KETCHUP Soup - How to Make a FREE Meal | HARD TIMES - recipes from times of scarcity

  • Published on Aug 2, 2019
  • Here's how to make a meal out of stuff you can get for free. Next up on Hard Times: #ketchup #soup.
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    My recipe was adapted from these recipes:
    Hobo Soup at Instructables
    Survival Tek - Ketchup Soup -
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    'Fruity' is used courtesy of and 'Respawn' by and 'Sprightly' from iMovie. Hello, there! Comment: "1 doll-sized cup of creamer, please."
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Comments • 2 811

  • Nancy Orozco
    Nancy Orozco 20 hours ago

    I still drink them too whenever my mom gets some for coffee at restaurants lol 😊 soooo good

  • FarOutWest
    FarOutWest 21 hour ago +1

    My folks went through the depression. My father joined the Navy 1932-1936 - reenlisted 1941-1945. Everything you prepare on your hard times channel I heard mention many of times over and over. You are a beautiful woman...

  • Nadia Baez
    Nadia Baez 22 hours ago

    1 doll-size cup of creamer, please

  • Rolms
    Rolms Day ago

    thank you much for this recipe, i can actually afford a meal tonight, thank, you dont know how grateful i am, this tastes really good even without the sugar, thanks

  • Megan NO
    Megan NO 2 days ago

    I was having a really bad mental day today and these videos made me feel a lot better for some reason

  • Sheldon Henriques
    Sheldon Henriques 5 days ago

    My dad passed away at this time 6 months ago.
    He hated that I'm gay.
    I always feared being homeless.
    Almost left home a couple of times.
    This video brings back memories. It's definitely something I would love to eat anyway..

  • loser-by-choice
    loser-by-choice 5 days ago

    some places like wendy's or gas stations that serve soup have crackers you can get for free, so you can still make the whole recipe free.

  • Patrick McPherson
    Patrick McPherson 6 days ago

    I actually saw someone make this in a restaurant when I was little, it was back in the late 70's. I was too young to understand why the staff was harassing this person and made them leave. I later found out it was considered a free meal.😞

  • samarztk
    samarztk 6 days ago

    I was starving thanks!!!!!!

    MATT MN 6 days ago

    Hmm in mu coubtry ketchup packages isny free :/

  • Anna Kendra
    Anna Kendra 6 days ago

    All it's missing is some melted butter and pepper

  • Quality Snek
    Quality Snek 6 days ago

    This woman cannot be serious

  • Brian Cooper
    Brian Cooper 6 days ago

    Add a half stick of butter to that and you got the recipe for Chef Boyardee!

  • Opal Sky
    Opal Sky 7 days ago +1

    0:00 Scroller bar aint workin

  • Mrbink01
    Mrbink01 7 days ago +1

    Add some pepper

  • BookFreakyTube
    BookFreakyTube 7 days ago

    1) No way this is good. 2) Ketchupey isn't a real word. 3) Everything can be free if you steal it.

  • old soul triangle
    old soul triangle 7 days ago

    put it in a cup with croutons, then it will be like what you get from a drinks machine in a hospital waiting room, etc.

  • Lizwsw
    Lizwsw 7 days ago

    A lot of salad bars have the little packets of 2 saltines you can take home.

  • Marcin Pawski
    Marcin Pawski 7 days ago

    In ketchup is a lot of sugar allready
    Sorry but i would never eat that
    I can not imagine that this can Taste good

  • Somnia
    Somnia 7 days ago

    i feel so bad for all people that go hungry to bed, i hope things will get better for all of you♥️

  • Tippy LovesTips
    Tippy LovesTips 7 days ago +2

    I'm 31 and I still drink from those little creamer cups.

  • Holly Gibson
    Holly Gibson 8 days ago

    Aldi saltines under a buck!

  • Gozo T - T
    Gozo T - T 8 days ago

    Who else DESPISES all the sauces on earth like me yet still watched this?

  • Jamecia  Chandler
    Jamecia Chandler 8 days ago

    I never thought of make soup from ketchup but I have made mashed potato soup I used the box of instant mash make it soupy but still a little thick and add a little cheese

  • beemobile98
    beemobile98 8 days ago

    must be nice to live in a country where condiments are free at fast food places

  • bugzbunny1889
    bugzbunny1889 8 days ago

    interesting....but I like it bit spicy so I made mine with hot salsa😘🔥🔥👍🏼🍲🍪

  • leonardomapache
    leonardomapache 8 days ago

    That spoon is so pretty.

  • Keely Gallagher
    Keely Gallagher 9 days ago

    I used this recipe when I got kicked out and was kinda in a hard spot. Taco Bell packets were great too 👌🏻(of the more dignified tactics)
    I think there is a lot of negative to be found in unfortunate circumstance, but i choose to see it as a point of ingenuity for myself. I’m proud that I and others made the best of the experience and then came out on the other side, My heart breaks however, for people that haven’t been privileged enough to drag themselves out of it.
    I should make this tonight to kind of remember people in this position still.

  • Thora F
    Thora F 13 days ago

    You must be desperate to eat this,I would for sure hate this, spagheti-os is the nastiest thing I've tasted, weirdly I do like quite like tomato juice but it's not as acidic, which is the problem usually with ketchup and spaghetti-os.

  • Jessica Hill
    Jessica Hill 14 days ago

    Too bad restaurant are so stingy with the ketchup now. Whataburger and Chick Fil-a are the only places that I can think of that give you enough extra for the condiment drawer now.
    A can of tomato paste is less than 50 cents. It needs to be diluted a lot. I like to add some milk, butter, salt, pepper, and dried (or fresh!) basil. It’s something warm and satisfying with stuff that’s usually already in the pantry. Not free, but cheap. I also make egg drop soup that is just broth, soy sauce, brought to a boil, add a scrambled egg, top with some chopped green onions (optional, but it makes all the difference).
    Yay fall will be here soon, thus soup season!

  • hey its jae
    hey its jae 15 days ago

    I made this right after watching this video😂 i love tomato soup. This recipe was simple and delicious!

  • Casey Casey
    Casey Casey 15 days ago

    God bless everyone in these comments who had to go through anything rough, had to go without or watch others go without.

  • Daniela Dengucho
    Daniela Dengucho 16 days ago

    Hi Emmy! I know it's not really your style but could you try making a francesinha, which is a typically Portuguese dish? You're the only RU-clipr I trust to not ruin this amazing dish! Lots of love from Portugal!! 🇵🇹

  • Erin W
    Erin W 16 days ago

    I feel like adding a packet of salsa to it would be good too. Like the kind you get with breakfast burritos. Also my sister and I drank the creamer too as kids 😂

  • TanteBet
    TanteBet 17 days ago

    8 packets of ketchup x €0,60= €4,80 for a bowl of ketchup soup.
    For €2,29 u can buy a bottle of 605ml Heinz tomato ketchup 😂

  • xxx Brooklyn
    xxx Brooklyn 17 days ago

    All I have is sandwhich meat in my fridge and that's what I eat every night. Im used to it though so idc

  • Siriuslygeeky -Batman
    Siriuslygeeky -Batman 17 days ago

    I feel disgusted. (Not by the soup, I actually might try it someday tbh) but by the fact that I just saw a video of a $2,500,000 piano before this. Some people pay that much for a piano, while others are literally going hungry or eating soup made from free ketchup packets.

  • Crazy Purrtato
    Crazy Purrtato 17 days ago

    As a kid, all i ate was potatoes and egg, we were very poor. We came to a point where I didn’t wanna buy a 50¢ ice cream when my mom offered. Kinda reminded me of those times, but it made me stronger

  • biii Bass
    biii Bass 17 days ago

    no...i’m not crying at everyone’s comments about how they struggled growing up

  • Samantha Schuermann
    Samantha Schuermann 18 days ago

    your voice is so soothing omg

  • Andres Valle
    Andres Valle 18 days ago

    Fuck it
    Ketchup soup

  • Amanda Rose
    Amanda Rose 18 days ago

    Try it with a beef or chicken bullion cube added to it! I've made this meal on a budget or even when im too sick or lazy to go food shopping, it's a comfort food for me now! The bullion adds a nice hearty flavor to it. If i have leftover pasta (a staple when eating on a budget) ill throw a handful of that in too. I thought it would taste too ketchupy my first time making it but it is actually really good!
    Another option is to add the ketchup to an instant Cup O Noddle or Ramen noodle packet because those come with the seasoning. It's actually really tasty!

  • Kiara Nguyen
    Kiara Nguyen 18 days ago +2

    she reminds me of bob ross

  • Phantom Alpha
    Phantom Alpha 18 days ago

    Dunno bout this, not the biggest ketchup fan.

  • snazz. yee
    snazz. yee 18 days ago

    Videos like these give me ideas to put in my tummy when we're seriously living paycheck to paycheck or nothing at all

  • mustardsweater
    mustardsweater 18 days ago +1

    emmy warms my heart so much. if it was any other youtuber trying this i could already imagine them making disgusted faces and hurtful comments but emmy actually shows respect to people who had to go through tough times without proper food :)

  • hello
    hello 18 days ago

    To ppl who are struggling to buy food. Don’t forget the food banks and some churches have food banks too! Please visit!!!

  • A5h3r
    A5h3r 18 days ago

    I just bought DoorDash

  • Shy Aquino
    Shy Aquino 19 days ago

    I love this channel; I was wishing someone would do this. thank you.

  • PåT
    PåT 19 days ago +1

    My band teacher taught me how to make ketchup soup in middle school

  • GTigerMH
    GTigerMH 19 days ago

    This is exactly what I had to go through, I've been on and off homeless my entire adult life, and sometimes condiments are all you got.

  • Sara Beth Mattis
    Sara Beth Mattis 19 days ago

    Just subscribed. I’ve been there.

  • Khalid Abdulla
    Khalid Abdulla 19 days ago

    Pregnancy cravings?

  • iridxnt
    iridxnt 19 days ago

    one piece of advice i’d like to give is that if you do have a little bit of money, try to do grocery shopping at dollar stores. my local dollar general has soup cans for about 55 cents, and i actually like it better than campbell’s!

  • Alexandre Tostes
    Alexandre Tostes 19 days ago

    i'm going to college in a couple of weeks and i have a feeling this soup will be half of my diet.... alongside with cup noodles

  • M.G Gonzalez
    M.G Gonzalez 19 days ago

    It makes me sad to think I live in a country with such finantial problems that places like Mc Donalds don't give ketchup bags anymore, some coffee places sell sugar bags (and some dont even have them) and its been years since coffee mate stopped coming to the country (in fact i only saw it like 2 times when i was little)

  • Tanti Sofyan
    Tanti Sofyan 19 days ago

    At the same time people who can actually afford food make a lot of food waste, omg sometimes I can’t fathom why

  • Carly Wash
    Carly Wash 19 days ago

    Share this video to save a life

  • akasaki kawasaki
    akasaki kawasaki 19 days ago

    RU-clip knows whats up with its recommendations

  • benny mitchell
    benny mitchell 19 days ago

    This has showed up in my recommendations for a while now and I’m not even in the need for this, but I love this.