How China Is A Loser In The US-China Trade War

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • Understand The US China Trade War
    US President Donald Trump has imposed tariffs on billions of dollars of goods from China, and is threatening more. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts the trade war could shave nearly 2 per cent off China’s GDP growth over the next 2 years. Its small and medium-sized manufacturing companies are feeling the pressure.
    “I expect we will lose about 25-30% of our orders,” said Danny Lau Tat Pong, managing director of Kam Pin Industrial HK Ltd.
    Trump’s tariffs have accelerated the process of businesses moving out of China. Stanley Szeto, executive chairman of the Hong Kong Textile Council, said tariffs have not yet been imposed on apparel products, but 99 per cent of its buyers are American and they are concerned.
    “The main thing we have understood from this trade war is that there are no winners. There’s only varying degrees of losers,” said Peter J Levesque, CEO of Modern Terminals.
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  • supahsmashbro
    supahsmashbro 5 days ago

    Saying the chinese economy will crash is basically porn for white ppl

  • Reyansh Behnchod
    Reyansh Behnchod 7 days ago

    India will be the #1 economi

    • supahsmashbro
      supahsmashbro 5 days ago

      One day, when they stop worshiping white people

  • Rackets
    Rackets 10 days ago

    Consumers will pay the tariffs if they dont find similar products made outside China..So a T.V costing $400. now cost $500. from China..But a T.V. made in Singapore still costs $400. manufacturers will move as sales drop..We have a choice ..Buying from China funds their military. Complete ban on Chinese imports would help the most..

  • Calm Peace
    Calm Peace Month ago

    Ditch d dollar n see who get hurt?
    Y support a currency that is used to kill sovereign countries like syria, iraq, venezuela, libya, ....

  • Jacques Momesso
    Jacques Momesso Month ago

    New market for china Europe open , russia, Africa forget USA

  • Amit Aggarwal
    Amit Aggarwal Month ago


  • bishwaraj please don't send any kind of aad.

    Without add or visitor only recommended

  • Brian Jackson
    Brian Jackson 2 months ago +1

    If you believe China was still growing at 6.8 % your a moron. The American people are willing to pay higher prices, because we are sick of China's arrogance. Most Americans want to see China on its knees and they will be thanks to Trump. Its for China's own good. They have been getting uppity and we have to remind them of their place.

  • info studio
    info studio 2 months ago +1

    God bless america God Speed President Trump defeat communism.

  • Izy Cananua
    Izy Cananua 2 months ago

    China, usa, tariff are a prelude to war.
    The sequel is being staged as we speak
    This has been coming for years, and the survivors of the next world war can figure out who (won)

  • Lee Sk John
    Lee Sk John 2 months ago

    End up both will suffer. China will also start dumping usa debt too.

  • William Stall
    William Stall 2 months ago +1

    Holy Crap! Trump is going to go for the brass ring... Weak China GDP REAL numbers... Shadow Banking... HUGE housing bubble... Devaluing the yuan... Hong Kong... Trump will start in 2020 to bring China's economy down...

  • Dale Rickert
    Dale Rickert 2 months ago

    FAKE NEWS!... Ask thousands of American businesses and farmers who've gone out of business.

  • Shaun Heng
    Shaun Heng 2 months ago

    Let me tell you why US will lose. China spend their money on manufacture while USA spend it on war and making weapon.

    • Alec Vladimir-Cheng
      Alec Vladimir-Cheng 2 months ago +2

      Spending money on thier military is better than trading beacause if someone was to take over the world the superpower would attack an villain

  • kiDkiDkiD12
    kiDkiDkiD12 2 months ago +1

    So many Chinese bots lol, go back across the firewall your government dose not allow you to use youtube!

  • no name
    no name 2 months ago

    Paid by the US consumer in the short term.... yes yes yes. (short term 1 to 3 years)
    Until an American, Indian, Vietnamese, Mexican producer supplants the Chinese producer.(white elephant in the room boys and girls)
    Either the Chinese play ball fairly with COMPLETE clarity or in the medium term (2.5 to 5 years) MANY of the Chinese supply chains will be gone permanently from China. In the long term (5 to 10 years) they will be ALL be gone from China if they do not play ball fairly. Chinese production is the their life blood..... they are in danger of bleeding to death

  • William Tan
    William Tan 3 months ago

    SG the biggest loser

    WAN CHENG OOI 3 months ago

    CHINA, be humble, be patient !!
    For China "who laughs last, shall laugh BEST and shall laugh LONGEST😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • no name
      no name 2 months ago

      be patient ......?
      here is a thought, quit cheating, play fair, be transparent, stop allowing unfair CCP subsidies to businesses providing ridiculously unfair advantages to Chinese business. Do these like all other standard companies in the civil world. That is all that is needed

    WAN CHENG OOI 3 months ago

    If China is the loser, then why does America want to negotiate??? America, FORGET the trade talks if you are already the winner !!!

  • Mike Grover
    Mike Grover 3 months ago +1

    Hope it all gets worked out. When one company exports 5 times what the other company exports back to them the one that exports more has more to lose if an agreement is not negotiated and followed thru.

    • peter williams
      peter williams 2 months ago

      Mike Grover: Good, tell those foolish Chinese people who thinks USA is the biggest loser here. China is losing and will lose more if an agreement is not secured as soon as possible. China must accept USA trade policy and stop manipulating their currency.

  • Grunge Lad
    Grunge Lad 3 months ago

    The copyrights,the fakes,the tariffs the patents the Chinese will face and later on the companies pullouts and this will benefits the third worlds...

  • ideaquest
    ideaquest 3 months ago +1

    US will lose because it over spent and gets fat and lazy. Her neighbour works hard and raised it country from poverty to middle class. Now, the lazy man screams and shouts, “unfair!”, then puts up barriers instead of working hard to compete.

  • Rags playzxxz
    Rags playzxxz 3 months ago

    Capatelist society would have these problems ..... all countries should try to become more independent ....reduce papulation , use resources locally

  • Trendy Brown
    Trendy Brown 3 months ago

    This trade war will be good for countries that compete with China (Mexico, Central and South America, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.). It will take time to relocate but long-term will really hurt China. Xi should just make a deal.

  • Trendy Brown
    Trendy Brown 3 months ago

    Only 10% of US GDP is tied to exports vs ~20% in it seems like the US is in a stronger position long term.

  • But We
    But We 3 months ago +8

    the US is much stronger than China and China has potential home problems as well that might make changes in the near future. China refuses to play fair so good on Trump! Two can play that game

    • The conductor
      The conductor Month ago

      @R OwO ... Neither do I

    • R OwO
      R OwO Month ago

      I can’t understand ur English

    • The_Human_Planets !
      The_Human_Planets ! 2 months ago +1

      I don't either and US is not better than China hun. it is my opinion and the reason we don't play fair is because WAR IS HELL!

    • The conductor
      The conductor 3 months ago +1

      But We ... I´ve got my own opinion, but I don´t agree with it

  • michelle wang
    michelle wang 3 months ago

    Wow cna seriously think that the audience is so dumb to buy their views?

  • Isse Mexfincano
    Isse Mexfincano 3 months ago +10

    More tariffs please. This means more business for Mexico ( with the US )

    • supahsmashbro
      supahsmashbro 5 days ago

      I really dont know why South Americans love America and view it with starry eyes. The CIA has been meddling in like every country there for decades. They have nonstop messed with your politics and always talk down to you as if they understand you better than you do. "America's backyard"....lmfao. Seriously, they play Despacito and history is undone.

    • Dan S M
      Dan S M Month ago

      I wish the USA invested in Mexico and not China to begin with. SoCal Mexicans are good peeps

  • Isse Mexfincano
    Isse Mexfincano 3 months ago

    Oh my, how misleading. China has been preparing for living without the US. They are way more prepared than US thinks. They have enough customers AND suppliers other than the US.

  • Erick Cisneros
    Erick Cisneros 3 months ago

    3:01 or just buy things made elsewhere

    • David Lee
      David Lee 3 months ago

      You can't find things Made In Elsewhere those Made In China

  • ke tire
    ke tire 3 months ago +1

    China is lovely boy. The United States is an obese middle-aged woman.

    • Alec Vladimir-Cheng
      Alec Vladimir-Cheng 2 months ago

      Usa is great than china beacause usa is helping small countries

  • CCP Agent Trump
    CCP Agent Trump 3 months ago

    hard to understand? more tariffs mean more expensive products from china. can american consumer live without made in china? in the end you will find out that all products in us rise in price. on the other hand, china will boycott us products and develop its own replacement for apple, google, intel and so on. huawei's new harmony os is a good example. we will see more soon. chinese people should thank trump really.

  • Valen Lee
    Valen Lee 3 months ago

    South korea now so jeoules with China after they fight with japan. Shame og south korea, you can’t protec your country by my self must pay america for protec... ha ha so funny.. you just like america pupet.. very ridiculous

  • megan karena
    megan karena 3 months ago

    People will just stop buying so much which won’t be a bad thing.

  • ahren Adoptie
    ahren Adoptie 3 months ago

    Bottom line there will be no winner.... the question is who can play the game longer?😎

  • errol kong
    errol kong 3 months ago


  • M I
    M I 4 months ago

    No winners? But if we let it continue, we will continue being the biggest losers on trade. Go Trump 2020

  • The Expats Report
    The Expats Report 4 months ago


  • Alex Long
    Alex Long 4 months ago

    US consumers will spent less, they are over spending anyway !! Look at their trade deficits !!

  • Kob Pat
    Kob Pat 4 months ago

    Who win?

  • Will Lewis
    Will Lewis 4 months ago +1

    I live in China, I see everyday many factories closing down and laying off workers, supply chains moving to India, Vietnam and Thailand but a few. Then let us look on the street, shops who once were so busy due to the boom are closing on every high street and street corner, even restaurants! No one tells you this and its real hard facts. Chinese coastal factories have reduced by 40% to date [August 2019] and its getting worse, people are so worried here. In Luoyang Henan 210 factories have now closed. The boom brought DEBT investors, two homes, one as an investment can no longer sell; over stock of building literally millions of empty homes, the debt is astronomical at 240 GDP!! Our 2 factories are going through the move to Vietnam and will complete by October this year, we too will lay off our expensive workers; a lot of discontent here. As for making products here, sending to Vietnam to relabel made in Vietnam, most people don't understand the cost of this logistical move; also when you export, official shipping documents are composed, once that is done, the US and other agencies can track that shipment, compare to company financials and already many Chinese companies have been caught by US officials and banned from importing into the USA as punishment. Vietnam has been warned to end this practice. Lots of Chinese people [who are great] are now suffering from China's system of not complying to the basic WTO rules.

    • David Lee
      David Lee 3 months ago

      What a joke! What factories are closing down when exports to the US are continuing. There is no ban importing Chinese products. Its only tariff the US is collecting upon off loading from ships that the consignees pay.

  • Joyce Koch
    Joyce Koch 4 months ago

    In Vietnam we are loving this, we are eating China's lunch and getting access to American markets
    which the Chinese had which we couldn't access previously. Exports to America have doubled in the past 5 months.
    Unemployment in Vietnam is now the lowest ever recorded. The downside is most of the country is having
    to work more hours a week than is wanted.

  • Dionisio Layoso
    Dionisio Layoso 4 months ago

    U S have the upper hand...

  • yusuf lee
    yusuf lee 4 months ago

    USA loser
    China loser
    trump winer

  • Norman Wilkinson
    Norman Wilkinson 4 months ago

    If you are a serious news caster, then take what you say seriously.STOP irritating those who want to listen, by playing 'jing-jang' noise . You set of plonkers, Or is this 'jing-jang' meant to interfere with our making judgements about your opinions?

  • Daniel Marces
    Daniel Marces 4 months ago

    US is the buyer, China is the seller. The buyer will always have the upperhand. Why? 1) The buyer can always pay someone else to make the products. 2) the maker of the products are US companies that are only in China to save on labor and regulation costs. The tariffs take that savings away so China knows its competitor is not so much the US as it other countries that would gladly manufacter goods and deliver services for those US companies without the same tarrifs.

  • M I
    M I 4 months ago

    Trump 2020 :)

  • Tumbadoraable
    Tumbadoraable 5 months ago

    You IDIOT !!!!

  • tintin snowy
    tintin snowy 5 months ago

    This propaganda video is worthless now trump just lost the trade war today. Keep up the propaganda u are only fooling the ignorants

  • Rob Varde
    Rob Varde 5 months ago

    wow the chinese goverment has forced 193 people to dis like this video

    • monkey
      monkey 5 months ago

      Lol. so insecure.

    • TrueFacts Facts
      TrueFacts Facts 5 months ago

      Your president already turned his decision back. Chinese wins this economic battle already.

  • Vincent Vargas
    Vincent Vargas 5 months ago


  • The Mythbuster
    The Mythbuster 5 months ago +2

    *_The truth is China does not really care or give a shit._*_ It is prepared to lose the entire US trade altogether. So USA problems are all self inflicted e.g. Ford just announced that they have retrench 12,000 auto workers, 7200 retail stores in USA had shut down._
    _Statistics has shown that all the tariffs by USA has affected China GDP very slightly._
    _May 2019 exports went up while exports to USA is down._
    _No one at Huawei has lost their job or got terminated. In fact they have signed 5G contracts with 50 nations, Singapore not included and delivered 150,000 5G stations._
    *_So STOP the bullshit or speculation how USA won the trade war._*
    *China attitude is typical Chinese or Asian. If USA wants to trade then let trade. If USA complain too much then let stop trading.*

    • peter williams
      peter williams 2 months ago

      The Mythbuster: Look at this fool and lunatic of the 21 century talking. Check exports from China to USA and tell me that they have increased? USA has every right to complain and you greedy fools don’t want them to talk. How do you expect USA companies to give their production plans to the Chinese government before they can sell in China and after 2 years, a Chinese company will surface selling similar products and technologies at lower prices since they benefit from government subsidies and you fool is here saying that USA should not complain. Are you mad or you are one of them, who are behind stealing of USA companies intellectual properties. This time, you people failed and USA will deal with you. Where is the Huawei operating system that faster than android? Foolish people who are specialists in in stealing.

  • 80sbadassmentally
    80sbadassmentally 5 months ago

    Free the imprisoned Fulan Gong.

    • supahsmashbro
      supahsmashbro 5 days ago

      You dont know chinese history, just stop. Watching anime doesnt make you an expert

  • zafar sadik
    zafar sadik 5 months ago

    china is clear winner as they are mostly manufacturer and usa is consumer. most of giant us companies are producers of product not the original manufacturer. if there are some shortage of orders in some manufacturing factories china will find new markets as there are lots of growing economies in the world. but those tariffs imposed by trump mostly have to paid by americans. consequences are 1. lower savings which itself has lots of several consequences like impact on real estate. 2. most of us companies loose business due to lower demand because of higher price. 3. loss of jobs..

    • Arnold Slater
      Arnold Slater 4 months ago

      The U.S. manufactures about the same $ value of goods per year as the Chinese do.
      The US does this with a billion less people. The Chinese are the unproductive ones.

  • Sam Chiew
    Sam Chiew 5 months ago +12

    A good lesson for China and the rest of the world, never trust American would play a fair game.

    • peter williams
      peter williams 2 months ago

      Sam Chiew: How is USA wrong here, this trade war is correct. For USA companies to sell in China, you have to give your production plan to the government and you will still pay taxes. The Chinese government will then take your production plan and give it to a Chinese company and in less than 2 years, you will see a Chinese company producing the same thing you are producing. Since the Chinese companies benefit from government subsidies, they will sell at a low price and the USA companies will have no choice than to leave China. What China is doing is wrong and stop blaming USA, China is stealing intellectual properties of USA companies and you think that’s right?

    • Ishihara Tsutomu
      Ishihara Tsutomu 2 months ago +1

      China fair? Lmfao thats a cool joke

    • But We
      But We 3 months ago +3

      and China has been fair? lol what a joke

  • abdeenn3
    abdeenn3 5 months ago +13

    China looks for long term growth. A temporary set back is nothing for China.
    China will be fine.

    • The_Human_Planets !
      The_Human_Planets ! 2 months ago

      ignore those two your soo right

    • Anita Neal
      Anita Neal 2 months ago

      They won't tell you the truth but before long you will see it for yourself America as you know it is gone

    • But We
      But We 3 months ago

      famous last words

  • Thuan Lam
    Thuan Lam 5 months ago

    You don't know what you are talking about.

  • Don't Bet on It
    Don't Bet on It 5 months ago +2

    Many parts for the F35 are made in China.

  • itsmeatiq
    itsmeatiq 5 months ago

    One sided reporting..... Is America winning? We all are loosing.

  • zaine yusoff Yusoff
    zaine yusoff Yusoff 5 months ago +3

    The loser is CNA ! Give evidence man! Is your research thorough? Of course even the USA trade is not in good shape!