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The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans | Daniel Amen | TEDxOrangeCoast

  • Published on Oct 15, 2013
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  • Real Mike Clements
    Real Mike Clements 5 years ago +5982

    Behaviour is not the problem, behaviour is an expression of the problem. Love this one

    • Vincent Liu
      Vincent Liu 2 days ago

      If you know the mind body problem, everything has a impact on your wellbeing. So this guy is like a very good sales man.

    • The Bee
      The Bee 3 days ago

      @Anti-theist BWAHAHA!

    • Aumm Rivas
      Aumm Rivas 5 days ago

      Goes a little bit to far n yet I think 🤔 hmmm I don't want to know what I mean... LoL

    • Roderick Louie
      Roderick Louie 10 days ago

      @Raptor Hacker ààà

    • Gregory Ruyvaert
      Gregory Ruyvaert 20 days ago

      This is an age-old philosophical pickle. I felt disappointed the questioning of our concepts (illness-personality-mind-body etc.) is totally ignored in this talk. It seems who we are to Amen is what our brain looks like. That is quite the claim and it raises a lot of questions, unanswered in this TedTalk

  • merry hunt
    merry hunt 6 months ago +789

    This is the best TED talk I have ever heard. Every word is clear, no wasted time, no waffling - and so inspiring.

    • Neptune's Bible
      Neptune's Bible  7 days ago

      I was just thinking the same thing!!

    • Snicker Doodle
      Snicker Doodle 15 days ago

      Listen to emotional first aid

    • Nancy Dunton
      Nancy Dunton 17 days ago

      I agree. I understand more of what I have learning on my own and changing myself thru vitamin therapy and dietary changes. No doctor has said anything to me about what I have found out on my own. I still have some anxiety and some sleep issues but no major mental issues exists. They had me on medicines I had to wean myself off of because I was addicted to them. I dont have an addictive personality so it was to accomplish. Blessings

    • Robert P.
      Robert P. Month ago

      @Akri exactly! a “performance”.

    • Eben Tee Entertainment
      Eben Tee Entertainment Month ago +1

      @Jacquelien Jee Lol 😂

  • Patrick k
    Patrick k 7 months ago +405

    Would really have liked to hear some on how they rehabilitate the brain.

    • Butterflyyy
      Butterflyyy 3 days ago

      @Fiddlestix that’s how you get sectioned

    • Carl Oxley III
      Carl Oxley III 15 days ago

      Unfortunately, The answer will be different for every person, as every brain and every individuals circumstances will be different. There are loads of modalities that one can find listed online. Supplements sure, But more importantly Getting the nutrition you need, so intaking food that allows you to get the nutrients you need without supplements. Neurofeedback can be helpful. Exercise. The list goes on.

    • Vito Tuxedo
      Vito Tuxedo Month ago +12

      We brought our 9-year-old daughter to the Amen Clinic 22 years ago, and they were able to help her a great deal. Fast-forward to today; she repeated the SPECT scan, but this time the results have not been very impressive. Maybe it's just the counselor (or whatever they call them) who is handling her case, but it's not working. The problem is that correlation is not causation. The human brain is far more complex than that.

      Dr. Amen is a compelling speaker, and there are many aspects of his approach that make a lot of sense to me. That's why we brought our daughter there. But it's not a panacea, and while our experience with him is better than that of traditional psychiatry, the recent results have been disappointing thus far. But perhaps it will take time.

      I can tell you this much: we're seeing better results with cognitive behavior therapy (the "Albert Ellis school" approach), which in my own experience is the most effective approach to psychology.

    • M and S R.
      M and S R. 2 months ago +13

      Unfortunately as you look into it, its supplements, medication and other non-proven methods. He is referred to as a "celebrity doctor," something that always raises red flags. I am glad he has been able to help some people, if he has, but if this were truly revolutionary it would not be so niche still, and would be covered by insurance. They would much rather pay for short-term treatment than lifelong regimens of therapy, medications, and hospitalizations. The Dr speaks ill of behavior therapy but does not mention that behavior therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, changes in learning patterns and reinforcement, actually cause structural changes to the brain, in effect "healing" perhaps what he himself is scanning. I was hopeful this was a a new, more measurable and prescriptive way that behavior therapy could be used to help people but a visit to his Wiki page and own website shows its just gimmicky snake oil with some high profile successes.

    • Michelle Rodriguez
      Michelle Rodriguez 3 months ago

      @Mary Schiller AWESOME THANK YOU

  • Silver Hawk
    Silver Hawk 2 months ago +61

    “Treatments need to be tailored to each individual brain, not clusters of symptoms.” Very well said! And i am so touched after listening to Andrew’s story. I really hope more psychiatrists would use brain scan for patient analysis and heal more brains. Thank you so much!

  • mouse house
    mouse house 6 months ago +259

    This is really fascinating for me, I had a tumour removed from my frontal left lobe in 1991, not only did I have to relearn lots of things I also started swearing something I had never done. For years this was always a struggle to not swear. Last year I fell off a ladder and hit the back of my head requiring five stitches. Within five minutes of speaking to my husband to go to the hospital I realized that I no longer swore, and still don't. Whatever that fall did, it changed damage from the tumour removal.

    • Name Here
      Name Here 2 months ago +1

      As a chef, I'm sorry you failed to appreciate the lexicon of my people. To be so adverse to something that you manifest such a drastic solution is baffling.

    • Safflower Oyl
      Safflower Oyl 4 months ago +2

      Oh yes, the swearing. I'm now owning my foul speech

    • j sus
      j sus 4 months ago +1

      This is so funny lmaoo

    • Jem Wine
      Jem Wine 5 months ago

      @DS 김미경 북드라마

    • DS
      DS 5 months ago +21

      I have a friend who banged her head as a child and as a consequence had blurred vision. Once at the park she banged her head again and her vision went back to normal. I have no reason not to believe her.

  • D Hardy
    D Hardy 10 months ago +1842

    "Behavior is an expression of the problem, behavior isn't not the problem."

    Well said Dr Amen

    • Katrena Hood
      Katrena Hood 2 months ago

      No idea what is going on in the city and I don't have any money to get my situation is not working properly so I will have to get a check from the Church. ASAP

    • Aaron Smith
      Aaron Smith 2 months ago

      You need a scan to know if that’s the case . Most people have a psychological abnormality if evaluated

    • A R
      A R 2 months ago

      @John F THANK YOU, you are absolutely right. There is not a single behavioral principle than can be reduced to neurological function.

    • Maria Almin Sumbillo
      Maria Almin Sumbillo 2 months ago +1

      My Father had Tumor Cancer. Brain 🧠 is important. How people behave and think.

    • Maria Almin Sumbillo
      Maria Almin Sumbillo 2 months ago

      Amazing. I'm inspired. Mental Health.

  • Joanne Krasnozon
    Joanne Krasnozon 2 months ago +32

    This is such an important talk. I worked in mental health most of my nursing career. I love the idea of getting to the root of the problem and having evidence of pathology as it may help "legitimize" mental illness as there is still so much skepticism and stigma. And actually being able to change someone's brain-- that's huge!!

  • Scott VanLue
    Scott VanLue 6 months ago +49

    I have been listening to Dr. Amen for 20 years. I was in a severe accident and had a traumatic brain injury. I became familiar with Doc by watching a PBS special and have followed ever since. Doc and Dr. Dispenza, neuroscienetist, have done so so much good for me just by listening to them. Thank you!!

    • Robert P.
      Robert P. Month ago +3

      "PBS" special? Infomercial is more accurate

  • StephenAubreyMusic
    StephenAubreyMusic 6 months ago +146

    This guy is my doctor- though I’ve never met him, simply reading one of his books was life changing.

    • Katrena Hood
      Katrena Hood 2 months ago

      So ready for this matter is going to be a bit of a break for the video I was wondering if you had any money for the car

    • mahawi Omar
      mahawi Omar 3 months ago

      Please give us the make of the book😁

    • Ferdowsi Amin
      Ferdowsi Amin 4 months ago +1

      What is the name of the book?

  • Ismayil Arifoglu
    Ismayil Arifoglu 7 months ago +843

    I like how he says "I and my colleagues" instead of "I", "me" , "only me" and so on. He has a team spirit attitude for sure.

    • mar mon
      mar mon 29 days ago

      @Paddle to the Sea he's American so you must let the I come first.. Pls be understanding. 😋

    • Jayde Van Den Berg
      Jayde Van Den Berg 3 months ago +1

      Yeah! I noticed (generally) most mental health professionals do. We are team players. We want a better society, a better world for people to live in, and better outlooks for people to live their lives to the fullest. I'm excited for my career in therapeutic help; but I also know I'll be throwing shots in the dark and wish I didn't have to.

    • novaturbkkk
      novaturbkkk 4 months ago

      @Paddle to the Sea you must of been bored

    • novaturbkkk
      novaturbkkk 4 months ago

      When he 1st said that I thought he definitely knows how to put it across to us, then I saw you're comment and exactly same as I thought

    • Mizzou Ranger
      Mizzou Ranger 4 months ago +1

      That was born in the military my friend… they teach that above all else.

  • Fishing Treatment
    Fishing Treatment Year ago +6431

    "Behavior is the expression of the problem, not the problem". Daniel Amen.

    Amen to that.

    • D Mac
      D Mac 10 months ago +1

      @Colleen Lazoruk I'm Bipolar too, I feel your for you Colleen🙏🏽 you're definitely not alone. I know it's a daily struggle often. I wish for at least a moments relief... listen to your higher self. Be well, be kind to yourself and live.

    • Billy Rubin
      Billy Rubin 10 months ago

      @Alejandra Osiakowski Why scans if MRI is as informative as scans and safer?

    • CJThunder
      CJThunder 10 months ago

      @Fetilu09 apparently you do not comprehend this expression "Behavior is the expression of the problem, not the problem". Daniel Amen
      Behavoir is the outward manifestation of a problem and it's first to be noticed and you could say it's a SYMPTOM . Now maybe you go along and actually do some research and not play with things you don't understand.

    • Jennifer McCarthy
      Jennifer McCarthy 11 months ago

      @S1n.4.J3sus you tube won't let me amend previous post! I just wanted to add:
      depending where you are and if you can afford private treatment will determine if you can even get a scan - and it might help, it might not.

    • Renyx Ghoul & God Slayer
      Renyx Ghoul & God Slayer 11 months ago

      @S1n.4.J3sus Are you happy with your state of wellbeing? If you are and you can guard your thoughts from becoming actions then sure. But if you feel tired and could break at any moment then you should request for one and state your concerns transparently as the meds are not helping even after 10 years.

  • Nem Rio
    Nem Rio 2 months ago +12

    Thank you Dr Daniel Amen for doing an amazing job. The world needs more of you. Our mental health organization needs a lot of improvement in many ways and you set a very good standard in psychiatry. I hope that it gets better soon because many people like me suffers from mental illness and we are not properly treated. Thank you again for your amazing work and for sharing these valuable information. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Valusha
    Valusha 7 months ago +4

    Amazing Job! Thank you for doing all this for our generations to come 🙏🏻❤️

    • Abhinandan Zambare
      Abhinandan Zambare 13 days ago +1

      @iCA Om Namah Shivay!🌺🙏

    • iCA
      iCA 13 days ago +1

      @Abhinandan Zambare renew our mind with God's holy word which heals.amen...its free gift

    • Abhinandan Zambare
      Abhinandan Zambare 4 months ago +2

      But here he did not give any way out.Whats the solution?

  • Nonsense
    Nonsense 3 months ago +3

    Love how this helped me see things from a different perspective. I’ve always believed that medication does not help the actual problem. But to have someone say this to you is heart warming and encouraging. Thank you so much for sharing this

  • Saranya V.O
    Saranya V.O 2 months ago +33

    “When you have the privilege of changing someone’s brain, you are not only changing his or her life, but you have the opportunity to change generations to come” - Amazing and Inspiring!! 🙌😮 👏

  • Brendan Podvora
    Brendan Podvora 2 years ago +3727

    “You are not stuck with the brain you have, you can make it better.” That hit me so hard

    • Living Well Laugh Often
      Living Well Laugh Often Month ago

      @News & Views Today can you reply with the link? I want to look up the specific information. THANKS 🙏

    • Diana Ladania
      Diana Ladania 2 months ago

      @carlos tejada 👍

    • Diana Ladania
      Diana Ladania 2 months ago

      @corey bkguy 👍

    • Storm Warrior
      Storm Warrior 2 months ago


    • candice doyle
      candice doyle 3 months ago

      @Tiffany Kern dynamic neural retraining system by Annie Hopper. Healed me completely from 26 diagnosis

  • Darlene Lawson
    Darlene Lawson 7 months ago +4

    I have seen this before but I still find it so fascinating. I agree with him completely. We have come so far with other diseases but psychiatry is so far behind. Than you for this video. 🇨🇦

  • Derek Chace
    Derek Chace 8 months ago +10

    This is just amazing! The speaker is very engaging and makes you realize how important brain scans are for psychiatrists. Could have listened to him talk about this for another hour

  • L A Davidson
    L A Davidson 6 months ago +1

    I've followed dr amen for decades. Brilliant doctor. His work encouraged me to get off antidepressants, to eat right and to exercise. 100% improvement in quality of my life

  • Jayde Van Den Berg
    Jayde Van Den Berg 3 months ago +34

    This is beautiful. I'm currently studying to become a therapist myself, and I don't know why we aren't performing this every time a client comes in. All of this is factual, and all of this is proven. Why are we throwing darts? We could innovate mental health help and create a more stable society. I wish more people in the world viewed this as a necessity; not as a privilege.

    • Belph E Gren
      Belph E Gren 2 months ago +2

      Same, I’m writing my extended essay on how we can help students with ADHD academically and I’m absolutely just blown away at this whole talk. Why aren’t we doing this? Why are we still guessing and shoving medication down people’s throats when this seems so much more beneficial?

    • Thobela Ndlebe
      Thobela Ndlebe 3 months ago

      Jy is honderd persent reg! Ek stem saam.

    • jelen
      jelen 3 months ago +1

      I'm rooting for you and your future :)) go and make the world a better place :))

    • pannellclara
      pannellclara 3 months ago +2

      i hope you. an bring change to this field

  • rosemarie almero
    rosemarie almero 7 months ago +2

    Thank you Doctor Amen for your generous heart . I am extremely glad you can help people with brain issues . God bless you 🙏🏼❤️

  • Dan Chaney
    Dan Chaney 6 months ago +18

    Thank you so much for this! In rehab they tried to diagnose me with schizophrenia, manic depression, anxiety, personality disorder-they kept changing their diagnoses on me . This was way back in 1992. in 2013 I was finally diagnosed with PTSD & put on meds that helped tremendously.

    • Jayde Van Den Berg
      Jayde Van Den Berg 3 months ago +1

      I'm so happy they figured it out! You deserve to live your life to the fullest.

  • Kathy Snyder
    Kathy Snyder 9 months ago +10

    Some of this information just makes me cry. To learn of the suffering people went through, the misdiagnosis, the 15 year old who had issues due to a "mild" fall at age 3 and not treated properly. Wow. Thankful to Daniel Amen for this. I'm spreading the word.

  • Sagar Sahu
    Sagar Sahu 9 months ago +2139

    Whom so ever watching this video, I wish you health, wealth and lot of happiness to you from the bottom of my heart.

  • Russell Hadden
    Russell Hadden 2 years ago +1556

    This is what happens when someone cares so much about people. The passion is real. His heart is genuine. This Doctor has a testimony. We need to listen.

    • ray Nic
      ray Nic Year ago

      @Allyson Strobel I haven't found one article stating that an animal or insect bite can spread herpes.

    • Zyn Zane
      Zyn Zane Year ago

      If you have the money for his very expensive program, yeah

    • Mohana Prakash
      Mohana Prakash Year ago

      @Snip Snopper ķ.


    • Patrice Lynn
      Patrice Lynn Year ago

      @Anonymous you are smart!

    • MCSilverNinja
      MCSilverNinja Year ago

      George xeno , well, if you're in it for the money, then dna animal/human slaves will be no problem for you, poor poor dr mengele. Need some more children to make that endremochrome, doc? Ya know, for the...um..health cream..ya, health cream.

  • Myrna Parker
    Myrna Parker Month ago +3

    Love this! It is very unfortunate that we are dealing with this mistreatment, misdiagnosis and the consequences still in 2021!

  • stupidiot
    stupidiot 3 months ago

    Wow. I have had so many of the ideas shared here bouncing around in my brain for some time now. It makes me really happy to know there are already people working on this and I can’t wait to have my brain scanned and improved once I have the time and money to do so.

  • Tina McGillicutty
    Tina McGillicutty 9 months ago +5

    This is quite impressive. Thank you for your work Sir. I've learned alot about Dementia and OCD. 🦋🙋‍♀️🦋🙏🏻

  • annika ahtreh
    annika ahtreh 6 months ago +7

    Thank you Dr. Daniel Amen. The World needs more of his type. Sadly so far i only walked into docs that preffered medicating than searching the why. Maybe my son can get one of those scans...

    • thomasdswift86@gmail
      thomasdswift86@gmail 2 months ago

      Hello gorgeous🌹❤️🌹. I'm sorry for interfering with your nice comment, well I'm Thomas from Charlotte north Carolina hope we can be friends and get to know more about each other if you don't mind 😊

  • foraquid
    foraquid Year ago +709

    Impressive lecture, but I would have loved to hear about how they go about rehabilitating someone's brain once they discover these issues (although the removal of the cyst was obvious).

    • Michelle Cardenas
      Michelle Cardenas 9 days ago

      They change the foods they eat. And how they live their life such as exercise. .phydical emotiinal and emotional health will chsnge it all.

    • Lachy
      Lachy Year ago +4

      You only need to fork out for his book to find out! (Spoiler alert, it's a scam, and he's not backed up by any science whatsoever or supported by any other psychiatrists)

    • majord1961
      majord1961 Year ago +1

      @De-Stress Chiropractic Most of what I have read shows hat he is not legit. What makes me believe he's in it for the $$$ is the recommendation of supplements which are largely snake oil. It does make sense to me to perform the scans to point to where to start (if applicable) and to rule out certain factors. Do you feel the scans are not helpful?

    • Susan Chu
      Susan Chu Year ago

      Like any other organs, it can be healed

    • Herb Coleman
      Herb Coleman Year ago +6

      @DianaLynn1961 So here's the deal (and I'M not say he's a huckster) what huckster do is provide a little truth, partial science then says their (and only their) treatment fixes this. Instead when true scientist research and discover something they publish it so that other scientist can replicate the study and see if they get similar results. Two problems currently exist:1) many of the "great studies" have not been replicated, at all. 2) corporations fund a lot of research and won't let studies that do not support their product or desired outcome be published. There is little "pure" research being done and even less money for replication.

  • Marc Charach
    Marc Charach 6 months ago +13

    A complete eye opener of a Ted talk, thank you for sharing this

  • DeSha Bendross-Martin
    DeSha Bendross-Martin 5 months ago +1

    Great message. The brain scans/skimmers in current times are doing much too frequently. I am hoping this propelling us into a changed health care system where the overseers are more public and engaging with all.

  • Felicia Harding
    Felicia Harding 8 months ago

    Wow this is impactful! I am curious about these brain training programs and how to access them. What a wonderful field of study - I hope they gain more support. One of my best friends was diagnosed with an in-operable bran tumour a few years ago but she sought out a famous surgeon who was able to remove it. I witnessed first hand how much her mood and behaviours were affected but also, being that she was incredibly determined to heal, how amazing the brain truly is at healing and regenerating!

  • rosemarie almero
    rosemarie almero 7 months ago

    God Bless you doctor Amen 🙏🏼 thank you for your generous heart on helping people with brain issues. Thank you ❤️

  • Elise King
    Elise King 10 months ago +572

    I also work in radiology and I agree that we need to promote more diagnostic imaging in terms of psychology and mental health. I’m an administrator and I’m hoping to push the rehabilitation hospital that I work at onto this path. We treat all types of brain injuries, stroke aliments, neurological issues.

    • Supreme5
      Supreme5 Month ago +2

      I love Dr. Amen. His philosophy is so duh yet so foreign. It makes you wonder how Psychiatrists sleep at night...

    • Jen Gable
      Jen Gable 2 months ago +2

      Yes ! Treatment should be all encompassing for a precise mental health diagnosis: PET scan, therapy, possible psychoptropic medication (only when applicable), exercise, nutrition plan, and monitoring other lifestyle/environmental aspects !

    • Abhinandan Zambare
      Abhinandan Zambare 4 months ago +2

      I am eager to work with you.I am a yogi
      from India.

    • Abhinandan Zambare
      Abhinandan Zambare 4 months ago +3

      🤔He just pointed out that1) the disease starts in the brain much before its manifestation in the body.
      He depicts the problem only on a brain level.But brain can not be changed through imaging it (or by medication it could get suppressed for a short period of time.then it keeps haunting as in trauma or depression patients.)
      According to Yoga,brain can be changed through pranayam,meditation accompanied by doing good Karmas and channelizing emotions towards Universal love.
      I suggest for the benefit of humanity to read RAJYOGA of Swami Vivekananda which is available in pdf on Google. 🙏
      Love from India.💝🌺🙏

    • Cikgu Hanin Cerita
      Cikgu Hanin Cerita 6 months ago +2

      Thank you Elise. People will benefit much from this. Couldn't understand why doctors condem this beneficial thing. It is a real jealousy.

  • Beaches&Bonfires
    Beaches&Bonfires Month ago +3

    Dr. daniel Amen is who I WISH were my Doctor 😢 Thank you Dr Amen for being so passionate about learning about the organ that is most misunderstood. When he said about how psychiatrist's treat mental health yet they don't even look at the organ they are treating, I always wondered the same thing!!

  • Ben Cabrera
    Ben Cabrera 4 months ago +113

    "Psychiatrists are the only medical specialists that never look at the organ they treat." Imagine going to a knee specialist and she tells you that you have a torn ACL and starts treating you for that, without scanning your knee first!

    • Alexis Thompson
      Alexis Thompson 2 months ago +3

      Yet, they have never cured any patient… ever! Hmm really makes you wonder what’s really going on here

    • Tamarahope77
      Tamarahope77 3 months ago +1

      @Ben Cabrera Exactly! The meds are in fact not as effective a solution as they make them out to be. SSRIs (antidepressants) are generally effective for 50% remission rate in one out of every 6 or 7 people they are given to. Just under half of those taking SSRIs will be in remission after 6 months. Psychotherapy is on the whole effective for one out of three and has better relapse prevention, but some therapies are even more effective than that (e.g. EMDR for trauma).

      What about other conditions? Psychotherapy for panic disorder is shown across studies to be more effective than antidepressants or benzodiazepines. Yet if you go to a psychiatrist or an emergency department complaining of panic, you'll be offered medication as the first option.

    • Ben Cabrera
      Ben Cabrera 3 months ago +2

      @Tamarahope77 you sound like you know more about this than I do. I just always thought that it's weird that you don't physically look at an organ and just start prescribing meds for a solution, meds that I've seen personally can have very dangerous side effects. It made sense to me when he mentioned that.

    • Tamarahope77
      Tamarahope77 3 months ago +6

      Poor psychiatrists are in such a pickle - they are trained doctors but their area of specialty are "mental illnesses" that are not organic problems like other medical problems. Looking at a brain will not tell you if a person has a major depressive disorder because major depression is not caused by a brain dysfunction. A tumour in the brain, which can be seen in a SPECT scan, can be the cause of personality changes and behavioral difficulties, but they account for a very small percentage of people with mental illnesses. If every person who turns up in a mental health unit gets scanned, it would be a waste of funds as most mental disorder presentations are not caused by brain tumours.

  • Petra Biedermann
    Petra Biedermann 6 months ago +7

    What a powerful and inspirational speech! Thank you!

  • Aziz Ahmed
    Aziz Ahmed 8 months ago +50

    I came here after reading his book "Dont shoot yourself on the feet". He is the man who really experienced life. I think everyone should read the book

    • E M
      E M 8 months ago +1

      Calm down... Thats the comment that this guy would make... with a fake gmail account.. Haha.. This dude is like a madwoman

  • Smoothy
    Smoothy Year ago +1462

    I love when medical experts, care heart and soul, for humanity.

    • Fiona M
      Fiona M Year ago

      We need them more than ever

    • Emile Bichelberger
      Emile Bichelberger Year ago +3

      If he really cared for humanity and made a break through then he’d have been killed by now. Instead he’s rich

    • Nia Dennis
      Nia Dennis Year ago

      Well said. Me too!!!!!

    • Krishan Aggarwal
      Krishan Aggarwal Year ago

      @Marie-Louise Gariépy eooeeoeooreoeroeoeooeeoqoroqeoeooreeooreotreeeooreeorooreorooreoeooreoooeooooooeoqohqqooqoqhoqowoqwqoqwowoqooqooowoqowqwooqooqwwoqooq9oqeqooqoqqoqoooeqoqeoqeqo9qwoqoeoqoqowoqoeoqooqoqoqooqoqoqoqoqooqooqoqooqoqoqoqqqooqwowowoqoooqwooewoeowoooqqooeqqoooqwoooqoqooqoqooqowqoqoqoqqoqoqqhooqoqqoqooeoqqowooqoowooqoqoooqhoqhqoqoqooohwoqoeoqoeowqoqwqqoeoqoqowooqqohooqoqoqooowoqrqoqoqoqowo9oqoeoqoqoqqoot

    • Nenad ИС XC Shuput
      Nenad ИС XC Shuput Year ago

      Bagahhahaha hilarious

  • Vera Manifestacion
    Vera Manifestacion 6 months ago

    Impecable!! Emocionante!! Tambien la facultad de psicología debería IMPLEMENTAR materias especializadas en Spect Cerebral, aunque el psicólogo no suministre recetas farmacológicas también DEBERÍA (desde mi punto de vista es IMPRESCINDIBLE) conocer de que se trata mas profundamente la funcionalidad y actividad especifica cerebral. Lamentablemente en Argentina continuamos demasiado enamorados del psicoanálisis como para ampliar horizontes, y esta simple postura retrasa horrores tanto en el diagnostico como en el tratamiento. Y si esto se divulgase, también haría que el ciudadano común (me refiero al no profesional de la salud mental) fuese mas comprensivo frente al sufrimiento de su semejante ¡GRACIAS DOCTOR DANIEL AMEN!

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    Genevieve Thomas 4 months ago

    Wow, i had a severe concussion at 12 years old. I have had anxiety and depression ever since. Not to mention starting anger management classes. This video made so much sense for me. I definitely think i need a brain scan!!!

  • Darla Boo
    Darla Boo 2 years ago +698

    This made me emotional knowing there’s hope. We need more doctors like this.

    • K Mundwiller
      K Mundwiller 2 years ago

      Keep this in mind. There are Drs who've "reversed autism". There are Drs who've put ppl in remission from cancer when the radiation and chemo were killing them.

      There are treatments for cancer (that work)in other countries that are ILLEGAL HERE. Look how long it's taken to get medical marijuana legal when the GOVT THEMSELVES have multiple parents on it. Why would something proven to *help* ppl be illegal?

      America is a corporation. They do what makes the most money

    • Eric Scaillet
      Eric Scaillet 2 years ago

      @Ryan if we had more like him to pool their resources, ideas etc it might develop that side of things further ,one man can only do so much and perhaps have a bias.

    • Show Buster
      Show Buster 2 years ago

      Ryan lol post some sources when u say that mein

    • The CHANGE Providers
      The CHANGE Providers 2 years ago

      TBH I love Dr Amen’s philosophy and the personalized treatment approach does make sense. I’m just not so sure the SPECT imaging gives as much reliable information as he portrays. They have even called to question the information from fMRIs which was a bigger hit because more doctors supported that modality. I still use the premises in conversation because it can be helpful when talking about brain development. The thing is when I first listened to Dr Amen his philosophy and manner of speak resonated with my own. I was turned off when he talked about SPECT imaging because he used it to make the situation “real” for his patients. The true benefit to appropriate therapy is in making the situation real for patients and those around them and rebuilding a lot of the psychosocial building blocks that have fallen out of place or were never built up. I am against a med only approach as I’m sure Dr Amen is as well. With my approach I make the situation real for the majority of my patients with talking so much cheaper approach. There are always a small percentage of people whom are in toxic denial of their issues, maybe they could be turned to belief with an imaging study. Bottom line is very few people (especially general practitioners whom are the frontline as I am) see mental health in the way that I do and manage and speak to patients in the way that I do. We did a survey amongst 78 of my colleagues about communication and connecting with patients. I was only 1 of 3 whom scored above 90%. 40 scored less than 20%. If you can’t even connect with your patient you cannot help them even with the right approach. That survey alone was telling and we again are generalists whom main job is coordinating care and communication. I’m sure these statistics hold close if you assess the broader body of physicians. We all overestimate our own abilities and underestimate those of others but the people’s whom opinions truly matter are our patients.

    • sis atl
      sis atl 2 years ago

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    Antoinette Randall 5 months ago

    Oh my goodness Tank you so so much for sharing this with the world, I had a lite stroke, couldn't talk for a week, and took quite a commitment to walk around with my little notebook not to forget what I was told, my short term memory got injured, I am 100% with you about the change, all is possible if the man does what is possible and God does the impossible to complete the results. Bless your heart of understanding Doc, The Randall Family, South Africa

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    Who else is now curious to have a brain scan to see how their brain health and activity holds up?

    • Audio Fanatic
      Audio Fanatic Month ago

      Everyone on earth should have a brain scan by age 25 female or make. Even more importantly if they have been in a car accident or had any bad bump or bang to their head. I can say this confidently because I've had 2 done myself. Don't be afraid of medical tests and medical body scans the answers you get from the Doctor's can Change Your Life For The Better. Good luck everyone out there.

    • L R
      L R 2 months ago

      Dyes and scans have destroyed my brain over the years. At 73 I have trouble just walking. And the medicine a psychiatrist gave me destroyed my liver and I didn't really need it.

    • Karen Seeman
      Karen Seeman 3 months ago

      I am!

    • Dorothy Willms
      Dorothy Willms 3 months ago

      @Virginia Schmitt Glad to help.God be with you as well. I lost 2 friends to COVID last week in our little Canadian town. We need to care about each other, that’s why I wrote so many warnings about the AMEN clinics. If I can help one person here I sing hallelujah and PRAISE THE LORD. 🤗 My BIGGEST battle right now is getting my husband vaccinated. If your a praying person please pray for this devastated family. And my husband and daughter. The daughter in law died 2 days before. The husband is a pharmacist.!! Thanks for your kindness. 🙏🏻🌹

    • Dorothy Willms
      Dorothy Willms 3 months ago

      @maya vallee you are RIGHT ON! Dr. Amen is a slick SALESMAN. I have written WARNINGS all over this. We got scammed 13 grand CanAdian in his Seattle office. He is a fancy scan pusher and THEN THEY PUSH their brand of EXPENSIVE VITAMINS. Our scans lie in an empty drawer.⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

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    Just marvelous! Thanks Dr Amen for the information. God bless all the doctors wideworld!

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    Jen Gable 2 months ago +1

    I would totally agree with this ! Yes ! Treatment should be all encompassing for a precise mental health diagnosis: PET scan, therapy, possible psychoptropic medication (only when applicable), exercise, nutrition plan, and monitoring other lifestyle/environmental aspects

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    Im loving this, this should be a must in mental health care.

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    This really changed my view on criminals, only if we could afford to get these scans done in school, get every child to be consulted and get into these programs then the crime rates would be really low. But this is not an ideal world and it costs a lot

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    "When you have the privilege of changing someone's brain you not only change his or her life you have the opportunity to change generations to come" DEAR GOD this sentence is so powerful. I will never forget that.

    • Alfred Harrington
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      @Aysha Kimble oh please that's such a crock of 💩

    • yahia waleed
      yahia waleed 9 months ago +1

      @Clinton Ortiz dude.... How is that even related to genetics?.... What he says rings true with my own personal life.... I actually believe that such previously undetected problems was the main cause for the decay of my family: my great-grandfather ended his life after he went bankrupt due to company nationalization, my uncle had mental problems that became worse when he took the wrong medication, my grandma had Alzheimer's, my grandpa had lung cancer due to massive amounts of cigarettes on a daily basis and we know that addiction results from such unresolved issues

    • Aysha Kimble
      Aysha Kimble 9 months ago +7

      Societal rot in America really starts with its wars. Soldiers driven mad by war go home to their families as alcoholics and addicts and thus begins the cycle of dysfunction, traumatized kids, and intergenerational trauma. Stop being such a bully country and maybe your society would stop being the madhouse it is today.

    • Rascon Romero
      Rascon Romero 9 months ago

      Don't you think it sounds a little bit eugenically? Do our laws and ethic are ready to fulfil these ideas truly and correctly without any damage and voluntarism?

    • Cláudia Fegari
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      A whole new meaning to the expression: "When you heal yourself, you heal the world..."
      OR "When you heal within yourself, you heal your family line." This last one is a true statement!

  • Myra Harrell Fleming
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    What a novel idea? This is so sound...and our brains are amazing and so much more being learned. Now is the time to use imaging and help the brain recover! Love this!

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      @thomasdswift86@gmail Hi buddy...
      I am from India. 🌺🙏

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      Hello gorgeous🌹❤️🌹. I'm sorry for interfering with your nice comment, well I'm Thomas from Charlotte north Carolina hope we can be friends and get to know more about each other if you don't mind 😊

    • Abhinandan Zambare
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      Hello gorgeous🌹❤️🌹. I'm sorry for interfering with your nice comment, well I'm Thomas from Charlotte north Carolina hope we can be friends and get to know more about each other if you don't mind 😊

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    “Psychiatry is the only medical field that never looks at the organ they treat.” - Daniel Amen.

    • Pearl Mas
      Pearl Mas 7 months ago +1

      ​@Arthur Ashy Honestly, I'm not convinced psychiatry is a scam or that the only people who benefit from it are the 1% or that it's been "abused," though of course that's subjective. I guess maybe I just need to be more educated about the subject, but that's why I defended legitimate medicine.

      I also don't know why "looking at the brain" could be useful. I mean, if you have a brain tumor or a blood clot or something, then go see a physician, that's not a psychiatrist's job.

    • Pearl Mas
      Pearl Mas 7 months ago +1

      @Arthur Ashy I mean, I get that psychiatry is overly expensive (trust me, :( I really...really get it) but at least they actually provide a useful service. Just like all people, they're inclined to milk as much out of their profession as possible, but they give people real help. This guy has gone out of his way to create a scam. There's a difference, you know?

    • paul
      paul 10 months ago

      @Angelina Robert you have no clue,measuring blood serotonin cannot be done and it means nothing anyway regarding depression or anything else,there is no evidence to show otherwise, we know very little about these things.

    • Angelina Robert
      Angelina Robert 10 months ago

      @Rãvî Rumplestiltskin Why not Google Chrome search "brain rehabilitation treatments?" Show some initiative.

    • Angelina Robert
      Angelina Robert 10 months ago

      @Enger Probably with Meditation and diet like eating more fish and cashews.

  • Jessica Kruse
    Jessica Kruse 8 months ago +1

    Doctor Daniel,as a TBI/secondary epileptic surviver who just faught my way out of a coma and off life support to continue being mom to my depressed self harming daughter; thank you for giving me hope!

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    Daniel Krueger 6 months ago +1

    Great information, well said, and well delivered. I wish he would have talked a little more about what the ‘brain smart program is’. Guess that is where you have to give your credit card info to hear that part 🤣

  • Jared Post, D.C.
    Jared Post, D.C. 7 months ago

    I've seen a few recorded TEDx Talks and each one has been revolutionary. Information that has the power to change the world for the better. I sure hope that this information is able to make it to those people (doctors, etc.) that can further bring this stuff to people who lives could be changed for the betterment of people who need it the most.

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    After being a psychiatric nurse for 15 years I was horrified by what a failure the psychiatric field was in treating or curing sick people. Neuropsychiatry is a brilliant field that will save lives.

    • Cher-Ami Rose
      Cher-Ami Rose 8 months ago

      Is neurofeedback in the same field as neuropsychiatry?

  • Ma. Eugenia Luján
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    The biggest issue here is that this isn’t available for everyone. I actually called the place and it’s over 5 grand just for an initial meeting. I find it interesting that even though this person is dedicated to helping people, he only helps people who can afford it.

    • Marija Rd
      Marija Rd Month ago

      ​@Mike Detrick In countries that have normal health care, such as my country Croatia, you go to your doctor and ask for a scan referral and get it. The doctor himself directed you to additional tests to cover everything, you have been waiting for some tests for a couple of months. You don’t have to take out a bank loan or go bankrupt to do checkups and get treated.
      Healing is a legacy of civilization, not a business. As well as education.

    • P
      P 7 months ago

      @Wendy Meyer I bet you haven't done it and you will never do it.

    • Wendy Meyer
      Wendy Meyer 7 months ago

      5 Grand is a steal! There is so much included in that cost.

    • Mike Detrick
      Mike Detrick 7 months ago +1

      Reading some of the comments, there is a reason that people leave countries like Great Britain, Canada and others to seek treatment in the USA. They would not be leaving those countries to seek medical help in America is socialized medicine was a good thing. Otherwise what this guy said made sense to me

    • Calico
      Calico 7 months ago +3

      That’s the problem w/ modern medicine. I read a book called Cultural Diversity in Health & Illness for college & one of the chapters covered the “white coat culture” that we know so well in the States. Hospital systems are confusing, the bills are overwhelming, modern equipment is so pricey your jaw would drop if you knew how much it cost, etc. In actuality, you’d probably be better off seeing a witch doctor than an actual one especially if you aren’t loaded w/ cash. Our system is flawed & sometimes they still fail to diagnose the problem correctly as is the case w/ my mother. They think her affliction is rare & possibly unheard of but after countless tests & what not & a mountain of hospital bills later, they chalked it up to asthma because her specialists couldn’t agree w/ each other & kept arguing back & forth. It’s not like the show House was- it’s a lot more complicated & bureaucratic than that

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    Interesting and troubling at the same time. The Andrew story made the perfect link between scan imaging and treating the condition of the patients. But in the other cases, there was no such obvious connection. That TED talk should have been about those intriguing "brain rehabilitation programs" that he's referring to but never describes. They seem to be the key to curing the patients, much more than Spect imaging.

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    This was extremely enlightening. I'm studying psychology at university this year, and this motivated me a bunch. Im ready to change the world and people lives. Thank you

    • Andrew Hewes
      Andrew Hewes Year ago

      Afonso Carvalho
      FMRIs shouldn’t be that expensive. I was give a Sunday sermon “Imaging the 7 Deadly Sins.” The fun part was sharing with the audience that lust and [thinking something] virtuous imaged ‘the same’. It sounds good - I’m not the fMRI or whatever specialist to know that might actually be true.

    • Afonso Carvalho
      Afonso Carvalho Year ago +1

      @Patricia Crowell Thank you so much

    • Patricia Crowell
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      I wish you great success because it could change the world one person at a time. Psychology is an admirable profession to pursue.

    • Jay Breen
      Jay Breen Year ago

      @Afonso Carvalho I don't believe youtube let's people put links in the comments, but this is one title you can search because the reporter did some research that can lead you to some other reading you can do about him and his methods. Search "Head Case: Why Has PBS Promoted Controversial Shrink Dr. Daniel Amen?"

    • Afonso Carvalho
      Afonso Carvalho Year ago +1

      @Jay Breen Where did you get that info? His work seems pretty legit

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    I think this is a fascinating concept. I wish he could've summarized what brain rehab looks like in practice, how it works. Also, getting insurance cos to pay for a brain scan when not in a physical accident is probably a process.

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    Mauricio Cumbicus 5 months ago

    Recomiendo una y mil veces el libro "cambia tu cerebro, cambia tu vida" literalmente me la ha cambiado y me ha dado valor para entender y actuar sobre mi situación
    Tome la decisión de pedir una cita con el psiquiatra y estoy muy entusiasmado por ello

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  • 힝
     7 months ago

    So inspiring. One of my friends whose brain was seriously damaged in a car accident behaved very differently after the accident. She told me that the part of her brain that governs her temper was damaged and for that reason she couldn’t really control her emotions like frustration and anger. This talk is very inspiring and i wish i had seen this talk earlier so that i could have recommended this to my friend

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  • Ray Beaulieu
    Ray Beaulieu 2 years ago +266

    That was amazing. Someone finally got the idea to look at the physical evidence of mental illness instead of the behavioral evidence. Treatment is so different and the outcome is more realistic and patient centric.

    • Kate Anderson
      Kate Anderson 8 months ago

      @Geoffrey Harris I agree

      BEAUTYnIQ 2 years ago +2

      Kate Anderson you're right .. and this is Not the first time this theory has been used as a technique ..

    • Kate Anderson
      Kate Anderson 2 years ago +1

      Ray Beaulieu it’s still not as obvious the way this doctor is telling us

  • Audio Fanatic
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    I've learned medical imaging is priceless CTA/ w dye contrast etc... This is the only video or discussion that I've seen that takes it further. Very nice.

  • J. LaMarca
    J. LaMarca 2 months ago

    I would love to have my brain scanned. I spent my juvenile years in detention centers, my teenage years in rehabilitation hospitals and mental institutions, then ended up spending 17 straight years in prison. My family took me to doctors who diagnosed me with twenty different different things over the yeas and they gave me twenty different medications. I have been home eight years, never in trouble again, still suffer bad depression and anxiety. There is much more; I suffered abuse as a kid; had two severe head injuries at the age of nine and thirteen. I always wanted someone to look at my brain because in truth, I love people, always take care of everyone, but......just different to explain

  • Mrs Baqher Syed
    Mrs Baqher Syed 8 months ago +10

    I wish something like that was accessible in India and I could have my mother in law treated. She's severely narcissistic and as he points out, it's affecting generations after her. It would be very easy to label her as a villain but I've always known that something can definitely be done about her.

    • BADMINTONBEAST • 7 months ago +17

    His speech is so clear
    Im motivated to work on my speech too🔥

  • Cikgu Hanin Cerita
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    Thank you Dr. Daniel Amen! May God bless you and your family.

  • tesla H
    tesla H 5 months ago +2

    I am a retired MRI tdchnologist…..and, usually, if a person was having mental issues, their physician would order an MRI of the brain to look for any physical signs, pathology, that might cause their mental problems…..such as the cyst that this Doc says Andrew had. An MRI scan of the brain should always be part of a psychiatric workup when trying to diagnose mental illness. As should a nutrtional workup and questioning of the patient’s physical environment to see if any che,ical toxins present that may have caused the mental problem (if it is a fairly sudden onset)

  • M T
    M T 3 months ago +5

    As someone who’s probably going through PTSD, this video makes so much sense

  • Lauri Trotter
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    Treatment needs to be tailored to individual brains. YES! Thank you!!! Every individual brain is amazing and requires amazing care - not just another pill.

  • Andrew Cliffe
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    Started to work out at gym first time at 77years, gradually ramped up over time, brain function improving all the time.
    Worth a try...

    • thanislaus m
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    • Noor
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      @Max Power I think you can make a great improvement. The body is self healing

    • Mary J Nelson
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      @email Email Working up rather than immediately rushing in to make drastic changes might make changes even more effective.

    • email Email
      email Email 2 years ago +2

      @chaserkitty -- actually no he did not go out with dignity. He had a massive Hemorrhage in the brain the blood through his eyes and nose. While his case was not about exercise per say the point is not to argue it's about be careful and be smart.

    • email Email
      email Email 2 years ago +1

      @Ahmad -- 55 is not necessarily old when compared to a first timer at 78.

  • Sajja Sharma
    Sajja Sharma 8 months ago

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    It's amazing the way he talks about his respect for humanity!
    Absolutely the Leonardo da Vinci of scan!
    revolutionary love for evolution!

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    May you be blessed exceedingly and abundantly for sharing this message.