Harley Dyna Build Series Ep. 11 - Digital Gauge, Black Ignition, and NEW GRAPHICS!

  • Published on Mar 26, 2018
  • Dakota Digital Speedometer/Tachometer: bit.ly/2A8OduI
    Black Ignition: bit.ly/2v02qEh
    American Flag Graphics: goo.gl/LYR3Lf
    Bike N' Bird Shirts ,Decals ,& Poker Chips:

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    ►BOOTS- FLY Street M16 Canvas Riding Shoes: bit.ly/2LAvGaR
    ►SENA 20s Bluetooth Communicator: amzn.to/2e0vm6x
    ►PlugPhones: amzn.to/2edzsYT

    Motovlog Set Up
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    ►Sony ECMCS3 Microphone: amzn.to/2ebEyUj
    ►GoPro 3.5mm Mic Adapter: amzn.to/2edAd41
    ►SanDisk Extreme 64GB Mirco SD: amzn.to/2dQvBoL
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    ►Y-Connector 3.5mm TRRS Male to 2 Port Female Jacks: amzn.to/2Eo78Dg
    ►1.5 Feet 3.5mm TRRS Auxiliary Audio cable: amzn.to/2ElSxsi
    ►Sony ICDPX370 Digital Voice Recorder: amzn.to/2CeTexz

    The Bike
    ►2017 Dyna Street Bob
    ►Saddlemen TR-Step Up Seat - bit.ly/2AdewQy
    ►Lucky Dave's 14" San Diego Handlebars - goo.gl/yP59CQ
    ►Biltwell Kung Fu Grips - bit.ly/2Oetd8M
    ►G2 Quick Turn Throttle - bit.ly/2Od7JsX
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    ►Vinyl Wrap- amzn.to/2waqN51
    ►Lens Tint- amzn.to/2wijacV
    ►Decals - stores.ebay.com/jdcdecals (custom order)
    ►Bar Bag - amzn.to/2Ahwz3N
    ►Ciro3d Shock & Awe LED lights - amzn.to/2iwFGWo
    ►Memphis Shades Road Warrior Fairing - bit.ly/2OfKw9p
    ►Memphis Shades Road Warrior Screen (15”) - bit.ly/2LhLqo1
    ►Fork Boots - bit.ly/2A8n0Z0
    ►Paint Pen - amzn.to/2zfnyIn
    ►Fox Performance RC1 Shocks (13.5")- bit.ly/2v57BTI
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    ►Two Brothers Racing 2-1 Exhaust- bit.ly/2A6TpPC
    ►Vance&Hines FuelPak 3- bit.ly/2v2FFzt
    ►Bung King Crashbar- bit.ly/2v2eZPs
    ►Bung King Kickstand Block- goo.gl/UES8dT
    ►Shinko 777 Rear Tire- amzn.to/2CkmQcL
    ►Thrashin Supply Saddlebags- bit.ly/2v2gpcK
    ►LED Bar- goo.gl/rPWkHB
    ►Wiring Harness- goo.gl/DQPfRA
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    ►Rear Turn Signal Inserts- amzn.to/2N01PxA
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    ►Bungking Grabber Foot Peg- bit.ly/2v2C6JA
    ►Hammerhead Designs CNC Brake Pedal- goo.gl/YjuPSu
    ►Hammerhead Designs Shift Lever- goo.gl/M1xnLM
    ►GTZ Powder Coating- goo.gl/7XgVf2
    ►Rokform Phone Mount: amzn.to/2y45BiY
    ►Dakota Digital Speedometer/Tachometer: bit.ly/2A8OduI
    ►Black Ignition: bit.ly/2v02qEh
    ►American Flag Battery Box Decals: goo.gl/LYR3Lf
    ►Roland Sands Clarity Cover - bit.ly/2OcdO8V
    ►Passenger Peg Mount - bit.ly/2v91sWD
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Comments • 143

  • Mikey Carper
    Mikey Carper 25 days ago

    What size is the decals

  • Brody Martin
    Brody Martin 2 months ago

    This is beautiful.

  • iggy iniguez
    iggy iniguez 2 months ago

    Do you have a instal for the speedo

  • David Watson
    David Watson 3 months ago

    Just curious...on the black ignition...is it keyed differently? Like you know have different keys to this new ignition? or it's a standard keyed ignition and your old keys still work too? ...love the vids man. Building my Dyna now and your vids are great help.

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 3 months ago +1

    I built a Dyna. No, nevermind. I bought a FXDLS and put an exhaust on it. Pretty easy.

  • c 45
    c 45 3 months ago +1

    Man I try to watch these videos because I have a 2017 street bob and am building it up but your video's suck man you don't ever explain anything your doing and you always come off as an ass hole just my opinion

    • Uncle Ken
      Uncle Ken 3 months ago

      Jesus fucking Christ! Use some fucking punctuation, man. Maybe instead of motorcycle videos you should be looking at Hooked On Phonics.

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  3 months ago

      This is a build series not a how to. I'm not here to teach you anything. Thousands of people have found these videos enjoyable and have brought on sponsors for future builds. You're entitled to your opinion, but your opinion is wrong. Thanks for the view and comment!

  • Gallier 89
    Gallier 89 4 months ago

    You should do the Bike N’ Bird decal on the back fender in flat black to match the rest of the bike. Or maybe red?

  • i Ride
    i Ride 4 months ago +1

    where can i find the black ring around the ignition?

    • Uncle Ken
      Uncle Ken 4 months ago

      @Anthony C IIRC it doesn't. He wrapped it on the bike. The ignition comes off easily enough though.

    • Anthony C
      Anthony C 4 months ago +1

      How does it come off

    • Uncle Ken
      Uncle Ken 4 months ago

      He wrapped it in vinyl himself.

  • Marlon Mills
    Marlon Mills 5 months ago

    My first time checking out your channel. by the music I was sure this was your last build, and the sun rise and sunset date was going to pop up😂 sweet bike nice vid glad your ok!!

  • Stephen Collins
    Stephen Collins 8 months ago

    Hey. I'm currently trying to replace a broken brake pedal on my street Bob. I can't find it anywhere in the service manual. Where does the finger spring washer go. Mine got ripped off so I have no reference.

    • Andrew Hinojos
      Andrew Hinojos 7 months ago

      Stephen Collins you talking about the washer that applies pressure to the c-clip in order to hold the brake in place? I replaced mine about two weeks ago and ordered the assembly from Harley. If need be I could send you a pic of mine.

  • Jeremy Rios
    Jeremy Rios 9 months ago

    Ignition looks good bro but the gauge looks kind of computer dumb

  • chevroletfan55
    chevroletfan55 9 months ago

    Where can i buy those flat black harley badges

  • pimpdathoee
    pimpdathoee 10 months ago

    @Bike N’ Bird can you make the American flag decal cover gray? I have a 2014 streeet bob in gray and I want it to match the color of my bike. Thanks I’d appreciation

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  10 months ago

      The closest we have to grey is silver

  • manuel de la coba
    manuel de la coba 10 months ago

    Did your bike come with the black ring that sorrounds the black ignition? Mine is a 2015 SB, and even if I put the black ignition, i still have the chrome ring...

  • Mike Nino
    Mike Nino 10 months ago

    Didn't show the Bike to much.

  • Larry Collins {larrdogg}
    Larry Collins {larrdogg} 10 months ago

    i do agree with da brother, that blacked out flag is tight

  • Big Harley Nation
    Big Harley Nation 10 months ago

    Will that speedometer fit
    A 02 Dyna

  • Jesse Waldo
    Jesse Waldo 11 months ago +1

    Bike's nasty. I thought about doing the red touches here and there like you did. Prolly will now seeing as yours looks sick with them.

  • Carlos Reado
    Carlos Reado 11 months ago

    Intro beat?

  • Patricio Tillano
    Patricio Tillano Year ago

    The sticker change is piiiimp. You apply stickers the same way you would do window tint?

  • mikey9109
    mikey9109 Year ago

    I’ve found the ignition switch on a couple different sites. It’s saying it doesn’t fit my 2015 dyna street bob. Do you have any suggestions?? Or do you have a link where you ordered yours

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago

      Its the third line in the description. 11-17 were all the same

  • Jared Underwood
    Jared Underwood Year ago

    Where do I get those rings around the speedo?

  • Vincent Hoo
    Vincent Hoo Year ago

    “Black or African American” = unfollowed

  • MarcAnthonyStorm - Corvettes917

    Good video brother. Check out my new Dyna Low Rider S video ru-clip.com/video/jQOegTAChEA/video.html

  • Teddy Matthews
    Teddy Matthews Year ago

    That intro beat sexy

  • Kelly S
    Kelly S Year ago

    Hey man random, what watch are you wearing? Gauge looks incredible.

  • Joe B
    Joe B Year ago

    waht is this song in the intro!!

  • manuel de la coba

    Hi mate, I have a street Bob 2015, and I am experiencing foot pegs and seat vibrations from 2100 to 2400 rpm no matter what gear I am using. I changed the fuel map and It helped a bit. Are u experiencing something similar, probably in another range of rpm?

    • TheMassey11
      TheMassey11 9 months ago

      manuel de la coba it’s a Harley you should feel vibrations everywhere.

  • Trent Blom
    Trent Blom Year ago

    Bike is sweet. If you could get a k and n filter the red would match so well.

  • Seventeen Streetbob

    The Black ignition. The ring around it is black, but it doesn't show that on the website. Is that a different part? I remember you trying to take that off to powder coat it and realized you couldn't do that without destroying it. What was your solution?

    HOOSIER FILMS Year ago

    Hey!!! The stars at finally facing the proper way on the left side yayyyy

    RED FOCUS Year ago

    I can't tell you how many times I've taken my bike or my buddies bike in & the tech forgot to bolt the battery strap or cover back on. SMH

  • Matt Gee
    Matt Gee Year ago

    Looks great, what saddle bags are you using?

  • KnuckleUpFightClub

    The circle stickers are a great idea.... need some .. excellent build so fair 👊

  • Stalls
    Stalls Year ago +3

    “I BEEN DOING THIS A WEEK!” Haha that made me laugh a lot

  • Determined Veteran Garage

    Couldn’t find the link for the circular decal for the chrome disk on the swing arm

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago

      We chose not to sell them. Difficult install and doesn't look too much different

  • Daniel Alvarez
    Daniel Alvarez Year ago

    Love the bike man! I understand you can’t sell the tank decals for that being said, can you let us know the sizing you used for it?

  • Kim K
    Kim K Year ago


  • Harvey B
    Harvey B Year ago

    That sad piano music tho! I'd like to get digital gauges, will check the link if they have blue (to match the flush HD fuel gauge.)

  • Jesus Orozco
    Jesus Orozco Year ago

    Hey that ring around the ignition, does the kit come with a all black one or did you powder coat that too?

    • Anthony C
      Anthony C 4 months ago

      Can’t seem to get that ring off how does it come off

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago

      No that was changed in the previous episode

  • Ernest Arocha
    Ernest Arocha Year ago

    Ole Glory is looking good!!!!

  • David Karl
    David Karl Year ago

    For the Ignition Switch "O" around it. Did that come with the kit or did you have to make it black yourself?

    • Robert V
      Robert V Year ago

      don't see it in build series EP10, did I miss it?

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago

      No that was made black on the previous episode

  • Ben Goodman
    Ben Goodman Year ago

    Is there anyway we could get the Matt black color for the decals? I ordered a couple decals in black but they are a gloss and don’t stand out enough agains the gloss black paint.

    • Ben Goodman
      Ben Goodman Year ago

      I guess I completely over looked that. Thanks.

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago +1

      Flat black is an option when ordering. Bottom of the list

  • Tom rebel
    Tom rebel Year ago

    I'm so glad you removed the white decals! Now it's time to remove the red stuff. Wait, what?

    • Tom rebel
      Tom rebel Year ago

      Just kidding man, your bike is awesome!

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago

      I respect your opinion even though its wrong.

  • Itzjust_elias
    Itzjust_elias Year ago

    You should get the plex audio system on the Dyna, I would love to see an install video for that. Haven’t found one on RU-clip yet

  • Edwin Gamayon
    Edwin Gamayon Year ago

    Hello! Is the flat black flag available? It doesn’t give me option on your site, let me know, thanks

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago

      Yessir I just updated the listing. Should be there now.

  • S Arnaldo
    S Arnaldo Year ago

    What phone mount is that?

  • Kyle Schwanz
    Kyle Schwanz Year ago

    Bikes looking sick!! Glad I watched the video, I work for Bikers Choice and didn’t know we made that ignition, grabbing one for my bike tomorrow!!! Haha

    • Kyle Schwanz
      Kyle Schwanz Year ago

      Bike N' Bird awesome!!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago +1

      Haha 😂 very nice! Rocking yalls fork boots as well!

  • Rennie Smith
    Rennie Smith Year ago

    I have to say I agree with Blockhead the white flag didnt go with the flow of your bike but it is your bike so I never said anything?
    Looks perfect now!

  • Jonathan Adam Wilson

    Bike is getting sexier by the day

  • Massimo B
    Massimo B Year ago

    can you make me a custom decal

    BOMBER Year ago

    Personally I would have gone with Red pin stripe on tires.. nonetheless awesome looking ride 🤙

  • SkidPig
    SkidPig Year ago

    A proper send off would be SMOKE THE SHIT OUT OF A TYRE IN THAT BITCH!!!!!

  • Nory
    Nory Year ago

    I laughed a little too hard at the "African American Ignition" lol

  • Scorp
    Scorp Year ago

    TXDrifter, Uncle Ken, HARMARSCH2 , i got your response, but it seemed to have vanished when i had to switch the left to right,and right to left. was my mistake.

  • Scorp
    Scorp Year ago

    flags look good bruh, only thing is, is that there is only to be 1 flag where the stars are forward and the is the right side... not the left side.
    looks good tho, just thought i would give you a heads up. . . .eventho it is after the fact , that you had already stuck it to it. lol
    good fortune to you and yours on a new house with new memories ! GOD bless
    awsome vlog !!

  • mikewoodff
    mikewoodff Year ago

    Or maybe a matte silver

  • mikewoodff
    mikewoodff Year ago

    Would the flag be matte blue

  • Tattooed Alex
    Tattooed Alex Year ago

    You’re bike is looking awesome. I always enjoy the build series to see either how easy it can be or how way the hell out of my league to even attempt, lol.

  • Techn' Moto
    Techn' Moto Year ago

    Cool dash gauge and the flags look so much nicer than the white.

  • Norty81
    Norty81 Year ago

    You know what you could do though. Sell envelopes and include the Harley decals for free when purchasing said envelopes. Problem solved. They are free gifts. I'd buy an envelope from you if it came with those free decals

  • SouthernTech
    SouthernTech Year ago

    Nice editing on the dyna cinematic shots any plans to change the color of the RIP dyna stickers?

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago

      Thanks man! Glad to see the little extra effort was noticed!

  • Principal Gaines
    Principal Gaines Year ago

    Bike looks real nice. The little things and attention to detail is what makes a vehicle... bike or otherwise.

  • DynaMobbin
    DynaMobbin Year ago

    Yo homie how are the fox shocks doing? I just won a set of either 11.5 12.5 or 13.5 from fox at bike week just waiting on the call to get my order done

  • Trickle22
    Trickle22 Year ago

    @ 3:05 where is the powder coated stem cap???

    • Trickle22
      Trickle22 Year ago

      Nice, yeah the stem cap would look better in black than red in my opinion as well.

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago +1

      Lol you HAVE been paying attention. Decided against the headlight ring. The work to take the fairing off and everything wasn't worth it since I decided to keep it black. The stem cover is actually going back to the shop to be redone in black. Didnt like the red

    • Trickle22
      Trickle22 Year ago

      kept watching.... yeah that was weird how that worked out and yes you did mention it but you didn't say it was going to be red and what about the headlight ring that you wrapped in vinyl thought you were getting that powder coated as well? I have a keen eye to attention to detail anyway the bike looks amazing huge fan

  • TXDrifter
    TXDrifter Year ago

    So I was browsing the internet this weekend looking for parts for my bike and stumbled across the black ignition.... the first thing that came out of my mouth was, " I gotta send Bike N Bird a link." because I remembered the episode that you but the sticker on the top. Anyways.... love all your videos, super informative, very helpful, entertaining and the production quality is fantastic. Keep up all the good work man and best of luck with the move.

  • Gregory Doan
    Gregory Doan Year ago

    Congrats on the new house and another great vid be safe there

  • Tony Cox
    Tony Cox Year ago +3

    Great video! Dyna is looking real nice 👍

  • MotoRickyRicardo
    MotoRickyRicardo Year ago +1

    Battery box decal looks bitchin

    BLOCKHEAD Year ago +17

    7:13 Dat sigh doe 😂
    Good stuff man, looks 👌🏼!

  • WhiteTrashClass
    WhiteTrashClass Year ago

    Can you make those flags to fit on a sportster?

  • The Blue Bike & Doyle

    Lay off Uncle Ken sound like he had poor trainer . It's your bike I'm not sure about to flags yet. They Looks better outside. With the red neck cover . Did you thank about doing the ignition switch in red ?

    • Uncle Ken
      Uncle Ken Year ago +1

      The Blue Bike & Doyle Yeah!

  • james bennett
    james bennett Year ago

    Those new flags look great

  • Andrew Moran
    Andrew Moran Year ago +2

    You should make flags for the sportster side covers I'd buy

    • Andrew Moran
      Andrew Moran Year ago +1

      D3ad T3d Rid3s he seems like a douche though lmao he dosent reply on here or Instagram. Less he could do is say kick rocks

    • D3ad T3d Rid3s
      D3ad T3d Rid3s Year ago

      Andrew Moran as would I!

  • FXDLS1990
    FXDLS1990 Year ago +2

    When does the bright silver derby cover get swapped?

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago +1

      Been working with a partner for that for sometime but not having much luck.

  • Ashton Burgess
    Ashton Burgess Year ago +3

    Love your bike man!

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago

      Thank you sir! Im very happy with how its turned out

  • Thrash Marky
    Thrash Marky Year ago

    I really like the cut you did to the cinematic shots. Muffled the audio and short circuit, threw me for a loop the first time.

  • ace f
    ace f Year ago +1

    Nice dyna man really lookin good

  • Joe B
    Joe B Year ago

    whats the intro song?

  • Michael Dion
    Michael Dion Year ago

    Love that digital cluster. Will be purchasing one myself very soon.

  • Taz Rides
    Taz Rides Year ago

    THANK YOU for changing the flag colors, I didnt want to say anything because it was your bike, but that really stuck out like a sore thumb, looks so much better now imo

  • newt22
    newt22 Year ago

    Yo thank you could sell the tank gauge decals??

  • Al Crabby
    Al Crabby Year ago +2

    the little things always make the biggest difference dude. That speedo is killer but the graphics really fit the whole look, nice work

    HARMARSCH2 Year ago

    Why is the American Flag backwards? Shouldn’t the Stars be towards the back of the Bike not the front. Nice upgrades.

    • Rennie Smith
      Rennie Smith Year ago

      The jack (star part of the flag) should always be charging forward

    • Trickle22
      Trickle22 Year ago

      Simply put we assault forward

      HARMARSCH2 Year ago +1

      Uncle Ken, Thank You!!!!

    • Uncle Ken
      Uncle Ken Year ago +1

      HARMARSCH2 www.usflag.org/flagpatch.html

    • Hanley Daleson
      Hanley Daleson Year ago

      HARMARSCH2 np! It’s okay I actually just found out a couple months ago when I finally remembered to ask my buddy when he came back from being deployed

  • Goulash Garage
    Goulash Garage Year ago +1

    I'm wondering if the mileage will be accurate on the new speedometer...

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago

      Ah! Ok yes. The milage is saved on the ecu so it displays that milage. You do have an option to change it within the first like 10 hours or something like that

    • Goulash Garage
      Goulash Garage Year ago

      Bike N' Bird I mean is the odometer got the correct mileage on it is what I should have said

    • Bike N' Bird
      Bike N' Bird  Year ago

      I mean its using the same sensors and everything else so I doubt it

    • zenma forever
      zenma forever Year ago

      Goulash Garage they're never accurate...none of them ever are...i could be wrong

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