• Published on Jun 16, 2019
  • SECRET GIRLS ONLY ISLAND | Fortnite Short Film
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    Here we go for another installment of the Fortnite series, leave a thumbs up for more!
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  • Jovani Lopez
    Jovani Lopez 5 days ago

    I like your videos it is so good

  • Tropics Yellow
    Tropics Yellow Month ago

    Infinity war:(Everyone dies because of thanos)
    Fortnite:(Everyone dies because of the Chinese default)

  • Nick and Luke Tube
    Nick and Luke Tube Month ago

    Sentinal is a robot so it has no gender

  • Sub or ill steal your cookies

    Mr Stark.. i dont feel so good...

  • Yosgos_skyLife Tm
    Yosgos_skyLife Tm Month ago

    Damn I haven’t watched this in like a year

  • christine reyna
    christine reyna Month ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaqaaaaqaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa

  • m r
    m r Month ago +1

    I have been here sens mincraft

  • Blue fishy Girl
    Blue fishy Girl Month ago

    John says at The end «IM COMMING ROXY BABY XD»

  • Ja'Aisha Mays
    Ja'Aisha Mays Month ago

    Hey Little Kelly your fortnite short films are great, keep up the good work and my favorite character is peely and raptor cause he's funny!!

  • Kingbropl4 Squad
    Kingbropl4 Squad Month ago

    When I heard her say mom I was like mom?

  • Jorge Mateo-Aguilar

    I love your skin and I love your videos and I like how you love raptor as your dad and that's it bye and have a good girl bomber 🙂🙂🙂

  • XD_ Nick
    XD_ Nick Month ago

    Love u

  • Lynn Hanson
    Lynn Hanson Month ago

    S Little Kelly do you play Fortnite

  • The Transport Spotter

    I’m no guy...

    *Imma NINJA*

  • Aja Henderson
    Aja Henderson Month ago +2

    Sentinel:for the 100 time peels you can't game end people. Peely:I couldn't help it those noobs called me a rotten yellow banana
    Sentiel: "laughs"

    EPIC_ CHAOS Month ago

    Not really a secret girl only it was girl only but they wanted the boys back

  • Lemar Dofash
    Lemar Dofash 2 months ago +1

    Thanos snapped his fingers 🙊

  • Liam Hagler
    Liam Hagler 2 months ago

    Spiderman I don’t feel so good Mr. Stark

  • FNAF Plush Studios
    FNAF Plush Studios 2 months ago +3

    Fortnite (Avengers EndGame) *With Girls Only*

  • FNAF Plush Studios
    FNAF Plush Studios 2 months ago +1

    *”Ms. Rox I don’t Feel So Good”*

  • Zeu.One1
    Zeu.One1 2 months ago


  • murph1526
    murph1526 2 months ago +2

    Lil kelly what ever happened to the shark

  • Cynthia Clemons
    Cynthia Clemons 2 months ago

    Raptor is my favorite character so is drift and you little Kelly help my comment has been read on the next video

    • Cynthia Clemons
      Cynthia Clemons 2 months ago

      🏥 when I'm in the hospital I think about your videos and it makes me happy I love you little Kelly and I love how your videos just make me so happy and it makes my day I'll put 11 or 100 faces and hope you get 10 million subscribers 10 million subscribers on RU-clip and 100 subscribers I love your RU-clip your RU-clip channel and RU-clip brings me back to life when I'm in the hospital or somewhere else that I don't know love you little Kelly love you Raptor love you drift and I hope my comment has been read in the next video love you little Kelly

  • Andrew Persaud
    Andrew Persaud 2 months ago +3

    😂 2:48 “those noobs called me a rotten yellow boomerang” 🤣🤣

    • Liam Hagler
      Liam Hagler 2 months ago

      Andrew Persaud that’s to fare🤣🤣

  • rio plays
    rio plays 2 months ago +2

    Hmmm girl group and john wick says I don't feel so good.
    What does that remind me of
    😕infinity war maybe

  • Noob
    Noob 2 months ago

    Love your voice

    LORHDTV 2 months ago


    LORHDTV 2 months ago

    It’s basically just like thanks when he snapped his fingers

  • Jake Kjar
    Jake Kjar 2 months ago



    • Liam Hagler
      Liam Hagler 2 months ago


  • Christine Zabaneh
    Christine Zabaneh 2 months ago

    Duck you little kelly

  • Ari Symons
    Ari Symons 2 months ago

    The Black Death of Fortnite

  • Kaso Kamaran
    Kaso Kamaran 2 months ago +1

    I love fish guy he so cute

  • Jayden Sweet
    Jayden Sweet 2 months ago

    yes it did

  • GamerD XTB
    GamerD XTB 2 months ago +1

    Wheres calamity and sunstriders asmr voice

  • hisweetiepie10
    hisweetiepie10 2 months ago

    This is so dumb why is dirft your bf

  • Christien Jolliff
    Christien Jolliff 2 months ago +1

    Honestly drift and kelly are the way

  • NinjaReece
    NinjaReece 2 months ago

    5:53 See the big purple car? It’s Thanosboys

  • Mason Stroud
    Mason Stroud 2 months ago


  • christopher mclain
    christopher mclain 2 months ago +1

    Can you make a video where the girls disappear in the boys have to save them

    • Lemar Dofash
      Lemar Dofash 2 months ago

      Boys aint goona save them they gonna dump them and party and be lazy

  • Tiger-Rock
    Tiger-Rock 2 months ago

    Is that a Easter egg I see is venturion making a return

  • cro gotem
    cro gotem 2 months ago

    John Wick:i Don't feel so Good.....
    Spiderman:yo what the fuck

  • Bryan Quinones
    Bryan Quinones 2 months ago

    I'm scared to get with him

  • Drekashi
    Drekashi 2 months ago

    love your vids

  • Nathan Franco
    Nathan Franco 2 months ago

    Thier was another rox

  • I Am His Vessel Jordan
    I Am His Vessel Jordan 2 months ago

    I love little killy videos

  • Joanne Kirman
    Joanne Kirman 2 months ago +1

    I am a girl like if your a girl

  • Fortnite Jeremiah
    Fortnite Jeremiah 2 months ago +1

    lol funny

  • Johan Levi Luces
    Johan Levi Luces 2 months ago

    No Boys Allowed well when I sucker punch you bi- *BEEP*

  • Camilla Abarca
    Camilla Abarca 2 months ago

    12:20 ‘’Rox howed you get there?’’

  • Callam Bradley
    Callam Bradley 2 months ago

    I have a crush on little Kelly skin lol

  • Yani2888
    Yani2888 2 months ago

    Z 1. I woke up
    2. I went to the club
    3. I got a girlfriend

    Read it in the order 231
    Btw pls sub to me it would make my day

  • yeetus cleatus fetus
    yeetus cleatus fetus 2 months ago

    11:04 that emote synced perfectly

  • HurriKaine
    HurriKaine 2 months ago

    So cool

  • UzumakiFather10723
    UzumakiFather10723 2 months ago +1

    Leviathan *types without hands*
    Me:I wish I could do that 😂

  • the mikester
    the mikester 2 months ago +1

    I thought this video was about girl only island in creative mode

  • gacha weird normal girl

    11:02 XD love that part. I love your videos little Kelly.

  • Doaa Samir
    Doaa Samir 2 months ago

    In 12: 26 rox is be side the raptor

  • shadow gamer
    shadow gamer 2 months ago

    Is thanos comming back😰

  • Mark Dunkle
    Mark Dunkle 2 months ago +2

    Chicken[you cant go around gay

  • DragonFlyer325
    DragonFlyer325 2 months ago +1

    *Rox, I don't feel so good*