2020 Harley-Davidson CVO Street Glide "First Look"│All 3 Colors Shown

  • Published on Aug 23, 2019
  • A detailed look at the 2020 Model Year Custom Vehicle Operation Street Glide. This year we add new paint and finishes as well as some new electronics including Reflex Defense Rider Systems and H-D Connect. Matt Laidlaw goes into the details on this bike and talks about what's new for the 2020 Model year.
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  • Jose Sugranes
    Jose Sugranes 17 hours ago

    Since 2018 they taken away twin cooled engines on cvo street glides I live in a hot weather island and that's a most have. 2020 look like a sgs with new decals. They're going back on style but a lot of new technology that I don't need. I don't think I will change my 2017 cvo for now. Sorry Harley. 👎

  • Denny kilbane
    Denny kilbane Day ago


  • Brian MacLennan
    Brian MacLennan 2 days ago

    That brushed silver looks cheap

  • 장달웅
    장달웅 5 days ago +1

    송 가 인

  • ML F1
    ML F1 7 days ago

    I would like to see an option for a double headlight on a SG.


    I don't like the satin chrome or the blacked out chrome. Yea, it's different, but not really in a good way.

  • Murf Rirhke
    Murf Rirhke 10 days ago

    Good grief! Retro AMF like stripes. Still own a 2012 CVO Ultra & have 58k on her. I’ll never purchase another as they are a value looser. Also, you’d think CVO would build these motors with high end parts...not the case even now. I’ll keep this ol girl as a spare, buy a new bmw 1600B for full time.

  • megatapped
    megatapped 10 days ago

    UUUUHHHH the suspense of waiting for a CVO Roadglide is killing me !!! What a joke ..same crap but these are ugly and you still have to change pipes Blah Blah Blah ..used Vette , Stang whatever you like blows this away... .. I'll keep my old Roadking cause all used bikes are worth nothing !!! Like these will be ...what's their stock at? :) Thx HD

  • Lex Vrod
    Lex Vrod 10 days ago

    Huhummmm Nothing new here same old bagger put an apple electronic there you're good to go bagging the excitement is to the roof wow I think my next bike is krgt

  • * Pike
    * Pike 14 days ago

    If I owned any Harley stock I would sell it based on the looks of this bike. I owned Harleys in early 2000s it appears you’re building the same model almost 20 years later.

  • cliffordb47
    cliffordb47 16 days ago +1

    I think the top executives at Harley Davidson are completely out of their mind with the price they are asking for these bikes, I don't think they understand that the Harley craze is over, there are so many way more reliable motorcycles available for a whole lot less money, in less you just have this burning desire to own a Harley and a pocket full of money you really don't want! Then have at it

  • Bob Krueger
    Bob Krueger 17 days ago

    Boring...same boxy HD design. I will keep my Indian

  • WheelsGuns&Shoes
    WheelsGuns&Shoes 17 days ago

    They are all trash! Worst year for color ways. HD needs to rethink the direction.

  • robert lombardo
    robert lombardo 17 days ago

    As an owner of many for many years p. I started with a striped standard,then moved up to a dept bike,then a peace officer special. My last bike was a 2004 road glide I wanted the screaming eagle but they did not make it. My dealer in Edison made a deal with the factory and a break on parts. They maxed out my road glide custom paint,once it hit Edison a Jim’s 124 kit,6 speed baker conversion and a upgraded wider drive belt.96 fi head with a custom air cleaner and bassanti true dual exhaust. My cost was $25k with a full warranty. A beastly ride it sounded like a small block grabbed air in the first 3 gears and a hydraulic clutch. I forgot to mention progressive shocks and a gun slinger seat I have a 25 inch ride height. Now counting inflation I still can’t justify that price. When it came time to service my monster behind all the plates said made in Malaysia. That killed it for me. Never again when advertising ad says buy America and it’s not. Alfredo you broke my heart my brother.

  • TUZU
    TUZU 17 days ago

    HD priced for their true target community, the RUB's. Really not an American Blur collar working mans ride anymore.

  • jetdoctn
    jetdoctn 17 days ago

    Smokey Grey and Blackhole for me. Couple that with the cutie in the leather pants and its awesome!

  • tbugher62
    tbugher62 18 days ago

    Anybody notice the made in China stamped on it.

  • Jerry P.
    Jerry P. 18 days ago

    I am loving the white. And if you want to compare apples to apples lets talk about how much a Roush mustang would cost or perhaps the cheaper Shelby. We are talking all the bells and whistles right ? I had a go cart that went 200 miles an hour but ..........

  • ranndalld
    ranndalld 18 days ago

    That’s the same stripe I had on my first bike! 1978 XL75 check it out.

  • ranndalld
    ranndalld 18 days ago

    Smoky Grey will work 😎

  • Dee Jay
    Dee Jay 18 days ago

    I'm more interested in the Custom Roller Tool Box in the background, and some information on that, than any of these Hardly Abelson's!!
    Just different colored lip stick on an old pig, with yesterday's technology is all! And of course, a significant price bump, for less items too...smh

  • Dawn Robinson
    Dawn Robinson 18 days ago

    I said it 3 hrs ago Harley has lost there minds on pricing .....

  • Jack Riley
    Jack Riley 18 days ago +1

    Wow! new graphics and paint scheme for only $40,00.00.

  • Batak Playlist
    Batak Playlist 18 days ago

    From INDONESIA 👏👏👏👏

  • bestamerica
    bestamerica 18 days ago

    be honest that all bikes are made in year of 2019...
    not 2020...
    dont be fool

  • Blort440
    Blort440 18 days ago

    So.. Is this RDRS using technology to compensate for low riding skill? It's like the slipper clutch, people don't know how to release their clutch properly, so let's design something so they don't have to learn. I don't know. I think that's why I stick with my Sporty. Simple engine, simple drive train, easy to work on.

  • Greg chavez
    Greg chavez 18 days ago

    Price ?

  • J Smith
    J Smith 19 days ago

    Compared to its competitors HD is not just way behind but is quickly becoming an antiquated bike company. These way overpriced, fat, gaudy bikes are not going to impress anybody of today's riders. The new Honda Goldwing smokes this bike in so many ways, BMW, Indian too. Time for HD to hire a new RD team these guys are still living in the 60's and 70's trying to make a bike work in the year 2020 with house buying prices. I'll take the Iron 883 or 1200 any day over this garbage. Matt you do a phenomenal job with your videos tho man so I give 5 stars every time. Keep up the good work, HD however needs a new refresh from the inside out starting at the top. Peace.

  • Richard KL44357
    Richard KL44357 19 days ago

    Ugly UGLY UGLY , BAD paint, black chrome ugly, ugly wheels , I bought my First brand new Harley in 1973 , have been riding HARLEY DAVIDSON continually for 48 yrs , will keep my 2010 ULTRA LTD / custom colour . Becuse the new bikes are FRIKIN UGLY !

  • Edward DePlae
    Edward DePlae 19 days ago

    Thanks matt. If you ever want to expand Laidlaws let me know here in Hawaii I have just the spot for a brand new laidlaws

  • Money Green
    Money Green 19 days ago +3

    Harley is going to price themselves right out of business!!!

  • 2019 JLUR Billet Silver Metallic

    They did away with the lower fairings with the apeakers on the street glides?.. That blows

  • Nick Spong
    Nick Spong 20 days ago

    Oh dear ..........the accountants have well and truly taken over the boardroom ........

  • Edward davis
    Edward davis 20 days ago

    Just remember people you're not buying a motorcycle, you're buying a lifestyle, 40 plus thousand dollars you too can be instant biker, just buy a Harley. Here's your chance to become a biker because your mumsy and your Dada and your ex-wife wouldn't let you have a bike because they're too dangerous.

  • C5Ron7
    C5Ron7 20 days ago

    WHAT? No Road Glide for 2020?????

  • C5Ron7
    C5Ron7 20 days ago

    I really like the 3rd CVO Street Glide, the Black. Still riding my 2014 Rushmore Street Glide in Mysterious Red, Luv the bike, lots of compliments. Did 45,000 miles in 3 years, laid up last year but......

  • John Boss
    John Boss 20 days ago

    Gorgeous bikes.

  • Daniel Fair
    Daniel Fair 20 days ago

    Waaaaay overpriced

  • Jman 2081
    Jman 2081 20 days ago

    Let me guess, $45,000? Harley wonders why they're going bankrupt. Fuck Harley

  • Homies Motorcycle Reviews

    Thank you for showing me and everyone else the new line up. I appreciate it. 👍

  • J Tetlow
    J Tetlow 21 day ago

    The satin metal is beautiful

  • Aaron Duthoit
    Aaron Duthoit 21 day ago

    The wheels look awesome are they 21 or 19 front?

  • ber rol
    ber rol 21 day ago

    overweight motorcycles overpriced motorcycle of a bygone era

  • Paul Milford
    Paul Milford 21 day ago

    Aren't they made in CHINA.

  • Paul Milford
    Paul Milford 21 day ago

    Overpriced tractors.

  • Vic Muntyan
    Vic Muntyan 21 day ago +3

    Glad I bought 2019 street glide CVO.. Was debating on waiting for 2020 models and glad I didn’t..

    • Vinnie Walker
      Vinnie Walker Day ago +1

      Me too I have the 2019 black Forrest wine berry great colour... great bike... way to expensive but the sound system is still auidable at any speed ... but this australian version is governed at 180kph... the torque on this bike is amazing...just would like to ask what slip ons do you have on your bike... as I'm worried if I put them on will drown sound system... thanks for any help

    • Floyd Kittle
      Floyd Kittle 10 days ago


  • scurra01
    scurra01 21 day ago

    Good review. But 2019 CVO Streetglide did have the painted oil cooler shroud.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  21 day ago

      It was a smaller piece that just went around the oil cooler and not the voltage regulator. I should have been more specific.

  • Lrays Lrayss
    Lrays Lrayss 21 day ago +14

    Really??? Custom Vehicle Operations words on the saddlebags? Looks awful!

    • Tony Danzl
      Tony Danzl 18 days ago

      Lrays Lrayss , how else would you know it's a CVO???🤔😉😁😆😃😎

  • Joseph Marton
    Joseph Marton 21 day ago

    do the head bolts break ? what about the broken valve springs and bent valves ...does this option come with it ?? the M8 has these at an extra cost.

  • Andrew Piatek
    Andrew Piatek 21 day ago

    Porn flick music.

  • Peter Lamoureux
    Peter Lamoureux 21 day ago

    The Millennials aren’t buying Harleys.

  • Richard A
    Richard A 21 day ago +3

    I ride a 2004 Electra glide standard which still runs perfectly. I paid $12,000 and change back in late 2004. Fast-forward to 2020 and HD wants $40,500?! $40,500 for a bike, thats ridiculous!

  • Remington 700
    Remington 700 21 day ago

    Wish they would bring back the cvo springer! They were amazing bikes

  • shaverlocal
    shaverlocal 21 day ago

    Who in the hell can afford that shit? I ride a paid for 15 year old Road King that's more S&S than it is Harley. Who wants to make $700+ payments for 84 months on a harley that is all dicked up with crap most folks would never use? Come on folks they are 2 cylinder tractor engines that we try to make go fast.

  • Matt fuller
    Matt fuller 21 day ago

    I can’t believe the cvos these days I remember the 2012 cvo streetglides when all the paint jobs were badass and couldn’t decide witch one you wanted the most or how about the 2013 or 14 cvo breakouts all of those were badass and were custom what happened to making cvo dynas or fat boys it’s such a joke anymore get those hipsters out of design and get bikers in there to design some badass paint jobs

  • Darin George
    Darin George 21 day ago

    Just hilarious to me that every year when the new Harley’s come out everyone just complains and are whiny little bitches. Almost every comment is a complaint. Go buy a Honda...! Keep up the good work Matt. Love my Harley!

  • Skinny Arms
    Skinny Arms 21 day ago

    Save several thousand dollars and buy a bike that performs. Ducati. Triumph. BMW. Honda. Yamaha. Moto Guzzi. Kawasaki. Aprilia. Suzuki.
    The only advantage Harley truly has is their dealer network.

    • Skinny Arms
      Skinny Arms 21 day ago

      Every manufacturer has history. Most include racing championships across several categories where other manufacturers are also allowed to enter too, they don’t just race themselves like HD. Other brands innovate and the entire industry (minus HD) takes notice and tries to make this new tech their own and put it into their bikes. Character depends on what you want out of a bike. If you just want noise and vibration, sure, maybe to you, that’s character. But if you want power and performance better than 1961 Cadillac that’s been sitting in a barn for 40 years, buy a brand other than HD. I had an 09’ Street Glide for 3 years. After about $8000 in a Stage 3 103” build from an HD shop and several other add-ons, it still just wasn’t it. My buddies stock Indian Chieftain was still faster. Brakes were horrible even after installing floating rotors because the stock ones were warped when I bought it. Shocks were awful and bottomed out on a leaf, even after installing the HD “premium” hand crank shocks, it still bottomed out on bumps or mild railroad tracks. It ran hotter than hell and hated starting recently after it had been shut off, even with the CRVs I had installed. Put gas in it and have to give your bike a few minutes to cool before trying to start it again, otherwise you try, bike starts like shit and everyone looks at you like your bike is garbage and isn’t going to start. I ended up buying two other bikes for things the HD was terrible at. Then one day I realized how asinine it was to have three bikes just because my main one, the Street Glide, didn’t perform. So all three got traded on a Ducati Multistrada Enduro. You want to talk character, between 6k on up to the 11k+ redline is the most amazing experience in life. Feeling a V-Twin revving that high gets you high - on life. Less frequent maintenance than HD. Not much cheaper cost though when maintenance is needed, but again, less frequent major services required. More storage than the HD, aluminum panniers are each big enough for a full face helmet, jacket, glasses, etc., that’s in EACH, all my stuff goes in one, all wives stuff goes in other. 100ft lbs and 160hp makes it insanely fast, no stock HD even comes close to keeping up, hell an HD with $10k+ in engine work still can’t even touch it. I can go off-road, nothing too crazy, no motocross tracks or anything, but I can fly down gravel roads and cut across fields for fun. 7.9 gallon gas tank I can go 300+ miles on a tank easy. Full LED lighting all the way around with corning lights. Safety features galore. Electronically adjustable suspension. 4 rides modes, all of which are fully customizable and significantly alter how the bike performs and handles.
      HD is dying. Everyone knows it. It’s sad to see a giant crumbling, but when you make bad corporate business choices...it happens. Hopefully the dealership owners don’t suffer from it and they can turn things around before that starts to happen, always sad to see hard working people suffer because of a stubborn, blind corporate office.

    • Matt Laidlaw
      Matt Laidlaw  21 day ago

      And quality, and character, and reliability, and parts availability, and style, and history, etc

  • Road Glide
    Road Glide 21 day ago

    Without doubt the nicest looking motorcycles on the planet. Absolutely beautiful. All else, it is what it be.

  • Dewey Ezzell
    Dewey Ezzell 21 day ago

    I don’t like the Lower fairings missing from the CVO street glide. Please bring those back.

  • Ron Pleake
    Ron Pleake 21 day ago

    Really nice bikes, really fine details. These are not for the open road any way. Thanks for showcasing the new CVO's.