• Published on Jun 27, 2019
  • This has been the week of impulsive decisions huh... stoked!
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  • W.L
    W.L 24 days ago

    new camera is better XD

  • U Liion
    U Liion 2 months ago

    Thought him smashing into the z was a bit

  • Hasty
    Hasty 3 months ago

    14:55 Adam is thinking “I thought you were pro”

  • MegaaMike
    MegaaMike 3 months ago

    The Z took three L 😂

  • SupremeSlore
    SupremeSlore 3 months ago

    Looks like the go pro hit the lift then went under the car. Craazyyyyyy

  • Lil Richiee
    Lil Richiee 4 months ago

    Do u ever miss Nicole it’s weird not seeing her Man U seem work oriented

  • AR-Sesh
    AR-Sesh 4 months ago

    I really thought he was gonna get a bike 😪😂

  • Breezy
    Breezy 4 months ago

    Are him and Nicole still together

  • Eric Homewood
    Eric Homewood 4 months ago

    I love Bert's positivity about everything

  • Jordan Wilson
    Jordan Wilson 5 months ago

    Lol hahahahaha

  • matt gixxer
    matt gixxer 5 months ago

    I'm not materialistic or anything, just want to bring you guys good content 👍

  • Pablo
    Pablo 5 months ago

    hope your car blows

  • Spencinator04-codmobile

    It’s under the car 😂

  • Ryan Cook
    Ryan Cook 5 months ago

    need to mod this ASAP!

  • Ted Andersson
    Ted Andersson 5 months ago

    Looks like a fly the bug dont know how to spell it

  • Keve Collins
    Keve Collins 5 months ago

    Driving miss daisy anyone?

  • Devon Sponaugle
    Devon Sponaugle 5 months ago

    you shouldnt drive it in 4x4 unless you need to

  • Ben Long
    Ben Long 5 months ago

    I literally watched this build on his channel like 6 hours ago

  • Mark Anthony Coleman 3
    Mark Anthony Coleman 3 5 months ago

    I would like to be fucking rich

  • Raptor 318
    Raptor 318 5 months ago


  • Chad Foust
    Chad Foust 5 months ago

    Not sure how much work you had to do in post but the Sony looked and sounded great. It was a stark contrast to the beginning of this vlog because the Canon just didn't seem to want to focus

  • Leo Green
    Leo Green 5 months ago


  • ProdigyThrows
    ProdigyThrows 5 months ago

    He messed up when ur called it a toy, you don't actually control them you just guide them

  • Bapeking 21
    Bapeking 21 5 months ago

    Damn dawg he just roasted my truck 😂😂😂

  • Jordon Eccleston
    Jordon Eccleston 5 months ago

    That's dank wheels bike

  • DuragJabril
    DuragJabril 5 months ago

    Me: bruh I want one
    Adamlz: woah another toy let’s go im gonna boost the crap at of it big boy turbos coming soon be vids😂😂😁

  • jill ian
    jill ian 5 months ago +1

    okay but i'm tryna buy that e36 m3 at 3:16 lmk hahaha

  • Yeet Wall tap
    Yeet Wall tap 5 months ago

    More ct vlogs

  • Beezy
    Beezy 5 months ago

    “Im just lookin’ for jumps brother..” I freakin love it

  • Austi JB
    Austi JB 5 months ago +5

    @me next time😂 how can you have THAT many cars and not one is lowstyle

  • Brennan large
    Brennan large 5 months ago

    Yeah let’s not have that intro again dude wtf is that

  • Jake Kerr
    Jake Kerr 5 months ago

    Lmao dog ate shit off that bike 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nikolas Brunet
    Nikolas Brunet 5 months ago


    JDM4LIFE 5 months ago

    What's with people getting side x sides? I have 2 ATVs and IV driven RZR's but ATVs r even better I think. I have a artic cat altera 300 and a can am outlander 450

  • lockie martin
    lockie martin 5 months ago

    You spend to much bruh 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    KINGxSLASH 5 months ago

    Ahahaha that was the funniest thing ever to watch wreck!!

  • Pol Pot
    Pol Pot 5 months ago

    Big daddy alberto didn’t even flinch

  • Conner Jones
    Conner Jones 5 months ago

    U didn’t trick me I knew it was dank wheelies but I came for some content

  • joao seica
    joao seica 5 months ago

    Upload more bike videos

  • Casey Baker
    Casey Baker 5 months ago

    Damn Adam. Shit on 'em. Talk yo shit.

  • Hector Guzman
    Hector Guzman 5 months ago

    You should bring the can am to Great Sand Dunes in Colorado

  • RJ Russell
    RJ Russell 5 months ago

    Those are street legal all u need r headlights taillights brake lights and blinkers to make it street legal and it already has those

  • Nickk IRL
    Nickk IRL 5 months ago

    That gap in your shroud is robbing you of a lot of cooling, mate.

  • hsondr e
    hsondr e 5 months ago

    You now dank wheele filme your New car

  • Even Strand
    Even Strand 5 months ago +2

    I'm glad you got a can-am, best offroad brand in my oppinion

    TSGz FEISTY 5 months ago

    you calling me gay?! da fuq

  • RL Racing Garage
    RL Racing Garage 5 months ago +1

    You were warned!! Lolol Damn 14:54

  • antsolja
    antsolja 5 months ago

    wow its so modded i couldnt even tell what bike it was lol

  • Hi hi hi 11
    Hi hi hi 11 5 months ago

    Ls swap it

  • Brandon Shop
    Brandon Shop 5 months ago


  • Bailey Bell
    Bailey Bell 5 months ago

    Best way to keep the belts from breaking is to break them in properly. Without doing that you will belts all the time in those things!

  • Spoderman
    Spoderman 5 months ago

    Where is Nicole?

  • Chris Mccullough
    Chris Mccullough 5 months ago

    Nice toys

  • Mr.Mister
    Mr.Mister 5 months ago

    14:53 It was at this point... the dude knew he fucked up.

  • Grant Winchester
    Grant Winchester 5 months ago

    The GoPro went under the car😂

  • daniel taylor
    daniel taylor 5 months ago

    New camera

  • RedneckStoner420
    RedneckStoner420 5 months ago

    I like how everyone on RU-clip can buy brand new cars I can’t even get a old used car

  • Small Town Stories
    Small Town Stories 5 months ago

    Looks like your behind hp logic

  • mini hoov
    mini hoov 5 months ago

    yeah you could ride with cleetus if he ever gets an engine in it lmao. go ride with jack his actually runs and drives xP

  • WolfGaming FTW
    WolfGaming FTW 5 months ago

    Only OG's remember when Adam had a girlfriend

    • XRX MOTO
      XRX MOTO 5 months ago

      Real OG's remeber them campus vlogs