• Опубликовано: 3 ноя 2017
  • 1 Million Subs!! We got a car for free that had no life and gave it the ultimate send off. Appreciate all the support and love from you legends! #44Club
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Комментарии • 10 389

  • conbon07
    conbon07 Год назад +5059

    I say 658 trick shots and my favourite one is the 8 wood bounces and getting bull's eye because it is really hard #44club you are LEGENDS

  • Maniacs1000
    Maniacs1000 23 минуты назад

    Did you , 😂😂🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

  • Games Talk
    Games Talk 2 часа назад

    lol i see what you did ther Car-nage

  • Kingsley Shepard
    Kingsley Shepard 12 часов назад +1


  • fishski 2000
    fishski 2000 18 часов назад

    Where is the dart

  • Cameron Roylance
    Cameron Roylance 20 часов назад

    What does pinned mean?

  • Adam Kaminski
    Adam Kaminski День назад

    6 cylinder

  • Quinn Farrell
    Quinn Farrell День назад

    drop a car!

  • Cory Parrish
    Cory Parrish День назад

    Ok, so I havent looked into this. So I'm not sure what video came first but. Just last night I watched their video where they was playing fruit ninja in real life.. they took turns trying to slice fruits with a katana while the fruits was being dropped off that same tower at 45m.. all they had on was what looked like a baseball hard hat.. now after seeing what these melons did to this car I can say with confidence that if any of them got hit in the head with a melon even with the hard hat on, they would have been dead or a cripple with serious brain damage at best.. and honestly to me.. dead would be better then that. Yall are a bit crazy

  • Fire wheel
    Fire wheel День назад

    Who watching in 2019

  • Brendan
    Brendan День назад

    Also am I the only one that thinks you guys could have probably sold that car after you painted it for a pretty penny looked very cool, often great thing happen by accident

  • Brendan
    Brendan День назад

    I'm so glad you 3 exist you're so entertaining I wish I knew you mates

  • Tian Rui (Raymond) Lu
    Tian Rui (Raymond) Lu День назад


  • Kallam PENSAK
    Kallam PENSAK День назад +1

    Now your on 4.4 mil

  • Friar Rodney Burnap
    Friar Rodney Burnap 2 дня назад

    What do you folks do for a living?????

  • Luke Jones
    Luke Jones 2 дня назад


  • Patrick W
    Patrick W 2 дня назад

    8:23 mid air melon splash

  • Katie marchand
    Katie marchand 3 дня назад

    that guy had such a positive response to the ice block missing.. love it

  • Jake & Tilly Williams
    Jake & Tilly Williams 3 дня назад

    more giant ice blocks!

  • Norwegianskiinews
    Norwegianskiinews 3 дня назад

    ? RU-clip get one of those dogs into your scarves

  • Norwegianskiinews
    Norwegianskiinews 3 дня назад


  • Ernie Macias
    Ernie Macias 3 дня назад

    Y'all R SOOOOO fliping awesome

  • Lukus Wolverton
    Lukus Wolverton 3 дня назад

    At 5:00 it sounds like an ak-47

  • Richard Gusmanov
    Richard Gusmanov 3 дня назад

    kids in Africa could have eaten can that car

  • kieran O'dea
    kieran O'dea 3 дня назад

    Thumbs down for missing with the ice block. That one would of done the most damage.

  • Peter Wolfe
    Peter Wolfe 3 дня назад

    So many opprotunities to team up with The Slow-mo guys...

  • Alexander Willow
    Alexander Willow 3 дня назад

    Congrats on the one Million from back in November of 2017.
    It is now February of 2019 and you have 4.4Mil you really need to do a 44 specific video for this number of subs to for the #44Club and everything.

  • JLwolfie 10
    JLwolfie 10 3 дня назад

    Melons did some damage

  • Michael Bennett
    Michael Bennett 4 дня назад

    #streetfightersega eat your heart out!

  • Zachary Olsen
    Zachary Olsen 4 дня назад

    they should of put the camra in the cars back set

  • Liam Hinksman
    Liam Hinksman 4 дня назад

    you should add manikins to the inside of the car if you do something like this again! to see how a human would look afterwards

  • HoobaBooba
    HoobaBooba 4 дня назад

    # you rock

  • HoobaBooba
    HoobaBooba 4 дня назад


  • Nick Venables
    Nick Venables 4 дня назад

    @7:07 who's Melanie?

  • Nick Venables
    Nick Venables 4 дня назад

    At the time of this comment-17 Feb, 2019 (which is only 1 year, 3 months, 14 days since this video was published)-you have 4.4M subs. Well done, lads!

  • TheLegonator
    TheLegonator 4 дня назад

    its a windSHEILD

  • KLS
    KLS 4 дня назад

    Should of dropped the giant dart

  • Ali Mac675
    Ali Mac675 5 дней назад

    Can we be called the questioners?

  • MatthewvMayo
    MatthewvMayo 5 дней назад

    I feel like a guy I know could make that car look brand new. He'd be cussing y'all for doing this but he could do it.

  • Yëët O’ Clock
    Yëët O’ Clock 5 дней назад +1

    Destroying a car? How ridiculous do these guys get?

  • Sledge Hammer
    Sledge Hammer 5 дней назад

    you crushed it congrats on 1 million

  • Andrei Mendenilla
    Andrei Mendenilla 5 дней назад

    Share mo lang

  • Jose Rios
    Jose Rios 6 дней назад

    how about fridge vs car lol

  • Your Boi Douglas 321
    Your Boi Douglas 321 6 дней назад

    The golf balls sounded like the heavy AR from Fortnite

  • Mr. Random
    Mr. Random 6 дней назад

    Wow! Zero gravity on the melons at 8:32

  • Ariki
    Ariki 6 дней назад

    4:23 Phats and Small - Tonite

  • ĐĦ Sauvage.
    ĐĦ Sauvage. 6 дней назад

    You vs anvil

  • Tarif Stark
    Tarif Stark 6 дней назад

    NO airbags released? Big surprise.

  • Tarif Stark
    Tarif Stark 6 дней назад

    If you pause at 8:30 of this video the picture looks like its was photoshopped into a movie. Its amazing its real.

  • Kassidee X Jack 4 life
    Kassidee X Jack 4 life 6 дней назад

    Not as many as dude perfect

  • Joseph Stocker
    Joseph Stocker 6 дней назад

    Poor car

  • Gabrielle Taylor
    Gabrielle Taylor 6 дней назад


  • Ricah Estillore
    Ricah Estillore 6 дней назад

    Can i have that car? Haha

  • Joe hanscomb
    Joe hanscomb 7 дней назад

    Sorry about what I said

  • Joe hanscomb
    Joe hanscomb 7 дней назад

    That was a v6 idiot

  • Michael Gunawan
    Michael Gunawan 7 дней назад

    10:16 for the anvil

  • Benson Li
    Benson Li 7 дней назад

    4.3 million
    It's been quite the adventure

  • Unknown 84
    Unknown 84 7 дней назад

    Does your insurance cover this?

  • Mr. Oddly Fox
    Mr. Oddly Fox 7 дней назад

    Still probably one of the wildest videos you've ever done!

  • The Larks
    The Larks 7 дней назад +3

    Round 6 giant dart

  • Jeff Levitt
    Jeff Levitt 8 дней назад

    I like how every time the count down an add plays

  • Jenny Buckman
    Jenny Buckman 8 дней назад

    I’m his 1 million sub

  • marcin laskowski
    marcin laskowski 8 дней назад

    It was a Mitsubishi

  • BOSSmanSmeagZ
    BOSSmanSmeagZ 8 дней назад

    That last slow mo was sick

  • Seh C
    Seh C 8 дней назад

    The handle

  • Nick Capelli
    Nick Capelli 8 дней назад

    is it just me or are these some annoying ads aussies

  • Dreded
    Dreded 8 дней назад

    Pfft.. 200... here is a 10,000 golf ball drop on to a carвидео.html?t=124

  • Erik Nelson
    Erik Nelson 9 дней назад

    Bit late aint I

  • Omega Red
    Omega Red 9 дней назад

    Those watermelons made it look like a person got blown up inside of it 😂

  • foxy126 PL
    foxy126 PL 9 дней назад +2

    I'm a car guy and it hurts so much...

  • Tyler Brame
    Tyler Brame 9 дней назад +3

    The poor car what did it do to deserve this I personally would of just used spider repellent

  • Michael Frank
    Michael Frank 9 дней назад

    part out?

  • White Trash Bandit270
    White Trash Bandit270 9 дней назад

    I was not expecting that many darts to Great video!

  • Frank Voges
    Frank Voges 10 дней назад

    Pause at 6:15

  • cristy fortunato
    cristy fortunato 10 дней назад


  • cristy fortunato
    cristy fortunato 10 дней назад


  • cristy fortunato
    cristy fortunato 10 дней назад


  • cristy fortunato
    cristy fortunato 10 дней назад

    What THE FUUUUCK!?!?!?

  • Golden boy Golden boy company
    Golden boy Golden boy company 10 дней назад

    You guys wasted 10 k money. {Or how much the car was?}

    • TexMex
      TexMex 9 дней назад

      2005 Mitsubishi 380 turbo? Worth maybe $1000 if it runs. $500 if it doesn't. $300 in scrap when done. Oh and they said they got it for free. SO....

  • Golden boy Golden boy company
    Golden boy Golden boy company 10 дней назад

    What can i say,im speechless.

  • Golden boy Golden boy company
    Golden boy Golden boy company 10 дней назад


  • JerryFunHouse
    JerryFunHouse 10 дней назад

    Giant Dart vs. Car pls

  • Nick M
    Nick M 11 дней назад

    The slow mo videos when you’re high is the most incredible thing

  • Aaron Acevedo
    Aaron Acevedo 11 дней назад

    Nice car :(

  • Haydn Phillips
    Haydn Phillips 11 дней назад

    you rock

  • Beka Tsiskarishvili
    Beka Tsiskarishvili 11 дней назад

    Damn this was a disappointing video 😢😢👎👎 from me like at least where was a sledgehammer finish of the whole Kobe and throwing down everything at once was also a horrible idea and what do you mean the ice block missed so u guys just gunna quit like that and move on 👎👎👎👎👎💩💩💩😒😞

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 12 дней назад


  • harry grayson
    harry grayson 12 дней назад

    Dart v car

    MIGHTY DESTROYER 12 дней назад

    Who is whatching this at 4.3 million if you are or higher then like

  • Kevin Hogg
    Kevin Hogg 12 дней назад

    no giant dart????? WHY

  • Mystix1021
    Mystix1021 12 дней назад

    Massiver Car-nage

  • C H
    C H 13 дней назад

    anvil onto a compressed gas canister please

  • Eli Prickett
    Eli Prickett 14 дней назад

    Don't u guys think that they should make a museum?

  • Big Rebel
    Big Rebel 14 дней назад


    liam WHAREMAHIHIMAKO 15 дней назад


    liam WHAREMAHIHIMAKO 15 дней назад

    Bowling Ball wood

  • Goliath 15
    Goliath 15 15 дней назад

    You drop em the green and gray spray lift off

  • Reapers gaming
    Reapers gaming 16 дней назад

    Should do giant dart vs car would awesome to pin it to the car well pin ya

  • shaolinwisdom
    shaolinwisdom 16 дней назад

    Did I hear someone say "Strewth"!?