Zombie Dinosaurs Loose in the Museum- Short Film

  • Published on Oct 6, 2013
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    This was quick on the fly shoot!
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  • Trang Tran
    Trang Tran Month ago

    The way they walk tho

  • Kidyom U.
    Kidyom U. Year ago

    One word.

  • Nicolas Skylander

    Isn’t that Triassic attack? You know the sy-fy movie?

  • Urashima Taro
    Urashima Taro Year ago

    How do you animate like that?!

  • King Green Ilyas
    King Green Ilyas 2 years ago

    At night dinosaurs like come a life

  • Sandy. S
    Sandy. S 2 years ago

    why two channels bro keep only 1 and keep simple improve the quality of above videos and upload them with improvents in original channel and if u want to make tutorials u can make full editing tutorials in shutter authority editing tutorial👍congrats for youtube next up keep uploading very inspiring content

  • خيري خيري
    خيري خيري 2 years ago


  • Thiago Oliveira
    Thiago Oliveira 2 years ago +3

    Wow the acting of the guy with the hat was extremely good. He could actually be in a real movie. The other is also good, but I guess he would be better making a comedy cause he does this face like he's mocking or something.

  • Munevarn Chhun
    Munevarn Chhun 3 years ago

    What happened to the dinosaur when the man throw the stick

  • VFX Ltd™
    VFX Ltd™ 4 years ago

    haha nice animations great work!

  • SnapPunch Robert
    SnapPunch Robert 4 years ago

    Cool lil video here. Little "Nights in the Museum" ish, but cute. Two thumbs up.

  • Hal Waller
    Hal Waller 4 years ago +1

    Hey dude, this my opinion that doesn't necessarily need to be listened too but to build up more of an emotional response from viewers atmospheric sound is really important such as the sound of the dinosaur running on the tiled ground or it scraping against the wall as it comes around the corner will add to realism and make your videos more professional sounding, i have nothing to comment on about the visuals though, keep up the great work and remember this is my opinion, just wanted to mention to you if you are open to advice :)

    • Shutter Authority
      Shutter Authority  4 years ago +1

      Thanks for the advice dude! Yes I know. Back then I didn't focus on the sound design at all. Future vids wont be like that :)

  • harrison heys
    harrison heys 4 years ago

    Best ending ever sooooooo anti climatic lol u guys are awsome!!😄😄😄😄

  • sponjik
    sponjik 4 years ago +9

    It's pretty good but I have a fair warning for you. I hear Discombobulate music from Sherlock Holmes movie. I'm afraid that the music is copyrighted, so I guess this video right here might get copyright problems. Might. But in any case, please, PLEASE for the love of God if you want to go on making movies/RU-clip videos, never, EVER use copyrighted music! Search up for something Royalty Free! For example Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). This is just some information I am SURE you need to know. Please, listen to me, this may be useful for you in the future.

    • sponjik
      sponjik 4 years ago +1

      Excuse me, it should be Teknoaxe, I just wrote by memory. I sure will!

    • Shutter Authority
      Shutter Authority  4 years ago +1

      Thank you very much! I'll check that out.
      No problem man!! and check out our other videos when you can :)

    • sponjik
      sponjik 4 years ago +1

      Yes I see. I noticed the video is of 1 year ago, but I didn't have time to see more just yet, discovered ya just yesterday, opened the video that caught my eye the most. That's good you are using it now. Sorry if I jumped in kiiinda too suddenly, but I just wanted to just in case remind that copyright is one of the biggest enemy for all starting creators... Not as if I have great experience myself but I am preparing my own project as well so I have found some information and am preparing stuff right... as for other sources, yes I know a few. First is www.audiomicro.com/royalty-free-music I personally haven't checked it in details (not enough time) but it seems similar to Kevin, and I think it's good. They also have sound effects on the site. And there are 2 channels that caught my attention, NCS (NoCopyrightSounds) and TechnoAxe. But well, I just share some from my stash some of them may prove to be useful some may not. I just wish I could be at least a little but if use. Good luck in the future and keep up the good work guys, at first, experience is what's needed, it comes with time, and then it counts, but you are already doing pretty well I'd say. (P.S. Sorry for long posts...)

    • Shutter Authority
      Shutter Authority  4 years ago +1

      Thanks for the concern man! This was made long back and I hadn't really understood the significance. We've been using music from Kevin MacLeod since the last 4-5 videos. If you know any other sources for free royalty free music please let us know.

  • Lukas Johansson
    Lukas Johansson 4 years ago

    Wow, awesome

  • EffectsSuper
    EffectsSuper 4 years ago

    It's still great to see this old video again, and I think in this video, Satish was knocked out for real.

    • Raghav Anil Kumar
      Raghav Anil Kumar 4 years ago +1

      He's a gymnast! He can handle that kinda stuff ;)

    • EffectsSuper
      EffectsSuper 4 years ago

      Yeah. He crashed into ground, and I was like "that must be painful"

    • Raghav Anil Kumar
      Raghav Anil Kumar 4 years ago

      haha thanks man! You mean when he turns back and crashes into Pramod? Yeah. It was as bad as it looks xD

    • EffectsSuper
      EffectsSuper 4 years ago

      was he?

  • Thomas Carnacki
    Thomas Carnacki 5 years ago +1

    Oh yes...you have a new fan for sure. hah hah hah...your sense of humour and timing is on it. i get the sense that there are two characters here that should remain the same through some sort of linked, no matter how thinly, between projects. it's a proper friends (as i think you actually are) vibe that you can both bounce actions / reactions off each other. Your character portrayals are as much fun to watch as the (few that i've seen so far) shorts you are creating.
    As someone pointed out below, Foley sound is the only fault so far and that is only slight...do you have someone in yer 3 man team that is sound obsessed ?....coz that's the kinda head ya need for that...if ya don't...find me a job over there so's i can live and i'll move there and join the team ;)

    • Shutter Authority
      Shutter Authority  5 years ago

      hahahah! thanks man :) Glad you liked it! Ah yeah.. we need to work on sound design. We don't have good enough audio equipment at the moment. We use our smart phones right now :P We have improved a little bit since we made this video but I know there still is big gap between the quality of our visuals and the audio. Cool! :) where are you based right now?

  • Ruben R Films
    Ruben R Films 5 years ago +3

    BRILLIANT, whats the music (i'm dying to know) :D

    • Ruben R Films
      Ruben R Films 5 years ago +1

      @Raghav91 Thanks for your support dude, if you have time please comment on one of my videos :D

    • Shutter Authority
      Shutter Authority  5 years ago

      Thank you dude! Music is from The Mummy and Sherlock Holmes :)

  • David W. King
    David W. King 5 years ago +2

    Another poster had a valid point.
    Skeletal dinosaurs might pose more of a threat than fleshy zombisaurs since there are no vitals to shoot.
    It would be like the skeleton that walks into a bar for a drink.
    But I thought this was clever. I laughed at the end, when your protagonist plays fetch with Dino. Well done.

  • Nykk Deetronic
    Nykk Deetronic 5 years ago +1

    You forgot to add sounds to the Dino footsteps. Good work :)

    • Shutter Authority
      Shutter Authority  5 years ago +1

      Haha I know! I figured there were just too many too add. I added footstep sfx only for the last big dino.
      Thank you :) Check out our new films.

  • Nicolas Leblanc
    Nicolas Leblanc 5 years ago +1

    surprising they can move that fast without any muscles.

    KINGICE 5 years ago +1

    Not bad I like it

  • Neon Media
    Neon Media 5 years ago +1

    Hi. i only just found your message in my inbox. This is great stuff!!

  • lillolodi
    lillolodi 5 years ago

    great animation!

  • Shutter Authority
    Shutter Authority  5 years ago +1

    Yeah..it was quite a bit.

  • Abhishek Ramesh
    Abhishek Ramesh 5 years ago

    That's a lot of effort.....

  • Shutter Authority
    Shutter Authority  5 years ago +1

    Thank you!

  • K.P.Retheesh Kumar
    K.P.Retheesh Kumar 5 years ago

    nice ...

  • Shutter Authority
    Shutter Authority  5 years ago +1

    thanks man!

  • hark3s
    hark3s 5 years ago

    I liked this one... great dude!