Top 10 Celebrities who are TOTAL WEIRDOS

  • Published on Mar 5, 2017
    Sometimes weird is the new cool, but that’s not always the case with this list of the strangest celebrities! Weird, eccentric, or sometimes borderline crazy, these celebrities like Shia LaBeouf and Lady Gaga may express themselves through strange art forms. Or, like Dennis Rodman or Marilyn Manson, they may just have a strange look to them. Regardless, these weird celebrities have it all: entertainment, controversy, and humour!
    00:39 #10. Criss Angel
    01:21 #9. Lady Gaga
    02:04 #8. James Franco
    02:49 #7. Shia LaBeouf
    03:36 #6. Kanye West
    04:36 #5. Miley Cyrus
    05:25 #4. Dennis Rodman
    06:03 #3, #2. & #1. ????
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Comments • 4 619

  •  2 years ago +73

    Check out these weirdos at work:
    Criss Angel Mindfreak: Season 6 [DVD]
    Hover With Us
    The Osbournes: Season 1 (Uncensored)

    • Maya A
      Maya A 19 days ago thanks for the desensitization and endoctrination of society with your stupid vids. I bet all the money you're making is worth having a dummed down and Godless society.

    • Sable Day
      Sable Day Month ago

      Manson is NOT a satanist. Do y'all fact check this or y'all just talk?

    • Charmaine Balzan
      Charmaine Balzan 2 months ago discrediting Jesus

    • Nick Gabis
      Nick Gabis 4 months ago

      Do a top 10 weirdest Celebs of all time

    • Tammy
      Tammy 6 months ago

      Well apparently you guys don't know what deathmetal is

  • Matthew Schnekenburger

    Do you know the difference between “weird” and posing? Most of what’s called “weird behaviour” here is actually just calculated acts designed precisely to attract attention (I.e. lists like this).
    It’s manipulation.

  • James Name
    James Name 10 hours ago

    She called Kanye west a musician.... my god

  • Ioannis Pavlou
    Ioannis Pavlou 20 hours ago

    Marilyn Manson is not Death Metal.

  • Arthur Sims
    Arthur Sims 2 days ago

    What about melanie marteniez

  • Charas Yandere
    Charas Yandere 2 days ago

    I expected Melanie Martinez on here until I saw #10......

    GRIM LOCK 2 days ago

    Not weirdos just people who march to the beat of their own drum.

  • Landon Pinnix is boss!

    Where’s sia

  • The Metal Onslaught
    The Metal Onslaught 2 days ago +1

    Haha you said Marilyn Manson as Death Metal. You guys have no idea what that genre is 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • David Scott
    David Scott 3 days ago

    Russell Brand is just a moron.

  • David Scott
    David Scott 3 days ago

    Kanye West is not a musician. He is a totally talentless buffoon who managed to get famous from releasing unlistenable crap & acting like a complete jackass

  • Anna Petropoulou
    Anna Petropoulou 4 days ago

    I have seen plenty of Marilyn Manson no makeup pictures

  • Chuka Thompson approves!!

    What about Buckethead? He asked for a chicken coup in the studio, and he got it.

  • Mikey_Suze Four
    Mikey_Suze Four 4 days ago +1

    Oh wow look it's the top 10 list of Illuminati weirdos!

  • Joshua Mercado
    Joshua Mercado 5 days ago +1

    They forgot Andre 3000

  • Some random Aussie girl


  • Cole Dole
    Cole Dole 7 days ago +1

    Where did Criss Angel go? Ozzy's brain is fried rat meat! Depp the douchebag flop! Kanye no comment, don't know his music? Labeouf is cool!

  • Jef Sat
    Jef Sat 7 days ago +1

    If Marilyn Manson is Death Metal, I'M Quorthon.

  • the_great _nerd_queen
    the_great _nerd_queen 7 days ago +1

    Wow and i thought i was weird😓

  • Joshua Reiss
    Joshua Reiss 8 days ago

    Miley only acts like an idiot because that's the only way she we will get media attention.

  • Deuce Brikkinsson
    Deuce Brikkinsson 9 days ago

    Three are many.. But it's not a bad thing! It shows character, and most of the time 'weirdos' have a superior intellect and creative capacity.. Which isn't as common as it's hyped.

  • Wicked Rebel13
    Wicked Rebel13 10 days ago

    Did you really just call MM death metal? You are fake news.

  • Flossey Morphett
    Flossey Morphett 10 days ago

    Kanye isn’t weird. He’s just a dickhead.

  • ddcs0s
    ddcs0s 11 days ago

    I'd love to see what would happen if we put all these people in one room for a couple of hours with only what they could carry a trash bad
    I don't know if anything really bad would happen but it'd definitely be interesting to watch

  • Mike D
    Mike D 11 days ago

    Kanye is a hack, not a genius. All he does is sample and rip off others.

  • David Svenstrup
    David Svenstrup 11 days ago

    Corey Feldman

  • Nathan Boatright
    Nathan Boatright 15 days ago

    Brie larson should be on this list just for making unicorn store

  • ffjsb
    ffjsb 16 days ago +1

    NOBODY has ever feared that they were going to get mugged by Boy George...

  • Ieishdragyn
    Ieishdragyn 16 days ago

    Yes, Ozzy wore Sharons dress, she was much larger then, and no,, he did not urinate, pee, piss,.... on the Alamo.

  • louis macerollo
    louis macerollo 17 days ago

    Eric andre

  • ashton gaming
    ashton gaming 17 days ago

    I knew my cab singer Marilyn would be here

  • mlburkh
    mlburkh 17 days ago

    Maralyn Manson is actually very normal and level headed outside of his theatrics. How is Tom Green not number one in this slot? lol.

  • Bill Hackney
    Bill Hackney 17 days ago

    You forgot Hillary Clinton she is the biggest crazy person out there.

  • Rick has it all bro
    Rick has it all bro 17 days ago +1

    GG Allin

  • robloxlover.forever
    robloxlover.forever 17 days ago +1

    Where is Melanie Martinez

  • Flower Boy
    Flower Boy 19 days ago +1

    Marilyn Manson... a death metal icon? Listen to cannibal corpse or slayer then come back to me when you have raped and sacrificed 5 humans and goats

  • Lena Rosio
    Lena Rosio 19 days ago

    Being weird is awesome for many reasons. Being creative, being unique, freeing you from caring what people think, boosts your confidence and no one messes with weird people. Best defense against bullies, dont care what they think and be as weird as possible because it makes them afraid of you!

  • Meishawn1374
    Meishawn1374 19 days ago

    Ozzy is not weird. He's completely insane. When he was a kid, he tried to kill his sister when he set her dress on fire....with her in it. Drugs and alcohol didn't help. He tried to kill his wife after a night of drinking Russian vodka.

  • Maya A
    Maya A 19 days ago +1

    It's sad to see the idolatry and blasphemy people are willing to partake for this filthy people like gaga, manson madonna, beyonce and et als., is sickening to see what level people are willing to go just to continue following and adoring these demon so called "artist".

  • Maya A
    Maya A 19 days ago

    Mojo, keep up the good work feeding the cattle with all sort of perversions and deviancies calling it art. People who watches this channel and follows hollywood/ entertainment industry is nothing but a puppet being mold to accept everything and anything under tolerance and love. This is all going to end in one world order in a Godless society, no morals, how sad. Stop submitting yourselves to this kind of endoctrination and desensitization.

  • Ray Staar
    Ray Staar 20 days ago

    One definition of genius is putting into words what everyone is thinking but no says. WatchMojo's gift is making videos about what everyone else has already stopped talking about. #redundant #movealongnow #nothingtoseehere

  • Marshall Posey
    Marshall Posey 20 days ago

    The lust should just be called: Most Notable Douchebags

  • Steven Som
    Steven Som 20 days ago

    Kanye West and Dennis Rodman are the two weirdest people on the planet!! Both are arrogant and unlikeable!!

  • nocturnasinterfector

    "Death metal icon?" He's not death metal at all dumbass

  • sexobscura
    sexobscura 21 day ago +1

    *Most of these [if not all] have a PERSONA of weirdness - for [what this is] publicity*
    *Where in heck is Randy Quaid? Or is he too old for this demographic*

  • Gloria Burns
    Gloria Burns 21 day ago

    Ozzy is crazy...not

  • Todd D
    Todd D 21 day ago

    Watch mojo needs to just fking collapse there top 10s always a disapointed waate time

  • ChildoftheCorn666
    ChildoftheCorn666 22 days ago

    Marilyn Manson isn’t death metal. Good job. Maybe do your research next time.

  • Shortbus Esquire
    Shortbus Esquire 22 days ago

    They missed Bjork

  • Michael Hurley
    Michael Hurley 22 days ago

    Lady Gaga is so weird is was a shock to see her look normal in A Star is Born.

  • Raylan Givens
    Raylan Givens 22 days ago

    Lady Twat Twat.
    That's what I call her, him, it
    Never liked Twat Twat.
    Russell Brand is actually quite intelligent, well spoken and quick witted.
    If he's weird, then sign me up for classes

  • kassy kreutzer
    kassy kreutzer 22 days ago

    I qas the 1st one to tell my highschool about him and they said eww why or shit like that i thought hell i love magic magicians and he was goth emo hello early 2000s yeah lol so ya people that i was odd also so yaa

  • beelzeebub1
    beelzeebub1 23 days ago +1

    Lame list ,,,,Yoko Ono is top

    atSHADOWBAT 23 days ago

    I agree with those who commented before me. This is a tough list to make but Ozzy would be my number one. He's crazy AND has talent, this coming from a conservative Christian country bumpkin.

  • Bill Pao
    Bill Pao 23 days ago

    Weirdness sells

  • Laurie Ann Hunter- Heartwing Arts

    Uggh...what a grotesque list!

  • JenniferOcious79
    JenniferOcious79 23 days ago

    No Bjork, not even honorable mention. Who would leave her off a list of weird people. Finding a non-weird quality about her is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Sometimes, WatchMojo, I wonder about you.

  • FragItAll
    FragItAll 25 days ago

    This is a very hard list to make.....woohoo many "weird" stars.

  • karina karina
    karina karina 25 days ago

    Eric Andrea !!

  • s staners
    s staners 25 days ago

    No Hillary Clinton? Or at least her damn minions?!

  • tripsr4kids
    tripsr4kids 25 days ago

    looking at the comments: is face paint the new term for make up?

  • Mouse Macleod
    Mouse Macleod 26 days ago

    You have Ozzy and Manson, but you forgot Alice Cooper

  • Gottalove Walruses
    Gottalove Walruses 28 days ago +1

    No Björk?

  • Textual Predator
    Textual Predator Month ago +1

    *James "Rape-o" Franco*

  • Joseph Maw
    Joseph Maw Month ago

    Gaga and Miley should be higher!

  • TattooedMichele
    TattooedMichele Month ago

    Don't know why Joaquin Phoenix isn't on here

  • K Big
    K Big Month ago

    I wonder whose job it was to change Miley...

  • Sodas AndBurps
    Sodas AndBurps Month ago

    Shia is a fucking tool.That’s why his “art” got stolen a bunch of times.

  • Lil Y.N. Nin9TaiLs
    Lil Y.N. Nin9TaiLs Month ago +2

    Me: Kanye, are you okay.
    Ye: I’m Jesus
    Me: He’s fine.

  • Ana Sanchez
    Ana Sanchez Month ago +1

    i do NOT agree. Most of the reasons these people are listed are for being ostentatious performers. For example I'm sure Mel Gibson is weirder than Manson as a person.

  • Paula G Whyte
    Paula G Whyte Month ago +1

    I like Ga Ga, Marilyn, Johnny, Boy George, Russell, Jeff, and Ozzy. I'll bet these people are all hella smart.

  • Ruth DreamLand New Jerusalem Abba Father

    Why Marilyn Manson needs that stuff?? Simple: TO CONJURING EVIL!! And by the way he use to be a choir boy when he was little until he was 15 I think, see his biography...

  • Ruth DreamLand New Jerusalem Abba Father

    Dennis Rodman just got too much money that he just didn't know what to do anymore so, he just been an complete ASS!

  • Ruth DreamLand New Jerusalem Abba Father

    Kanye is arrogant shrug 😆 and Miley cyrus is just gross 😝

  • Jon Hoj / singer / songwriter/ NWI

    Where the hell is weird Al???????

  • Laika Pupkino
    Laika Pupkino Month ago

    From his name to his videos Marilyn Manson's whole schtick is corny, obvious, derivative and about as shocking and edgy as a bowl of cornflakes.

  • T M
    T M Month ago +2

    Donald Plump

  • Bethany Hanna
    Bethany Hanna 2 months ago

    Finally got to see Ozzy live, back in the 90s. Great concert for about 15-20 minutes. He was jumping up and down, vomited, and collapsed on stage. The lights went down, and they just played videos on huge screens to round out the remainder of the 40 minute set. Heck, 2 of the videos were for songs he'd already performed. And at least 3 weren't even Ozzy related. Weirdest concert experience in my lifetime. $90/ticket to basically Watch VH1. (Even back then, you were hard pressed to find any music videos on MTV anymore. 😂😂😂😭😭😭)

  • Bethany Hanna
    Bethany Hanna 2 months ago

    How did you keep a straight face referring to Miley as ANY sort of hero?

  • Russell Brown
    Russell Brown 2 months ago +1

    Take Ozzy off list, kinda normal rock star. Lady Gaga is not weird, its all just act to make her more famous

  • Reina Van Leeuwen
    Reina Van Leeuwen 2 months ago +2

    Kanye is an undeniably talented musician?
    Nuh-uh, WatchMojo, I don't think so...

  • Charmaine Balzan
    Charmaine Balzan 2 months ago

    Lets go through all the weirded out actions to represent their weird actions

  • Roy Lopez
    Roy Lopez 2 months ago

    Please delete this video. There is weird, and there's this.

  • Nelson Richards
    Nelson Richards 2 months ago

    i saw Chris angel in Vegas hes a celebrity wiener. Boston kid with a lisp that cry's to the audiences for applause.

  • Leland- BoB Palmer
    Leland- BoB Palmer 2 months ago

    Bjork & Charlie what a couple that'd be too

  • Luke Moore
    Luke Moore 2 months ago

    Um.............. Britney Spears?

  • Claudio Pedrosa
    Claudio Pedrosa 2 months ago +1


  • P.m
    P.m 2 months ago

    really? Marilyn Manson?
    you guys are gonna get a lot of hate for that

  • FierceONeill
    FierceONeill 2 months ago +4

    Where’s Tilda Swinton?? Crispin Glover? Gary Busey? David Lynch? Melanie Martinez? Tim Burton? Harmony Korine? Christopher Walken? Bjork?? Yoko Ono??

  • Joseph Lewis
    Joseph Lewis 2 months ago

    Kanye West is a generic as it getsand the symbol of the strange with boy George he's nothing he's just as generic as the rest of them it's simple ...a queer.... that's it

  • Dave Goldspink
    Dave Goldspink 2 months ago

    Bunch of freaks the world in most cases would be better off without. Wacko Jacko should really have been on this list dead or not.

  • Marisa Mitchell
    Marisa Mitchell 2 months ago

    Marilyn Manson is NOT death metal

  • Spire Builds
    Spire Builds 2 months ago +2

    *Poppy has left the chat*

  • Drew Lewis
    Drew Lewis 2 months ago +2

    Marilyn Manson has some good music, but he scares me. 😦

  • Iben Farting
    Iben Farting 2 months ago

    What you have named are 10 attention whores.

  • Virtual Stripperz
    Virtual Stripperz 2 months ago

    So many of these 'stars' are sooo fuckin mentally ill.........

  • Riley Elizabeth
    Riley Elizabeth 2 months ago

    Okay but what about Corey Feldman ??

  • smackafanny
    smackafanny 2 months ago

    So many things WRONG with this list.

  • DJ FACT.50
    DJ FACT.50 2 months ago +2

    Lady Gaga, but no Grace Jones? FAILED