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  • Mohammad Soliman
    Mohammad Soliman Hour ago


  • RaDu
    RaDu 9 hours ago

    I love the mercedes

  • Turgay Turgay
    Turgay Turgay 14 hours ago +1

    The sound of the mercedes destroys the bmw.

  • sefa emir ışık
    sefa emir ışık 21 hour ago

    BMW👌🏻 AMG KİLLER💪🏻💪🏻

  • lolCollol
    lolCollol 23 hours ago

    Surprising that this is the first generation of top-level 5 series vs top-level E classes where we find that the BMW is actually slightly quicker. The leap from F10 to F90 was quite huge, while the leap from W 212 to W 213 wasn’t too big performance wise. Btw, the top 0-100 km/h times and top quarter mile times I have found are always 0.1 s better on the M5, being 3.1 s vs 3.2 s and 11 s vs 11.1 s.

  • S325i BMW
    S325i BMW Day ago

    I love 80s sharp design and the new F90 M5 is a sexy machine and I have to admit that the new mercs are looking beter then the basic bmws they really brought merc in to the future instead of old grandpa designs like back in the days

  • Saban Qudavasov
    Saban Qudavasov 2 days ago

    Mercedes-benz super

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy 2 days ago

    M5 cought it but think if better driver e63 would win

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy 2 days ago

    U can clearly see on the roll e63 gone

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy 2 days ago

    Those e63s aint no joke

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy 2 days ago

    Oh my bad it is an e63 😂😂😂😂😂find that hard to belive the m5 beat it.ok throw a e63 renntech against it

  • Mike Murphy
    Mike Murphy 2 days ago

    I love both cars but pit the e63 against the a whole new ball game

  • Rasya Adha maulana
    Rasya Adha maulana 2 days ago

    M5comp is EXPENSIVE...

  • Kram Sniggah
    Kram Sniggah 2 days ago

    I'd go for the Merc, the indicators are an optional extra on the Beemer.

  • Hydraulic Demon
    Hydraulic Demon 3 days ago

    0.2 seconds difference between a 4.4l engine and a 4.0l engine...

  • KeyboardWarrior
    KeyboardWarrior 3 days ago

    Personal preference is the only way to choose between these, which for me is the merc

  • Manica Eduard
    Manica Eduard 3 days ago

    Mercedes all day

  • Andrew Cutter
    Andrew Cutter 3 days ago

    Would be ecstatic to have either - not likely bless I inherit a fortune or win the lottery. It's nice to dream though.

  • Eldar12345 Amirbekov

    Бмв лучше
    Бмв класс
    Мерседесов в унитаз

  • Lesedi Lekoko
    Lesedi Lekoko 4 days ago

    The E63s anyday

  • Chapo Guzma
    Chapo Guzma 4 days ago

    E62S 😍😍😍

  • sep1aCSGO ­­
    sep1aCSGO ­­ 4 days ago


  • Carlo Simpson
    Carlo Simpson 4 days ago

    The BMW M5 is just better all around.To my Merc is more of a straight liner where the M5 will eat him whole day everyday beyond straight lines.Safer also in the BMW.The rate the AMG goes off the road is insane.

  • Mohammed ali
    Mohammed ali 5 days ago


  • Nwabueze Ozuzu
    Nwabueze Ozuzu 5 days ago

    In your previous M5 vs E63S, the M5 had a better launch in M-mode, than even the Competition Pack M5 in this video! I think something is going on in the ECUs.

  • Vikkoff D
    Vikkoff D 5 days ago

    Wtf man! The rolling race was unfair. The benz was ahead

  • Michael S
    Michael S 5 days ago

    BOTH cars are absolutely fantastic.....just give me ONE!

  • tango tango
    tango tango 5 days ago


  • Earl Sweat
    Earl Sweat 6 days ago

    Doesn’t matter what car wins. If you own one of them, consider yourself successful.

  • Lubabalo Ngumbela
    Lubabalo Ngumbela 6 days ago

    2 Black Cars, everything is always about Race with you Mat, Wow! Ha-ha!

  • hishonline
    hishonline 6 days ago

    Amg seems to have a problem incorporating a good launch control. This is also clear in GT R

  • sidahmed roto
    sidahmed roto 7 days ago

    Mercedes is more classic but the bmw is done for race

  • Desislava Ivanova
    Desislava Ivanova 7 days ago

    For real amg beat it when bmw reach 270km/h amg gets faster at hight speed

  • Jefferson Winfrey
    Jefferson Winfrey 7 days ago

    Amg gang

  • Pyr0_BoY
    Pyr0_BoY 7 days ago

    Pffff what is BMW


  • Aissam Bjf
    Aissam Bjf 7 days ago


  • Colman Tieszen
    Colman Tieszen 9 days ago

    I would have the e63 cause amg in'nit

  • Deadly Predator
    Deadly Predator 10 days ago

    M5 comp is the best

  • tom hanks
    tom hanks 10 days ago

    The merc looks so boring

  • Данила Денисов

    Biturbo, not twin

  • Abhinov Garnayak
    Abhinov Garnayak 10 days ago

    Always merc. Sir you also know. Amg is the best

  • Der Dippe
    Der Dippe 11 days ago

    Mercedes ist schlecht

  • Michael Morrison
    Michael Morrison 11 days ago

    Всегда знал, что БМВ топ ))

  • Einaras Einaras
    Einaras Einaras 11 days ago

    Bmw trash

  • babaqnis
    babaqnis 11 days ago +2

    The mercedes was already going forward in the rolling race ... sometimes these reviews are badly executed i would like to see robots do the testing in a perfect situation scenario pressing the gas at the exact moment these reviews all come down to human mistakes....

  • Geo Boom
    Geo Boom 11 days ago

    Please, subscribe to my youtube account. ❤

  • Geo Boom
    Geo Boom 11 days ago

    Mercedes fans hit a like

  • tv아가리
    tv아가리 11 days ago

    Wow BMW!!!
    But i want Benz

  • AJI26
    AJI26 11 days ago

    Even if it did not won i still love the e63s....sound great and more aggressive front bumper😋

  • женя G.
    женя G. 11 days ago

    Why not biturbo

  • Кек Кекович
    Кек Кекович 12 days ago

    Это ещё раз доказывает что Мерседес гавно

    • Maxim Belous
      Maxim Belous 9 days ago

      @Кек Кекович ииии... Всё, только этим он и лучше

    • Кек Кекович
      Кек Кекович 9 days ago

      Я не буду тут сейчас разъяснять сколько тебе лет, я просто скажу, если бы у меня был выбор между мерсом и бмв я бы кончено выбрал бы бмв потому что она лучше по скоростным характеристикам и управляемости

    • Maxim Belous
      Maxim Belous 9 days ago

      Тебе от силы 10-13 лет, так как ты сравниваешь машины только по скоростным критериям.
      Вот давай с тобой подумаем, Мерседес надёжнее, это уже все знают, Мерседес меньше стоит в обслуживании, у Мерседеса лучше электронника, кожа, да и сука, они меньше стоят! большинство Мерседесов для перевозок каких-либо важных лиц, либо просто для отдыха.
      Мерседес блять не создан для того чтобы гонять
      Да, есть некоторые серии ну например Ц-шки или АМГ, вот на них надо наваливать и ничем их не жалеть, они для этого созданы
      У БМВ чутли не все машины от 2013 созданы чтобы наваливать
      Ты никогда не сидел в салоне Мерседеса, и поэтому несёшь хуйню и подлизываешь БМВ
      Вот скажи хоть три причины, почему БМВ лучше, только кроме скоростных критерий

  • hamzie Kadri
    hamzie Kadri 12 days ago


  • Биржан Нуржанов

    M Power💪

  • Boris Nedkov
    Boris Nedkov 13 days ago

    Bmw king👌🏻👌🏻🔝

  • korniksoft
    korniksoft 13 days ago

    M5 for love

  • Luca Castricum
    Luca Castricum 13 days ago

    The M5 is an incredible car and even though I’m the biggest AMG fanboy, it invented the fast saloon car, but it sounds like my vacuum

  • Luis Vokrri
    Luis Vokrri 13 days ago +2

    E63s is amazing ❤❤❤

  • Cesar Gonzalez
    Cesar Gonzalez 14 days ago

    Soon after the BMW was taking back to the Dealership to repair everything that was broken while making this video .

  • Андрій Втерковський


  • Baptiste Bailly
    Baptiste Bailly 14 days ago

    Ce test n’a aucun sens , la M5 est l’équivalant de la classe S
    Donc la E 63s est l’équivalant de la M4