Steve Bannon | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  • Published on Sep 29, 2018
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    Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon joins Bill to discuss all things Trump.
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Comments • 14 946

  • joeblackakareaper
    joeblackakareaper 24 minutes ago

    You have to look deeper with Bannon to figure where he is REALLY coming from. Look at the people he backs, Trump rapist, crook etc. Roy Moore child molester etc. etc. It's hard to argue with Bannon's logic, until you push back and think about the people he backs. TheReaper!

  • Guy V.
    Guy V. 12 hours ago


  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell 2 days ago

    Two crackhead talking pipe dreams

  • Captain Grizzly
    Captain Grizzly 2 days ago

    nice maher with the avenatti endorsement. how does maher even have a show still?

  • David Ellette
    David Ellette 2 days ago

    LOLOLOLOLOL...did Maher say Avenati was the next Trump?!?!?...Maher is a fucking moron...

  • Ocean House
    Ocean House 3 days ago

    I'd watch this on HBO but there service doesn't work due to over zealous security, they think my ISP is a VPN lol

  • Sandy
    Sandy 3 days ago

    Conservatives don't like the MASSIVE TAX INCREASE. Trumps tax cut lowered taxes on the bottom 80%, who pay a few percent of tax revenues. The top 20%, who pay 95% of all taxes got a MEGA TAX INCREASE. Devastating to the economy. DEVASTATING!

  • Inappropriate Mushroom

    Maher whaty a dummy

  • hcwollaston
    hcwollaston 3 days ago

    Breitbart, Schweizer and Bannon have been courageous, interesting and correct (most of the time). Poll-driven Billary, Carlos and Huma Danger, jet-setting polluter Al Gore Jr., tele-prompted Obama and hair sniffing plagiarizer Joe are a bunch of corrupt politicians that were elected into office by stupid Arkansans, New Yorkers, Illinoisans, Tennesseans, Delawareans and Americans. The Clintons, Obamas, and the plagiarizing former presidential candidate Joe are crooked lawyers as well, just as former presidential candidates Kerry and Edwards.

  • Edward Rivera
    Edward Rivera 3 days ago

    Democrats want the economy to crash and the sad part is they want it so it can hurt Trump yet they think if the economy crashes it won't affect people. When economies crash people kill themselves, people lose wealth, people lose homes and the democrats are ok with this. Think about that

    • 88Gibson LesPaul
      88Gibson LesPaul 21 hour ago

      Wouldn't it have been better had Hitler crashed in '35, two years into his dictatorship than for Hitler to crash in '45 after having destroyed the entire country?

  • Trickzzz1
    Trickzzz1 3 days ago

    wow the guy that cues the clapping saves billys stupid comments everytime.

  • Trickzzz1
    Trickzzz1 3 days ago

    billy mahar is so SMART. that he,s a dummy. makes no good points just keeps yapping saying nothing then cuts of bannon when he starts to make sense. this is what is wrong with america today.

  • P Kim
    P Kim 4 days ago

    How Trump wins 2020 is by firing Jared Kushner and sends him back to NY to sleep in his race car bed that Bibi once slept in. And takes his beard with him.

    • 88Gibson LesPaul
      88Gibson LesPaul 21 hour ago

      Beard? Kushner has a beard now? Crap, I haven't noticed. I'll check it out. Kushner having a beard is like Ted Cruz or Pee Wee Herman having a beard. Doesn't change a thing. A fuzzy fuzzy wimp is still a wimp.

  • ShareThisFastDOTcom
    ShareThisFastDOTcom 4 days ago

    Bannon is an actor.

    • 88Gibson LesPaul
      88Gibson LesPaul 21 hour ago

      Yes he is. He's a Fascist at heart. People expect monsters to rant, to rave, to foam at the mouth and gnaw the carpet. They don't. They just destroy things, usually quietly and from behind the scenes.

  • Cryptosilver Loverboy

    on no oprah that scary ugly too black freak

  • BO NES
    BO NES 4 days ago

    Sorry Bill, This man ran circles around you.

  • Truth Seeking
    Truth Seeking 4 days ago


  • james brian
    james brian 4 days ago

    Bill Maher is a Deep State cock sucker

  • Cody Mcgonagill
    Cody Mcgonagill 4 days ago

    Democrats Russians what's the fucken difference? Burning books tearing down statues trying to erase and or rewrite history rioting with the sole purpose of shutting down speech the only difference is the Communists are completely in charge over there!

  • Tony Martin
    Tony Martin 4 days ago

    I wish steve would have reminded bill that the democrat party is the party of slavery then the kkk when they lost the war. then jim crow laws and oppression to this day via welfare programs while shipping jobs overseas. and the party of antisemitism. importing drugs ect. ect. ect.

  • William
    William 4 days ago +4

    Wow..I am liberal but actually have much respect for Bannon. The guy is sharp.

  • Raul Silva
    Raul Silva 4 days ago

    Bill named all the wrong names when he named off dems YangGang2020

  • 15 seconds of truth
    15 seconds of truth 5 days ago

    Bill is such a douche

  • Jacob Walters
    Jacob Walters 5 days ago

    Get owned Bill

  • monadicnetwork
    monadicnetwork 5 days ago

    I like Bill as an entertainer but he has established a firm believe about the reality of our world from the perspective of a person who has not been exposed to the complexity of strategic geopolitical planning or competitions. His myopic views are making him cynical and limiting him from asking meaningful questions.

  • Rex 591
    Rex 591 5 days ago

    When someone doesn't get it and just bully drives the interview, it just makes the smarter person seem more sane and grounded.

  • iDad
    iDad 5 days ago


  • Brian Mann
    Brian Mann 5 days ago

    Maher is a nazi

  • Al Gebra Pierre
    Al Gebra Pierre 5 days ago

    Avenatti lol Chill Bill

  • Brian Mann
    Brian Mann 5 days ago

    Maher dishes progressives but shakes Hitlers sperm baby. Duck you Maher

  • Theodorus Rex
    Theodorus Rex 5 days ago +1

    Bill's Avenatti comment didn't age well.

  • Papa Ang
    Papa Ang 5 days ago

    These people in the crowd are really out here getting mad at a 4% growth rate. That is fucking insane

  • akirameta
    akirameta 5 days ago +1

    Maher has no clue and doesn't understand democracy because he never respects others when they're talking.

  • JesseFin88 Crossout Gamer

    rasistic hc demoncrats calls bannon and even fans of him as "racists" . imo most democrats are almost as rasistic as finnish 3F -feminists are :/ and i dont want to generalize so cuz only 89% are racists, its not ok to say all are .

  • Liberato Garced
    Liberato Garced 6 days ago

    About the tax cut, how democrats still talking shit. I got more money on my paycheck. Are they morons? I can see that.

  • Steven Rowitt
    Steven Rowitt 6 days ago

    Bill"s a bomb throwing, name calling, big mouth. He doesn't let the guests that support Trump to speak without interrupting with more insults.

  • WR
    WR 6 days ago

    Oh, what a difference a year makes. Will Maher speak about the Democrats honestly after Barr finishes his investigation?

  • Donald R
    Donald R 6 days ago +1

    Bill Maher is a intellectual dwarf compared to Bannon and it shows. There must be a laugh machine there too.

    • Ben
      Ben 5 days ago

      Just by looking at the comments on this video in the last month I can tell the election machine must be starting. You can almost hear the worlds bots and trolls targeting whatever channel they stumble into just trying to slime their way into some idiots mind.

  • Dai Chives
    Dai Chives 6 days ago

    13 minutes of Bill Maher interrupting and telling Steve Bannon and the audience what Steve Bannon really thinks and believes. Here's an idea for an interview Bill, ask a question and allow the man to answer. Tw@t.

  • Rusty Taylor
    Rusty Taylor 6 days ago +1

    The market WILL crash as soon as the next Democrat is elected in six years or so!!

  • Rusty Taylor
    Rusty Taylor 6 days ago +1

    FYI Bill, when Trump says things like "China loves me because I have a big brain" that is called a joke. I know that this phenomenon is lost on most liberals but you of all people should get it.

  • Vor do
    Vor do 6 days ago

    There must be something about the brainwashing in the USA that Steve knows how to exploit because everything he says is based on half-truths. Anyone outside the conservative media influence can spot it a mile off.

  • alexander stensli
    alexander stensli 6 days ago

    Hey Bill, This is really awkward to watch. Your such a little bitch.

  • Adam Cheklat
    Adam Cheklat 6 days ago

    His interviews with conservatives aren't perfect, but they're worth a shot.

  • Chaz Brookshire
    Chaz Brookshire 6 days ago

    Bannon is a puppet pig-following sycophant, a wart on the face of America. A stain on our constitution, this racist snakeoil salesman has caused way more problems than solved. He is an idiot, and in debt to warmongers. He does what he's told. Rot in hell Bannon.

  • johnliebenthal
    johnliebenthal 6 days ago

    Maher is overconfident and not as smart as he thinks he is.

  • Follow the Truth
    Follow the Truth 6 days ago

    Steve Bannon just do're doing great over the arrogant Maher. funny when people are so biased they refuse to see the plain truth...make them look dumb rol.

  • luv2rideaz3msn
    luv2rideaz3msn 6 days ago

    Get used to the country winning. Bill you dbag

  • luv2rideaz3msn
    luv2rideaz3msn 6 days ago

    Liberals can’t handle someone who speaks the truth. Their terrified he will expose their crimes against the American people.

  • Daniel Goett
    Daniel Goett 6 days ago +2

    This didn't age well. Avenatti 2020??? LOLOLOLOL

    • Jay Ruger
      Jay Ruger 6 days ago +1

      It just goes to show how far out and out of touch the Democrats are.. Like these people are way out there! Trump won because everybody knew him he has a good background of being successful so why not? Nobody wanted the same old sleazy corrupt swamp a** politician.

  • Axeman Fink
    Axeman Fink 6 days ago

    bannon the speech at the un ...maher interrupts bannon the speech at the un ...maher interrupts. when you are so full of yourself you dont allow others to express their opinion.

  • Political Idiot 2
    Political Idiot 2 6 days ago

    Libs work off of emotion and feelings

  • Blaster Elforg
    Blaster Elforg 7 days ago

    Bill Maher doesn't get a joke about China loving Trump because he thinks he's got a big brain? Bill is so square.

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 7 days ago +14

    Bills good at interruption and sensing when to interject a cue to his audience to clap, and interject triggers that make the trained applaud and holler. Nothing gained from an interview with a very insightful Bannon that could have shed important light on many subjects, rather he is used as a prop for launching cynical comments. Repulsive!

    • StarSeed
      StarSeed 5 days ago

      Democrats are trained monkeys. Of course using the word monkeys they will call me a racist….

  • Jay Vasallo
    Jay Vasallo 7 days ago

    Michael Avanti ... lol. Holla!

  • Plutarch
    Plutarch 7 days ago

    I see this I know only one thing....The natural order of things is under severe assault.This nation is in dire danger from the Left. Meritocracy is dying..... Intellectual Default is king.

  • Charisma
    Charisma 7 days ago

    Bannon? Who is that?

  • deathofamailman
    deathofamailman 7 days ago +4

    I think the part about rearranging the world's supply chain warranted a follow-up question.

  • Mike Bourg
    Mike Bourg 7 days ago

    I really would like to hear these interviews without the audience clapping after every time someone is mentioned. I think the conversations would go a lot more smoothly

  • Q
    Q 7 days ago +1

    Read all of This:

  • William Fessaha
    William Fessaha 8 days ago

    Lmao Bill Maher is a joke. Avenatti? Really?

  • Carl-Filip Söderberg

    People love to hate the Donald

  • John Stofko
    John Stofko 8 days ago

    Who is paying this guy?

  • suvariboy
    suvariboy 8 days ago

    WTF would you give this evil fuck airtime?

  • StarSeed
    StarSeed 8 days ago +1

    #MAGA, the rest of you can move to Canada like you promised.

    • Alex Revelo
      Alex Revelo 7 days ago +1

      wth, we don't want em, we have enough soy boys here already

  • StarSeed
    StarSeed 8 days ago +8

    Can't tell if Maher is just a lair, delusional or both....

    • Ben Peters
      Ben Peters 5 days ago +1

      If he's a lair, he'd be the bat lair!

  • George George
    George George 8 days ago

    this man regularly comes to the EU to fuel and support regional nationalists (nazis) all over the EU - he should be trialed

  • willard brickey
    willard brickey 8 days ago +1

    The amazing thing about this interview is that I left it with more respect for both of them.

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law 8 days ago

    BannoN is a 🐷🐖🐽🐷🐖🐽🐷🐖🐽🐷🐖🐽🐷🐖🐽 A drunk, a liar, cheat, thief, and a loser.

  • Chris Duane
    Chris Duane 8 days ago

    Bill Maher sides with a foreign county all the time over the USA. He is a shill for the Shylock State of Israel.

  • Doenjang Stew
    Doenjang Stew 8 days ago

    "I think you look for morons who are empty vessels you could put more ideas"

  • Julius Morgan
    Julius Morgan 8 days ago +1

    bill maher is so fucking superficial

  • Weldzilla LongCocks
    Weldzilla LongCocks 8 days ago +4

    Bill claims to want open discussion on all politics points and views unless he's being made to look like the phony left wing puppet that he is. Then he just says some well known talking point and acts like whatever yippy have to say is so absurd that he ccouldn't possibly sit through it. What a d bag.

  • Pam M
    Pam M 8 days ago

    Omg, a brain and the brainless

  • Equalist_not Feminist

    Maher really needs to do something about his Trump Derangement Syndrome. This whole thing he keeps talking about that Trump won't step down if he loses in 2020 is deserving of a tinfoil hat.

  • Peter Ruby
    Peter Ruby 8 days ago

    Why doesn't Bill let Steve finish a sentence?

  • Stormshell Entertainment

    God bless Trump

  • Michael Ashworth
    Michael Ashworth 8 days ago

    This, quite literally, makes me puke. Saw it when it came out, but can't bear to watch it again. Bannon had been busy trying to interfere over here in Europe, in our elections. Luckily, since his role in Trump's election on 2016 and the UK Brexit referendum, we're wise to him . To paraphrase Trump, the guy's a "total failure".

  • David Bradley
    David Bradley 9 days ago +10

    Bill Maher's arrogance is astounding.

  • Dr. Red Pill
    Dr. Red Pill 9 days ago


  • D P
    D P 9 days ago

    Bill is such a smug cock. Also, this didn’t age well for him 😂

  • Liveleakrefugee
    Liveleakrefugee 9 days ago

    piece a shit interviewer

  • chad windham
    chad windham 9 days ago

    hey bill, how's that avenatti thing going?

  • Lyn Travis
    Lyn Travis 9 days ago

    RINO's and the Liberals are the only ones calling Trump an idiot because he's far from stupid. This is why Bill and the left is going to lose in 2020 yet once again.....

  • rikan77
    rikan77 9 days ago

    Maher gets schooled by Bannon

  • William Kiene
    William Kiene 9 days ago +4

    Steve Bannon is an important person to the success to the Western World.
    The tax rate worked for most people...but the Dems are lying about it.
    The big picture escapes most Democrats.....sad.
    Why would Bill, a talk show host, think he knows more than Steve???????????????????????????????
    If Bill talked to Trump for 30 minutes he would be turned around.
    90% of the news has been attacking Trump for over 2 years.

    • VluMandamientoXIII
      VluMandamientoXIII 13 hours ago

      What did the tax plan do ? Many of us have yet to see the effects . The rich got richer that’s what happened.

  • PillCosby
    PillCosby 9 days ago

    Never heard Bill call out sheikh islam after 8 years of bait and switch.

  • korey mcintire
    korey mcintire 9 days ago +2

    Bill needs to stop bringing these guys on his show. They keep humiliating him.

    • Doug Van Meter
      Doug Van Meter 7 days ago

      This is not even close to being an interview. Maher won't let his invited guest to talk. Pathetic

  • Nicholas Granat
    Nicholas Granat 9 days ago +1

    If you think the democrats had a better candidate,you are mistaken!

  • ben dover
    ben dover 9 days ago

    michael avenatti the Trump of 2020? hehehehe oops. Got that one wrong

  • Charsi Baba
    Charsi Baba 9 days ago +15

    Bill is sooo biased this was not a discussion Bannon never got to give a detailed reply once.

  • MassCentral Media
    MassCentral Media 10 days ago +1

    We are NOT a DEMOCRACY,,, We are a Republic,,,

    • Chris Duane
      Chris Duane 8 days ago +1

      Yeah on paper but in reality, USA is an oligarchy. Government only serves the elite classes. The working class has absolutely no say in government. 40% of Americans cannot raise $400 for an emergency expense, according to the Federal Reserve. That is Dickens-esque 'hard times' but the media and political establishments treat it as normal.

  • dbaer7
    dbaer7 10 days ago

    The little guy should have a voice until he disagrees with bill. What a pompus douche.

  • szs voc
    szs voc 10 days ago +2

    jesus qrist maher is ugly. politicians are all rats. they choose their agenda based on which sides may garner more votes, so they can collect salaries without working.

  • scott mcclendon
    scott mcclendon 10 days ago +47

    This isn't an interview. Bill just keeps interrupting.

    • Zoodz Mf
      Zoodz Mf 6 days ago

      Bill: says orange man bad
      Steve: well... facts, facts, facts.
      Bill: says nothing smart and just keeps being an clown

  • phillip davis
    phillip davis 10 days ago

    Maher is a P.O.S. BIG TIME!!!!!

  • Lai Lai
    Lai Lai 10 days ago +1

    An actually good interview. Noyce.

  • sy2532
    sy2532 10 days ago

    This only gets funnier as time passes... Bill is touting Avenatti....Avenatti is going to jail now. Soon the rest of the deep state will also go to trial for spying.... and probably will be going to jail as well.

  • Ryan Woodcock
    Ryan Woodcock 10 days ago +1

    Trump wouldn't be convicted of impeachable offense by the Senate though

  • Ryan Woodcock
    Ryan Woodcock 10 days ago

    At 0:37 he admitted Russia was not the reason Hillary didn't win