• Published on Apr 13, 2018
  • Building my Dream garage in 3 days
    Ultimate Garage Makeover
    Dream Garage Makeover | Joyride Family Does Home Improvement Vlog
    I am SOOOOOO Excited to reveal this dream garage! Loyal Joyriders who follow my Instagram Stories know this project has been in the works for a few weeks. While the Mustang got a makeover, at Laid Not Sprayed Vinyl Workz, I decided to recruit the Joyride family to help me makeover the Mustang’s bedroom/garage. We worked so many late hours. From painting the walls to laying down vinyl tile. We put this garage together from floor to ceiling. The process was so exhausting but totally worth it. Big thanks to everyone for the help! Especially #TEAMLAURA CONSTRUCTION! Laura and Bex helped me put this project together. They helped with the vision and made things happen while I was at work. I hope you enjoyed the fun behind the scenes adventure from each day. Comment below your favorite part.
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Comments • 308

  • JD JoyrideTV
    JD JoyrideTV  Year ago +63

    Overall what do you think of the garage? And would you guys hire Laura and Bex to do your Garage?

  • Rob Lalonde
    Rob Lalonde 15 days ago

    Awesome job on the Garage and I enjoy watching your videos

  • Barry Linkiewich
    Barry Linkiewich 20 days ago

    Bex is a fox and a hell of a hard worker. My first of your videos and probably not the last

  • Coloradokid
    Coloradokid 3 months ago

    I need someone to paint my garage too. Just the walls. My garage has two H-Ds in it so I would like it to have some sort of a theme like that. White walls, some tin H-D signs. Real easy. LOL

  • Mark's Snakepit
    Mark's Snakepit 3 months ago

    Great job! Awesome garage.

  • Anthony Phillips
    Anthony Phillips 4 months ago

    Hello from the Blue Ridge Mountains of swVA!

  • phat56pat
    phat56pat 4 months ago

    shes single?! hey girl heyyyyyyyy

  • Mdu White
    Mdu White 5 months ago

    Hey guy how are you and how tall is your garage in meters to roof and how lorng is you hoist

  • Brian Griffith
    Brian Griffith 5 months ago

    Nice Hooters

  • Roll Tide
    Roll Tide 7 months ago

    I wanna take Bex on a date

  • ThatOneGuy8199
    ThatOneGuy8199 7 months ago

    there's a lot of thirst in these comments, oii

  • John Luna
    John Luna 7 months ago

    Love it

  • (KING) TEX
    (KING) TEX 8 months ago

    When I get a shop I think I'm going to get a dark grey or black with black white and grey floor I saw them in ammo's garage I love the floor it's gorgeous

  • Luke Kezeske
    Luke Kezeske 8 months ago

    Looks great bud

  • Your Daddy
    Your Daddy 8 months ago

    I Just wanted to see some white paint go on her tits 😂😂

  • Redeye Knight
    Redeye Knight 8 months ago

    I have you beat on one point of your garage you only have a tiny mouse I have chipmunks LOL!

  • gol10dr45
    gol10dr45 8 months ago

    Damn, nice garage and women helpers. I can send you a plate that reads "Z20 WHT" .. Z20 what? Making fun of the Z28..

  • O Devious
    O Devious 8 months ago

    That coke machine!

  • Jay
    Jay 8 months ago

    @11:45 😂

  • tony maloney
    tony maloney 8 months ago

    People in Belfast Northern Ireland that are joyriders (car theft) get punishment shootings for being a joyrider 😳

  • original abesha
    original abesha 8 months ago

    Great job! I want to hook up my home garage like yours. Only question is will the city where you live allowed you to put car lift in your house garage? Gave me a good idea. Thanks

  • Gilbert Hernandez
    Gilbert Hernandez 9 months ago

    Came out awesome!

  • Keith Reynolds
    Keith Reynolds 9 months ago

    JD - try the good earth LED garage lights and lose those bulbs. The are brighter so Beck can see better and do and

  • Kevin Turton
    Kevin Turton 11 months ago

    Great job,send Bex over to Aus,I need my Garage doing.

    JIMBOYRULEZ 11 months ago

    super awesome attitude guys. beautifully done garage. loved the video...

  • Code Seven
    Code Seven Year ago

    Sweet garage.

  • Triton 150
    Triton 150 Year ago

    JD hook it up. I need my garage painted. Send Bex over. Haha. Looks great. You and the girls did a great job.

  • Jon Hettrick
    Jon Hettrick Year ago

    Bex is awesome. She did a fantastic job! I like the garage.

  • max million
    max million Year ago

    Great job on the garage....guys and girls. I wished I had a garage now.....!! Hey Bex, I'll lick your boots clean....!!

  • Laszlo de Simon
    Laszlo de Simon Year ago

    The garage looks great!

  • billybike57
    billybike57 Year ago

    Well that's 19:12 minutes of my life I'll never get back!

  • josh hall
    josh hall Year ago +1

    Not just a garage that's a dream garage love it

  • stang 90
    stang 90 Year ago

    Love it good job she could do my garage nex 😀

  • Jeffrey cunningham

    Laura p’s friend Beth is way cool!

  • timstime1970
    timstime1970 Year ago

    Hey Bex,,let's be happy being single together!!! Shhhhhh,,no one needs to know,it will be our little secret...

  • Chad Miller
    Chad Miller Year ago

    Is there a more perfect woman than Bex?

  • Ryu Watanabe
    Ryu Watanabe Year ago

    Wow you guys made this garage to whole another level I love it!! Bex did awesome on signs!! 🎉🍾

  • Anthony Grider
    Anthony Grider Year ago

    Looks awesome, everyone done a good job.

  • Velocity Addiction

    just had to be the 1000 like lol

  • bigmaxcc
    bigmaxcc Year ago

    "I'm the full package am I m still single haha jk I'm v happy been single so that was not a invention gentleman" 😂❤️🔥👏


    Beck's needs to get laid...lol.1000 likes it is...KILL ALL TIRES

  • shane gagne
    shane gagne Year ago

    totally had to pause at 3:36 lmao

  • Austin Dunford
    Austin Dunford Year ago

    It’s lit

  • Austin Dunford
    Austin Dunford Year ago

    Nice John Deere tractor

  • SN95 Brandon
    SN95 Brandon Year ago

    #GarageGoals man. It looks really nice.

  • James Hibbert
    James Hibbert Year ago

    I have my old tag from my 01 Ford Mustang if you’d like to put it on your wall of tags

  • First Coast Coyote

    Came out really good brotha! Where did you get the tile?? I am looking for something like that.

  • Kris Lenning
    Kris Lenning Year ago

    Wow! That came out awesome and I really like the floor and color combo you guys went with!

  • PokeMasterBS
    PokeMasterBS Year ago +1

    Garage turned out great! I dig the red stripe too

  • Not_Another_CarVlog

    @JDjoyrideTV how do you like that Deere 1 series? pretty great tractor right?

  • Not_Another_CarVlog


  • Max Gardner
    Max Gardner Year ago

    Liked just to get to 1000. Lol

  • Luiz Carbajal
    Luiz Carbajal Year ago

    Garage is awesome. Bro what do you do to have all stuff? Respect!

  • daniel cardona
    daniel cardona Year ago

    Send bex to my shop I need some help please :-)

  • James Roberts
    James Roberts Year ago

    @9:55 wait jd was in a porno

    • JD JoyrideTV
      JD JoyrideTV  Year ago

      James Roberts haha it was a movie not a porn 🤔

  • Ray Thornton
    Ray Thornton Year ago

    Did a great job ..

  • Rick Trent
    Rick Trent Year ago

    Awesome job looking good 👍

  • Thatslow2v
    Thatslow2v Year ago +2

    Bex I need my bed fixed can you help?

  • Thatslow2v
    Thatslow2v Year ago

    I love that one girl that was helping 😍

  • superman0tohero
    superman0tohero Year ago

    Looks Fantastic!!!

  • Semmi Lowz
    Semmi Lowz Year ago

    She did an awesome job. wish my looked that good

  • Muscle Car in Community

    Awesome work ♡

  • shane russell
    shane russell Year ago

    I am going to nuild a garage for bex to come do but can she cook to how is she single she seems like a nice pretty woman maybe she's just to freaky for the average joe like 50 shades freaky lmfao

  • Zane Razeqi
    Zane Razeqi Year ago

    3:35 thank me later

  • Mpho Chabalala
    Mpho Chabalala Year ago

    Your garage turned out great JD🖒🖒

  • Jerry Nosowsky
    Jerry Nosowsky Year ago

    Looks freaking awesome!!! Great job man.

  • Matt Sanocki
    Matt Sanocki Year ago

    Jd your garage looks sick. But just out of curiosity where do you work??

    • JD JoyrideTV
      JD JoyrideTV  Year ago +1

      Matt Sanocki VA Water, I’ve mentioned it in my Q&A video in the past.

  • x zekoh x
    x zekoh x Year ago

    great man!! looks awesome :) song at 11:05?

  • randy roti
    randy roti Year ago

    JD....what do you do for work?

  • randy roti
    randy roti Year ago

    Garage looks great...but you need to ditch that coke machine....and get a PEPSI machine....

    • JD JoyrideTV
      JD JoyrideTV  Year ago

      randy roti let me guess you work for Pepsi?

  • Cody Vance
    Cody Vance Year ago


  • Chris Zawacki
    Chris Zawacki Year ago

    That looks awesome man! My garage could use some piant hahaha Come on over Becks!

    • Chris Zawacki
      Chris Zawacki Year ago

      hell if you guys are bored, youre welcome to swing by. im working on the Machinator putting the rst in

    • Chris Zawacki
      Chris Zawacki Year ago

      JD JoyrideTV hahaha

    • JD JoyrideTV
      JD JoyrideTV  Year ago

      Chris Zawacki I’ll send her over

  • Pyro4 life
    Pyro4 life Year ago

    Looks great very nice job. Only thing I think in time you might be sorry about is the area of the floor that you painted, I understand that is the tractor and walking path but that paint will most likely wear out very fast.

    • JD JoyrideTV
      JD JoyrideTV  Year ago

      Pyro4 life yeah I’ve already noticed a few spots that didn’t take very well

  • Oscar Duran
    Oscar Duran Year ago

    All you need now is a batman logoin there

  • EAGLE 1
    EAGLE 1 Year ago


  • Charles Degener
    Charles Degener Year ago

    How does Laura feel about that? LOL!

  • Anthony Biggs
    Anthony Biggs Year ago

    Looking pretty awesome. This is such an underrated channel. I'm glad you include your family in it, make the channel more personable and relatable.

  • pony-freak LEJ
    pony-freak LEJ Year ago

    Great job! The Garage looks awesome.I would move in directly

  • high class line trash

    Looks awesome good job girls

  • Charles Degener
    Charles Degener Year ago

    I’m beginning to think that Bex Is there more than visiting lol

    • JD JoyrideTV
      JD JoyrideTV  Year ago

      Charles Degener she’s part of the family now

  • Austin Oakley
    Austin Oakley Year ago

    Killing it as usual such a happy family!

  • Jwheels W
    Jwheels W Year ago

    Very late, what a difference. Vid great as always

  • Robert Kohut
    Robert Kohut Year ago

    Need some shots of the car in it, going to look awesome!!!

  • Robert Kohut
    Robert Kohut Year ago

    Wow, nice!! A great family and friend effort. Great video!!

  • Rob Waters
    Rob Waters Year ago

    JD, Your garage looks good !!!! Man , you always do awesome videos . I have a Coke cooler in my basement for my beer , and you should put drinks in your Coke machine.

  • Rusty Brown Photography

    Very nice! Lookin good, guys!

  • edward condran
    edward condran Year ago

    JD, I dont have a garage but Laura and Bex can still come over. lol Garage looks awesome bro, great team work.

  • Hig Ham
    Hig Ham Year ago

    You need to insulate your Panel doors, otherwise killer job.

  • Christopher Hendley

    Now I guess I got to buy a garage and a car to get one up on you

  • Eric Weinbender
    Eric Weinbender Year ago

    Good work y'all.

    ALDAMONEY Year ago

    Poor Laura is way to innocent for the group poor girl

  • ShockerRacing - Mojito Jeep

    Garage looks great guys! Bex and Laura did good! Now I gotta get you a ShockerRacing Banner!

  • Jason S
    Jason S Year ago

    Always love watching you vids it was really cool when you were at work and the girls and kids at Lowe's driving the Gm Jimmy Johnson Nascar . By the way that is an awesome looking Garage now love the colours . Peace out

  • coda chrome
    coda chrome Year ago

    Beautiful job to the whole crew!

  • uhhlexxxis
    uhhlexxxis Year ago +1

    This reminded me so much of when my dad and I did a complete make over of my garage. From studs, electrical, to drywall, texture, painting, lighting, epoxy floors, etc.
    Well done. We spend a ton of time in our garage as a family.

  • Brian  Welliver
    Brian Welliver Year ago

    Think you ladies and gents done a fabulous job on the garage!!!

  • Dylan Cook
    Dylan Cook Year ago

    Anyone know this outro song?

  • Trauge W. May II PoorBoy Racing and Fabrication Co.

    L&B interior concepts.

  • Edwin Ayala
    Edwin Ayala Year ago

    Makes me wanna have my own now. It looks clean bro !!

    CRFHONDARIDER100 Year ago

    Looks great nice work from the team Laura crew