13 Times Spoiled Kids Got OWNED By Parents

  • Published on Apr 6, 2018
  • There's some quality parenting here.
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    With technology becoming easier for everyone to have access to, there's a growing issue with children simply ignoring everything to play on their phone or on their gaming systems. Entertainment is a good thing, but not when you neglect everything from chores, to your parents, to even the dignity of other people. So today we're checking out 13 incidences when kids got owned by their parents.
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  • Cj Buttface
    Cj Buttface 21 minute ago

    Ay the vid title said spoiled kids getting owned by parents but it changes on to spoiled kids getting instant karma

  • Alani Escoto
    Alani Escoto 34 minutes ago

    This just shows how those parents are rich bc no parent that has no money would do that and this makes the parents look kinda dumb and stupid and that they have really bad parenting skills

  • Zion Earle
    Zion Earle 40 minutes ago

    *Laughs in black*

  • Eric_T123
    Eric_T123 Hour ago

    i thought the mom drowned the kid in the thumbnail

  • Shea Krausz
    Shea Krausz Hour ago

    I feel bad for play station people 🏳️‍🌈

  • Joey G
    Joey G Hour ago

    Sometimes I think some of these are fake like their dads in on it. Or mom

  • Olivia Manning
    Olivia Manning 3 hours ago +1

    To be honest all these parents overreacted way to much.

    • Alisha Plymouthe
      Alisha Plymouthe 2 hours ago

      Olivia Manning I agree except for the bullying one

  • Olivia Manning
    Olivia Manning 3 hours ago +1

    "I pAyEd FoR tHaT yOu DiCkHeAd"

  • Super Soilder
    Super Soilder 4 hours ago

    That teen got what she deserved

  • ScoDucks2019
    ScoDucks2019 4 hours ago

    Running a mile is taking it way too far, why not just have a school- related punishment like lowered grades or whatever.

  • Mr Beast
    Mr Beast 8 hours ago

    Number 1 MORGZ

  • Haley Goodwin
    Haley Goodwin 9 hours ago +1

    These parents are Mentally Insane. These Parents are B****** & Sons of B******!!!!!!!!

  • Monica
    Monica 10 hours ago +1

    8:45 imagine her still talking and bot paying attention and hitting the dog😭

  • _ vukrock_
    _ vukrock_ 13 hours ago +2

    Father: *Buys PC for his son*
    Son: *Plays games too much*
    Father: *Destroys PC*
    Son: Haha!
    Father: Why are you laughing?
    Son: Coz u paid 4 dat ;-;

  • cheesy savage
    cheesy savage 13 hours ago

    None of these are spoiled kids
    They're just punishments

  • not_me 2006
    not_me 2006 13 hours ago

    That kid was slapping himself pretty hard..

  • Tyrell Knight
    Tyrell Knight 14 hours ago

    I wish my parents would have broke something I paid for I would have broke something they paid for it's stupid

  • Craig Berger
    Craig Berger 15 hours ago

    Either you’re Greystillplays twin brother or you are Greystillplay wtf!?! You should literally just like him

  • SethHuskyTuber
    SethHuskyTuber 17 hours ago +1

    Why do they just don’t fight back except of crying like a bitch?

  • MagmaStili _
    MagmaStili _ 19 hours ago


  • XxxDarkie SlayzxxX
    XxxDarkie SlayzxxX 19 hours ago


  • XxxDarkie SlayzxxX
    XxxDarkie SlayzxxX 19 hours ago

    On 6:53 is really really INTENSE the hammer is GIANT =like if u agree

  • Gage Powell
    Gage Powell 20 hours ago

    Does nobody else realize how fake half these videos are??

  • Best Biss
    Best Biss Day ago

    Bro I’m Hispanic and if I ever dared talk to my parents like ANY of those kids I would get B.E.A.T!!!

  • CrazyTrain Gamer

    Is it just me or does this guy sound like graysyillplays

  • Xcaliber II
    Xcaliber II Day ago

    Number 7: "Those people are way more important to me!"
    Hate to break it to y'all, but none of you are more important than my family ha! (Some of you are nice though, so props! Have a good day!)

  • David and Chase 2

    Wtf you smash a ps4 for being loud

  • keanu reeves is my religion

    3:52 this kid just shoves his tiny brother to the wall😂

  • X_.Crystal._X Gacha

    Number 8 is gold😂😂😂👑👑👑👑💰💰💰💰

  • Abigail Chavez
    Abigail Chavez Day ago

    The clothing thing fell on top of that guy he didnt care cause he was having a huge tantrum

  • Katie Kastel
    Katie Kastel Day ago

    Watching some of these kids reaction is just sad

  • ghostman 428
    ghostman 428 Day ago

    I live in Forest VA near the bully

  • Darth NinjaBoi
    Darth NinjaBoi Day ago +1

    This video is very hard to watch

  • Blue Satan
    Blue Satan Day ago

    These parents aren’t to smart because they destroy these phones and consoles and they were probably the ones who payed for them 👍🏻

  • LunaUnicornHD
    LunaUnicornHD Day ago +1

    *Mom lies in the hospital*
    Him: ThOeS cOmEnTs ArE wAy MoRe ImPoTaNt!

  • LittleDrummerBoy
    LittleDrummerBoy Day ago +1

    I would not break the consoles or phones I would just take them away for a month or so like my mom did too me.

  • a Stale Meme
    a Stale Meme Day ago

    4:21 yo kid is smiling it’s fake

  • Smol pretzel
    Smol pretzel Day ago

    There there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there there

  • Jojonoixdecoco
    Jojonoixdecoco Day ago +5

    kid : im sorry *SLAPS HIMSELF*
    Me : visible confusion

  • German-Cookie Letsplays

    My Parents wouldnt do that...they would take it away and sell it...IF it really comes up...but me and my bro try our best!

  • Redux
    Redux Day ago +1

    I don.t but i feel rhe pain and i hate these parents they are just an asshole do they know how much it cost?


  • Y6Pro daniel1
    Y6Pro daniel1 Day ago

    6:11 " Best Comment Ever!!!!!! "

  • 5 Stars
    5 Stars Day ago

    The asian parent destroys the console on the same day the kid got the console, and it’s because they were being too loud...

    Typical asian

  • Shelby K
    Shelby K Day ago

    4:23 is my fav lol

  • the legend knight 7

    At 6:40 did he just say I’m tired of fricking your mom and the dad said that hahah🤣🤣

  • Pierre Andrew Duran
    Pierre Andrew Duran 2 days ago

    99% teens and kids
    1% parents

  • ayden k
    ayden k 2 days ago

    I accidentally ignored my gm once....... About month has passed and I still can't tell her how sorry I am 😭😭😭

  • Quanchang Xu
    Quanchang Xu 2 days ago

    2:02 dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude dude you’re filming this whole time DUDE!

  • JustHeartLxss
    JustHeartLxss 2 days ago +4

    Dad: *breaks ps4*
    Me: *laughs*
    Dad: Why are you laughing
    Me: Because you paid for that :)

  • hunty spaghetti
    hunty spaghetti 2 days ago

    Bra these people are idiots for example the comments aren't going any where help your mom then when you are done then you read the comments

  • Destiny Juarez
    Destiny Juarez 2 days ago

    10 did he pushed his little brother

  • Ëvä SStäRR
    Ëvä SStäRR 2 days ago

    Good thing I dont have this type of parents.

  • Asa motley
    Asa motley 2 days ago +1

    Love watching these to know how good I am

  • NAMJIN Love
    NAMJIN Love 2 days ago

    Wow 😲 I've never seen someone beat themselves up. That must have hurt 😵
    And why am I laughing 😂

  • Ryan Hoffman
    Ryan Hoffman 2 days ago

    Mom: Im taking the door off Son:Im Sorry i wont do it again

  • Zeyad Ibrahim
    Zeyad Ibrahim 2 days ago

    It's so much funnier with British people

  • Emily Branch
    Emily Branch 2 days ago +2

    Did anyone else see that guy who was slapping him self shove his brother into the wall???

  • extravagant gamer
    extravagant gamer 2 days ago

    Good parenting

    ROCKETS LIFE 2 days ago

    Mom:do ur chores
    Me: no
    Mom: excuse me?Dont make me get my Cincilla.
    Me POV:oh freak

  • Reas81 Aj
    Reas81 Aj 2 days ago

    The one with the dad smashing the ps4 the kid just got and was just being a little to loud just makes me mad at the dad

  • Eve
    Eve 2 days ago

    Why don't you the parents just *SELL* the stuff they're breaking? I know you're trying to get your point across, but still. It would greatly benefit you.

  • excujiMellow 14
    excujiMellow 14 2 days ago

    3:17 she is not even in your room, at least not yet

  • King Penguin
    King Penguin 2 days ago

    Your parents are only teaching you that one day you’ll have to do all these things, not your mom and dad.

  • Kyle Lewin
    Kyle Lewin 3 days ago

    Number 8 is soo damn relateable

  • Army
    Army 3 days ago +4

    Me: Laughing after dad destroys my PC
    Dad: What you laughing at?
    Me: You paid for that.

    • Lisa67
      Lisa67 4 hours ago

      You will never understand why parents do things like that until you have kids of your own. lol

  • Terminalvelocityrunner

    This is the reason why terrorists are everywhere. Parents don’t get how important and valuable this stuff is to the kids. Those actions will have lasting effects on their kids and if that happens too often, then it all ends up spilling over in the end. By no means are the violent reactions ok to commit but they are the natural response of a horribly wronged individual.
    Video games may be fictional, but those revenge seeking villains have a point. Nobody knows what they’ve been through.
    Edit: again, by no means do the kids have the right of way, or the right to get revenge, but as a person who’s suffered many times in early years from their parents’ punishments not fitting the offense, I can understand just how upset those kids feel and likely will remain for many years to come.

  • infinite boy 25
    infinite boy 25 3 days ago

    9:17 now this is just mean he did not deserve it. I am always loud and just told to get off

  • Angela Jooste
    Angela Jooste 3 days ago

    I was watching this video the other day and my dad took my iPad for a week

  • Legendary Swagger
    Legendary Swagger 3 days ago

    Idk why parents do that because they don’t know they just wasted their money for breaking it lmao

    MS. SUICIDAL WOLF 3 days ago +1

    These kids worship their electronics...

  • General Dakota
    General Dakota 3 days ago

    That's a nice basement

  • Void Echo
    Void Echo 3 days ago

    Son: thats not even my phone!!!!!!
    Dad: not my problem.
    Me: it will be when you get billed for it by the actual owner of the phone who isnt your son

  • omg its kodayde
    omg its kodayde 3 days ago +1

    Dad: breaks phone
    Dad:why are you laughing?
    Me:you bought it

  • TheCosplayhouse
    TheCosplayhouse 3 days ago

    that dad who made there cunt of a bully child run to school is officially the number 1 dad in the world

  • Dead
    Dead 3 days ago

    could you please just put the clips together without the stupid narration? NOBODY came here expecting narration...

  • Bridget Boey
    Bridget Boey 3 days ago

    At 8.51 the mom was like scolding the kids for playing to much phone and it's a bad influence and telling them to go out more, WHILE SHE IS THE FAT ONE

  • Bridget Boey
    Bridget Boey 3 days ago


  • Bridget Boey
    Bridget Boey 3 days ago

    Is not our fault that ur old and has a boring childhood and not having nice gadget

  • Bridget Boey
    Bridget Boey 3 days ago

    Stupid parents

  • tito time
    tito time 3 days ago

    This is so messed up I mean a kid asks his parents if he can have a phone they tell him you have to work for . So kid works hard to achieve fun then all their hard work was destroyed by the same person who gave him the idea

  • mvelazquez27
    mvelazquez27 3 days ago

    How the kid through the little brother 3:50

  • Cyrus Fritton
    Cyrus Fritton 3 days ago

    Why not return it to the store??????????????????????????????

  • G SEA
    G SEA 3 days ago

    mom: clean the house and stop playing roblox
    me: nooooo but my bootiful gam-
    mom: * calls my dad*
    dad: wha-
    me: omggg im sorryyyy :(

  • lighting animater
    lighting animater 4 days ago

    1 like 1 spoiled brat xbox or phone or iPhone ipad android in the pool ;)

    Edit: these brats deserve what's happening to them

  • Jeroenn
    Jeroenn 4 days ago +1

    3:54 u see that blue short pushes baby to the wall Oeuf!

  • VV Gaming
    VV Gaming 4 days ago

    “Dad I’m a gamer”
    So am I, just don’t be a dumb*ss

  • Amelia Bravesmith
    Amelia Bravesmith 4 days ago

    the kids are bad but the parents are even worse

  • Jamba Joos
    Jamba Joos 4 days ago

    shoves little brother

  • Persona Map Of The Soul MultiFandom

    #10 did he even care. He slapped himself,said sorry he didn't mean it when he closed the door on his mom. It's like he just did it because he saw his sibling record and like she barely pushed him and he ends up on the floor.. I laughed so hard some coke came out of my nose haha😂😂

  • troller playz x3mx
    troller playz x3mx 4 days ago

    Dad:breaks my PS4 me:dies laughing dad:why you laughing me: you paid for that dad:um me:- ha got em thats karma dad

  • troller playz x3mx
    troller playz x3mx 4 days ago

    5:51 the kid was just reading comments like the dad was like wElL bAcK iN tHe DaY

  • troller playz x3mx
    troller playz x3mx 4 days ago

    2:38 was he going thourgh reverse puberty? That voice crack tho

  • Rona Tümen
    Rona Tümen 4 days ago

    4:31 British/Australian accents cause fights to be extremely funny...
    "I paid for that monitor You dickhead"

  • pp hard
    pp hard 4 days ago +1

    3:54 he just slam his brother into that wall LMAO

  • Jenni Grace
    Jenni Grace 4 days ago

    Wth. He just beat the hell out of himself

  • Forrest Ulrich
    Forrest Ulrich 4 days ago

    I meant sayen

  • Forrest Ulrich
    Forrest Ulrich 4 days ago

    *goes super sayer.
    (I don’t watch Dragon Ball Z please give me a break.)

  • Forrest Ulrich
    Forrest Ulrich 4 days ago

    *slaps him self in the face*

    Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Forrest Ulrich
    Forrest Ulrich 4 days ago

    #4 2 minutes of absolute screeching.

  • Nola Boortz
    Nola Boortz 4 days ago