NHL Highlights | Maple Leafs vs. Red Wings - Nov. 27, 2019

  • Published on Nov 28, 2019
  • Andreas Johsson scored two as the Toronto Maple Leafs blanked the Detroit Red Wings 6-0.
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    BSA SAFETY 12 hours ago

    My Best Friend Was At This Game!

  • Damien Chance
    Damien Chance Month ago

    Wow 3 in row nice job

  • Torben Ladefoged
    Torben Ladefoged Month ago

    Freddie. my puck tha. u

  • Lazarus A. Game
    Lazarus A. Game Month ago

    Love the save while Andersen was sitting on the ice. Nicely done.

  • taco meat
    taco meat Month ago

    Detroit stinks

  • Shawn Boudreau
    Shawn Boudreau Month ago +1

    a "lucky bounce" on the Nylander goal. Sure lol, it was just good hand-eye coordination.

  • edris bhayat
    edris bhayat Month ago


  • Flying Dutchman83
    Flying Dutchman83 Month ago

    "Strange bounce that looked like nothing"...that goal was nothing but pure skill. Amazing skill that the Red Wings have not had in years...Jealous Detroit homer announcers.

  • Makaveli The Don Soulja

    Go Leafs Go!

  • D Laws
    D Laws Month ago

    Jeez how did the Leafs win with all these lucky goals? The Red Wings announcers are delusional. There was an excuse for every goal smh. The Red Wings must be unlucky every night I suppose.

  • Steve Fortuna
    Steve Fortuna Month ago

    If any objective watcher of this and the DRW record can see this and not require Blashill be fired, enjoy your next Dead Things era. There IS such a thing as too much loyalty and inertia. The man can’t strategize, motivate or inspire a stick bag.

  • Junokaii
    Junokaii Month ago

    Detroit misses one year for the playoffs and have been garbage since :/

  • linkan91H
    linkan91H Month ago

    Is this worse then the "deadwings" era?

  • Craig Jarrett
    Craig Jarrett Month ago

    Great win

  • Adam
    Adam Month ago +1

    Well at least the commentators arent making excu..... -_-

  • Fizz Bronson
    Fizz Bronson Month ago +1

    Where's Joe Bowen and Jim Ralph when you need them?

    • eric21200
      eric21200 Month ago

      John Bartlett isn't bad either.

    NATURAL LAW Month ago

    " Boy oh Boy " lol

  • ultrastand phoenix
    ultrastand phoenix Month ago

    Tuff psychologicaly for Detroit to get over this one .boy o boy .lmao this commentator was wack

  • Annika Gulliver
    Annika Gulliver Month ago +1


  • Christian Rodgers
    Christian Rodgers Month ago +1

    Man those Red Wing commentators don’t stop whining.

  • Member Berries
    Member Berries Month ago +1

    I'm a redwings fan, and I honestly feel we couldn't compete with AHL teams

    • Tyler P
      Tyler P Month ago

      Member Berries you ain’t kiddin

  • TheGunman18
    TheGunman18 Month ago

    Commentator: Absolute 100% lucky, that's it. No great play

    Maple Leafs: Imma about to end this man's career

  • Ace Destroyer
    Ace Destroyer Month ago +1

    They still can't beat Boston in regulation.

  • Gyrate
    Gyrate Month ago +1

    Mickey Redmond is so damn salty lol

  • Daniel McFee
    Daniel McFee Month ago

    Good god, was there no home broadcast of this game? I mean Nylander scored a goal of the year candidate and the anouncers called it a garbage goal at first lol

  • Quebec Sucks
    Quebec Sucks Month ago

    Well done guys, nice game...3 in a row..best game yet...and all good moving forward, all positive...eye on the prize...go get those cups...GO LEAFS GO.

  • Michael Laughlin
    Michael Laughlin Month ago +1

    Once again howard on his knees tryin to make a save that defense sucked tonight then the backup doing the same dam thing time for a brand new goalie team like now !

  • Håkan Westerdahl
    Håkan Westerdahl Month ago +1

    Toronto seems to have regained the Love for the game 🇸🇪💪👌
    Great to see

  • betterdays
    betterdays Month ago +2

    Worst broadcast team in the nhl

  • marcobrooo
    marcobrooo Month ago +2

    Love the disgust in the commentators voice,what a complainer

  • Kyle Boucher
    Kyle Boucher Month ago

    Probably most awkward hockey game I’ve ever watched

  • Will Stuart
    Will Stuart Month ago +3

    So ..... when did 'Earl' , from seniors Bingo Bonanza , start calling Red Wing games.??

  • Ranalla651
    Ranalla651 2 months ago

    Is bernier back up a assume ? That sucks heard he was sick before howard got hurt

  • DarkDays
    DarkDays 2 months ago +2

    Red wings are like a practice girl, before you go after the really hot one.

  • Alex MacLean
    Alex MacLean 2 months ago +1

    I had a lot of respect for Mike Babcock last season but something happened in the off season and he lost the respect of the team and it showed immediately this year.

  • Jourdan dv
    Jourdan dv 2 months ago

    what a joke! Shitwings

  • Matt Tanner
    Matt Tanner 2 months ago +2

    As a Leafs fan, this game felt kinda like hollow win, I felt really bad for Bernier out there. Didn't help that the defense utterly left him out to dry.

    Also, why'd you use this feed? The Sportsnet feed was actually better

  • J-WACK Sound
    J-WACK Sound 2 months ago +2

    Hey Sportsnet, these biased Fox commentators make the buds highlights tough to watch. They hate the leafs. Upload the SN broadcast highlights for us!

  • Pahan77 Ffff
    Pahan77 Ffff 2 months ago

    Крылья вообще дно ....

  • Jordan Perepolkin
    Jordan Perepolkin 2 months ago +1

    54 shots

  • Jordan Perepolkin
    Jordan Perepolkin 2 months ago +1

    I swore it said Erickson was on vegas in starting lineups one game

  • ill v
    ill v 2 months ago

    go leafs go

  • Shawnaldo75
    Shawnaldo75 2 months ago +1

    Apparently this was the first Wings vs Leafs game with no Babcock since 2003.

  • Tom Johansson
    Tom Johansson 2 months ago

    Great game by the Leafs. Keep it up for the rest of the season.

  • Z.W.M
    Z.W.M 2 months ago

    Ну хоть тут все по фун-шую !!!! Торонто вставили Крыльям !!!!

  • Kevin Furtado
    Kevin Furtado 2 months ago

    I love that salty broadcaster lol

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown 2 months ago +4

    These commentators must be having a rough season lol

  • AH Syndrome
    AH Syndrome 2 months ago

    Михейчик Омск с тобой

  • Mystic Phoenix
    Mystic Phoenix 2 months ago +1

    What the hell kind of biased ass commentators are those lol. You're team got stomped , the end, no point making lame half assed excuses. You'd think they'd be used to getting smashed by now, Detroit hasn't been good for some time and don't look like they'll be getting any better soon.

  • Isaiah Armstrong
    Isaiah Armstrong 2 months ago +53

    The red wings commentators after every Toronto goal: Oh boy it didn’t look like much but it still went in.

  • Ben Prins
    Ben Prins 2 months ago

    Great job Leafs.
    Really impressed with your work ethic, energy and confidence.
    Keep it up buds😊😊

    • LedZep 2112
      LedZep 2112 2 months ago

      @Steve Sanghera Toronto is the hub hockey.... do why don't you GFY

    • Kyle Page
      Kyle Page 2 months ago +1

      Steve Sanghera Why then all you butt hurts won’t have anything to comment on.

    • Steve Sanghera
      Steve Sanghera 2 months ago

      Ur impressed they beat Detroit 🤦🏼‍♂️ sometimes I wish the leafs just got kicked out of the nhl

  • R Dubya
    R Dubya 2 months ago

    Cup time

  • paganmaestro
    paganmaestro 2 months ago

    Red Wings' color man couldn't seem to find much of value in any of Toronto's goals.

  • bobbybrowny123
    bobbybrowny123 2 months ago +1

    It's funny to hear people complain about the commentators. What do you expect them to be excited about? The Red Wings have lost 7 games in a row (I have lost count at this point), both goalies are not at 100%, and there was 54 shots on net. When it's possible, this channel should use the commentary of the team that wins or at least isnt total dogshit.

  • Keebs0113
    Keebs0113 2 months ago +2

    Boy, Redmond was running out of excuses towards the end there. He finally just had to give credit to the player. That had to burn.

  • Jake Mak
    Jake Mak 2 months ago +2

    Bush league commentators

  • Bobby Marc
    Bobby Marc 2 months ago

    Canadas team KEEPS winning.
    Man this is good news for Canda, they were getting depressed in the Babcock era as their Gods (Leafs) struggled to perform.
    God bless CANADAS TEEM!

    • Pancouver venguins
      Pancouver venguins Month ago +1

      Three games and one is against the worst NHL team in probably ten years these wings lmao.

    • Steve Sanghera
      Steve Sanghera 2 months ago

      Bobby Marc 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Chris Armatage
    Chris Armatage 2 months ago +1

    Freddi looked super-composed tonight. Made a lot of big saves look easy. Congrats on the shutout!

  • Grey Ford
    Grey Ford 2 months ago +3

    Wings need to take a page out of Toronto's book and fire Blashill. Getting outscored by the opponents like they have this year comes down to coaching and not putting players in positions to succeed. Absolutely pathetic hockey out there and every player wearing the winged wheel should be embarrassed

    • Grey Ford
      Grey Ford 2 months ago

      @The Greater One I've seen tanks with better effort

    • The Greater One
      The Greater One 2 months ago

      Grey Ford the wings are tanking tho

  • Hartia
    Hartia 2 months ago +2

    These commentators are lifeless and trashing Leafs goals shows their bias.....smh