  • fire horse
    fire horse 8 days ago +16

    Dude if the broom is falling put it in a corner

    • Gretchen Meyer
      Gretchen Meyer 7 days ago

      fire horse we can’t because we have five minute crafts. To save the day

  • Musarrat Mustafa
    Musarrat Mustafa 9 days ago +1

    Omg this is so awesome and cool

  • Water Flow
    Water Flow 9 days ago +20

    But the kid still falls off and get hurt even with the rope

  • Yaloni Tchibozo
    Yaloni Tchibozo 9 days ago

    I like it

  • multivitaminek :D
    multivitaminek :D 9 days ago

    0:57 when you have no friends

  • imane boutizla
    imane boutizla 9 days ago

    احبو حرف ابداعية في5دقيقة

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  • The Professor
    The Professor 10 days ago +1

    10:59 That dramatic fall

  • • Sཽ eཽ aཽ • Sཽ tཽ aཽ rཽ •

    12:16 who just has a bike chain just laying around?

  • Jack Collier
    Jack Collier 11 days ago

    People would think your crazy if you have a soap hand that you rub your hand on

  • 1 sub
    1 sub 11 days ago

    5:00 here comes the noodles

  • Thomasina Whalley
    Thomasina Whalley 11 days ago +1

    Where do the other plastic bits go?

  • Yassmin Hussein
    Yassmin Hussein 11 days ago

    J' ai tro emai le savants a main