George Lucas Said PALPATINE IS DEAD! Rise of Skywalker : A Disney Star Wars CASH GRAB

  • Published on Dec 15, 2019
  • The Rise of Skywalker - Emperor Palpatine Was Absolutely Dead in George Lucas' Star Wars 9
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Comments • 27

  • Michael Segriff
    Michael Segriff Month ago

    The Lucasfilm Story Group: “Let’s tell beautiful stories, and call them “Star Conflict Resolution”. F**k off! This is what happens when you make a bunch off gender hires whose deepest writing experience is a few episodes of “Crossing Jordan”. Bring feminists into Star Trek, its shot to hell. Bring feminists into Bond, its shot to hell. Bring feminists into Dr. Who, its shot to hell. Bring feminists into Star Wars, its shot to hell. Anybody see a pattern developing? And Daisy Ridley can’t act her way out of a paper bag. Stop giving her the benefit of the doubt. And Solo lost money.

  • John Aiello
    John Aiello Month ago

    In other news: Disney plus cuts Trump scene out of Home Alone 2! Blasphemy

  • Ascalaphus
    Ascalaphus Month ago

    At about 2:19:00....
    Guys guys...I called this before a while ago. Rey is the incarnation of The Force. She is a Force Avatar per say. This is why she is so powerful 😂 and that is why "The Force is female".
    I know, I know a bit far fetched but hey, expect anything from these morons over at Disney. You have to think of anything and out of the box to catch those goons out. Maybe I am giving them more credit that they deserve.
    It is a possibility though. Will this make this trilogy better??? NO.

  • Ascalaphus
    Ascalaphus Month ago

    Agree with you on Ghostbusters. Let them have their Last Jedi moment all over again.

  • Garth Vader
    Garth Vader Month ago

    Well, if you are like me, the EU is still canon, and even though the Emperor made a return in that you'd know he was actually dead at the end of ROTJ. The difference between the Emperor's return in Disney's trilogy and the EU is that it made sense that the Emperor was a series of clones in the Dark Empire comics. That story made sense in that the Emperor's return became unfinished business for Luke, and it almost cost him his soul. This Disney garbage makes NO sense. Bringing the Emperor back now undermines the entire cinematic saga all the way back to episode 1. This is what happens when creative decisions are made by a group of hirelings, and not the man who created to whole story.

  • Hiair
    Hiair Month ago +2

    I want to do the same; buy a ticket for a different movie and enter to "star wars". But I rather wait for pirate sources to save on gas and popcorn.

  • Ascalaphus
    Ascalaphus Month ago

    TFA fooled most of us. I guess it was the nostalgia.
    TLJ was a terrible, terrible film. It also brought to surface the cracks and weaknesses of the TFA. Which actually removed the nostalgia cloud over our heads thus we were able to recognize how crap TFA is.
    Now, TRoS ( tros not to be confused with TRON :p) is more like a spoof film. It is so bad ( if the leaks are true) that it's only something Mel Brooks would do. Spaceballs, Top Secret, Robin Hood- Men in tights sort of thing.
    Disney had a blank canvas and the F..ed up. They freaking F..ed up big time.

  • Félix A.G
    Félix A.G Month ago

    George has spoken!

  • Quick Ben
    Quick Ben Month ago

    Jar jar was on Fortnite last night ...desperate

  • Mark Hendrix
    Mark Hendrix Month ago

    It was a fun stream tonight!!! Had a great time with you guys ... Thanks for All you do for us John... 👍🏻

  • Kozure
    Kozure Month ago +3

    Damn that thumbnail is golden :D

  • Trevor Random
    Trevor Random Month ago +6

    If George says that Palpatine is definitely dead Disney Star Wars is definitely not cannon!

  • Bill Robb
    Bill Robb Month ago +2

    Han shot first,The Skywalker saga ended with Return of the Jedi, Palpatine is dust in the wind, TLJ sucks and killed Star Wars.

  • John
    John Month ago

    No character is ever really dead on Disney. They could kill Luke ten times and he´d be still alive if they need some perv who drinks the sperm-milk

  • Elemental Entity
    Elemental Entity Month ago

    The story group KK hired, half of them weren't SW fans, and the other half had never actually watched SW.
    They were a shit load of feminists with no talent or passion, just a sexist agenda. Anybody who didn't like what they put out they labeled sexist. Ironic eh.

  • Nashmann Jango
    Nashmann Jango Month ago

    Yup, they messed up Star Wars pretty bad in last 5 years ! JarJar playing with heads seems legit, but that could be heads of Kathleen and Ruin Manbaby .. 😉🤣😂

  • Kaz Kinnikuman
    Kaz Kinnikuman Month ago +2

    There hasn't been a star wars film in 30 years.

  • YoungYonk
    YoungYonk Month ago +2

    That thumbnail hahahahaha
    Edit: Can I find a pdf or image of that thumbnail anywhere? I seriously need it

    • Calach
      Calach Month ago

  • jennifer
    jennifer Month ago

    So.. is mr, McDermid throwing jar jar and company under the bus before the “fall”of soywalker?

  • John Holmes
    John Holmes Month ago +1

    I watched one ep of Batwoman, but all of Thorias Unlimited's reviews of the Batwoman Unlimited episodes. 😂
    I will say, I don't agree with his and others on their dislike for Arrowverse (I'm mainly speaking about Arrow and Flash). I love those two shows still, but glad Arrow is ending. It was time.

  • Your wise cousin Joe
    Your wise cousin Joe Month ago +1

    Reason number 6368169 not to watch that garbage fire😬

    PARA PENDEJADAS Month ago +10

    No, Palpatine is not dead....Star Wars IS DEAD!

  • Nautilus1972
    Nautilus1972 Month ago

    Fake news. He told this to McDiarmiad six years ago .. .allegedly.

  • Virginia Binks
    Virginia Binks Month ago +5

    Mike Zero is devastated WTF? Disney leaked soundtrack, then pulling it off. Fans worst nightmare coming true, you should cover the full story

  • David Marshall
    David Marshall Month ago +3

    I love the thumbnail for this video. So accurate. :D