Finding Out I Got Scammed... 8 Years Later....

  • Published on Jan 5, 2019
  • Wish it weren't true, but years later I found out that my "lightly built" LS, wasn't so lightly built at all... Don't let the same thing happen to you. On the bright side she's going to rip now!
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Comments • 2 761

  • pzkpfwiv freak
    pzkpfwiv freak 9 hours ago

    banging the cam bearings on cam removal, NO cam lube. NO lifter pre oiling. NO oiling the valvetrain. cleans aluminum engine head deck with STIFF wire wheel. head bolts not torqued in sequence. bunch of fucking idiots. it looks like you work in a shop, tell me which one, so i can FUCKING AVOID IT!!! you shouldn't be working on a fucking bicycle, let alone an engine!!!

  • Micheal T Cox G
    Micheal T Cox G 2 days ago

    Love ladys who wrench

  • mike Bellofatto
    mike Bellofatto 2 days ago

    Engine looks nice but the way they treated that can in and out good luck

  • Mark Philpot
    Mark Philpot 3 days ago

    Hey EH, nobody likes a whiner. 8 years after the fact realization, energy drinks did not prevent this fo-pah and the fact remains it’s water under the bridge. We all drop the ball. Don’t beat yourself up. At any rate, it’s too late to scream rape on this deal. Maybe it was honest mistake, maybe not. Only you know and there lies the rub. Now you know what to ask for and what to do. Repeated use of energy drinks over time causes health issues. It’s your body and your choice. Hate to see that body go to waste! What a waste too! 😳😲💖😊

  • Toasted Jelly
    Toasted Jelly 3 days ago

    "But I digress", is this the female JayzTwoCentz

  • Fahad Al-rawahi
    Fahad Al-rawahi 4 days ago

    I'll be honest the speed you put the cam shaft it's too slow but for that it's ok but me deal is as you like two of them it's up to you but its should be like 👇👇👇
    Christina millan - dip it low
    To make job lovely and happy 🤣😃😃

  • Fahad Al-rawahi
    Fahad Al-rawahi 4 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 emelia nice name I return two time to write your name with right spelling 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • Fahad Al-rawahi
    Fahad Al-rawahi 4 days ago

    I have a big job for you but let me see and try deal with you I'll feel 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 if you agree

  • jeremiah panic
    jeremiah panic 5 days ago


  • Keith Thornley
    Keith Thornley 6 days ago +1

    Dont buy anything thats been modified

  • Old-Dude
    Old-Dude 7 days ago

    Don't fell bad, for many years, I never drove a care I did not rebuild from stem to stern... I was a Sportsmen Drag racer for over 15 years... Guess what, I never became clairvoyant... Anyone, no matter how experienced, can get screwed in a purchase, or most particularly on repairs... If I have to tear a car/truck down to check if repairs were done properly, then I might as well do them myself... An example would be an Automatic Transmission, you can short cut it, or give a complete tolerance checked rebuild... If the Transmission works right, the screwed customer never knows, that is likely not in time... But when I catch someone I do what I can in legal retribution, but they sure as hell do not get my business again...

  • A3 VLOGS
    A3 VLOGS 8 days ago


  • GEN2-X
    GEN2-X 9 days ago

    No no no don't fist'll ruin it for the next

  • steezjenkins
    steezjenkins 11 days ago

    You didn't build it.

  • cr1m203
    cr1m203 11 days ago +2

    This why I buy virgin cars and build them myself.

  • Black sheep 1986
    Black sheep 1986 11 days ago

    Lmao typical they saw u coming lmao

  • thamer khailed
    thamer khailed 12 days ago

    My hammer had the same project

  • David Bowen
    David Bowen 12 days ago

    If ur building it then say its bein built cuz lets be honest here real race cars are never fully built cuz were always upgrading parts so its never done

  • Eric Schott
    Eric Schott 12 days ago

    Why are you haters even here? She's just having fun working on her cars and hanging out with friends... She's not pretending to be a professional or trying to instruct others how to go through the process step by step and taking money from people. She is documenting this for our entertainment and learning as she goes. If you don't like it then why don't you go make your own videos and/or fuck off? It's always funny to see the haters' channels and see how lame their content is or how they don't have ANY content at all! They have no lives and do nothing of their own so they have to try and tear down others just to try and make themselves feel better... Such a shame. Keep doing what you're doing Emelia and don't ever let these idiots drag you down!

  • Douglas Englert
    Douglas Englert 12 days ago

    You guys make backyard mechanics look good...

  • boostedsil40
    boostedsil40 15 days ago

    Your so right about questioning why you took your gloves off,Last headgasket I removed was a razor on the sides no joke.

  • Ousseynou Diop
    Ousseynou Diop 20 days ago +1

    love you😍😍

  • Shane Lang
    Shane Lang 22 days ago

    I'd of put the seller on blast even of it was bought 8 years ago. That's just not right.

  • DDE Fan
    DDE Fan 25 days ago

    I have a crush on u!!

  • Phillip Phan
    Phillip Phan Month ago

    that's why I prefer bone-stock cars/motors. At least you know someone didn't fuck with it and you know what you're working with!

  • Zane Turner
    Zane Turner 2 months ago

    How do you know it's autozone bolts and gaskets

  • Rob Jr
    Rob Jr 2 months ago

    They scammed you too your first time in bed honey nd you walked wy from it just fine, take your ticking and keep licking here have some peinus

  • Brian Zink
    Brian Zink 2 months ago

    Wecome to the real world... deal with it every DAY......

  • beverwyck1
    beverwyck1 2 months ago

    Did you even have a learners permit 8 years ago?

  • Matthew Stone
    Matthew Stone 2 months ago

    Lol yes you can if their a cam you can tell by the engine sound an performance. If the thing sounds stock drives stock then it's stock lol

  • Propeller Head
    Propeller Head 2 months ago

    Which LS..?? Some factory LS have pretty good cams..

    • Ed H
      Ed H 2 months ago

      she wouldnt know it hit her in the head and left an impression in her skull!!

  • Buickboy 69
    Buickboy 69 2 months ago

    The term "built" to me means someone doesn't know what the hell is in it anyone who actually builds a motor trans or car will and should be able to to tell you exactly what's in it

  • Brad Myers
    Brad Myers 2 months ago

    Been reading comments 1 everybody's right no cam lube by by motor, 2 never ever reuse head bolts no matter the power,3 bet when you get it all together you forget to use break in oil and use regular oil bad idea 4 need to invest in a scope remove plugs look at head bolts, 5 just take it to a real mechanic.

  • Brad Myers
    Brad Myers 2 months ago

    And if you know anything about how a car sound you can tell what cam is in the car

  • Brad Myers
    Brad Myers 2 months ago

    You are getting screwed I can head completely done for a hundred a side what state u in I'm in tx

  • Gregory Pollack
    Gregory Pollack 2 months ago

    Caveat emptor

  • Jake S
    Jake S 2 months ago

    OK you are griping about the car you bought because you did not do your due diligence? Speaking of doing ones diligence you are going to reuse head bolts????? Don't care if they are ARP or not, cheap out thinking that someone didn't over torque them initially!!!!! Then lets address your cam....non stock you should have been able to recognize the way it ran and performed as stock or not! You have a long way to go before you know what you are doing and talking about, take some courses at a basic engineering level of theory so you can apply it to what you are doing, it will go a long way to you not sounding like a twat! not intended to offend but enlighten!

  • Stefan T
    Stefan T 2 months ago

    Fake garage and people. Just a comedy program.

  • Eric Glispy
    Eric Glispy 2 months ago

    Fisting the tb lmao..

  • Jason Bowen
    Jason Bowen 2 months ago

    You bought a rolling and running chassis. Motor mounts, wiring, trans, and diff mounted. No small accomplishment.

  • Jason Bowen
    Jason Bowen 2 months ago

    ARP sales HEAD studs for that motor. Outer studs are visible.

  • MrNategeo
    MrNategeo 2 months ago

    Lots of talking, shes not actually saying anything....

  • Rxslinger
    Rxslinger 2 months ago

    Plan and simple. If your ignorant to believe what the previous own tells you without proof you deserve to get scammed.just remember the previous own can tell you there's a cam and provide a receipt for a aftermarket can does not mean it is in that motor. Low ball the fuck out of the seller and see what happenes.

  • BILL randell
    BILL randell 2 months ago

    NOW I know why you plugged your pickup in later video..all the things I mentioned PLUS ..butcher job on top end work!!!...If you "juice" up the heads on an old are begging for trouble..that raises the compression and the old rings collapse...causing oil to get in the compression chamber..(ok for a qualifying motor..bad for daily driver) added to the big TB and NO CAM ASSEMBLY LUBE!!!.. you have made a grenade!!.. Bad mechanic to do top end like that..should have had complete "fresh up" LAZY WORK!! ..I can't even go into all the crappy work and "should have dones"...Find a good engine builder and LISTEN TO HIM!!

  • Angelo Jensen
    Angelo Jensen 2 months ago

    Lmao.....i hope she never blows anybodys bottom end.....

  • Angelo Jensen
    Angelo Jensen 2 months ago

    I watched the one where they find the deal in the oil pan and I'm not seeing what that crud could have been. But LS1 swapped S14 is badass.

  • Angel Curiel
    Angel Curiel 2 months ago

    Build a bridge get over it

  • Angel Curiel
    Angel Curiel 2 months ago

    Bone stock ls motors a cam and you make power ls heads flow real good

  • Peter Bindig
    Peter Bindig 2 months ago

    People can be real creeps.

  • TaeKwonJoe98
    TaeKwonJoe98 2 months ago

    Wow, it sounds like you have the same luck I do! We just need to stop be so trusting in other people! Lol

  • Bob Dillion
    Bob Dillion 2 months ago

    So you have had a car for 8 years and you think you got scammed?? Idiot

  • The CPA
    The CPA 2 months ago

    Time to start buying Japanese.

  • Mike Oxbig
    Mike Oxbig 2 months ago +3

    I love the atmosphere with everyone in the shop. Nice and yes, sexual inuendoes are required even if a female is awesome and helping.

  • Crackitify
    Crackitify 2 months ago

    You can check after and when you do find out you can sue the seller for anything he signed off on on the car and although is listed it's not there. You were ripped off, sue.

  • Chowdog
    Chowdog 2 months ago

    This is now built not bought.

  • Chowdog
    Chowdog 2 months ago

    The amount of scammers in the car community is abundant!

  • Lisa Philpot
    Lisa Philpot 2 months ago

    Be careful with the camshafts

  • h8r Raider
    h8r Raider 2 months ago

    watching first year Motor Vehicle mechanic apprentices is too funny!! lmao oh the Cringe!

  • Jason Karl
    Jason Karl 2 months ago +1

    Ok chick @11:59 you took it too far. Was the double Fisting joke really necessary.

  • Gregory Fox
    Gregory Fox 2 months ago

    Oh boo hoo. Get on with it. Finish the build and go race.

  • Clay Wright
    Clay Wright 2 months ago

    Track the seller down and get money out of him or her.

  • skelingtonjack220
    skelingtonjack220 2 months ago

    i love how easily she laughs at things and its cute. respect that she plays for the other team and love that she knows cars.. keep doing you and hope you never blow your bottom end hahahah..subscribed!

  • Thomas white
    Thomas white 2 months ago

    Can you fix my truck

  • Scott Reasoner
    Scott Reasoner 2 months ago

    If you are going to rebuild the motor for racing why would you reuse the head bolts or studs. Should of planed on replacing them in the first place. And replace the cam with a new one so you know what you are putting into your motor. Why would you take that chance.

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller 2 months ago

    Glad I came to the comments before getting very far into this video. A pretty face reading off a cue card n playing let's throw away money cuz we don't know what we're doing.

  • ron hugepenis
    ron hugepenis 2 months ago

    I want to check out her bottom end

  • Alex Golfsalot
    Alex Golfsalot 2 months ago

    I just gotta edit this in post guys

  • TrackMasterNate
    TrackMasterNate 2 months ago

    Head bolts and head studs. Big difference

  • rddrg18
    rddrg18 2 months ago

    I’ll blow your bottom end!

  • Adrian Banach
    Adrian Banach 2 months ago

    you cant ever trust people when buying a modded car... sucks to be scammed, but i hope you learned something from this

  • Shane O
    Shane O 2 months ago

    So Imma just stop watching now, If you can tell the cam is stock in 8 years. I'm out.

  • MrMango222au
    MrMango222au 2 months ago

    driving a car for 8 years and your mechanic didnt tell you the cam was stock lol

    • TrackMasterNate
      TrackMasterNate 2 months ago

      I know if i work on someones "bad ass car" and they say its bad ass. Im not spending the time to tell them that they are wrong and its not badass because they will just get pissed

  • old man river rimington

    Go to your cry closet for awhile. and pay attention next time.

  • Da Truth
    Da Truth 2 months ago

    Ya been there done that ! Welcome to auto purchase 101 ! People lie like rugs ! NO PROOF ! NO PURCHASE ! END OF STORY.😎🏁

  • john peck
    john peck 2 months ago

    Please do more with DDE!!

  • Frank Machado
    Frank Machado 2 months ago

    The amount of money involved should be the amount of attention you should pay to what your buying, and" you (young lady) are any builders dream girl because of your interest and your knowledge of automobiles ..nice..

  • Tank Soldier
    Tank Soldier 3 months ago

    NO SUB To much smut

  • Geoff Hajdu
    Geoff Hajdu 3 months ago

    You known if i could i would go and get all Your money back the part's and get the guy to say he's so sorry to were he's on his
    hands knees so.
    by the way You my Dear are Spicy!!

  • Mike Ladnun
    Mike Ladnun 3 months ago

    She's a Dame, never believe what you can't see!

  • Mary Ruiz
    Mary Ruiz 3 months ago

    Dam she pretty sup babe ill buy u a real car

  • Morgan Brant
    Morgan Brant 3 months ago +1

    Can't tell if it has an aftermarket cam? How about listen to it? Lmao

  • Mike Harnett
    Mike Harnett 3 months ago

    Caveat Emptor girl. Live and learn, but don't cry about it and play the victim. You got burned, suck it up and move on.

  • Jaime Coburn
    Jaime Coburn 3 months ago

    you are a noog

  • Azim Petra
    Azim Petra 3 months ago

    So much wrong, it hurts.

  • Wayne Harriman
    Wayne Harriman 3 months ago

    You can't torque anything while it's hanging on a chain. No serious mechanic works on the floor or off the chain hoist. Use that engine stand.

  • Mike Eral
    Mike Eral 3 months ago

    Complain about a 8 yr old wore out engine and it didnt have head bolts. 300 bucks. And the cam being an ls. If the motor was refreshed with a stock ls cam. You didnt spend lots of money on it. I agree document it. But 8 yrs of thrashing and a loose timing chain. Yep unsubscribe. Many better people in this world wouldnt of thrown it out on youtube and then complain about the rebuilt process. They would of stripped it and then to machine shop. Then put all new parts in it. That car deserves better than just a top end . God people these days.

  • Ben perry
    Ben perry 3 months ago +2

    You do know you can check compression and lift while it's in the car?

  • ccvair
    ccvair 3 months ago

    Tourqe to yield bolts cant reuse them anyway... engine builder huh?

  • PhynixDS
    PhynixDS 3 months ago

    sounds like a fraud lawsuit

  • the police and MGTOW comunity

    When you say call a shop with a build sheet so they would be responsible..."IDK" how is that correct? A shop did the work for the guy who had it before you whos to say he didnt take his build motor buy a stock replace some parts to make it look legit n then lie to you. ITS NOT ANOTHER SHOPS RESPONSIBILITY ONCE IT LEAVES THE DOOR HONEY. My dad was a mechanic for 43 years on all different cars. Bmw benz rolls royce jaguar porche legitimate ford gt hes replaced rebuilt and replaced to stock. It never was his peoblem after the product left

  • Jason Sinclair
    Jason Sinclair 3 months ago

    Must be nice to have tits. At least other youtubers actually earn their shit by actually knowing how a motor works.

  • E.M.R.G.
    E.M.R.G. 3 months ago


  • Dan Mcelroy
    Dan Mcelroy 3 months ago

    Sucks ya got scamed. But atleast you know what you have now! Great videos. Love how ya all are cracking jokes, it makes the video that much more fun! Definitely going to watch more.

  • Pedro Nobre
    Pedro Nobre 3 months ago

    U r so beautiful . I Will spank the liear 4u .😍😁😁😁😁

  • Evil_Skippy Youtube
    Evil_Skippy Youtube 3 months ago +2

    I don't know about anyone else, but unless the car comes with the original parts, to me, it is worth less than a fully original engine. I don't care what after-market parts you put on, even if you have receipts. I am always suspicious of engine mods and the work done to install them.

  • Jeff Stone
    Jeff Stone 3 months ago

    Liars and cheats...

  • timothy bantel
    timothy bantel 3 months ago

    You don't lube the cam ? You mast like dry cams If you don't lube it. It won't feel good or sound good

  • kevin mccaw
    kevin mccaw 3 months ago +1

    If it's a new engine and you're looking for pistons, use a bore scope. If it's new you'll be able to see if they're forged and you'll get a part number.

    OGVS11 OG11LUCKY 3 months ago

    Lol arp stud for ls not bolt

  • dr reckoff
    dr reckoff 3 months ago +4

    I tried watching this channel a couple years ago and its still annoying ,I finally learned not to expect anything getting better...………. crap!!!!