Promising Young Woman - Official Trailer (Universal Pictures) HD

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • In cinemas soon
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    Director/Writer: Emerald Fennell
    Producers: Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerley, Josey McNamara, Ben Browning, Emerald Fennell, Ashley Fox
    Cast: Carey Mulligan, Laverne Cox, and Bo Burnham along with an ensemble cast that includes Alison Brie, Connie Britton, Jennifer Coolidge, Max Greenfield, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chris Lowell, Sam Richardson, Molly Shannon, and Clancy Brown.
    From visionary director Emerald Fennell (Killing Eve) comes a delicious new take on revenge. Everyone said Cassie (Carey Mulligan) was a promising young woman... until a mysterious event abruptly derailed her future. But nothing in Cassie’s life is what it appears to be: she’s wickedly smart, tantalisingly cunning, and she’s living a secret double life by night. Now, an unexpected encounter is about to give Cassie a chance to right the wrongs of the past in this thrilling and wildly entertaining story.
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Comments • 162

  • Maria Carolina Sobral
    Maria Carolina Sobral 16 days ago

    Super excited to se this movie!

  • Areeba Asad
    Areeba Asad 17 days ago


  • Fancy Tuna
    Fancy Tuna 29 days ago


  • imallout ofgin
    imallout ofgin Month ago +1

    I just got CHILLS this looks AMAZING.

  • Anastacia Louise
    Anastacia Louise Month ago +4

    OH...MY...GOD I have to see this movie!! And the title...promising young man is what they call Brock Turner...I cant! I cannot! 👏👏👏

  • Han Louise
    Han Louise Month ago +1

    Shit. This looks amazing.

  • Riordan Maloney
    Riordan Maloney Month ago +4

    Incels Mad (x24)

  • hana bye
    hana bye Month ago +2

    does anyone know whose cover of Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You, Baby that was?

    • hana bye
      hana bye Month ago

      Kat K thanks!! been scouring the internet looking for it 😅 really looking forward to the movie and the cover release.

    • Kat K
      Kat K Month ago +1

      hana bye I wanted to know to! Its by Donna Missal, and the toxic cover is by archimia. I think the Donna missal cover is just for this movie though since I can find the toxic cover on RU-clip. They might release it when the movie releases which is usually the normal thing they do which sucks because I wanna listen to it right now

  • Leather Pants Guy
    Leather Pants Guy Month ago +1

    SJW pandering trash

  • Harvey Roper
    Harvey Roper Month ago

    So is it about her being mad because she’s reporting rapists with no evidence. Like yeah they’re rapists but you can’t be mad if you can’t prove anything happened, that’s the case with any crime???

    • Sailing Away
      Sailing Away 10 days ago

      @Harvey Roper I distinctly mentioned that not only would men endure a legal process but also their public image and careers were on the line. I meant in no way to downplay anything. If someone is falsely accused of anything with that magnitude, it is downright terrifying. I think that falsely accusing a man of a rape is one of the lowest things a person can do. It is inexcusable and disgusting. I also believe that the film makes the point so bluntly because they have limited time in the trailer and it gets a general point across. It is just as difficult for a woman to put her career on the line to accuse a man of rape. Not only has she been raped but if there isn't enough evidence (many women shower or change clothes, sometimes their clothes have been removed and discarded entirely, after a rape because they feel gross and it removes evidence without them realizing the magnitude of their actions) their case could be dismissed and then they would be harshly judged as "the bitch who lied and nearly ruined a man's life." I understand that this is not the case in most situations but many women have been led to believe that they will not be heard and facing their attackers is incredibly difficult. In court, they have to relive the worst moment in their lives. It is an awful thing for both sides. Both men and women suffer. Also, apologies for the wordiness of this comment but I just didn't have the time to edit it down to make it short and sweet.

    • Harvey Roper
      Harvey Roper 10 days ago

      @Sailing Away They're two entireley separate issues, and it was absolutely presented in way to say that men aren't justfied in being worried about that because women are scared of being raped, when theres a complete false equivalence there.

      Also nice way to downplay what false accusation is like. "A legal process" yeah, a legal process which destroys the accused's life even if they're proven to be innocent

    • Sailing Away
      Sailing Away 11 days ago +1

      @Harvey Roper It doesn't invalidate it at all. Rather it compares the two fears. Men fearing accusations are worried about their careers and their image and the entire legal process they will have to endure to protest those claims. Woman are afraid of men forcing themselves on them. Women are afraid of having their bodies abused as they are brutally violated. In comparison, a legal process doesn't sound as bad as having someone force themselves inside of you and then suffering from anything from PTSD to an inability to be involved in relationships ever again due to the trauma. Both fears are valid, one is just more terrifying than the other.

    • Harvey Roper
      Harvey Roper Month ago +1

      Also fr how does women fearing rape invalidate men’s fear of false accusation?

  • Faisal
    Faisal Month ago +7

    Damn, this looks so good, and the instrumental of TOXIC. Yesss

  • Eddie
    Eddie Month ago +1


  • Gin Marie
    Gin Marie Month ago +31

    I really need to stop playing this over and over and over.

  • Tierney Bennett
    Tierney Bennett Month ago +1

    omg when does this come out??!

  • Graphic Visuals
    Graphic Visuals Month ago +1

    This is disgusting! Literally the opening to this is how men are bad and creeps! Fml

  • Montse Griffith
    Montse Griffith Month ago +2

    Intro song?

  • Lily
    Lily Month ago +3

    Brett Kavanaugh @ 1:49-1:52

  • Lily
    Lily Month ago

    See.. /THIS/ looks in touch with how common i'm always trying to tell people that this is. ....
    I hope this scares the shit out of ambivalent asswipes.

    • Lily
      Lily Month ago

      And people drinking isn't even the only thing that people take advantage of almost as often as they possibly can, but it will always, always, /always/ be true that someone having a drinking problem doesn't mean that they need a(nother) rape problem to boot. .. ever- ever- /EVER/....

  • Louise Miller
    Louise Miller Month ago +1

    Looks great!

  • Laura Grimmer
    Laura Grimmer Month ago


  • PC Jack
    PC Jack Month ago

    0:00 whats the song called in the beginning?

    • PC Jack
      PC Jack Month ago

      Thanks for the original guys but I need the cover that’s in this trailer

    • Claudia
      Claudia Month ago

      Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby, originally by Cigarettes After Sex.

    • monostae
      monostae Month ago

      PC Jack nothing’s gonna hurt you baby by cigarettes after sex

  • bloopers
    bloopers Month ago

    Incredibly well-cut trailer and the movie looks REALLY good

  • Тимотны Курощкаь

    Can these wannabe woke movies stop already? how can this find investors if it usually fails at the damn boxoffice.

  • Fic 04
    Fic 04 Month ago

    Black comedy like killing eve

  • Doctor Fizzz
    Doctor Fizzz Month ago +2

    Why is there so many feminist movies gosh get over it generally guys are better at most things

    • Erin. K
      Erin. K 7 days ago

      Mysikrysa also I’m not a film director or anything and I don’t even really watch that many films, so how am I supposed to know what films have comic relief characters in them or why they don’t? Do ur own research love. xx

    • Erin. K
      Erin. K 7 days ago

      Mysikrysa You already told me ur a woman “BTW I’m a woman” I can read, it’s just a nickname ;) . Also I’m literally agreeing with you, women aren’t being represented equally to men in movies and I don’t think it’s right that they’re treated better I’m just telling you why I think that is.

    • Mysikrysa
      Mysikrysa 7 days ago

      @Erin. K Did you just assume my gender? You assumed wrong. :)
      And you didn´t answer my question, you just continue with what you said like a broken LP.
      Of course women are not treated equally, they are treated much better than men in the movies. There only badass, capable, pretty, smart female heroines, while male characters can be anything from badass and capable to bumbling idiots for comic relief. So I ask you again, where are female equivalents of male bumbling idiots? If you want equality, please, want it also with all the negatives that come with TRUE equality.

    • Erin. K
      Erin. K 7 days ago

      Mysikrysa dude what are you on about? I’m literally saying that men and women aren’t treated equally and that films like this one are trying to go to extremes to try and push the narrative of them being equal and trying to break the mentality of men being better. I’m not saying that they’re doing it in the right way. But like go off I guess.

    • Mysikrysa
      Mysikrysa 7 days ago

      @Erin. K If women were treated equally, there would be plenty of female comic reliefs, female villains who are not sexy and smart but ugly and full of selfdoubts, female characters who fail miserably... Where are they?
      BTW I´m a woman.

  • Amanda Meza
    Amanda Meza Month ago

    Why do they give SO much away in the trailer? The trailer could have eneded at around the 40 second mark and it would have been the perfect teaser to catch my attention enough to pay money to go see this movie.
    I know to much and why sit through 2 hours when I could get the jist of the movie in two minutes?

    • Amanda Meza
      Amanda Meza Month ago

      @RC the trailer simply wasn't a turn on for me. I'll probably just redbox it for $2 dollars 5 months from now than pay 20 dollars at the theaters.

    • RC
      RC Month ago

      They literally gave nothing away. We know she pretends to be drunk that’s it. We don’t know her backstory, what she exactly does to these men and what happens at the end. If you’re so sure the entire movie was given away in 2 minutes please tell us everything that happened and how it ends.

  • Window Paine
    Window Paine Month ago +3

    Is she going with a bit of a half vigilante, half female Joker motif?

  • Cobalt_Blue
    Cobalt_Blue Month ago +1


  • mcitrw
    mcitrw Month ago +4

    The movie I am most looking forward to in 2020.

  • Oh Well
    Oh Well Month ago

    This looks hella good I can’t wait

  • R RR
    R RR Month ago

    Deleting comments huh ? Because I spoke the truth about this crap that all men are rapist lie of a movie . Unsubscribe and neve going to or buying anymore of your movies .

  • marchenoir44
    marchenoir44 Month ago

    Has she always sounded so much like Susan Sarandon?

  • viannese labrusca
    viannese labrusca Month ago +1


  • Krystal Harris
    Krystal Harris Month ago

    First 12s I was so intrested in this movie!

  • Isabelle Silveira
    Isabelle Silveira Month ago +3

    Bo Burnham... didn't know he was an actor thats cool.. that movie looks good already ❤

  • s c
    s c Month ago +1

    Cant wait :))))

  • JOSE K
    JOSE K Month ago

    Whats that song in the background

    • Isidore Sidie
      Isidore Sidie Month ago

      JOSE K the first song is Cigarettes after Sex cover by Donna missal

    • Krystal Harris
      Krystal Harris Month ago +1

      Violin version of Britney Spears is toxic

  • Daraya Vahu
    Daraya Vahu Month ago

    1:18 Bo is soo HOT 🥰

  • Louise X
    Louise X Month ago

    YES! YES! YES!!

  • Al Bundy for President

    Is this another Gillette advert?

  • J M
    J M Month ago +1


  • Komoli Rihyoh
    Komoli Rihyoh Month ago +317

    "It's every guy's worst nightmare getting accused like that."
    "Can you guess what every woman's worst nightmare is?"

    • RC
      RC Month ago +8

      Thesepretzelssuckass 2 literally nobody said it wasn’t just as bad. The difference is that these assholes in the movie actually did have bad intentions.

    • Thesepretzelssuckass 2
      Thesepretzelssuckass 2 Month ago +4

      Agreed, but can we not play this game BOTH ARE BAD it’s not a competition

  • Nurul Shafikaᓚᘏᗢ

    This is looking very interesting. I might watch this

  • yeetus fetus
    yeetus fetus Month ago +235


    • Yolette Battle
      Yolette Battle Month ago +24

      @Crow maybe "Brook Turner" is innocent but BROCK Turner surely isn't.

    • yeetus fetus
      yeetus fetus Month ago +3

      Ok, @Crow

    • Crow
      Crow Month ago

      Brook Turner is innocent

    • LifeofEntropy
      LifeofEntropy Month ago +25

      oh my thats right. I hope that little shit sees this and feels just like the little turd he is

  • Ádám Szabó
    Ádám Szabó Month ago +1

    Read the script. Was great.

    • Naniun.
      Naniun. Month ago +1

      Is Bo Burnham the twist "bad guy"?

  • SORCelement
    SORCelement Month ago

    Son of a bitch, I'm in.

  • Heron Alexandria
    Heron Alexandria Month ago +2

    Studies have shown that the majority of rape accusations are false.

  • Darion Stolp
    Darion Stolp Month ago +1

    Can't trust anyone. Also don't go to the bar, you never know what personality you may get.

  • Daniel Salgado
    Daniel Salgado Month ago +88

    I came here for Bo Burnham, but honestly this movie doesn't look half bad.

  • UnoWild
    UnoWild Month ago +2

    I have no idea what the plot is, thanks?

    • Mysikrysa
      Mysikrysa 7 days ago

      Bi*ch hates men because she had drunk sex and regreted it later and realized it was r*pe. She also thinks she´s some kind of Harley Quinn and she thinks it´s cool for some reason. At least this is what I got from the trailer.

    • RC
      RC Month ago +2

      You’re an actual idiot if you don’t understand what the plot is.

  • pin gu
    pin gu Month ago +25

    this looks absolutely amazing. can't wait

  • I.R.
    I.R. Month ago +3

    Bo Burnham aaaaaahh!

  • Alice P
    Alice P Month ago

    Carey looks so good!!!

  • ale young
    ale young Month ago +3

    love the movie idea! also,... bo burnham!!!!

  • Stefany G
    Stefany G Month ago +2

    yes paybacks paybacks is so funny is so funny to me i was waiting for the right moment and it was the right moment

  • indica baby
    indica baby Month ago +197

    This looks soooo good and love the violin of toxic

  • angelnamedl
    angelnamedl Month ago +102

    1. this looks SO GOOD
    2. is that my boy Bo Burnham? i am intrigued

  • Alan Belmont
    Alan Belmont Month ago +2

    looks so good but where was laverne cox...?

  • Autumn Potato
    Autumn Potato Month ago +114

    Hell yeah this looks awesome! Rapists should suffer

    • Mysikrysa
      Mysikrysa 7 days ago

      @phillinda #1 What if both of them were drunk? Are both of them victims and rapists at the same time?

    • nikeeweston
      nikeeweston Month ago +2

      Autumn Potato they should burn a live....a long with their rape clubs in college football. More women need to do this.

    • RC
      RC Month ago +5

      R RR who said women shouldn’t also be punished for false accusations? Your incel is showing.

    • phillinda #1
      phillinda #1 Month ago +14

      Just gonna say that it counts as rape when the victim's drunk. Even if they give consent, they're not in their right mind because they're intoxicated

    • p rl
      p rl Month ago +4

      @Lincoln Eddy PREACHHHHH

  • hay skerr
    hay skerr Month ago +2

    i come to see what jennifer coolidge play in this movie because she make me laugh hard and i dind't see her shame