10 Creepiest Young Ghosts that Will Haunt You

  • Published on Aug 19, 2019
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Comments • 734

  • Hope Raby
    Hope Raby Month ago +165

    I love these videos. You do an awesome job on them

  • Cody Carlin
    Cody Carlin 5 hours ago

    are you sure that number 7 was in San Antonio. because there is a similar story like that about Washington.

  • LucidManatee75
    LucidManatee75 7 days ago

    This might be a bridge you might avoid crossing
    Pewdiepie avoiding every bridge: *hmm*

  • angel marie
    angel marie 8 days ago

    Adam Ellis being a writer is the only thing that has made me feel like he was just looking for viral fame... And it worked!!!!

  • Ocelot Cocoabeanz_196
    Ocelot Cocoabeanz_196 9 days ago +1

    4:21 those are some nice ghosts

  • Piano Giovanna
    Piano Giovanna 10 days ago

    If these haunt me teyd probably ask me why I wank all the time.

  • tim rhodes
    tim rhodes 12 days ago

    lol this the clown that cried cuz he got bullied from his GF. Lmao

  • Apes
    Apes 12 days ago

    I personally don’t believe the last one was real but it was interesting.

  • Michelle Bidgood
    Michelle Bidgood 15 days ago

    Matt I so love yr videos I always am looking forward to watch them. I hope you're doing well ❤ 🐋

  • moist joe
    moist joe 17 days ago

    I've actually done number 7 and gone to the location its extremely wierd and you most definitely see your car move but theres multiple reasons on why it happens like the road being at a slight angle that leads downward

  • Jasmine Anastasia
    Jasmine Anastasia 18 days ago

    When I was a kid, I lived on a property that was suuper haunted. The tv would turn on without being plugged in, lights would flicker, the occasional weird sounds and all. One of the nights, I was sleeping on the couch. I woke up out of nowhere to see this little girl around my age (5), standing in front of me. She gave me a closed mouth smile before disappearing. I still remember what she looked like too. She was a transparent, pale gray color. Almost illuminating. She had shoulder length black hair and a dress on that was plaid on the chest part and black on the bottom. Another weird thing was, was that there was an open abandoned shed in the back yard that I got curious about and when I walked up to it, there was a picture on the ground inside it. It seemed to be pretty old. The person in the picture looked similar to the girl I seen but older. Like it could have been her mom or something. Weird.. I wish I could've found out what happened to those people

  • Vampiress Hannah
    Vampiress Hannah 18 days ago

    Number 7 has actually been debunked by ghost adventures. The road is actually on slope but it’s at an angel that the road appears straight. The hand prints that appear are actually leftover prints from people opening and closing they’re trunk.

  • Carolina Murtha
    Carolina Murtha 20 days ago

    The Dead David one is so gnarly. Any way you can do a count down or something about the creepiest things, I don’t know it’s just so interesting and scary.

  • ursuline lewis
    ursuline lewis 20 days ago

    All too creepy especially with my name in it

  • Rayz Rusher
    Rayz Rusher 21 day ago

    Bro dear David is fake

  • Henry Winston
    Henry Winston 21 day ago

    That 10 ghosts actually very nice. They save people life.

  • Meghan Is mine
    Meghan Is mine 22 days ago

    Number 11

  • Scoped Victory
    Scoped Victory 22 days ago +1

    Who here watches Huff Paranormal? I love this guy's EVPs! He's so good at what he does! 👻⭐

  • Nervous _creeper
    Nervous _creeper 25 days ago

    I've been on that road in San Antonio in fact I live in San Antonio my brother said he saw the kids

  • LupAD
    LupAD 25 days ago

    omg 😲 i saw you in the storyboth omg

  • Eclipse Wolfy
    Eclipse Wolfy 26 days ago +1


  • Mike G
    Mike G 27 days ago

    You forgot to put Casper on this list

  • alpha yun
    alpha yun 27 days ago

    dear david was proven to be fake

  • I started a joke !!!!!!

    How did a train kill 10 students in a bus that was only carrying 7 students??? You said it bro lol

  • Rick Vogestten
    Rick Vogestten 28 days ago +1

    Ah, sucks that you're posting actual debunked fake things like Dear David as if they're "real"

  • Kaitlyn Lusk
    Kaitlyn Lusk 28 days ago

    The one about the ghost child following the guy home and calling out for “Mommy” sounds kinda sad. Like if it’s a scared kid looking for their mother. Or maybe they’re just trying to play on my instincts....😅

  • Viking drengen spiders

    Du you now the White death

  • ShadowKnight 1934
    ShadowKnight 1934 29 days ago

    on number 9.
    at least the kids are harmless and are just pulling pranks?

  • Moe A
    Moe A 29 days ago +1

    Hi Mathew.
    I love your videos and I would like to make a suggestion. There is a subreddit called r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix which is a sub that talks about glitches that happened to people in real life. You will find many stories that may make it to one of your videos.
    Please consider it because I read most of them and will love to hear them by you.

  • F r e i d a
    F r e i d a Month ago


  • Aspen Frost
    Aspen Frost Month ago +2

    Can you do top ten good witches in history? I would really like to see a positive picture of witches.

  • kleine Chaosqueen
    kleine Chaosqueen Month ago

    You really do an amazing job, i love your Videos...and you are really a hottie 😉...keep on rocking..lots of love from Germany ❤

  • Teresa Fields-Pena
    Teresa Fields-Pena Month ago

    #5 i didnt hear anything. Hmmm God bless you

  • Irish warrior.
    Irish warrior. Month ago +1

    I do believe in Angel's / Demon's & and spirits , which in a way can be called Ghost's . 👻

  • urpieceofheaven 2
    urpieceofheaven 2 Month ago

    #7 at 3:40 i remember this being on the Spanish news, I think Univion or Telemundo. They actually showed how they parked their bus there, put flour on the car and then it was slowly moved, on live television. Years ago but I never forgot that. I want to know the exact location now so I can go.

  • nocturnal808
    nocturnal808 Month ago

    8:10 very sad

  • digital subliminal messages

    S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
    Forgetting,...that happens now// haa,i bet they do/and make weird noise at you too// they dont really forget// I cant see an assault with him// // I think.he was pi k to br manipulated ,because he a lil more gentile

  • Abraham David
    Abraham David Month ago

    Wtf my finger wouldn’t let me press the skip on a ad

  • Toni Remer
    Toni Remer Month ago

    Matt, I hate to say this, but Stephen Huff is a fraud. His "paranormal" investigations are hoaxes. His "spirit box" is a hoax.
    I asked Mr. Huff if he could contact my mom ( long story short, I had thought for a very, very long time that my mom died thinking that I never loved her ), because I wanted to know if she had actually thought that. Mr. Huff wrote saying that he was unable to do that since he gets many requests for him to contact their deceased loved ones. However, every single one of his videos, he's NEVER doing a spirit session on the behalf of one of his viewers, which led me to believe that he couldn't do it, because he didn't know anything about my mom, or anyone else's deceased loved ones.
    He had "contacted" Amy Winehouse, XXXTENTACION, and a few others. While conducting these sessions, nothing that they said made any sense. He even claimed that XXXTENTACION's family and fans requested that, but I found absolutely no proof of it.
    So, I hope that nobody actually believes that this Huff character can actually contact the deceased, because he can't.

  • Becky Walters
    Becky Walters Month ago

    you are a great you tube host

  • Lyndsay Marie
    Lyndsay Marie Month ago

    The one in San Antonio is true, but they have it blocked off so people won’t attempt it

  • NE -EX
    NE -EX Month ago

    you head movement while you speak is very tv like , and the voice is truly tv like ..... what im saying is your a try hard....and stop saying your bold, we know and its getting old watching your vid's and you referring to it as a joke....its lame at point , but please stop trying to sound like .. eddie murphy ...its sounds like him when his playing a womens part.... it just makes you sound like a complete tool , so stop doing it try hard

  • Élistariel
    Élistariel Month ago

    Wasn't Dear David proven to be a hoax ages ago?

  • Blue Fox
    Blue Fox Month ago

    I think you’d look really cute with hair

  • Summer Lewis
    Summer Lewis Month ago

    Ghost tracks in San Antonio true story 🙃 on Halloween people line up to get their car pushed but they tore down the tracks a year ago everyone was pissed lol

  • WorldGamingAssociation

    How did it go from 7 kids on the bus to 10 killed ?

  • Javaerz Trinity XX
    Javaerz Trinity XX Month ago

    Matts teeth reminds me of my cocaine white💯🦷

  • Selvetia
    Selvetia Month ago

    I found out about you when I was in 3-4 grade and I sort of fell out in 5th grade when i was no longer allowed on the internet and I just thought of you again out of nowhere !! I missed you !!

  • Saveurital
    Saveurital Month ago

    I hope I can sleep tonight! I heard "Railroad Kids" on Art Bell. Apparently it is a very sad real story. Some young guys tested it and it really happened so they tried over and over, in end they could hear the young children's crying. The guy who called Art was laughing saying how funny it was, and obviously Art was furious and shouting at the guy.

  • Heaven Lance
    Heaven Lance Month ago

    7 school kids, train took 10 students lives. Um. Paranormal: math edition?

  • kunkka5
    kunkka5 Month ago

    8:41they are also the most dangerous, and deadliest, the children of the world

  • Ascrein
    Ascrein Month ago

    Ghosts of children are quite pitiful... They all met tragic short ends to their lives. Who knows how many children died either due to calamities, accidents or murders...

  • Irish Alien
    Irish Alien Month ago

    If you park your car on the tracks the same train will kill you too.

  • Debbie Major Photography

    "ghosts" are apparitions caught between two lives; their previous earthly life and the life they are supposed to go to next. Sometimes they do not know they are dead so they do not move on. They linger here and become "ghosts". The so-called violent ones are just seeking attention because they do not want to be here but they need help to move on. Pray with them and help them move on and they will go away. I do this quite a bit.

  • Chara Dreemurr
    Chara Dreemurr Month ago +2

    Watching these spooky videos to help me wake up r n. lol

  • RoBear Mcknight
    RoBear Mcknight Month ago

    Matthew Santoro, why aren't you working more in the movie business. I.E. like the Scary Stories type stuff. I think you have a huge passion for it.

  • BakerBea09
    BakerBea09 Month ago

    5:37 Johnny sins cameo lol

  • anthony siciliano
    anthony siciliano Month ago

    Idea for a video “10 ways to survive an alien invasion”

  • Quentof
    Quentof Month ago

    Whats the name of music in background?

  • Bryte Eyez
    Bryte Eyez Month ago

    The kids on the school bus thing...... I think there must be the same or similar legend in every state.
    (Kind of like the ghostly hitch hiker)