Roger Scruton - The Future of European Civilization; Lessons for America

  • Published on May 2, 2016

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  • Echo
    Echo Year ago

    the Anti-Semitism, hypocrisy and racism that exists today in the left is disgusting. I never thought that in my lifetime it would be moral and proper to place ones self firmly on the right because the left where anti-semitic! Wow? The Left today disgust me. They are so out of touch they are concerned with toilets rather than foreign policy, economics, human rights violations, real acts of racism and sexism perpetrated by their allies. The Left are imposters. They are a clique of rich, careerists and elitists and dogmatic fanatics who hold on to beliefs and ideas that are not just old and out dated and proven wrong headed but are ideas supported by 20th century Communists and Fascists that led to the most horrific historical crimes committed ever. The self proclaimed Left are the New Right-Wingers, they are the reactionaries, they are anti-enlightenment mysticists and religious wankers.

  • CandyCat Lara
    CandyCat Lara Year ago

    Brilliant speech!