• Published on Nov 3, 2017
  • 1 Million Subs!! We got a car for free that had no life and gave it the ultimate send off. Appreciate all the support and love from you legends! #44Club
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Comments • 10 736

  • Blueberry
    Blueberry Year ago +5495

    I say 658 trick shots and my favourite one is the 8 wood bounces and getting bull's eye because it is really hard #44club you are LEGENDS

    • Darth Default
      Darth Default 13 days ago

      @Thomas Hicks "Favorite" is the American spelling, "Favourite" is the spelling of almost every other English-speaking (British) country. Have to take that into account before correcting someone. :P

    • Dallas Messery
      Dallas Messery 17 days ago

      Piss off

    • Pyro Jaeger
      Pyro Jaeger 21 day ago

      Im certain they did more.....but congratz

    • ismaeel sapat
      ismaeel sapat Month ago

      it was good👏👏👏

    • timmyfish
      timmyfish Month ago

      I disagree

  • cam cottrell
    cam cottrell 14 hours ago

    8.4 million views
    5 million subs

  • U-Choos e
    U-Choos e 14 hours ago +1

    Boi, idk wut a "trick shot" is!!!!!🙊

  • Luuk Verheij
    Luuk Verheij 15 hours ago

    They got 5 million subs by now? Very interested what they are going to do...

  • Joguyah Last Name
    Joguyah Last Name 16 hours ago

    drop the car next

  • Daniel Legro
    Daniel Legro 2 days ago +2

    I’m watching this vid
    Look up at the clock
    And what other time could it possibly be

    It’s 4:44pm folks

  • Daniel Legro
    Daniel Legro 2 days ago +4

    Hey aaaaa,
    You boys just hit 5 mil...
    Are we getting something special?

  • Nobody You Know
    Nobody You Know 2 days ago

    Do this for 5 mill

  • Henry Alexandre
    Henry Alexandre 2 days ago


  • Matteo Perinetti
    Matteo Perinetti 3 days ago +2

    1m subs: anvil onto car
    4.5m subs:car onto car
    100000000000B subs: whole earth onto car

    (Edited not really that funny :/

  • Shene Van Aller
    Shene Van Aller 3 days ago

    what happened to Herrons arm? 3:06

  • LikeahacK
    LikeahacK 3 days ago

    12:17 that spray can tho

  • King Angel
    King Angel 3 days ago

    Who’s seeing this in 2019

  • King Angel
    King Angel 3 days ago

    Who’s seeing this in 2019

  • Hunter Childs
    Hunter Childs 3 days ago

    When shot the basketball in the hoop from the dame

  • Anthony Fanchin
    Anthony Fanchin 5 days ago

    You guys could totally be the next Mythbusters.

  • Landon Librande
    Landon Librande 6 days ago

    #blitz YT
    subscribe #44Club

  • NicoPlaysSoccer F
    NicoPlaysSoccer F 6 days ago

    100000000000000000000900000000000000000900000000 teickshots

  • SabreSquid HD
    SabreSquid HD 6 days ago

    A commtest should be how many time Brett got something on his pants or shoes lol

  • Hunter Pardy
    Hunter Pardy 7 days ago


  • Tioma Austin
    Tioma Austin 8 days ago

    Coming up 2 years and already on 5mil subs

  • Lunaru
    Lunaru 8 days ago +1

    2017: We just hit 1 million Subscriber!
    2 Years later (2019): 5 Million / yesterday they were at 4.8 million for me

  • David Walker
    David Walker 8 days ago

    You gents sale anvils?

  • PeaceOut Beats
    PeaceOut Beats 8 days ago

    6:14 OUCH

  • Mason And Matthew Pranks Prank Channel


  • Finn Graham
    Finn Graham 9 days ago +1

    Can we just point out they hit 1 mil in November 2017 and now in June 2019 they hit 5 mil. Crazy

    • iiQwerrtyLaw
      iiQwerrtyLaw 9 days ago

      Crazy as in short time or as in they don't gain anything

  • Silver Wolf Gamer
    Silver Wolf Gamer 9 days ago

    I luv this vid

  • Lausgamer 1357
    Lausgamer 1357 9 days ago

    Now you are almost at 5 miljoen

  • roche wijnaar
    roche wijnaar 10 days ago

    man those rims are amazing , just noticed that

  • TT Barbecue OP
    TT Barbecue OP 10 days ago

    1 million subs yet I’m watching at 4.9

  • dovahkiin vakii
    dovahkiin vakii 10 days ago

    That with the giant ice cube on a car, you must catch up....🤔😯🤔 and what would happen if you hit a car with a huge atlas stone 🙄😯🤔

  • ItzYaBoiAndrew
    ItzYaBoiAndrew 11 days ago +1


  • David Gerlach
    David Gerlach 11 days ago

    7:52. Love the concern for the gold rims!!!

  • Brian Humphries
    Brian Humphries 11 days ago

    We appreciate the 'Cars for Kids' donation........

  • Michael Phillips
    Michael Phillips 11 days ago

    4:57 in play back speed 0.25

  • Raoh TheKenOh
    Raoh TheKenOh 12 days ago

    Did you really just say "get out of my rim".....

  • Tristan Price
    Tristan Price 12 days ago

    Next time how about you drop 2 nukes on Japan to end ww2?

  • AdRevenuePlease
    AdRevenuePlease 12 days ago

    Imagine if this was a rental!

  • Joe Bigs
    Joe Bigs 13 days ago

    Awesome song for y'all's videos and congratulations and GOD BLESS Y'ALL'S

  • Joe Bigs
    Joe Bigs 13 days ago

    Golf balls sounds like a bad drum

  • Joe Bigs
    Joe Bigs 13 days ago

    Michibi garbage cars for all

  • Victor Platt
    Victor Platt 13 days ago

    now, how much wouldit cost to repair this? ;D

    • AdRevenuePlease
      AdRevenuePlease 12 days ago

      More to just buy a new car I’ll tell you. But in actuality it’s beyond totaled

  • N03F13_2019
    N03F13_2019 14 days ago +2


  • Rhys Moreland
    Rhys Moreland 14 days ago

    is it bad that i think those rims look cool ?

  • Dave Fitzhardinge
    Dave Fitzhardinge 14 days ago

    what happened to herons arm???

  • Art Of Minecrafting
    Art Of Minecrafting 14 days ago +1

    I am from the future
    You have 5 mil subs

  • Miche Duran
    Miche Duran 14 days ago +2


    • Youcef Talbi
      Youcef Talbi 11 days ago

      That happened to me when they dropped the anvils 😂

  • Tavares Clark
    Tavares Clark 14 days ago

    Y’all should put dummies in there

  • Lukeyboss23
    Lukeyboss23 15 days ago


  • Oscar Lopez
    Oscar Lopez 15 days ago

    Noooooooooo, i could have used that beauty 😂 years of taking the bus hirts hahahahahha

  • Omar Flores
    Omar Flores 16 days ago

    I like trains

  • Cameron Chasteen
    Cameron Chasteen 16 days ago

    What is that a suicide tower

    • Jessica Woods
      Jessica Woods 5 days ago

      Depends on the person. It's a test tower for gravity the reference the science center in their description of the video.

  • Rick Cruz
    Rick Cruz 17 days ago +1

    Throw a hundred lawn darts !

  • Edward Bartz
    Edward Bartz 17 days ago

    check out da bros my channel

  • Edward Bartz
    Edward Bartz 17 days ago

    my grandma thinks you are retarted

  • Winfried Schilling
    Winfried Schilling 18 days ago

    What’s the song called at 18 seconds?

  • Greatscottwho
    Greatscottwho 18 days ago +1

    I hope that Clayton and the spikes can have a go at a car eventually.

  • Cyrp
    Cyrp 18 days ago


  • Brandon Maves
    Brandon Maves 19 days ago +1

    When one of you (don't know names yet) got paint on your shorts I was thinking King Midas

  • I’m Colletti
    I’m Colletti 20 days ago

    659 fav this one

  • Jacob Macierowski
    Jacob Macierowski 20 days ago

    No WATERMELONS were harmed in making of this video!

  • Nathan Benson
    Nathan Benson 21 day ago

    Mass CARnage

  • Menzie Tucker
    Menzie Tucker 22 days ago

    You should of done Thor’s hammer

  • Josiah Muir
    Josiah Muir 23 days ago +3

    Why do I always get ads just when they are about to throw something?

  • Gherasim Robert Stefan


  • Colten Q.
    Colten Q. 24 days ago

    Now that's

    A LOT OF DAMAGE!!! 🙏🏽

  • Thomas McGinnis
    Thomas McGinnis 25 days ago +3

    Who in their right minds gave you permission to use that tower?

    • Jessica Woods
      Jessica Woods 5 days ago

      Who ever convinced the science lab to first let them could have sold an ice to an eskimo. Now it brings them in a ton of funding.

  • Thomas McGinnis
    Thomas McGinnis 25 days ago

    Yes, that's what golf ball sized hail does ...

  • JayceR987
    JayceR987 26 days ago

    I'm watching 4.9 million who else?

  • Huzaifa Amir
    Huzaifa Amir 27 days ago +1

    Almost 5 million time to destroy a airplane

  • James Domec
    James Domec 27 days ago +1

    Watching the darts hit is so satisfying.

  • KJ Burrell
    KJ Burrell 28 days ago

    What happened to his arm

  • Minh Kha Nguyễn
    Minh Kha Nguyễn 28 days ago

    R.I.P car by throw so many thing to him :|

  • Roee Cohen
    Roee Cohen 29 days ago

    How much do you need to make to be able to buy a car and then WRECK IT like it's nothing???

    • Jessica Woods
      Jessica Woods 5 days ago

      Alot but thankfully this one was donated. They are currently looking for another to do Thors hammer and the atlas stones.

  • TechnicalBard
    TechnicalBard 29 days ago

    Why is this so ridiculous lol pun with name of channel

  • Extinegaming
    Extinegaming Month ago

    2 years later 4.9 mill

  • Jake Gamer
    Jake Gamer Month ago

    i say 658

  • Amber Saskowski
    Amber Saskowski Month ago

    gonson gets paint on his pants everytime you guys use it

  • Kinofspawn
    Kinofspawn Month ago


  • Sir Galah
    Sir Galah Month ago

    I wonder if theres a way of rigging up a pipe wide enough to hold a number of watermelons pointing straight down, with the melons held in place with a pin or a rod.. Pull out the rod and the melons drop one after the other in succession.. Itd be like a heavy machine gun or mortar... Just a thought!!

  • Tayorama YT
    Tayorama YT Month ago

    I wouldn’t like to be in that car when this was happening

  • emmanuel abrokwa
    emmanuel abrokwa Month ago

    what happend to his arm

  • ismaeel sapat
    ismaeel sapat Month ago

    basketball toilet

  • Lisa
    Lisa Month ago

    12:15 the flying spray can is true

  • osvaldo ortiz
    osvaldo ortiz Month ago

    I've watched this vid so many times

  • Jason Taylor
    Jason Taylor Month ago

    How ridiculous ... Not being funny but i love you videos and that is why i'm here .. but at least 400k of your subscribers could of reused that car or made money selling parts... Need to share the youtube wealth not rub our noses in it :) Just my opinion.

    • Jessica Woods
      Jessica Woods 5 days ago

      I think in one of there member vids the owner of the car told them them smashing it would be the only way she would get rid of it otherwise it would have stayed in her yard. But I definitely get your point. One vid they actually bought a microwave and I cringed when they smashed it.

  • The mighty Angus TMA
    The mighty Angus TMA Month ago +1


  • Slim Chain
    Slim Chain Month ago

    We gotta see thors hammer do this

  • chico the dragon
    chico the dragon Month ago +3

    My favourite part was 6:14
    Bc it's funny ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

  • Oliver Seamer
    Oliver Seamer Month ago

    hi my name is Oliver and I love your videos

  • hunter Brasher
    hunter Brasher Month ago

    god i love you guys youre so fucking funny. wiah i could come do stuff like that.

  • Hilda Hammond
    Hilda Hammond Month ago

    I'm watching this when they have almost 5 million subs 😂🍑

  • Scarida Ghostly
    Scarida Ghostly Month ago

    You could've kept going until there was no recognizable car left.

  • Retro Duckz
    Retro Duckz Month ago

    Who knww melons had so musch power lol

  • Eli Simonson
    Eli Simonson Month ago



    The can I believe I can fly

  • Bernice Crowchief
    Bernice Crowchief Month ago

    Even if I'm 10

  • Bernice Crowchief
    Bernice Crowchief Month ago

    I could of had that car

  • T-manslayz The king

    193 trick shots