E-40 Asks a Fan to Save Him While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

  • Published on Nov 8, 2018
  • E-40 is a hip-hop legend with more than three decades in the game, two dozen studio albums in his catalogue, and a burgeoning beverage empire that bears his name. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as Forty Water bravely faces the wings of death in front of a LIVE studio audience at ComplexCon. Along the way, he breaks down his influential slang, discusses his friendship with Guy Fieri, and calls on the fans for a little assistance as the Scovilles heat up. You never know what can happen when Hot Ones goes live-don't miss this one!
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  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  Year ago +3705

    Top-notch interviewing, right there.

    • Tony Maxwell
      Tony Maxwell 2 months ago

      Bring on kevin gates

      JAPETHEONE 5 months ago

      The best part was that the audience thought it was funny.

    • Millie mill
      Millie mill 5 months ago

      Bring Nas on please and mk sure I'm there when you invite him PLEASE!!!!!!! I WILL POUR HIS WATER

    • J Alcatrazz
      J Alcatrazz 10 months ago

      Can u guys open a restaurant in Vegas with all the sauces and some wings so we can try too

    • BayChevy 510
      BayChevy 510 10 months ago +1

      The bay stand up!

  • Jon Salhany
    Jon Salhany 15 hours ago

    I just don't think I can trust anyone who doesn't attempt to finish all the wings themselves.
    It's like an initiation into my trust circle and 40's out!

  • Yooper eh?
    Yooper eh? 2 days ago

    Linguistics wit e40

  • Tay Norman
    Tay Norman 3 days ago

    Uncle 40 is so fuckin classy, man!

  • David Hagerott
    David Hagerott 3 days ago

    Get raekwon on here

  • Gabe Briscoe
    Gabe Briscoe 4 days ago

    "You gotta stand for something or you gon fall for anything" - E-40

  • Shonn records
    Shonn records 5 days ago

    Ik he HAPPY the 49ers are going to the supper bowl

  • Shun Don
    Shun Don 7 days ago

    The Rock 2020... Square bidness,never looked at it like that but 40 OG....

  • Tony Basterrechea
    Tony Basterrechea 8 days ago

    Replace Snoop with Mac Dre

  • Lepe1
    Lepe1 9 days ago

    E-40 needs a reality show, radio show, pod cast or something he is so entertaining

  • GaryJohal15
    GaryJohal15 11 days ago

    Bang bang niner gang!!

  • Danny Darko
    Danny Darko 13 days ago

    Sean is F*KIN CRINGE

  • Theresa Hallare-Palec
    Theresa Hallare-Palec 13 days ago

    The way he called him BRUDDER😭❤❤❤

  • Sierra francis
    Sierra francis 17 days ago

    U know that fan was dying .lmao E told dude leave water right their lol u know dude as dyin

  • Roman Aka Tek
    Roman Aka Tek 18 days ago

    Dude look like Pepe Kermit

  • Blacq Mann
    Blacq Mann 19 days ago

    40 still the OG 4sho 4sho

  • Seth Herring
    Seth Herring 25 days ago

    Read these comments then read the DJ Khaled comments you see who the OG is

  • Arianna Ramirez
    Arianna Ramirez 27 days ago

    Man i love this foo... his straight up and dont give a fuck...


    1:55 🧡💖

  • Melissa Vazquez
    Melissa Vazquez Month ago

    love them glasses!

  • Lundun Pearl
    Lundun Pearl Month ago

    This man brought wine with him 😂

  • Jonathan Bailey
    Jonathan Bailey Month ago

    Greatest rapper alive🎤uuughhhhh!!! U bring tha funk I bring tha Mossie!!!!

  • ThaClick Lover4u
    ThaClick Lover4u Month ago

    E/40 said hold up still dealing wit the 3rd of the last..tha one naww

  • 5rshwillz
    5rshwillz Month ago

    no MAC DRE!??? thumbs down

  • R S
    R S Month ago

    Tanji... Tan Tanji...I picked her up from a house party 🎶

  • Tay Norman
    Tay Norman Month ago

    Uncle 40! YES!

  • Nicco Spacely
    Nicco Spacely Month ago

    What a quirky crowd... Ppl faces like😳😳

  • Nicco Spacely
    Nicco Spacely Month ago

    Why tf 'E40' got 6mill less views than fuccin Jericho?? ..the hell wrong wit ppl?

  • Moto Johnny
    Moto Johnny Month ago

    first one that hasnt completed the challenge, but i still like the guest.

  • Alex C
    Alex C Month ago

    I hate this interviewer so much

  • Carolyn Etter
    Carolyn Etter Month ago

    I don't feel that the crowd embraced 40 as he should have been. I luh dat main✊🏿

  • Gary Hussey
    Gary Hussey Month ago

    E-40 has always been the man

  • Ash Collins
    Ash Collins Month ago

    I dont know e-40... but i loved him here! Love his personality! Great show!

  • Anthony Harris
    Anthony Harris 2 months ago +1

    😂😂 17:46 CHICKEN!!!

  • Mo49 Alshaif
    Mo49 Alshaif 2 months ago

    Bang bang niner gang

  • Antonio Hamboney
    Antonio Hamboney 2 months ago

    Yeah theze live audiences are a horrible idea..completly destroy the whole show....

  • Queen Bell
    Queen Bell 2 months ago

    Milk ain't good for black people!!!

  • FrnnkEducation
    FrnnkEducation 2 months ago

    A wing lifeline. A hot ones first

  • FrnnkEducation
    FrnnkEducation 2 months ago

    What an interesting man

  • FrnnkEducation
    FrnnkEducation 2 months ago

    I b savin hoes. But they ain't shit

  • jaayyy000
    jaayyy000 2 months ago +1

    Omg E40?! 😭 ru serious?!
    This just made my day In this binge

  • Mario Aguilar
    Mario Aguilar 2 months ago

    E40 is built like a boobah

  • Thomas Ward
    Thomas Ward 2 months ago

    Skii skurrr 😂😂😂😂

  • true soldier
    true soldier 2 months ago

    Mike Tyson

  • true soldier
    true soldier 2 months ago

    Get Mike Tyson on here

  • true soldier
    true soldier 2 months ago

    Mike Tyson

  • The Forgotten Guest
    The Forgotten Guest 2 months ago

    oh my god i have had da bomb sauce

  • David Mendoza
    David Mendoza 2 months ago +1

    You should have lynch on hot ones

  • Salvador Toloza
    Salvador Toloza 2 months ago +1

    “You gotta stand for something if not you’ll fall for anything” - E-40

  • Jay Caldwell
    Jay Caldwell 2 months ago

    “Yeah i like that. That’s fuckin around”
    Sean Evans: *slightly confused*
    Me: *slightly confused*
    Sean Evans: You like that? Clap it up for Los Calientes

  • John Robinson
    John Robinson 2 months ago

    Kevin gates should be on here

  • John Robinson
    John Robinson 2 months ago


  • Mike M
    Mike M 2 months ago +1

    Quitting on hotones cannot be good for your career

  • TyDreads
    TyDreads 2 months ago +119

    Had to see this after DaBaby tried this when someone said "Don't pull a E-40"

  • Nicki Love
    Nicki Love 2 months ago +1

    @17:00 It's MuthaF&ckaz out there that like hot shyt....that HOT.....DAMNNNN!!! LMAOOO

  • SlaughTer 19XX
    SlaughTer 19XX 2 months ago

    E40 A BITCH

  • SlaughTer 19XX
    SlaughTer 19XX 2 months ago

    E 40 seems so cocky to me.... TBH 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Sysylai Donald
    Sysylai Donald 2 months ago +1

    I didn't know Hot Ones did live shows. Lucked up and found this one with 1 of my fav rappers (there's very few of them). Def saving this one. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE E40!
    This episode just made me LOVE THIS SHOW EVEN MORE!! I literally binged watched the first night I found it bout a few months ago. I'm super late to the show. I love how versatile they are with their guest selection.
    This episode, just like others is funny as heck. I also loved how they allowed crowd participation on behalf of E40. I think anyone who goes on here is crazy. I could never, it'd be a waste of everyone's time. I wouldn't clear round one.
    Hate to see my fav go in the HALL OF SHAME. However, I completely understand. Still on top of my list forever. This episode will be too. #Greatshow!! #Keepthemcoming! #BLESSINGS&PROSPERITY!

  • CrappyGamesStudio
    CrappyGamesStudio 2 months ago

    2:47 red dead redemption 2 wot !!!

  • Lamar Dwayne Brown
    Lamar Dwayne Brown 2 months ago

    Kanye 11:28