Take a sneak peek at WWE Studios and Lionsgate's "Countdown"

  • Published on Mar 21, 2016
  • "Countdown" is available on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD and on-demand Tuesday, April 5.
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  • bethany hindle
    bethany hindle 2 years ago

    It basically lockdown

  • Tylijo Cayaditto
    Tylijo Cayaditto 2 years ago

    I love Lana I seen her boobs before

  • Liam H
    Liam H 2 years ago

    The major hole in this is how you have Rusev attack Dolph Ziggler and be like.
    "You look like Dolph, but you ain't Dolph!"

  • Marco Setiawan
    Marco Setiawan 2 years ago

    So this is the reason why Ziggler & Lana relationship happen?

  • Stab Vloid
    Stab Vloid 3 years ago

    lol is this a real movie? there's a WWE stage.And more funny thing is rusev and lana also in the movie. is it a official or it just a video? and it is impressive when ziggler lays down rusev with the super kick. lol

  • Bebo Scottie
    Bebo Scottie 3 years ago +1

    Kane as a cop is funny as hell

  • RecoN
    RecoN 3 years ago

    And super kick dolph ziggler

  • RecoN
    RecoN 3 years ago

    That's Rusev 1:14

  • Lucky Star
    Lucky Star 3 years ago

    i am a cop

  • Nick Leighman
    Nick Leighman 3 years ago +1

    I'm a Cop!!
    -So where is your badge?

  • Rondell Jackson
    Rondell Jackson 3 years ago

    Gts wrestling Bork laser with the turn up twister

  • Saint318
    Saint318 3 years ago

    So much for their engagement.

  • kalisto king
    kalisto king 3 years ago

    wow kane

    CEEDAYY IN ITEM SHOP 3 years ago

    0:40 grim from sillysuperpop

  • James is Sassy
    James is Sassy 3 years ago


  • AshleyC
    AshleyC 3 years ago

    Lol Lana she's like now that's a real man

  • Pryma
    Pryma 3 years ago

    02 Yeo crazy shirt

    • Pryma
      Pryma 3 years ago

      So much WWE shirts

  • ExtremePayback
    ExtremePayback 3 years ago

    I'm getting g this

  • Morgana Mooree
    Morgana Mooree 3 years ago

    What did Lana say at the end

    • Tvang1991
      Tvang1991 3 years ago

      sounded like "now that's a real man"

  • Yazmin Colón
    Yazmin Colón 3 years ago

    grim appears lol

  • Cmurray26
    Cmurray26 3 years ago

    what age rating is it

  • Makenzie Pirika
    Makenzie Pirika 3 years ago

    I love this video it's so cool 😎

  • Jahan Guerra
    Jahan Guerra 3 years ago

    Saw someone referring to Rusev as Lil Ru Ru in the comments lmaoo. Hopefully Vince doesn't see it because a couple weeks after...
    And his opponent...Straight outta the Bulgarian Nightclub, Lil Ru Ru..
    Now watch me whip, now watch me Matchka 🎶🎵

  • Phanuel Wondimu
    Phanuel Wondimu 3 years ago

    That kick at 1:18 though

  • Hulk Hogan smash
    Hulk Hogan smash 3 years ago

    just bad acting

  • Coco Williams
    Coco Williams 3 years ago

    This is going to be awesome!

  • carrastealth
    carrastealth 3 years ago

    This reminds me of one of those Cheesy 90s Action Flicks. If you know what you're getting into, it looks enjoyable.

  • kway26
    kway26 3 years ago

    Yo im pretty sure they heard the gun fire but still resuv keeps warming up WTF

  • Ryan Jadallah
    Ryan Jadallah 3 years ago

    What is happening

  • Miss Marianna Mariana Leal

    COOL ness movie-Kanes !!!!!!!

  • Miss Marianna Mariana Leal

    *COOL Movie Kane* !!!!!!!!
    Awe so meness-

  • Miss Marianna Mariana Leal

    *COOL Movie- Kane*!!!!!!!!

  • Miss Marianna Mariana Leal

    *COOL 🎥🎥 Movie Kane* !!!!!!

  • Katie Collins
    Katie Collins 3 years ago


  • Sadman Nahim
    Sadman Nahim 3 years ago

    What was rusev doing?

  • Mason Flame
    Mason Flame 3 years ago

    Is this an actual movie?

  • Clark Collins
    Clark Collins 3 years ago +1

    I've read "Take a sneak peek at WWE Studios and " and I was like "damn! are they showing Kane as he prepares himself with the dark makeup and mask?" then I watched it and was like "OH! Okay!"

  • Its Puncher
    Its Puncher 3 years ago

    That was nice

  • ZombieKiller2537 2478
    ZombieKiller2537 2478 3 years ago

    Sub Me

  • ZombieKiller2537 2478
    ZombieKiller2537 2478 3 years ago

    im in the movie

  • Bradley Herrell
    Bradley Herrell 3 years ago

    doesnt really seem like its gunna be what they're hoping for

  • suhas kumar
    suhas kumar 3 years ago

    isn't this a reupload. oh wwe making money uhh

  • b-rad sam
    b-rad sam 3 years ago

    wtf was that

  • Albin Sund
    Albin Sund 3 years ago +3

    is this a joke?

  • mohamed adel
    mohamed adel 3 years ago

    this film names wwe not coundown

  • sxbwbj wdwjbj
    sxbwbj wdwjbj 3 years ago

    That super kick was fake

  • wave201988
    wave201988 3 years ago

    That's it I'm getting this movie!

  • Kaizen Mckenzie
    Kaizen Mckenzie 3 years ago +1


  • Marcos M
    Marcos M 3 years ago

    As a fan you have to get this movie lol You just have to

  • Sahb Hbar
    Sahb Hbar 3 years ago


  • Bane
    Bane 3 years ago

    Kane !! That gonna be Kane !! Thats gonna be Kane !

  • The Rookie cop
    The Rookie cop 3 years ago

    In WWE city...you must fight to survive...he sold championships on the corner...

    This summer Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Fandago, The Bella Twins, Lana and JHON CENA!!! are cops in...*flash*

    ...WWE: The Movie! This time...Suplex city..gets real!

  • Beor TheMad
    Beor TheMad 3 years ago

    That's crazy.

  • Kieren Ward
    Kieren Ward 3 years ago

    this movie looks awful

  • бат мичо
    бат мичо 3 years ago +2

    Rusev stops a possible crazy disgruntled shooter, at great risk to his own well-being. Ziggler's character sucker super kicks Rusev, instead of properly taking the time to confirm is authority. BUT Ziggler's the "real man". Wazupwithdat?!

    • Tvang1991
      Tvang1991 3 years ago +1

      after reading this comment, I agree with you.
      Cops in movies never wear their uniforms so it's hard for others to know you're a cop which is this case.
      So yeah, this scene is messed up.

  • Irfan Danial
    Irfan Danial 3 years ago

    Rusev #GotRekt

  • Patrisius Bagus Alvito

    Demon Kane
    Corporate Kane
    Police Officer Kane

    • The Rookie cop
      The Rookie cop 3 years ago

      +Patrisius Bagus Alvito Don't forget Conssions Kane and Citizen Kane!

  • SSB Goku
    SSB Goku 3 years ago


    • SSB Goku
      SSB Goku 3 years ago

      why in a WWE Live event lol still the one with dolph and rusev was funny

  • Jimmy Santian
    Jimmy Santian 3 years ago

    wtf is this?

  • calvin dang
    calvin dang 3 years ago

    this looks stupid