Metallica: The Unforgiven (San Francisco, CA - November 3, 2018)

  • Published on May 22, 2019
  • Recorded live at the All Within My Hands Foundation Helping Hands Concert & Auction at The Masonic in San Francisco, CA on November 3, 2018 and featuring Avi Vinocur on mandolin & background vocals, David Phillips on pedal-steel, Henry Salvia on keyboards, and Cody Rhodes on percussion.
    The event raised $1.3 million which will be used to work with our partners at Feeding America and the American Association of Community Colleges as All Within My Hands continues to tackle the issues of hunger and workforce education and work to create sustainable communities.
    © 2018 Blackened Recordings
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Comments • 613

  • lonhro84
    lonhro84 11 minutes ago

    Lars, stop fucking around with that toothpick and play some time.

  • Pablo Arias
    Pablo Arias 2 hours ago

    My favorite ever.

  • RAPHAEL The Traveller
    RAPHAEL The Traveller 17 hours ago

    Please teach me how to play a guitar...

  • Avi Vai
    Avi Vai Day ago

    Lets be real, Kirk fucked up that solo, it sounded like someone playing a shitty banjo

  • Дмитрий Королев

    bих музыка сводит с ума....исполнение...

  • Konstantinos Georgalis

    Δε θα μεγαλώσουν ποτέ! Γεννήθηκαν μεγάλοι!

  • victor santos
    victor santos Day ago


  • Antonio Gates
    Antonio Gates 2 days ago

    The intro is bad ass

  • ramon valdez
    ramon valdez 2 days ago +1

    No entiendo él ingles pero aki estoy escuchándolo jajaja

  • Berpikir Keras
    Berpikir Keras 2 days ago

    Damn song !!! Rewind my memories again.....

  • Carmen Ponce
    Carmen Ponce 3 days ago

    Metallica, l love your voices, love your musics!!!!!!!

  • Сашко
    Сашко 4 days ago


  • Аллан Саламов

    Fantastic acoustic !!!! Brilliant! 😎👍

  • James Hernandez
    James Hernandez 5 days ago +1

    good one!

  • Sergio Silva
    Sergio Silva 6 days ago

    Metallica x siempre.. !!!

  • Aarón Jiménez
    Aarón Jiménez 8 days ago

    They should do Fade to Black

  • salim che
    salim che 8 days ago

    This performance is from a another planet 🤘🤘

  • Abo Gorg
    Abo Gorg 9 days ago


  • Lu Andrade
    Lu Andrade 9 days ago +1

    Metallica ✌🇧🇷✌ curtidas em 2019 ... Brasil ✌🇧🇷✌💀🎸💀🎼🎵🎶🎤🎧💀🎸💀✌🇧🇷✌. !!!

  • Алексей Бачманов

    When I be a little boy, i remember this gangs youngs crazy and very funny. And then I see some old and rich people, but they start play music, they transformed to yangs, crazy and very funny guys. I wish long and happy life James , Lars , Kirk and Rob.

  • Mister A
    Mister A 10 days ago

    I really love it..

  • Abdullaah Bin Feisal
    Abdullaah Bin Feisal 10 days ago

    Country music

  • sunpits
    sunpits 10 days ago

    Bands must know when to quit.

  • Yo
    Yo 11 days ago +1

    Nice and fresh. Great!

  • zooly
    zooly 11 days ago

    Это ахуенно

  • Sahand Allahveisi
    Sahand Allahveisi 11 days ago


  • Putra King
    Putra King 11 days ago

    Indonesia likee

  • punkfan97
    punkfan97 12 days ago

    what type of in ear monitors is James using

  • Nine7C
    Nine7C 12 days ago

    Bruh it sounds so good like this

  • Paly Cobain
    Paly Cobain 12 days ago

    always eight count

  • Sean Farabaugh
    Sean Farabaugh 14 days ago

    Awesome performance!

  • No Podolski No Party
    No Podolski No Party 14 days ago

    Lars doesn't even point on time lol

  • thechosenone82517
    thechosenone82517 14 days ago +12

    James voice and The second voice together? Man that is a masterpiece.

  • Grain Audio
    Grain Audio 14 days ago


  • Elisa Tentellini
    Elisa Tentellini 14 days ago


  • Thor Odinson
    Thor Odinson 15 days ago

    Episch!!!! 😎🤘

  • Raul Hood
    Raul Hood 15 days ago

    My favori song of Metallaca and Naw acustic 🎸🎸🎸❤

  • Антон Антоныч

    Time doesnot spare

  • zero
    zero 16 days ago


  • i vdub
    i vdub 16 days ago

    Kirk on the 12 String!! Sick bro..

  • blackhawk606
    blackhawk606 16 days ago +1

    Lars is off time as always.

  • ярослав строн

    великолепно !!! Metallica forever !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Volkan Kucuk
    Volkan Kucuk 17 days ago

    who made this song perfect?

  • Marcos Viní
    Marcos Viní 17 days ago


  • daimenddd
    daimenddd 17 days ago

    Better on 0.95 speed. Closer to original. Live if faster every time

  • Gekser
    Gekser 17 days ago

    Am I the only one who likes James’ new, aged voice better than the old one?

  • Rajat Brar
    Rajat Brar 17 days ago

    Hail Metallica \\m//

  • Seren Owens
    Seren Owens 17 days ago

    “Is that a no?”
    “I’m ConFUseD”

  • F. Valtierra
    F. Valtierra 18 days ago

    Every commentator, donate a Dollar. Come on!

  • Overthinker Blue
    Overthinker Blue 18 days ago

    come to me my metal heads and learn.

  • ĒxclŪsive
    ĒxclŪsive 18 days ago

    Living legend ...

  • sophia hoefer
    sophia hoefer 18 days ago

    Kirk playing an Godin A12 12-String Acoustic Electric guitar without Wah-Wah AMAZING!!!love it!!!

  • Michał Białończyk
    Michał Białończyk 19 days ago

    This is fucking awesome. I am top 1 in the world with most views of this song live.

  • GMassacre76
    GMassacre76 19 days ago

    I want whole acoustic album so much!

  • Дмитрий Smolkoff

    Каша какая то! На всех концертах, по сравнению со студийными записями,как будто не успевает! Говно короче))))

  • Fares Hamadneh
    Fares Hamadneh 19 days ago

    what about Unforgiven 3? please!

  • NEMEZIZ Band
    NEMEZIZ Band 19 days ago

    Yeah Metallica...Greetings from *NEMEZIZ*

  • Jovana Stoilkov
    Jovana Stoilkov 20 days ago

    I love you James 😘you have special place in my heart forever ❤

    AMERICA FROM HELL 20 days ago +1


  • B 2 G
    B 2 G 20 days ago

    Lars the best to ever do it!!!!

  • blau Natch
    blau Natch 20 days ago

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  • blau Natch
    blau Natch 20 days ago

    thank you my metAllicA music group for your song, i(A) clarify your song, that there's no girl in my life that gonna take me, or i( j1) gonna be unforgiven or i(j1) could feel a superior power upon myself that gonna mightly surround me, ha ha, as we know , iran's dirty regime only wanted to send pair toward A and wanted to pretend to public that A have pair to i(A) can't tie with my all europe female gendre groups, but i(A) shited on iran's dirty regime and fucked them, because i(j1) am not belong to them, to they gonna have influence on me, ha ha, and i(j1) pray you dears, to don't interfere in my fight, because is fight of A against his opponents (iran's dirty regime,..) and i(j1) assure you dears that i win as usual, and iran's dirty regime can't even blow job me, yours sincerely A

  • btristan14
    btristan14 20 days ago


  • abdullah suhaimi
    abdullah suhaimi 20 days ago Cromok ..the king of thrash metal from Malaysia🤘👍

  • Радик Черненький

    живая волна

  • sonne Licht
    sonne Licht 20 days ago

    Со Всем Уважением К Джеймсу!!! Но петь как раньше он уже не может !

  • Ahmad Usman
    Ahmad Usman 20 days ago

    Good Metalica 💪💪

  • taleofmanynames
    taleofmanynames 20 days ago

    Omg.. Too much autotune :(

  • Сергей Барабанов

    It's song is classic for Metallica😎💪👊 but I like a hard version😅👍

  • RoseroLoquendo
    RoseroLoquendo 21 day ago +1

    really really amazing, good work metallica

  • Bruno Pereira do Nascimento

    😮 My God
    ☺ Simply sensational 👏👏👏
    😢 Amazing 👏👏👏
    😃 I like several songs of the band but this is one of the ones that I like the most 👍

  • Don Sonny
    Don Sonny 21 day ago

    How very prophetic the title of the song ! Metallica fans and in general people who follow that lifestyle indeed are unforgiven , unforgiven of their sins that is and all collectively marching straight into the bowels of hell while throwing up the devil horns and rocking their heads violently back and forth in rebellious rejection of the Lord God Christ Jesus and His forgiveness NOT REALIZING the extreme pain , suffering and unimaginable torments they are walking into as a result of complete absence of God and His mercy we receive on earth . Constant feeling of death because God is life , not a drop of water because water is rain of heaven , extreme hate because God is love , always suffocating because God gives breath to all flesh , extreme pain because God is joy , total darkness because God is light , eternal torment because God is eternal mercy , no way out because God is the way , cries and screams because God wipes away our tears and erases pain , never ending self hate and regret because God is loving and forgiving , loss of all strength because God gives strength to all flesh etc. This is a place completely void of the mercies of God we so take for granted here on earth , spare yourself eternal damnation and come to Christ for forgiveness of sins and eternal life full of joy .

  • Steve Ewanish
    Steve Ewanish 21 day ago +1

    You should do Enter Sandman

  • AJ Schröder Malherbe


  • Landry Y
    Landry Y 21 day ago

    Great version...Bravo


    realmente artistas en lo q hacen desde hace ya 37 años. Toda mi admiración MetallicA

  • Alexandros Arapis
    Alexandros Arapis 21 day ago

    Precisam aposentar o Lars logo pqp!!! O cara ate hoje não criou vergonha na cara de tocar no tempo

  • susiv
    susiv 21 day ago

    great version. it's a privilege to play and sing with MetallicA.

  • Юрий Коссов


  • Максим Михайлец

    Август, Прага, мы с вами!!!

  • Evaldas Dddu
    Evaldas Dddu 21 day ago

    METALLICA Grand group . My music...

  • One Bass Cover
    One Bass Cover 21 day ago

    out of tempo lars !!!

  • Jacob PL
    Jacob PL 21 day ago

    Love you METALLICA!!!!

  • cardinez
    cardinez 21 day ago

    Kirks guitar sound amazing... what model is it?

  • Dyers Eve
    Dyers Eve 21 day ago

    Dat intro is fuckin awesome!!!

  • winoINC
    winoINC 21 day ago

    lars ..not my tempo :D

  • Carlos Uzcategui
    Carlos Uzcategui 22 days ago

    Una maravilla 😁

  • Kim Nybakken
    Kim Nybakken 22 days ago

    Awesome, but Kirk rushes the speed of the song in my opinion:)

  • Jose Luis Melendez
    Jose Luis Melendez 22 days ago


  • Stas Zabara
    Stas Zabara 22 days ago

    Хэт и Роб лучшие!

  • Tacgames
    Tacgames 22 days ago

    So i doubt the unforgiven.

  • Ганибек Сейдуллаев

    Metallica!!! Всё как всегда КЛАССС! Делайте МУЖИКИ! Есть что слушать. (уверен Вам переведут) УДАЧИ!

  • [ Davie ]
    [ Davie ] 22 days ago

    Metal are good but The acoustics of metal music are good two

  • Raphy Delgado
    Raphy Delgado 22 days ago


  • z uda
    z uda 22 days ago

    I hope that one day i can become a musician who likes this.

  • Yesenia Palacios
    Yesenia Palacios 22 days ago

    Omg I wanted to go so bad 😭 it was on my birthday.

  • Izztana Dark
    Izztana Dark 22 days ago

    Sorry to say but the drummer is like a dent on an almost beautiful box......if you know what I mean...

  • Kao Vang
    Kao Vang 23 days ago +1

    Amaze me everytime, and it never gets old.

  • Not Steve
    Not Steve 23 days ago


  • Cam Chaves
    Cam Chaves 23 days ago