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The moment Ukraine rights group finds out it has won the Nobel peace prize

  • Published on Oct 6, 2022
  • The Center for Civil Liberties was informed that it was one of the recipients of the 2022 Nobel Prize during a phone call with Olav Njølstad of the Norwegian Nobel committee on Friday, minutes before the public announcement of the award.
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    The executive director of Ukraine's Center for Civil Liberties, Oleksandra Romantsova, said winning the award was incredible. Jailed Belarusian activist Ales Bialiatski and Russian rights group Memorial were also awarded the Nobel peace prize.
    Nobel peace prize given to human rights activists in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine ► www.theguardian.com/world/202...
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Comments • 257

  • Guardian News
    Guardian News  Month ago +14

    Nobel peace prize given to human rights activists in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine ► www.theguardian.com/world/2022/oct/07/nobel-peace-prize-given-to-human-rights-activists-in-belarus-russia-and-ukraine

    • ZigZag
      ZigZag Month ago

      Juliane Assange was nominated for supporting role or something?

    • Deltafilm
      Deltafilm Month ago

      @Robert Young "no humans" there :(

    • Robert Young
      Robert Young Month ago +2

      But not to any Palestinian human rights activists, the HYPOCRISY goes on.

    • DIY challenge
      DIY challenge Month ago +4

      😂 zelensky calling for use of tactical nukes is the classification for a Nobel peace prize now 🤦‍♂️

    • Journey Into Coco
      Journey Into Coco Month ago

      The Nobel Peace Prize os worthless. They gave one to Obama, ffs, and he ordered drone strikes that killed hundreds of civilians.

  • Taqi Yasir
    Taqi Yasir Month ago +17

    Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦 ❤️

  • TokiBear
    TokiBear Month ago +4

    Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦 from your friends in the strongest nation in the world 🇺🇸.

  • David G
    David G Month ago +2

    Fantastic news congrats to all involved

  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Month ago +2

    A-PRECIOUS-MEN !!!!🙏🌍🇺🇦🌎🙏💗🙏🦅

  • Amanda Donaghey
    Amanda Donaghey Month ago +5

    Great news for great work 💛💙💛💙💛💙

  • dio rocks
    dio rocks Month ago +23

    wow and they are so brave and honourable so well done

    • dio rocks
      dio rocks Month ago +2

      @Blue Fox yup, i have done my bit Iraq and the Falklands now its time for the younger generation as my time has past

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox Month ago

      I like your comfy bed.

  • facts_matter
    facts_matter Month ago +11

    "The Center for Civil Liberties was informed that it was one of the recipients of the 2022 Nobel Prize" "Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, the group has worked to document Russian war crimes against Ukrainian civilians. 'The center is playing a pioneering role with a view to holding the guilty parties accountable for their crimes.'"

    • John Pembroke
      John Pembroke 25 days ago

      Facts matter? Then talk about the facts that led to the invasion. Change your screen name bud.

    • Robyn Shiels
      Robyn Shiels Month ago +3

      Very important work. They deserve it.

    • Robert Young
      Robert Young Month ago

      fact,.. is that the same group hold BLAIR AND BUSH guilty for war crimes, again more western hypocrisy.

  • Я Виживу з Перемогою Реального Життя

    Thank you very much for the prize! But if that a kind of boderline cynical like hypocritical joke to deliver the news to someone with the typically russian name like Romanstova?

  • AvniStar
    AvniStar Month ago +7

    There are so many wars outside Russia or Ukraine. Why all of sudden is Ukraine always getting pity from everyone else. What about the Palestinians, Syrians, Africans, Afghani, Iranians etc...

    • Robyn Shiels
      Robyn Shiels Month ago +5

      Why? Has a group responded in a way that is as constructive and innovative way? The award is for their response to the invasion- a contribution. Not due to sympathy regarding the war.

  • Evansnaturechannel
    Evansnaturechannel Month ago +13

    That's gonna sort the world out.

  • Callsign Frosty
    Callsign Frosty Month ago +6

    I never could have guessed this

  • UnBearified Bear
    UnBearified Bear Month ago +3


  • GC
    GC Month ago +1

    Tragic Obama found out, by RU-clip,.... he had lost again....😭😱

  • Pete C
    Pete C Month ago +63

    After they gave obama one, on the first day of office as president, for doing nothing, I knew the NPP was useless

    • Manakin Skywalker
      Manakin Skywalker Month ago

      Barry Soetoro

    • Amnesia
      Amnesia Month ago

      obama did the most drone strikes in middle eastern countries, obama did the highest number of military strikes on different countries than any other president...so why wouldnt he get a PEACE prize

    • beingsshepherd
      beingsshepherd Month ago +5

      _'When Kissinger won the Nobel peace prize, satire died'_ ~ Tom Lehrer

    • Pamela Jessup
      Pamela Jessup Month ago

      Kissinger got one for bombing south east Asia for a decade.
      "Rendering all subsequent political satire obsolete" was the phrase.

    • Chad Nobark
      Chad Nobark Month ago +20

      But obama made slavery great again in libya. Thats human rights or something idk. Slavery rights i guess.

  • Pride of Durham
    Pride of Durham Month ago +68

    Song contest winners and now Peace Prize.What next....The World Cup Winners? The Ashes?

    • Manakin Skywalker
      Manakin Skywalker Month ago

      @Blue Fox 😂😂😂

    • Paul B
      Paul B Month ago


    • Lily Oyibo
      Lily Oyibo Month ago +1

      @It’s me! is that your Brain?? No its fine its too small and you obviously need it more than me

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox Month ago +1

      @1salahudin I took your bread.

    • 1salahudin
      1salahudin Month ago


  • Pub Comrad
    Pub Comrad Month ago +135

    If I were a judge, I'd give another Nobel Peace Prize to Dr Adrian Zenz
    for documenting on Uyghurs genocide by the Chinese🇨🇳 regime in Xinjiang.

    • Dougal Tolan
      Dougal Tolan Month ago

      @ziggurat-builder zenz is a lying cia shill

    • Richard Brodie
      Richard Brodie Month ago

      The Nobel prize rules don't allow more than a three way split.

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox Month ago

      @Stephen Bermingham I ate your sandwiches.

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox Month ago

      @OS Blog I took your house keys.

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox Month ago

      I drank the milk in your fridge.

  • RozzieMac
    RozzieMac Month ago +19

    Coming to the realisation that Eurovision and the Noble Peace Prize actually have some value and aren't just a tool in politics. Nah only joking

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox Month ago

      I took your teabags mate.

  • GHAS
    GHAS Month ago +1

    The “prize” is a joke.

  • Ella Shakur
    Ella Shakur Month ago +13

    Wow you ever got honored globally because your emotion was too much

    • John Apple
      John Apple Month ago +1

      Emotions are so scary and very bad 😦

  • Robert Young
    Robert Young Month ago +1

    Have they ever gave this prize to the Palestinians, just more western hypocrisy.

  • Ciaran Mcilkenny
    Ciaran Mcilkenny Month ago +1

    The irony

  • gmwizz
    gmwizz Month ago +15

    Have you ever heard an Afghan or Iraqi or any other country bombed and invaded by the west ever receive a peace prize for trying to survive ?? Amazing and ironic

    • A S
      A S Month ago

      Exactly. So true. They only give it to killers like Obama.

    • subraxas
      subraxas Month ago

      Yes, we have actually heard of such people, you under-educated little kid.

    • McLaren F1 GTR
      McLaren F1 GTR Month ago +1

      Yes, let the rage flow.

  • Paul Clive
    Paul Clive Month ago +6

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 okay dokey

  • Paul Carabine
    Paul Carabine Month ago +8

    What a load of bs

  • Joseph King
    Joseph King Month ago +27

    Your be able to buy one on Ebay soon enough no doubt.

  • beingsshepherd
    beingsshepherd Month ago +21

    Joining luminaries Henry Kissinger and Barack Obomber 🙄
    What a farce.

    • beingsshepherd
      beingsshepherd Month ago

      @BucketzMaybe you should summarise what you believe's worth me knowing about it.

    • Elsa03
      Elsa03 Month ago

      @Deltafilm how much Putin is paying you to spread lies? Have you heart of Putin's green men in Donbas since 2014?

    • Bucketz
      Bucketz Month ago

      Maybe you should go to this womans lecture so you can understand the importance of the prize

    • Robert Young
      Robert Young Month ago +1

      @Deltafilm you're right, it shows how hypothetical these people are, it's a joke.

    • Deltafilm
      Deltafilm Month ago +5

      what did this activist do for 8 years when the Ukrainian army bombarded the southeast of Ukraine??? has anyone heard anything from this activist??

  • The School of Wisdom
    The School of Wisdom Month ago +2

    Beautiful, eternal moment right there.

  • John Seabrook
    John Seabrook Month ago +11

    Eurovision Song Contest, Nobel prize, what next?

    • beingsshepherd
      beingsshepherd Month ago

      Seems every Western institution is now orientated toward furthering Washington's chief imperial objectives.

    • hmspliff
      hmspliff Month ago +3

      The Ukrainian candidate will win Miss Universe and President Z'sky will win an Oscar at the next Academy awards.

    • Bookie
      Bookie Month ago

      Beating Putin's illegal occupation of Ukrainian sovereign territory.

    • beingsshepherd
      beingsshepherd Month ago +2

      The Vatican, Google, The Simpsons ...

  • Jon Dickson
    Jon Dickson Month ago +5

    If Obama can get one then it’s no big deal!

  • Scouse House & Bounce Classics

    Joke of a prize nowadays! Ever since Obama

  • Andrew Rice
    Andrew Rice Month ago +24

    Didn't he say for NATO to pre emptive strike with nuclear bombs yesterday?

  • Marie Wolton
    Marie Wolton Month ago +9

    Well done!

  • Ferdinand 🏳️‍🌈⃠

    Allright, ao now the Nobel prize completely lost it's meaning.

  • Dean Thorpe
    Dean Thorpe Month ago +20

    Haha what an absolute farce.

  • John Pembroke
    John Pembroke 25 days ago

    💩 🥇

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee Month ago +19

    Nobel prize is for criminals 🤣

    • Aage
      Aage Month ago

      like you and your beloved pootin

    • 1salahudin
      1salahudin Month ago +2


  • Ella Shakur
    Ella Shakur Month ago +1


  • Super Balaur
    Super Balaur Month ago +44

    Empire of Lies!

    • Aage
      Aage Month ago +1

      You are in command of all liars.

  • Stringfellow 1983
    Stringfellow 1983 Month ago +10

    And they've done exactly what regarding "peace"?

    • Amnesia
      Amnesia Month ago

      they kept the war going
      they kept arming Ukraine with NATO weapons to fight Russia
      they shelled the ethnic Russians in the Donbas region
      they refused peace talks
      they launch butterfly mines in civilian areas which they lose control of to mutilate civilians
      they launch rocket attacks from schools and hospitals so when the Russians fire back, its school kids and patients who die in return.
      isnt all this worthy of a peace prize ?

    • beingsshepherd
      beingsshepherd Month ago

      _One man's freedom fighter ..._

    • McLaren F1 GTR
      McLaren F1 GTR Month ago +2

      It is not actually about peace, but fighting for "freedom"....or the civil liberties that run in the West.

  • Jack Spring
    Jack Spring Month ago +6

    Wow! :D - That's right up there with the moment we all found out Iraq never had Double U Em dees.

  • Fraser Kennedy
    Fraser Kennedy Month ago +3

    Comments section brought to you by cyka blyat enterprises

  • mark riding
    mark riding Month ago +20

    Right up there with Time man of the year 1938 🙄🤣🤣🤣

  • Abu Musa Md Tareq
    Abu Musa Md Tareq Month ago +7

    হা হা হা....😂lol



  • Hz Hz
    Hz Hz Month ago +26

    What a surprise.

  • Scorpa
    Scorpa Month ago +2

    War is peace, folks.

  • Dai Davies
    Dai Davies Month ago +22


    • subraxas
      subraxas Month ago

      Given the subject matter itself, this particular prize has always had a political nature BY DEFAULT, and therefore it has always been controversial for exactly this reason.
      And you, little under-educated kid, should first go and do a little bit of research before you proceed to spew out infantile nonsenses.

    • White Ink
      White Ink Month ago +3

      It has always been political.

  • Hung Duong
    Hung Duong Month ago +19

    Nobel peace prize still a thing ? Do they have Nobel war prize 🤡 ?

    • beingsshepherd
      beingsshepherd Month ago

      @Jötunn That's what I'd ask the _Call of Duty_ coders.

    • Aage
      Aage Month ago

      @Jötunn because of people like you

    • Iain Campbell
      Iain Campbell Month ago

      @Jötunn The US and Ukraine celebrate and rejoice in war.

    • Jötunn
      Jötunn Month ago +1

      Why should war be celebrated?

    • Hung Duong
      Hung Duong Month ago +1

      @Yvonne Plant thks 😘

  • Paul B
    Paul B Month ago +2

    Going to win Eurovision next.

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox Month ago

      I drank the milk in your fridge buddy.

  • Abir Hossain
    Abir Hossain Month ago +22

    So even the Nobel prize are now only mere political show 😂

  • MartinJG100
    MartinJG100 Month ago +15

    How embarrassing.

  • Kozan Yilmaz
    Kozan Yilmaz Month ago +11

    Now they join other famous peacemakers such as Henry Kissinger, Barack Obama, Shimon Peres, the EU etc

    • White Ink
      White Ink Month ago

      Not sure the EU belongs on that list.

  • Joy Simpson
    Joy Simpson Month ago +10

    Oh my I wonder why Trump didn’t get his …

    • Aage
      Aage Month ago +1

      Because he invaded the Capitol as Pootin invaded Ukraine.

    • Louise Mason
      Louise Mason Month ago +1

      He probably turned it down when he was told he couldn't sell it. On the other hand, expecting him to claim he actually won it, but the FBI rigged the vote.................

  • Rotten Politics
    Rotten Politics Month ago +26

    hahaha you couldnt make this up

  • Leng Wei
    Leng Wei Month ago +22

    This Nobel is a jokes, everyone gets one for nothing 😅😂

    • Leng Wei
      Leng Wei Month ago +1

      @subraxas they'll give Ukraine the world cup nxt 😅

    • Leng Wei
      Leng Wei Month ago +1

      @Michael McGinn hard to read sarcasm over txt but I get you 😌

    • Stringfellow 1983
      Stringfellow 1983 Month ago +1

      @subraxas You talk a lot but say very little, obviously you like the sound of your own voice so why don't you explain what they have actual done to deserve the award.

    • subraxas
      subraxas Month ago +2

      @Stringfellow 1983 OK! So, you Anointed One, please humour us all with your vast knowledge of how this particular organization did not deserve to win the Prize. I am truly curious about all the intricate nuances of your comprehensive arguments and examples of empirical evidence.

    • Stringfellow 1983
      Stringfellow 1983 Month ago +2

      @Michael McGinn When negotiating actual peace treaties between historic enemies (like, I don't know, Israel and the ME) gets you nothing, it's pretty obvious what the significance is. Political.

  • Я Виживу з Перемогою Реального Життя

    I believe Britain is so happy to appropriate exactly Ukrainian Eurovision 2022 Victory to itself. So British as I see!

  • Redshanks Bolshevik empire

    Even noble peace prize is corrupted

  • Agne
    Agne Month ago +2

    The man seemed so rude like rushing to tell it omg disgusting

  • Nah mate
    Nah mate Month ago +10

    You mean the political price right?

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox Month ago

      @subraxas I drank the milk in your fridge buddy.

    • subraxas
      subraxas Month ago

      Given the subject matter itself, this particular prize has always had a political nature BY DEFAULT (either use logic or at least do some research), and therefore it has always been controversial for exactly this reason.
      Down the toilet with your would-be "edgy" comment, KID!

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox Month ago +1

      I saw your furry suit buddy.

  • Valiant Gold
    Valiant Gold Month ago +8

    was this not the same price that went to Gadavi and Samdam Hussein

    • Aage
      Aage Month ago +1

      No this is the same one that went to you

  • giovanni OSTASZ
    giovanni OSTASZ Month ago +13

    Why would we even care about this it’s all about politics

    • beingsshepherd
      beingsshepherd Month ago

      Because this affront to justice and intellectual honesty hasn't fallen far enough into a thoroughly-deserved disrepute.

    • Pamela Jessup
      Pamela Jessup Month ago +3

      Yup, this is about as legit as Ukraine winning the Eurovision. And about as consequential too.

  • bamboo zooka
    bamboo zooka Month ago +16

    so did barak droneboma

  • VM
    VM Month ago +28

    Assange any one ?

    • A Hans
      A Hans Month ago

      @philpott kentucky He's exposed the true criminals that are causing instability in the world. i.e. AMERICA!
      Now the world needs to do something about it!

    • Vlad imir
      Vlad imir Month ago

      @philpott kentucky exposed major world criminal

    • philpott kentucky
      philpott kentucky Month ago

      what has he done for world peace? LOL

    • Pat M
      Pat M Month ago

      Obomber. The 20 year-long Princeton University research in 2014 revealed/confirmed the US is not a democracy or a republic. Its system is corporate-controlled and it serves the corporations not the people. JFK was the last US president to oppose the military/industrial complex and he paid the ultimate price. The US hawks wanted JFK to nuke the USSR. Opting for peaceful coexistence with the USSR and Cuba, and ordering the withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam got JFK killed by the military-industrial complex which controls the US. LBJ reversed the order, four days after the assassination.

    • Pat M
      Pat M Month ago

      Brave truth-teller Assange punished for exposing war crimes. Lying war criminal Blair rewarded. VIP paedophiles protected by the Establishment. Welcome to so-called 'justice' UK style! When telling the truth gets you jailed, you are obviously being ruled by expert liars.

  • CK 88
    CK 88 Month ago +14

    Award is so politicised now it’s meaningless.

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox Month ago

      @L13 I like your house.

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox Month ago

      @McLaren F1 GTR I drank the milk in your fridge.

    • L13
      L13 Month ago +2

      How do you separate peace from politics when most of the problems that threaten peace are because of politics?

    • McLaren F1 GTR
      McLaren F1 GTR Month ago +1

      I know right? Ukraine, Bielorussia and Russia... what are the odds?

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox Month ago

      I took your bike.

  • Kristian Jovanovic
    Kristian Jovanovic Month ago +13

    This prize lost its meaning a while ago. Everything is politicized. Disgusting to say the least...

    • Kristian Jovanovic
      Kristian Jovanovic Month ago +1

      @White Ink What did they do to achieve it? It's not medal of honor, it's a Nobel PEACE prize? So what did they do to achieve peace?! They could also give it to Talibans then.

    • White Ink
      White Ink Month ago

      What is disgusting about the organisations that were awarded it this year? Be specific.

  • DIY challenge
    DIY challenge Month ago +54

    Zelensky deserves an Oscar for his acting, for his warmongering and fleecing of British and US taxpayers

    • The Cutest Club!
      The Cutest Club! Month ago

      @Dytzy Lydia Name checks out.

    • Jason Davis
      Jason Davis Month ago

      @David Faraday nice simple world you live in there. I take it its ok when France, US and UK invade other countries. Just Russia bad isnt it.

    • Dave Oc
      Dave Oc Month ago

      @Me h irony

    • Me h
      Me h Month ago

      How have you got time to be typing when you're so brave to be fighting on the frontline?

    • Dave Oc
      Dave Oc Month ago +2

      @Dytzy Lydia

  • Alexsandr Kerensky
    Alexsandr Kerensky Month ago +6


  • Big Ears
    Big Ears Month ago +24

    Utterly ridiculous

  • Jason Davis
    Jason Davis Month ago +9

    Im at a loss of words. If only we had a media outlet with some real journalists to expose this madness.

  • Jack Burgess
    Jack Burgess Month ago +10


    • beingsshepherd
      beingsshepherd Month ago +1

      oO(This the ad hominem thread?)

    • Aage
      Aage Month ago

      @subraxas OH wise one, I was replying to your public entry. I don't care less to whom you wrote it to.
      Your lecture is so illuminating I am asking how we could do without you. You are a genius. You must have used RU-clip so many times, we are nothing in comparison to you. We are so grateful to your majesty for the lecture. Now we know that OP means original post and we will never forget it thanks to you.
      OH wise one you have been so generous to share your profound knowledge with us. Thank you so much, you "genius". This message is meant for subraxas, the malakas only. Thank you for your attention.

    • subraxas
      subraxas Month ago

      @Aage I was replying to the OP, you "genius".
      If I was replying to yourself, then there would appear "@Aage" at the beginning of the added comment which obviously was not the case. Are you on the RU-clip for the first time?
      EDIT: And by the way, "OP" stands for "original post" in this instance.

    • Aage
      Aage Month ago

      @subraxas YOU have and you don't remember. Your lost more than your memory.

    • subraxas
      subraxas Month ago +1

      Have you skipped your daily dosage?

  • Я Виживу з Перемогою Реального Життя

    I would agree all that typically russian desire of appropriation of someone`s achievements and qualities like even history with identity is so close to many of Europeans like that one. Despite that is just so miserable

  • Kevin B
    Kevin B Month ago +8

    all political.

    • Kevin B
      Kevin B Month ago +1

      @subraxas Why quote 'genius'? I never claimed to be one, genius. Furthermore, I never made any claim as to the historicity of it's political nature. Feel free to bow your head in abject shame.

    • subraxas
      subraxas Month ago

      😀😀😀 Hey, "genius", you must've overslept like a whole century:
      (Quoting) "Due to its political nature, the Nobel Peace Prize has, for most of its history, been the subject of numerous controversies."

  • Mark Reynolds
    Mark Reynolds Month ago +15

    Perhaps Hunter Biden can get one next year eh?

    • White Ink
      White Ink Month ago

      American right wing brainrot is endlessly funny. A Swedish prize is awarded to Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians, and you start crying about Hunter Biden.

  • Dai Davies
    Dai Davies Month ago +5

    I Really hope the Russians win back Ukraine after this FAST…

    • Aage
      Aage Month ago

      Criminal mind

  • Jay Walker
    Jay Walker Month ago +6

    SLAVA UKRAINI 🇺🇦 🇵🇸 😊

  • Dytzy Lydia
    Dytzy Lydia Month ago +7

    A Joyous moment, in a sea of tragedy for Ukraine. Slava Ukraine !

  • Josh Dean
    Josh Dean Month ago

    Russia ftw

    • minimalface
      minimalface Month ago

      @White Ink One country is destroyed the other is not

    • White Ink
      White Ink Month ago

      How's that working out?

  • Kristian Jovanovic
    Kristian Jovanovic Month ago +20

    They should've given it to Elon Musk. He's the only one so far who at least tried to propose to both sides to agree upon something in order to achieve peace. It probably needs some polishing, but it's a start 🤓

    • Think Media Deeper
      Think Media Deeper Month ago +1

      Since when just cowardness is about likely "peace making"?🤬

    • David Faraday
      David Faraday Month ago

      @Jason Davis There was never an agreement for Russia to annex 20% of Ukraine!

    • Jason Davis
      Jason Davis Month ago +1

      Musk was pretty much repeating an agreement thats already in place (minsk agreement). Only the west never stood by it which ultimately led to this conflict. Interestingly the Western media has kept VERY quite on this agreement.

    • Bookie
      Bookie Month ago +8

      What? Musk thinks that because Russia invaded Ukrainian territory Ukraine should sue for peace by offering Russia some of the land that Russia has stolen. That's a pretty disgusting peace deal IMO. What it does is reward Russia fir it's aggression. Russia should immediately leave all Ukrainian territory (as per the birders before the illegal invasion of Crimea) and pay Ukraine substantial damages. That's a fair deal.

    • David Faraday
      David Faraday Month ago +1

      Musk is far from the only one to propose that. The problem is that neither side are willing to compromise.

  • Mister NovelBro
    Mister NovelBro Month ago +3

    Giving those out like chocolates these days though

    • beingsshepherd
      beingsshepherd Month ago

      Malala Yusafzai; went on a Taliban-bashing world tour, whilst they were being drone-killed round the clock.

  • Helen White
    Helen White Month ago +1

    I think the US navy seal demolition team who blew up the pipeline should have won this prize.